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eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk

eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk

eBay partners with you to help you grow

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eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk


COMPANY PROFILES ACF-50.................................................................. 20 AUTO.TRADER.BIKES........................................ 22 BIKE.DEALER.INSURANCE............................... 24 BIKE.TYRESTORE............................................... 26 BIKESURE............................................................ 28 BRADBURY.BROS.............................................. 30 DIGITALLY.CHARGED........................................ 32 EBAY..................................................................... 34 EMAC..................................................................... 36 FOWLERS.PARTS................................................ 38 GIVI.UK................................................................. 42 HENDLER.WHOLESALE.....................................44

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am leinxsuhrance HERALD.MOTOR.CO........................................... 46 HOLESHOT.PR....................................................48 LARSSON.UK....................................................... 50 LEXHAM.INSURANCE........................................ 52 MOTOHAUS.POWERSPORTS............................ 54 OXFORD.PRODUCTS.......................................... 56 R&G........................................................................ 58 SCOTT.SPORTS................................................... 60 TECH.DESIGN.TEAM.......................................... 62 THE.KEY.COLLECTION......................................40 TUCANO.URBANO.(T.UR).................................. 64 WMD...................................................................... 66 ZERO.MOTORCYCLES........................................ 68

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Mayo Media Ltd, Unit 10 Daddon Court, Caddsdown Industrial Estate, Clovelly Road, Bideford, EX39 3FH WWW.BRITISHDEALERNEWS.CO.UK


eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk 4th Dimension 0843.050.0500 www.4th-dimension.co.uk

A A16 Road n Race Supplies

Acewell UK

Adams Aviation Supply Co Ltd

0191.640.8663 www.acewell.co.uk

01689.842999 www.adamsaviation.com

01507.480455... www.aa16.co.uk

999 or 842 978 94 89 808 0.eu 793892 rs. t: 016 l@acf-5 .eu 045 ers ibuto distr an import e: mai .acf-50 ation-13755 line you rope fully of ox to e sole Eu w: wwwams-Avi tion1 man tive gle b /Ad Avia a sin re also th sh, which d alterna en ams poli price n wh We a tor @Ad View ibly le ca tribu

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0203.327.1010 www.aaronradiator.co.uk

01689.808978/842999 www.acf-50.co.uk


Adventure Bike Rider 01789.450000 www.adventurebikerider.com

999 or 842 978 94 89 808 0.eu 793892 rs. t: 016 l@acf-5 .eu 045 ers ibuto distr an import e: mai .acf-50 ation-13755 line you rope fully of ox to e sole Eu w: wwwams-Avi tion1 man tive gle b /Ad Avia a sin re also th sh, which d alterna en ams poli price n wh We a tor @Ad

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Co Ltd Supply Aviation by Adams Europe ughout UK & thro

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View ibly le ca tribu lear sens t dis samp for C as a arts REE cialis now r a F ion p . n t spe will k sk fo rges F-50 aviat r Europe us. A e AC e’s la general New ove Plex urop r som As E s and e ship all from our orde hing you sines ies w basis reac of bu r ssor aily a far t you acce n a d are and mee nd o – we le to beyo ility y ab and n fac easil ngto . g are Addi and ly fashion s claimin pany com time r product pecially s in a need e are othe CF-50, es t ect Ther ty over A dependen ’t refl ut in riori don ry supe ts”, b they t eve b tes nfirm lmos in “la ts co rer se. A men rld u anufactu 0 if a com alwo in re cle m ds ACF-5 s this torcy issue rs men r mo com sion orte s majo lly re corro imp ficia ters pres rers, unof coun actu ntire er en anuf eir e deal uct. ral m ve th seve prod rs ha cle, and h the ibuto torcy distr d wit d mo rkets and tecte n an r ma ine s pro iatio othe mar fleet m av ve in tive, t fro acti tomo Apar also l, au 50 is stria ACF indu TS: nting ding all ip wa inclu suit . PRODUC ng to dealersh cycle and ffer prici UT THE m a ABO We o ents – fro s” irem ERS SAY requ TOM ectation

k 0 and CF-5 n Bloc osio d lope Corr deve l were Chemica by Lear h, a pany Researc n com Canadia been has that ully essf and succ loping g antideve ts ican poundin lubr com n e osio sinc corr ses grea and Here at . tion 1979 Avia ads ing Adams inue to ies. spre reas word capabilit we cont ever-inc -50 and the ly ACF lines as ndary supp ies of s lege uct quantit ed prod product’ ciat t the asso abou her furt


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Abba Motorcycle Equipment 01245.322331 www.abbastands.co.uk













Aaron Radiator Co



0330.0555.259 www.aawarranty.co.uk




AA Warranty








ACDistribuF-ted50in the UK

ply Co Ltd tion Sup ms Avia pe by Ada out Euro & through

Adventure Bike Shop 01787.372901 www.adventurebikeshop.co.uk

Adventure-Spec Acerbis

ACTIV8 Lubricants

01422.882997...... www.adventure-spec.com

01582.491076 www.acerbisb2b.co.uk

01387.811007 www.activ8lubricants.com

Agrimek ATV Solutions 01792.860361 www.agrimek.co.uk

Keep our Product News section buzzing with all your latest items Send your information to: products@dealernews.co.uk


Active Leisure Protection

Airflow UK

0771.564.3714 www.activeleisureprotection.co.uk

0845.458.2611 www.airflow-uk.co.uk

eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk Apico Factory Racing

0039.035.553101 www.airoh.com

01282.473190. www.apico.co.uk

AJP Motorcycles UK

Appia Healthcare

07957.635504 www.ajpmotorcycles.co.uk

01483.516434 www.appiahealthcare.com

AJS Motorcycles

Aprilia UK

01264.365103 www.ajsmotorcycles.co.uk

00800.155.65500 www.aprilia.com

Alchemy Parts

Arctic Cat UK

01707.659777 www.alchemyparts.co.uk

01702.603364 www.arcticcat.eu

Auto Trader Bikes 0330.098.6150 www.autotrader.co.uk/bikes 6150 k 0 098 der.co.u t: 033 .autotra w: www

retail bike small Trader “As a , Auto key business been a ral has seve Bike over ium partnerIt is a prem orm years. g platf m rtisin adve mainstrea osed opp for our les, as ge. rcyc moto om or vinta to cust provides on The site feedback ts essential rtisemen g adve ing, givin how to orm are perfopportunity of us the the quality price w as revie well g is rts as adve one listin In ce deals has in case forming. finan rper response d your ase unde rs and to incre cases, compare lende adverts most us s of yournever serio wasters enes in your ce been r awar ing so you finan buye the time social ote your Trader ce offer leads. s with Prom on Auto finan umer frequent r sites cons s out on who and othe er offer miss to offer ve ia to start a bett with want mati med les risk We I find infor ce h enab e’s no today and so experien r an easy, e, whic Ther g bike rtisin you into know g rienc the best expe adve sellin ity of buyeBike t tie . We to find et and feel g won’ racts er qual them We the budg purchasin Trad thy contthings can is Auto most for their when We also leng h ess from d with whic dent ay ce. confi in busin quickly, a 30-d compare orms.” n – Ebykes on finan lers reach ge have platf t Natha a bike help retai y bigger, chan y. other to we only er Ruper r ntiall

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Bike n as has y know er Bikes, iousl rs Prev AutoTrad buye er, bike s. n Trad hing matc for 23 year been rs selle with


Airoh Helmets

All Bike Engineering

Armitt Leisure Supplies

0208.858.9052 www.allbikeengineering.co.uk

01928.575926. www.armitt.co.uk

Allens Performance

Armstrong Engineering

01949.836733 www.allensperformance.co.uk

01912.614579 www.ardracing.com

Alligator Cables

Artisan Electric Scooters

00886.4.7357739.#215 www.alligatorcables.com

0800.158.8264 www.artisanscooters.com


Almax Security Chains

ATV City

01487.840960 www.autocom.co.uk

01912.642773. www.almax-security-chains.co.uk

01953.609999 www.atvcity.co.uk

Alpinestars SPA


Auto-Cycle Union (ACU)

0039.0423.5286 www.alpinestars.com

01280.848426 www.atvsonly.co.uk

01788.566400 www.acu.org.uk

AMCA Events

Auto Accept Finance


01543.466282 www.amca.uk.com

01782.574555 www.autoacceptfinance.co.uk

01462.677766 www.autoglym.co.uk

Andover Norton International 01264.359565 www.andover-norton.co.uk

AP Racing 0247.663.9595 www.apracing.co.uk

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from only £5 a month, complement your entry with a logo. Email adsales@dealernews.co.uk
















e ge, Googl ssions avera impre rage onth *12-m **Ave r data. tics. Analy Auto Tradee data, total Hitwis 2019 per ad, erian - Feb **Exp Feb 2018 visit

Automotive Innovations 01923.604105 www.mentorsystems.co.uk

Autoprotect MBI 01279.456500 www.autoprotect.co.uk


eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk


Battery Motorbikes 01903 366650 www.batterymotorbikes.co.uk

Avon Motorcycles


01179 728769 www.avonmotorcycles.co.uk

0344 875 3480 www.british-car-auctions.co.uk

Axo Sport Spa

BDK Race Engineering

0039 0422 832300 www.axo.com

01508 481713 www.bdkraceeng.co.uk


Bickers Plc 01394 604040 www.bickers-online.co.uk

BDS Racing

Bike Alert Plc

01256 703593 www.bikersdiscountstore.co.uk

01322 526236 www.bikealert.com

BEK Wholesale 01273 252541 www.bekwho.com

Bel-Ray Company


B&C Express

001 7329 382421 www.belray.com

01522 791369 www.bandcexpress.co.uk

BEN Automotive Industry Charity

Bike Dealer Insurance

01344 298100 www.ben.org.uk

01422 358525 www.biketradeinsurance.co.uk

01926 614444 www.motorcycleworldl-spa.co.uk

0330 018 7990 www.bennetts.co.uk


Beowulf Performance Products

0330 202 0650 www.bankstone.co.uk

01422 377603 www.beowulfuk.com

Banner Batteries

Bering UK

01889 571100 www.bannerbatterien.com

01425 620580 www.tranam.co.uk

Barracuda Moto

BG Motorsport

01373 474740 www.barracudamoto.co.uk

01327 855200 www.bgmotorsport.co.uk


BG Products

01427 787774 www.batribike.com

01284 777934 www.bgprod.co.uk

ce.co.uk 686 yinsuran k 22 398on@wilb nce.co.u t: 014 rew.dix deinsura e: and .biketra w: www

RANCE ALER INSUdealerships

DE de insurance BIKE ists in tra Special W


ts instalmen est-free companied „ Unac nstration cover demo nal free Seaso months’ „ Four ase in Stock Sum Incre insured rcycles four moto „ Up to ed in transit cover

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rdan awa focuses e is ranc policy that Insu er’s e Dealer insuranc of a deal ness aspects

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e r trad are moto ring riters h insu derw d wit ience its un ouple of xper s, so his, c part ars’ e ll size eld. T eing 35 ye s of a eir fi by b ained esse in th A vided rem busin lists t has y pro the pecia the NMD abilit ans that i er as real s ial st lead heme cle rer and nanc p, me arket ce sc Insu the fi Grou ed. ent m a top e insuran al Motorcy llianz nsist evolv the A ed by trad has nd co ation Back ealer ble a ustry the N s its ike D a sta e ind n by DA) a t, ensuring Our B r trad hose (NM ning moto een c oduc iation rance has b team ssoc surance pr award-win insu aler ew ers A ed in your eive e De Deal Revi ur w of me. e Bik mend mbers rec re yo Free revie sche ct th befo e to check recom free onta ealer Motor A me ce. nths For a nts c NMD uran he Bike D r mo m tim he best etail that geme e ins o fou e the get t arran DA is r trad erwrites t with the R ree t ill giv and h NM . moto z und nd th his w ship rrect whic Allian a partner (RMI), to r 25 years led arou wal date. Tover is co rene enab o has tion d ove ent c It als dera curr anne eriod has . n your try fe as sp erms yet his p Indus hat h ible t ver t nsive meet ted, t poss rehe her o d to affilia oget p a comp ilore han ing t ore t be ta evelo Work t can has m .UK z to d n tha ts. It Allian .CO lutio emen CE le so equir AN flexib ific r UR spec INS your















Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance



Baby Biker


Bike It International 0238 065 8700 www.bikeittrade.com

eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk Bike Magazine

BKS Leather

01733.366445 www.bikemagazine.co.uk

01395.278861... www.bksleather.co.uk

Bike Movers Europe

Black Horse Motorcycle Finance

0800.567.7762 www.bikemoverseurope.com

0344.824.8888 www.blackhorse.co.uk


Bike Torque Racing 01373.464252.. www.biketorqueracing.co.uk

01780.721973 www.bikejobs.co.uk

Bike Trac

Bikelifts UK

01327.317980 www.biketrac.co.uk

01274.400401 www.bikeliftsuk.com

Blaze Wear


01609.786141 www.blazewear.com

01278.671900 www.bikeseal.co.uk

Bike Tyrestore 0800.281413 www.worldofbiketyres.com

Bikesport News


01778.392466 www.bikesportnews.com

0207.371.6554 www.blundstone.co.uk

BMF 0800.587.2955 www.bmf.co.uk .com 413 0 281 yrestore t: 080 s@biket .uk s.com e: sale .bmtr.co biketyre w: www .worldof cing.com w: www .bmtrra w: www

BMW Motorrad UK

E TYRESTyeaORrs in business

ty facili ship e. flag hous TR’s ware s BM car tyre tyre etail lying t 000 est r supp ghou 100, larg p at hrou than vice am’s ’t sto nts t more ingh e ser oesn t eve king k tyr Birm en a tise d truc ar is ’s be se xper , the e UK rry B














n, UK


01202.665855 www.bikecatcher.co.uk


0344.381.6503 www.bikesure.co.uk 0914 0 123 or 033 e hem 1250 o.uk 0 916 kesure.c erral-sc t: 080lers@bi re.co.uk/ref e: dea .bikesu w: www



Bikesure Insurance Services

Advert designs

ce BIKEinkSUingRE insuran Freeth

for every earn £50 You will no quibble policy sale, get a mers can Your custo ance deal great insur to e is open The schemrcycle businessesing all moto dealers, train including biking websites schools, about your Get a pageon Bikesure’s business website ated own dedic your Get sale point of ort ning supp Award-win your own onteam withBikesure rep the-road

t: 01237 422660


dea s been n year MX has for seve “Marsh Bikesure broker has very with and the to a our ormed now ys perf . We pass s out alwa card standard ness h high d busi r whic markete y custome to offer ly to ever t service definite would sure.” is a grea . We Marsh MX Bike them mmend reco

. Had l with to dea s and very company e year ived. “Good ity for som ues rece back.” the facil with cheq tive feed Viper Quads posi pleased ers give Custom

from as little as £25


rral ’s refe sure ing out. n’t d Bike have n’t joineyou’re miss You ou have Then minute. me? me? a sche rral sche on. Wait ’s refe Hang sure … Bike bank d of ? in the better hear been cash a


you ng extra be getti re have getting Whe be could … could mers this… ance You custo insur to say mate. Your on their easy way a trick, deal with e’s no missing acts Ther ess inter up to ve been You’ busin to sign me. If your need ral sche s, you refer biker been ure’s ance ure has Bikes y. For free. Bikes er Insur , Toda e Trad out why , 2016 rcycl Find in 2015 ed Motothe year nam lier of free. Supp . y. For than 2017 and a up. Toda h more So sign this is wort It deserves ly bs up. Sure t bs up. Don’ lar thum free. regu biker’s thum .n y. For er prop up. Toda this again So sign a trick like miss ever ling

new every sold. £50 for *Earn ure policy Bikes T&Cs apply










Bob Heath Visors 01922.614747... www.bobheathvisors.co.uk

0207.447.7447 www.bonhams.com 37


ny e ma ngsid g s alo ludin work s, inc irelli and turer ne, P ufac esto lso man n Bridg t is a ury i elin, lop. I er of cent ows no Mich Dun ite a port and R sh Desp nd is ain im ding Avon BMT wn a K’s m ess, e. ’s lea g do t lan busin the U rope owin cle e fas of sl of Eu orcy in th inues sign one mot life ds of ying cont ist enjo bran s as. store ecial cces , Mit Tyre a sp ur su . Bike tyres with d to lly, o pand icate here re’s Fina ded to ex top t esto team n’t s e Tyr on sales does g Bik iding gniti ortin reco prov ion and supp The and ficat ucts mers certi TR’s prod custo and the they to BM with ded -how s is them awar lity i know vice g l faci nical r ser ng. ferin tech retai tome leadi y a, of . Cus stry Perr gend ry need he a elive indu facility at on t ng d num s per high Our leadi f Plati time rket is a ber o three teed a ma Barr mem p to ce aran vice. dard ice u man d gu serv Stan y an erfor y ser ocall liver li’s P day l Pirel oud ay de is pr ext-d UK n Tyrestore nerships Bike l key part vera of se .UK

e , Charlott ), Leader) (Team Sales Advisor ) al Smith Advisor David y (Technic al Sales PountneCole (Technic Jonnie


0370.505.0160. www.bmw-motorrad.co.uk

e twic k and e twor of th re ne PPC Cent the er of winn rd. n awa , year



can R’s e ason in Pe of th by port store BMT rt se ome Tyre otors ever, 1919 rspo f of s How Bike TR M w in ed in BMTR moto ehal n no ently - BM the ound on b th, d rec kinso tyres uring 24/7 s, an t Wil pe d rking J J Smiof the UK’s Mat cle turer Euro s wo ufac with torcy ion i man f mo of owth is one pendent a divis tyre lier o us gr inde . Until ium er. endo supp ed levels s prem ding trem in anag oldest work prov een ’s lea les M ake tore retailers buyout ns has s e UK de. With im K Sa yres to m tyre ent is th as U ike T mers agem generatio place Tyrestore to the tra profile, B usto e man its c ily were tock Bike ter tyres help , thre der s re to 2017 Smith faming and scoo nity. broa befo and ortu nd a ever of the ice a han siness opp in grow ness, serv day t lved the busi ntly ry bu er to invo g ifica f eve hard agin sign ost o man the m ributing y and evit cont long ess. to its ing succ ongo





100 BIKE brates TR Cele

Boyer Bransden Electronics 01622.730939 www.boyerbransden.com

Bimota UK

BR Special Tuning

01630.655720 www.bimota.uk.com

01600.772121 www.brspecialtuning.co.uk



eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk



Brackenbury PR 01733.894675 sites.google.com/site/brackenburypr

British Dealer News 01237.422660 www.britishdealernews.co.uk

Camanchi Sports 0092.300.8638225 www.camanchisports.com

Bradbury Bros

Cambrian Tyres

01484.641073 www.bradburybros.co.uk

01970.624004. www.cambriantyres.co.uk

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Brituro Silencers

CAP Network

01213.562228 www.brituro.com

0113.222.2007 www.cap.co.uk

BRP Recreational Products / Can-Am

Carole Nash Insurance Consultants 0800.804.7958 www.carolenash.com

Bridgestone UK


Castle Combe Circuit

01926.488500 www.bridgestone.co.uk

01707.852244 www.buffera.co.uk

01249.782417 www.castlecombecircuit.co.uk


Bulldog Security Products

Castrol UK

01202.483675.... www.britbits.co.uk

01952.728171 www.bulldogsecure.com

0845.600.8125 www.castrol.com

Bull-it Jeans

Carbon Can Co

01489.582707 www.bull-it.com

01704.893337 www.carboncanco.co.uk


Cataclean Global

01924.470432. www.bumpy.org.uk

01512.362324 www.cataclean.com









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Catalyst Computer Systems Send your information to: products@dealernews.co.uk


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CIA Insurance

Cooper Avon Tyres

01204.544930 www.ccm-motorcycles.com

01788.818600 www.cia-motorcycle-insurance.co.uk

01225.703101. www.coopertire.co.uk

CEL Trade

Cipher Graphics

County Battery Services

01162.449846. www.celtrade.com

01782.525502 www.cipher-graphics.co.uk

01623.757377 www.countybattery.co.uk

Classic Bike


01733.468000 www.classicbike.co.uk

01489.582707. www.covec.co.uk


Crossans Motorcycles

01227.720700 www.clementsmoto.co.uk

0283.085.0911 www.thevisorshop.com

Close Motor Finance

Crossbow Calendars

0333.321.6060. www.closemotorfinance.co.uk

0208.669.6400... www.crossbow-calendars.co.uk

Clover UK by Bikerstyle


01386.576162 www.bikerstyle.co.uk

+46.225.351.80 www.ctek.com

Clymer Manuals

Custom Cruisers

01206.256016. www.clymer.co.uk

01773.835666... www.customcruisers.co.uk

CMF Trailers

Custom Fasteners

01989.769191.. www.cmftrailers.co.uk

01686.629666.. www.custom-fasteners.co.uk

CGH Imports

Compass Sales


01283.500450 www.cghimports.com

07866.559515.. www.compass-sales.co.uk

01614.842002 www.cyko.co.uk

CF Moto 01507.522.900 www.cfmoto-uk.co.uk

Central Wheel Components 01675.462264 www.central-wheel.co.uk


Cylinder Head Shop

01223.213777 www.cheffins.co.uk

01507.328590 www.cylinderheadshop.com


Chinese Motorcycle Parts Online 0844.567.8887 www.chinesemotorcyclepartsonline.co.uk

CI Sport 01372.378000 www.cisport.co.uk

Compton Distribution – Handy Workshop Lifts 07974.784215 www.comptondistribution.com


D3O Lab 01273.418600 www.d3o.com


eBay partners with you to help you grow www.ebay.co.uk 0208.541.4131 www.deepbluesystems.com

Datatag ID


03450.700.440 www.datatag.co.uk

01782.983101 www.delkevic.co.uk

Datatool UK

DEP Pipes

01257.249928 www.datatool.co.uk

01622.765353. www.deppipes.com

Digitally Charged Ltd 01157.860.680 www.digitally-charged.com 680

.com rged d.com

7 860 tally-cha t: 0115tal@digi y-charge e: digi .digitall w: www

Dave Cooper Trailers

D Y CHARGEtoday DIGITALL your business

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ly Charge


„ In-st

„ Direc

t mail

„ Desig „ And

01728.833020 www.davidsilverspares.co.uk

Devitt Insurance

Davida UK

0344.225.1349 www.devittinsurance.com

n proje

cts WW


















David Silver Spares




01732.820082 www.davecooper.co.uk



Deep Blue Systems

01516.472419 www.davida.co.uk

Davies Odell

Devon Rim Co

01933.410818 www.daviesodell.co.uk

01769.581700 www.devonrimcompany.com

Direct Distribution

DBS Energy

01274.599172 www.directdistributionservices.co.uk

01858.433330.... www.directbatterysolutions.co.uk


Dealer Bikes 07815.125.892 www.dealerbikes.com

Diamondbrite (JewelUltraUK) 01622.815679 www.jewelultra.com/ diamondbrite-motorcycle

DealerWebs 01246.541933 www.dealerwebs.com

DOT4 Distribution 0203.514.2413 www.dot4distribution.com

Digital Speedos

DPC Distribution

01564.775522 www.digital-speedos.co.uk

0870.122.0214 www.dpc-distribution.com

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Draper Tools

Send your information to: products@dealernews.co.uk


0330.333.4113 www.roadhawk.co.uk

023.8049.4258 www.drapertools.com

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Driver Racing Products 0049.3722.92727 www.sting.driverhelme.com


Earls Performance

01623.708607 www.dualways.com

01327.858221 www.earls.co.uk

Ducati UK


00800.00.382284 www.ducatiuk.com

0800.294.8706 www.earnshaws.bike

Duck Smart

EASI European ATV Safety Institute

E-Bikes Direct

01268.750300 www.ducksmart.co.uk

01273.494128. www.quadsafety.org

01580.830959 www.e-bikesdirect.co.uk

EBC Brakes 01604.583344 www.ebcbrakes.com

Duke Marketing


01624.640000 www.dukevideo.com

01900.810260 www.edzlayering.com

Dunlop Tyres


0121.378.7000 www.dunlop.eu/dunlop_uk

0039.02.677.3511 www.eicma.it

Eazi Grip


Electrex World

01772.459931 www.eazi-grip.com

01280.706050........ www.dura.co.uk

01491.682369 www.electrexworld.co.uk

Durnbury 01787.475351 www.durnbury.co.uk

DVSA 0300.200.1122 http://tinyurl.com/yawj28k8

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0330.099.6826 www.emac.co.uk

Dyna Pro 01256.363063 www.dynapro.co.uk 6 682 0 099 ac.co.uk t: 033 port@em o.uk e: sup .emac.c w: www

.uk .ebay.co w: www













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01995.600500 www.dynojet.co.uk

EByAYpartners with you to hel

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Dynojet UK

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ENI distributed by Moto World (UK)

Feridax (1957) 01384.413841 www.feridax.com

01992.464199 www.motoworlduk.co.uk

Ermax 01427.677990 www.pyramid-plastics.co.uk

Ernst Fehling 0049.2377.2033 www.fehling.de

Fabulous Biker Boys 01993.709486 www.fab-biker.co.uk


Factory Agencies

0247.635.0150 www.eskuta.com

01749.342491 www.factoryagencies.co.uk

Evans Cooling Systems UK

Factory Moto - Factory Dist

01792.572299. www.evanscoolants.co.uk

0845.301.7760 www.factorymoto.co.uk

Evopos UK

Falcon Stock Absorbers

01202.795900 www.evopos.com

01929.554545.. www.falconshockabsorbers.co.uk

Evotech Srl


0039.0461.780184 www.evotech-rc.it

0039.051.758620 www.far.it


Fast Bikes

Footman James & Co

02476.442054 www.exactrep.com

01507.529529 www.fastbikesmag.com

0333.207.6000 www.footmanjames.co.uk

Express Insurance Services

Fastec Racing

0800.031.6657 www.expressbikeinsurance.com

01638.660186 www.fastec-racing.co.uk

First Response Finance 0115.946.6260 www.frfl.co.uk/bike

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ing for

01617 636660 www.g2fmedia.com




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Garmin (Europe) 0238 052 4000 www.garmin.com

220 27 706 o.uk t: 013 @givi.c uk e: info .givi.co. w: www

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GIVIvidingUKhigh quality Pro

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G2F Media


PART FOWLERSthe weekend

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Givi UK


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Golden Tyre Direct

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HEexcNDlusiLEve distributors of UK H own-brand

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Held UK

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Helmet 28

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any.com omp m pany.co

80 415 dmotorc t: 014 s@heral otorcom e: sale .heraldm w: www



the bestt Wha els, from c mod Café 400. d the crow and 400c -styled 250 retro out from costs, des 125,125 to the es stand running ic well e inclu rang g, low ng. As g Class motorcycl rel, Our stylin sellin e prici appa s our etitiv range of make distinctive comp ing. de cloth is their build and offer a full deca ctive r over a ty s, we quali rbike and prote secto ically as moto lifestyle motorbike to rt class ered impo ding inclu entered the ers to are deliv mbled, partn ld bikes asse Hera ing with our ry work rcycles. All y after beingpre-delive They l ago, -read initia in the UK. d moto r style showroom given an ters labou r. rs quar and year n cove head deale checked and one-breakdow a at our ty quali parts (PDI) with ction two-year years’ RACin stock inspe a nt. as two e of parts with rtme depa come as well rang anty anty, a full warr warr we have parts and Plus, UK ated dedic

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k 125









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HEL Performance Products




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Healtech Electronics UK

Hagon Products

Harley-Davidson UK










ium and „ Prem cts produ



000 05 480 125 t: 014 05 480 ler.co.uk f: 014 s@hend .co.uk e: sale .hendler w: www

SALE en road pro R WHOLEMotobatt & GOLDfr



Harris Performance Products







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IGM UK 01522.589461 www.chainsandsprockets.com 06 .com 32 7610 leshotpr t: 017 tact@ho otpr.com e: con .holesh w: www

Ikon Shocks UK

PR HOpinLEg youSHaheOTad of the pack

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Bike Shed






and Dunlop t Michael - Holesho Carl Cox ‘PR gold


Hi Level

01327.706.139 www.ikonshocks.co.uk

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IMP UK 01226.202299 www.impukltd.co.uk

Honda UK


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KTM Sportmotorcycle UK

0844.567.8887. www.lexmoto.co.uk

01327.850350 www.ktm.com son , Lars ing lead in 2012 the UK one of the located s in rally f as door ed itsel trade. Centg from two ing its open establish cle has atin ince kly motorcye and oper es, Larssonservice has quic to the shir e liers pton h warehous leading . Plac ham supp stry to none -tec UK indu y, Nort nd high your n for in Corb ose-built tatio em seco receive gside a repu ery syst you will purp . Alon noon loped deve with a deliv pm and re 12 ships s 5.30 day befo son now Item levels r by ery. ght Lars next orde deliv ons brou your items the ery opti morning stock are thies. k stoc deliv day UK Mon rday JJ Mat from Satu days for lable company avai Sun nt s not on h are the pare Matthiecle whic , JJ from in daily in Hamburgest motorcy d d worl larg Base of the in the and is one wholesalers strength p. cial s part finan son Grou bring the Lars and to e shop ility stab e” onlin most

01656.645755 www.kymco.co.uk












0844.567.8887. www.lextekproducts.co.uk

am leinxsuhrance

Landport Europe 0031. www.landportbv.com

Liqui Moly 0049.731.1420-0 www.liqui-moly.com

Lexham Insurance


01379.646506 www.lexhaminsurance.co.uk 506 e.co.uk ranc 79 646918 t: 013 79 651 lexhaminsu .uk e e.co f: 013 odson@ insuranc nsuranc e: a.go .lexham m/LexhamI surance mIn w: www book.co @Lexha face om twitter.c


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0207.351.7908... www.lockmatekey.com

0031.85.044.1804 www.lookwell.nl

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Lock Mate Key

Lookwell Bike Fashion BV

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0333.011.7233 www.e-scape.org.uk

633 36 265 n.uk.com t: 015 @larsso .uk.com e: info .larsson w: www

SON UKfor dealerships and LARS p solution One-sto S



Loop Fobs 0845.6001780 www.loopfobs.com

• Monthly print exposure to 8497 industry professionals. ABC audited circulation – proven results • Live advertisement on www.britishdealernews.co.uk • Vacancy pushed out to over 6000 newsletter subscribers weekly

Call Alison on 01237 422660 or email adsales@dealernews.co.uk



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Mayo Media 01237.422660. www.britishdealernews.co.uk

Madison 01908.326032 www.madison.co.uk

LS2 Helmets UK

Maguiars UK

01670.856342 www.ls2helmets.com 342 com 70 856 770 s of all room elmets. t: 016 70 855 show ls2h . to suit and sizes f: 016 ervice@ ets.com trade es g. for your list. n shap e: uks .ls2helm LS2 t ridin for price Call spor £99 e and w: www nture s start at logu adve cata ing out price


ins.” rent ins marg year sees high er, a uring re diffe ds,” expla This leng “We’ Chal sports-to et bran tor Paul ht ce helm of the direc ns weig rman UK sales “LS2 desigall its perfo with a light a and et ins. ry tures shell loped Hask helm ufac osite man its own facto t and comp orted ion deve direc supp ets in ificat 2 lyhelm spec t from GP, Moto lies them gh whol inpu supp and with from Moto rline rs throu rs in s unde to dealedistributo way rider 3. To gree, d Moto pedi g owne and try. Thatcontrol ting coun is bein rty, spor lete er each its leng g with Foga get comp ity, alon you the Chal by Carl cas qual oted ial repli his over prom g offic two ratin with ries. celeb able, from TT victo avail K and s starting rs WSB colou at price With for plainreplicas y £249 Fogg s l price (and ) retai money. £299 the are on ging “Brin board y on r Fogg a majo It was for LS2. coup le that s peop about show us serio promoting we’re in ting inves



Maguires Garage

il topp Reta jackets, . are also Paul le there £79) and texti d,” says across , and his the bran appeal at £249 ms (from wear deni l has ns, from the “Car biker tion of rain ratio in . the gene success I’m a a selec £45) rbike g supe to winning (from .” ers joinin s for y Deal 1990 in 2014 tion famil addi brity label Cele her new the LS2 orted by ownAnot range of ned are suppnal sales is a desig s 2019 a natio ed up ing. Also in LS2’ , back cloth team customer uced collection prod the at the and by CE ty, t facili ce team on lates own e to the servi ibuti des distr ss is mad s and inclutrousers its UK acce with dard ays stan jackets and en in a hub, re displ le wom suit texti to in-sto and s, to for men of style ing and ty , tour varie uting comm


0289.061.3141 www.maguiresgarage.co.uk 49










– brand Fogarty „ Carl ssador amba sr sport Challenge „ New ng helmet touri d e introduce ing rang „ Cloth for 2019



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TEAM lers CH DESIGNdirect to UK dea

TE ging LS2 Helmets

0870.241.6696 www.meguiars.co.uk

Lucas Oil Products (UK)

Max Torque Cans

01423.772885... www.mrsltd.co.uk

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Max Motorcycles

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Lucky MX

Manheim Auctions

Maxton Engineering

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0333.444.0158 www.manheim.co.uk

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Lust Racing

Mark 2 Solutions

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MAW Solutions

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Malcolm Rathmell Sport

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from as little as £25 t: 01237 422660


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MDS Battery

Midwest Marketing

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Media Links Online


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Merton College

Mito UK

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Meta Trak UK

MK Battery

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MCE Insurance

MetaSystem UK

Mode Performance

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MCI Tours

Metisse Motorcycles

Modeka International GmbH

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Metmachex Engineering

Mooof NV

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MCN Festival of Motorcycling

Metzeler Tyres

Moore Large & Co

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MCN London Show

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ACF-50 Distributed in the UK & throughout Europe by Adams Aviation Supply Co Ltd „ Ultimate corrosion protection „ Kills existing corrosion and prevents new „ Approved for use on electrics and engines „ Contains no wax, silicon, Teflon or water



CF-50 and Corrosion Block were developed by Lear Chemical Research, a Canadian company that has been successfully developing and compounding anticorrosion lubricants and greases since 1979. Here at Adams Aviation we continue to supply ever-increasing quantities of ACF-50 and associated product lines as the word spreads further about the products’ legendary capabilities.


t: 01689 808978 or 842999 e: mail@acf-50.eu w: www.acf-50.eu /Adams-Aviation-1375504579389294 @AdamsAviation1 As Europe’s largest specialist distributor of business and general aviation parts and accessories we ship all over Europe and beyond on a daily basis from our New Addington facility – we are a far reaching company and are easily able to meet your needs in a timely fashion. There are other products claiming superiority over ACF-50, especially in “lab tests”, but independent comments confirm they don’t reflect this in realworld use. Almost every major motorcycle manufacturer unofficially recommends ACF-50 if a dealer encounters corrosion issues and several manufacturers, importers and distributors have their entire press fleets protected with the product. Apart from aviation and motorcycle, ACF-50 is also active in other markets including industrial, automotive, marine and cycle. We offer pricing to suit all requirements – from a dealership wanting

a single box to full-line distributors. We are also the sole European importers for Clear View polish, which many of you will know as a sensibly priced alternative Plexus. Ask for a FREE sample can when you order some ACF-50. n


y“A miracle in a can” y“At last – a product that exceeds expectations” y“If it’s good enough to protect planes on aircraft carriers – it’s good enough for me” y“Should probably come with every new bike” y“Definitely not your typical maintenance spray” y“After 35 years’ riding, something that works”




The UK’s most trusted brand for the bike buyer „ We get 2.1 million visits every month* „ Each day, every one of your bikes could be seen 112 times by potential bike buyers on Auto Trader Bikes** „ You’re in the right hands with us. We’re rated the UK’s most trusted brand for the bike buyer on Trustpilot.


ave you thought about advertising your bikes to the largest audience of bike buyers? On the day you join us, we’ll provide you with everything you need to help grow your business and sell your bikes faster. Your dedicated account manager will help you get the most from your advertising with specialist support and advice.

What’s more, we won’t leave you in the dark about how your adverts are performing – your leads are thoroughly tracked in our portal, where they can be accessed at your leisure. With our easy-to-use response tool, you’ll be able to see all your emails, listen to your phone calls and more, anytime you want. You’ll also get sent regular updates and be able to request data and insight from our specialist team. We continually invest in marketing and tech to bring you a

„ We get more traffic than our competitors. We’ve got a bigger audience than eBay and Gumtree bikes. Your adverts could be seen by four times more with us than with MCN.***

*12-month average, Google Analytics. **Average impressions per ad, Auto Trader data. ***Experian Hitwise data, total visit Feb 2018 - Feb 2019



t: 0330 098 6150 w: www.autotrader.co.uk/bikes

broad, engaged audience as well as developing additional products to make your advertising perform better. Promote your finance offers on Auto Trader We want to offer consumers an easy, informative experience, which enables them to find the best bike for their budget and feel confident when purchasing a bike on finance. We also want to help retailers reach this new, potentially bigger, audience of buyers, to better compete online and, ultimately, sell more bikes. That’s why last year we introduced finance calculators to adverts and launched

a monthly search feature, aiming to attract more buyers paying for their bikes monthly. If you’re FCA authorised you can promote your rates, your lenders and your finance deals in your adverts to increase buyer’s awareness of your finance offering so you never miss out on leads. There’s no risk to start advertising today We won’t tie you into lengthy contracts. We know in business things can change quickly, which is why we only have a 30-day cancellation policy. Start selling on Auto Trader today, call 0330 098 6150 to discuss your options. n


“As a small bike retail business, Auto Trader Bike has been a key partner over several years. It is a premium advertising platform for our mainstream motorcycles, as opposed to custom or vintage. The site provides essential feedback on how advertisements are performing, giving us the opportunity to review the quality of adverts as well as price in case one listing is underperforming. In most cases, response has been serious compared with the time wasters who frequent social media and other sites and so I find a better selling experience with the quality of buyer from Auto Trader Bikes compared with most other platforms.” Rupert Nathan – Ebykes Auto Trader Group plc is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, attracting around 55 million cross-platform visits each month. Previously known as Bike Trader, Auto Trader Bikes, has been matching bike buyers with sellers for 23 years.


BIKE DEALER INSURANCE Specialists in trade insurance dealerships „ Interest-free instalments



„ Unaccompanied demonstration cover

ilby’s Bike Dealer Insurance is an awardwinning business insurance policy that focuses on the commercial aspects of a dealer’s insurance needs.

„ Four months’ free Seasonal Increase in Stock Sum Insured

Rather than focusing on making commission from your customers’ insurance needs, the Wilby team is committed to ensuring your business has the cover it needs to ensure that it is well protected, allowing you to focus on selling bikes.

„ Up to four motorcycles covered in transit

Scheme Benefits The award-winning Bike Dealer scheme now covers more than 100 dealers across the UK. Dealers can benefit from a range of automatic benefits including: y Interest-free instalments y Unaccompanied demonstration cover – not restricted by age or experience y Four months’ free Seasonal Increase in Stock Sum Insured – to help you in your busiest months y Up to four motorcycles in transit – without restriction in value making it easier to move stock around


t: 01422 398686 e: andrew.dixon@wilbyinsurance.co.uk w: www.biketradeinsurance.co.uk

Backed by a top Insurer and the NMDA Our Bike Dealer trade insurance scheme has been chosen by the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) as its recommended insurance product, ensuring that NMDA members receive award-winning motor trade insurance. Allianz underwrites the Bike Dealer scheme. It also has a partnership with the Retail Motor Industry federation (RMI), to which NMDA is affiliated, that has spanned over 25 years. Working together over this period has enabled Allianz to develop a comprehensive yet flexible solution that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. It has more than

35 years’ experience insuring motor trade businesses of all sizes, so its underwriters are real specialists in their field. This, coupled with the financial stability provided by being part of the Allianz Group, means that it has remained a stable and consistent market leader as the motor trade industry has evolved. Free Review For a free review of your insurance arrangements contact the Bike Dealer team around three to four months before your renewal date. This will give them time to check your current cover is correct and get the best possible terms. n




BMTR Celebrates 100 years in business


ounded in 1919 by J J Smith, BMTR is one of the UK’s oldest independent tyre retailers. Until a management buyout in 2017, three generations of the Smith family were involved in growing and managing the business, contributing significantly to its longevity and ongoing success.

Stocking more than 100,000 tyres BMTR’s flagship facility in Perry Bar is Birmingham’s largest retail tyre warehouse. However, BMTR’s expertise doesn’t stop at supplying car tyres – BMTR Motorsport can be seen at events throughout Europe during the motorsport season, the truck tyre service division is working 24/7 on behalf of some of the UK’s premium tyre manufacturers, and recently Bike Tyrestore has seen tremendous growth with Matt Wilkinson now in place as UK Sales Manager. Bike Tyrestore is the UK’s leading supplier of motorcycle and scooter tyres to the trade. With improved levels of service and a broader stock profile, Bike Tyrestore works harder today than ever before to help its customers to make the most of every business opportunity.

Matt Wilkinson, UK Sales Manager



t: e: w: w: w:

0800 281413 sales@biketyrestore.com www.bmtr.co.uk www.worldofbiketyres.com www.bmtrracing.com

David Smith (Team Leader), Charlotte Pountney (Technical Sales Adviser), Jonnie Cole (Technical Sales Adviser)

Despite a century in business, BMTR shows no sign of slowing down and is enjoying life in the fast lane. Bike Tyrestore continues to expand with a specialist sales team dedicated to supporting Bike Tyrestore’s customers and providing them with the products and technical knowhow they need. Customer service is high on the agenda, offering a market-leading delivery service up to three times per day locally and guaranteed UK next-day delivery service. Bike Tyrestore is proud

of several key partnerships and works alongside many manufacturers, including Michelin, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Avon and Dunlop. It is also the UK’s main importer of one of Europe’s leading brands of motorcycle tyres, Mitas. For 2019 our retail facility at Perry Barr has once again been awarded Platinum Standard in Pirelli’s Performance Centre (PPC) network and previously been the


winner of PPC of the year on two occasions. n



Freethinking insurance You will earn £50 for every policy sale, no quibble Your customers can get a great insurance deal The scheme is open to all motorcycle businesses including dealers, training schools, biking websites Get a page about your business on Bikesure’s website Get your own dedicated point of sale Award-winning support team with your own onthe-road Bikesure rep


“Good company to deal with. Had the facility for some years and very pleased with cheques received. Customers give positive feedback.” Viper Quads


t: 0800 916 1250 or 0330 123 0914 e: dealers@bikesure.co.uk w: www.bikesure.co.uk/referral-scheme


ou haven’t joined Bikesure’s referral scheme? Then you’re missing out. Hang on. Wait a minute. You haven’t heard of Bikesure’s referral scheme?

*Earn £50 for every new Bikesure policy sold. T&Cs apply

Where have you been? You could be getting extra cash in the bank… Your customers could be getting a better deal on their insurance… There’s no easy way to say this… You’ve been missing a trick, mate. If your business interacts with bikers, you need to sign up to Bikesure’s referral scheme. Today. For free. Find out why Bikesure has been named Motorcycle Trader Insurance Supplier of the year in 2015, 2016, and 2017. So sign up. Today. For free. Surely this is worth more than regular thumbs up. It deserves a proper biker’s thumbs up. So sign up. Today. For free. Don’t ever miss a trick like this again. n

“Marsh MX has been dealing with Bikesure for seven years now and the broker has always performed to a very high standard. We pass our marketed business cards out to every customer, which is a great service to offer them. We would definitely recommend Bikesure.” Marsh MX WWW.BIKESURE.CO.UK



Call or click for the best branded products „ Largest range of best branded products under one roof „ Online ordering available „ Excellent pick rates & customer service


radbury Bros, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, is a trade-only wholesaler which is now celebrating 40 years supplying directly to the motorcycle trade. The building of a large extension to its existing warehouse and offices in 2011 allowed for many new lines to be added to its extensive product range, and 2017 saw the updating of its online ordering service.

Bradbury Bros is an official distributor for Castrol, Silkolene, EBC Brakes, Michelin and Avon tyres, Texa Diagnostics, YSS Suspension, NGK, K&N Filters, Goodridge, Yuasa, Landport and BS batteries, Velosport, CTEK, Optimate, DID Chain and Kits, JT Chains, Sprockets, Kits and Drive Belts, Hiflo, Osram bulbs, Chain Monkey, Autoglym, Alpine Hearing Protection, Pro-Green, Ariete and Koyo to name but a few. We currently have one of the best pick rates in the industry, sending orders nationwide on a next-day delivery service with APC. Orders can be placed up to 5pm and carriage is free on all orders over £100.



t: 01484 641073 e: info@bradburybros.co.uk w: www.bradburybros.co.uk

All our people, from the team in the office to the sales managers out on the road providing national coverage, have many years’ experience in the motorcycle trade and have a vast knowledge and understanding of our 23,000 product lines. The updated online service now allows instant ordering, stock and price checking, the ability to save items in the basket for later use and the latest product application pages can be viewed or downloaded. Our sales managers on the road have instant access to this via their iPads, allowing for a more efficient and accurate service. New products for 2019

include Alpine Hearing Protection, Michelin Anakee Adventure, Optimate 1 Duo and the new Castrol Power 1 range with new improved formulations developed with cutting-edge technology. Bradbury Bros offers a superior range of best brand products with outstanding stock levels, supply and service for any motorcycle

dealership small or large. Why not give us a try, and experience our excellent stock levels and customer service? n

“We have used Bradbury Bros since we started our business in 1989. They are just as easy to do business with today as they were back then. We have always found them very friendly and helpful. Their range of brands and levels of available stock are always increasing. We have recently started using their online service and found it to be very helpful and easy to use.” Graham’s Motorcycles, Bradford WWW.BRADBURYBROS.CO.UK


DIGITALLY CHARGED Digitally Charge your business today We provide a wide range of services from digital to traditional marketing, at both national and dealer level, ranging from: „ Programmatic advertising (smart ads) „ Print advertising „ Website builds „ Website management and maintenance „ Social media management „ Google ads and search engine optimisation „ Custom app builds „ In-store POS


fresh and innovative marketing agency and digital specialist, Digitally Charged was formed out of the need for more transparent advertising packages. The company wants to bring a familiarity to the advertising industry by stripping away those technical barriers to give clients more understandable, successful marketing campaigns with meaningful numbers and success, across all mediums, at all levels of business.

Business owner Chris Day says: “I wanted to offer a marketing service to the industry that was honest and straightforward. With an elite understanding of marketing, digital and especially motorcycles, I felt passionate about starting Digitally Charged and sharing my knowledge and skill. Having started out with a digital platform, we’ve now merged digital and traditional marketing to work in tandem. Having

been on the other side of the fence for the past 11 years in a large motorcycle distributorship, I have a really good understanding of what is on offer currently and what should be on offer to the industry to really drive performance.” As a business, Digitally Charged has excellent resource management and experience in overseeing and managing multiple print projects. This includes brochures, POS, management

„ Direct mail „ Design projects „ And more



t: 01157 860 680 e: digital@digitally-charged.com w: www.digitally-charged.com

and fulfilment of national and international shows at all levels. Whether the requirement is for posters produced en mass with co-ordinated distribution to a network or a bespoke postal invitation for one store incorporating digital addressing and postage – the aim is to be cost effective yet impressive. Debbie Wiggins, head of marketing for Ducati UK, comments: “The level of service provided from the whole team is second to none. They are able to achieve great results in every aspect from programmatic advertising to in-store POS for our dealers. It really is a

pleasure working with them.” Working with a number of large clients provides a cost advantage when it comes to media buying. The team is experienced in both media planning and media buying, covering print and online services, advertising and merchandise. We are confident in selecting marketing media to meet our clients’ goals. Digitally Charged is proud to offer a truly customised and transparent marketing service. Industry relationships are vital to Digitally Charged. Gary Hartshorne, from


Bridgestone UK, adds: “As print becomes less of a strategy for Bridgestone MC, we needed to find a wellpriced digital alternative. Digitally Charged came to us with a package which I believe to be the best on the market. The results we have had have been excellent and when we add in the cost, the value for money is incredible. Highly recommended.” We’re currently working on a number of key motorcycle data outlets in the UK which will increase our offering to the industry with userprofiled data currently not available to any other digital outlet. So why not get in touch to find out more? n



eBay partners with you to help you grow


Bay connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people and creating economic opportunity. The technologies and services that power our platforms are designed to enable businesses worldwide to organise and offer their products for sale, and buyers to find and purchase them, virtually anytime and anywhere.

eBay Inc has 171 million active buyers globally* and 190 countries where you can showcase your product from your UK account. Seventy-one per cent of items sold on eBay ship for free* and 80% of items sold are new. We’ve compiled three top tips to focus on for 2019, aimed to increase traffic to your eBay listings.

Selling with FAST & FREE Free P&P and fast delivery help promote your listing to buyers. The eBay FAST & FREE logo appears on listings when the estimated delivery of the item is three working days or fewer (from receipt of cleared payment), based on the dispatch time and postage service you’ve specified; you offer free postage & packaging; you don’t offer collection in person. Both the item and the buyer are located in the United Kingdom, with the exception


of the Hebrides, Shetland and Scilly Islands. FAST & FREE also applies when the listing isn’t in Classified Ad format. On eBay Motors, eBay FAST & FREE will only be used for listings in the Parts & Accessories category. Generally, listings with free standard or express postage and a same-day or one-day dispatch qualify for eBay FAST & FREE. If you offer two-day dispatch, the FAST & FREE logo will only be displayed if you select express postage as a delivery service.


w: www.ebay.co.uk

eBay’s ‘Mark Down Manager’ Mark Down Manager can increase your basket size, be used to promote new inventory, leveraged for seasonal-only offers and can help to clear through old stock. Buyers, when searching for a product, will clearly see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ price-saving message. Find your Mark Down Manager tool within your eBay Seller Hub promotions tab. Easily select single items or multiple quantities of items to apply the marked down price to. You can offer your buyers a discount, for a limited time. Attribute completion Also known as Item Specifics, these are descriptive terms that tell a buyer about your item and raise visibility in searches. They may include brand, size, type, colour or style and many more, and vary depending on what you’re selling.

Buyers use Item Specifics to filter their search results, making it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. Your item will only appear in those filtered search results if you have added the matching itemspecific information to your listing. Item Specifics sit at the top of your item description in a standardised format, giving buyers a clear overview of what they’re looking at. Certain Item Specifics make your listings more likely to appear in Google Shopping results. n At eBay, our commitment to you is to partner with you to help you grow. For more information on business selling on eBay.co.uk, visit www.sellercentre.ebay. co.uk where you will find webinars and further information on topics discussed in this article and more top tips to be successful on eBay!

*Source: Q4 Fast Facts, applies to US, UK & Germany




Ride Now, Pay Later+ Interest-free consumer finance „ Trusted by the world’s foremost vehicle manufacturers „ Comprehensive staff training for dealers „ Increased profitability and customer satisfaction



MaC works in close partnership with vehicle manufacturers and dealerships to strengthen its after-sales relationships with its customers, creating positive experiences that lead to increased loyalty and greater revenues. We call this “Ownercare”.

We deliver world-class customer service and support for post-sales care, principally, though not exclusively, through service plans. With a live book of 1.7 million customers, we are the acknowledged UK leader, trusted by 15 of the world’s foremost vehicle manufacturers. In 2018 we estimate that we created over one-quarter of a billion pounds-worth of potential revenue to our dealer partners.

We use reliable, highlyevolved platforms to integrate our systems with those of our clients. We offer customer service that is second to none and we take responsibility so that our clients can focus on their strengths, knowing that their customers are in great hands. Everything we achieve is underpinned by simpleto-use, highly effective and extremely reliable IT platforms which have evolved over time and through hard-


t: 0330 099 6826 e: support@emac.co.uk w: www.emac.co.uk

earned experience to match the needs of both dealerships and manufacturers, down to the finest details. They can be configured to the exact needs of each and every client and integrate with ours seamlessly. We maintain significant investment in technologyled products, including our recently launched “Ride Now, Pay Later+” and “Self-Serve” facilities. Ride Now, Pay Later+ Interest-free credit facility Motorcycle dealers can now offer their consumers the new Ride Now, Pay Later+ interest-free consumer finance facility in store to pay for clothing, safety equipment, accessories and repairs. The launch of this flexible monthly instalment plan continues our journey in bringing to market a wider suite of services designed to enhance dealer profitability throughout the entire twowheel ownership lifecycle. The Ride Now, Pay Later+ facility uses cutting-edge technology to deliver a friendly consumer finance experience, with an easy credit application process,

real-time decisionmaking and prompt payment to the dealer. Motorcycle owners can access interestfree credit by using a tried and tested online credit application process. With full support from EMaC’s experienced field team to set up the programme, motorcycle dealers will also benefit from comprehensive staff training, best practice advice and ongoing account management support. Online Self-Serve facility – Service plans more accessible than ever for consumers Powered by GForces, a leading provider of digital solutions and software, EMaC Self-Serve allows your consumers to purchase service plans 24 hours a day, online, via your website. Embedded into your existing website with no need for extra “pop-out” windows, Self-Serve is easy to


integrate within the consumers online purchase path. Call our friendly team to see what EMaC can do for your business! n


FOWLERS PARTS Something for the weekend


owlers is celebrating 60 years of wholesale parts distribution. A true ‘One Stop Shop’ for motorcycle dealers: with its huge inventory of all-genuine parts and a high first-hit supply rate, plus clothing and accessories to suit every style of rider, dealers can save their valuable time, money and staff resources by having everything delivered together with one set of paperwork.


It’s probably difficult for the motorcycle trade to recall a time when you didn’t contact Fowlers to find the price and availability of OE parts, but the story goes back further than living memory, to 1926, when Frank and Alice Maude Fowler opened a cycle shop in the Old Market district of Bristol. A year later they were joined by son Harry Fowler, who ended up as Chairman until 2006. By the 1950s Fowlers held most of the British motorcycle franchises, including Matchless, James, Francis Barnett and BSA. Then, in 1959, Fowlers Wholesale Division was created, when it was appointed as a BSA

main spares distributor. To say that this was the start of something big is a huge understatement. Throughout the 1960s Fowlers was awarded franchises from most of the major motorcycle manufacturers, and in 1970 it moved into new premises, doubling the amount of space available, and enabling the Honda and Yamaha spares wholesaling to be housed in the same building. Ten years further down the line, in 1982, Fowlers relocated to the prestigious Temple Meads site in central Bristol, where the retail and wholesale sides of the business were amalgamated under one roof. Inevitably,


t: f: e: w:

0117 977 8899 0117 972 5547 trade@fowlers.co.uk www.fowlersparts.co.uk

this situation didn’t endure for long because in 1985 the wholesale helmet, clothing and accessories business was launched, necessitating the purchase of another warehouse. The Weise brand has been a familiar sight in showrooms and on riders for over three decades, but it was a bit of a punt when it was launched in 1987. Named after the German word meaning “wise”, to emphasise the quality of materials and design, recognition came in the following year, 1989, when Fowlers was awarded Wholesaler of the Year by

Motorcycle Dealer magazine. Weise clothing continued to be developed and in 2002 – the year Fowlers celebrated its 75th anniversary – it acquired the lease on a 30,000 sq ft warehouse in Mead Street, adjacent to the main retail site, to house parts and clothing. Over 30-plus years, many famous racers have chosen to wear Weise, including


Dennis Ireland in the 1980s, Jason Vincent in the 1990s and Peter Hickman, the fastest road-racer in the world, who has trusted Weise for a decade. Last year it was joined in The Key Collection by Premier Helmets and Kovix security products. Through the mid-noughties yet more parts distribution deals were awarded, including KTM Road and Off Road, 


FOWLERS: THE KEY COLLECTION Make every journey a ride

Honda Off Road, Suzuki Off Road and Derbi too. A newly refurbished 36desk Contact Centre was opened, to handle the increasing volume of calls for parts, accessories and clothing.


Fowlers’ additional 18,000 sq ft warehouse in Brislington was completely renovated in 2014, to include a trade showroom/business hub, where visiting trade customers can view the entire range, displayed in a showroom setting. This housed all The Key Collection clothing and accessories stock under one roof, while the York Road parts warehouse, adjacent to the main showroom, was upgraded, with five fullyautomated carousels and four lean lifts, for larger parts. All this was completed just in time for Fowlers’ 90th anniversary in 2016. Today, Fowlers carries around 1 million items in stock across 16 genuine spares franchises, with same-day dispatch for all orders placed before 6pm and next working day delivery for most UK


t: 0117 971 9200 w: www.thekeycollection.co.uk

AWARDS: y 1989 Awarded Wholesaler of the Year by Motorcycle Dealer magazine y 2007 BDN Trade Personality of the Year, Sasha Fowler y 2009 BDN Best Trade Service, Merit Award y 2011 BDN Best Trade Service, Merit Award

destinations. Deliveries are via a fully tracked and timed courier service with updates as standard. Fowlers operates an online electronic parts catalogue (EPC) with knowledgeable telephone staff to assist in identifying models and parts in case of uncertainty. Dealers can build a basket in their ‘hold file’ and release all or part when they choose. They can order by phone or iPad, check stock, quote a price, take payment and even place an order to be sent direct to a retail customer. The field sales team is always on hand to assist dealers with both spares and clothing accessories, as well as in-store merchandising and training. Ethics remain central to this family-owned and run

y 2012 BDN Best Trade Service of the Year

business. Staff all receive y 2013 BDN Best Trade pay above the government’s Product Award for Weise living wage and the company Clothing recently took the decision y 2013 BDN Rep of the Year, to go ‘green’, in an effort to Merit Award for Dave inspire other wholesalers to Mathers adopt eco-friendly policies. Plastic packing materials were y 2014 BDN Parts Wholesaler of the Year superseded by recyclable and biodegradable alternatives and y 2015 BDN Wholesaler of pallet-wrap use has been cut the Year, Merit Award by 95% - and it doesn’t stop y 2016 50 years as a Honda there. Food waste bins have UK franchise holder been installed throughout y 2016 BDN Parts the company and in the staff Wholesaler of the Year canteen, all the consumables (cutlery, plates, etc.) have been y 2017 BDN Wholesaler of the Year, Merit Award switched to vegetable-based compostable items. Fowlers’ y 2019 BDN Wholesaler of most recent investment has the Year, Merit Award been the installation of a 180 kw array of photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of 2 of it’s fair to say that Fowlers their buildings. has something for everyone As we approach the 2020s, and an eye on the future. n




Providing high quality with value


ith more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, the GIVI name has become synonymous with high quality, value-for-money motorcycle luggage and accessories. The aim from the beginning was to blend Italian design with strong technical know-how and an indepth knowledge of motorcyclists’ needs. The company still works by these values today, undergoing constant research to develop new materials and technologies that result in the best quality end product.


Luggage and accessories GIVI’s product range has grown to include hard and soft cases, bags and rucksacks, windscreens and small accessories – including a vast range of model-specific products. Some of the luggage news for this season include the V37, the new rigid side motorcycle case with Monokey Side system, the new top-of-the-range of the new generation of GIVI cases made of technopolymer. Also this year the company presents the expansion of their Sport-T range bags, with the new ST607 saddlebag and the ST608 leg bag, developed to satisfy the needs of the more sporty riders who travel in the city or enjoy taking medium to long-haul trips: practical, with high-quality and resiliant materials and security-focused. GIVI’s renowned Gravel-T range of soft bags brings six new waterproof models for 2019 - including the new GRT711 backpack, equipped with 25 litres of internal space, which has all the credentials to become the travel companion of many enduro fans; the 20 litre GRT715 tank bag to replace the GRT705; or the GRT717 5 litre universal tool bag, designed for use on off-road and enduro motorcycles.


t: 01327 706220 e: info@givi.co.uk w: www.givi.co.uk

Helmets Full-face, modular and jet helmets have been updated this season. Among the new updates to the GIVI helmet family we can find the new 12.4 Future jet helmets, for all those who like to enjoy two wheels, especially in the city. The 50.6 Stoccarda full-face helmet offers firstclass features to enhance riding and includes a colour version specially selected for ladies. Also, modular helmet X.33 Canyon comes with double certification as jet/ full face, while X.23 Sidney is a practical and comfortable modular helmet that can be transformed from integral to jet with extreme ease.


Dealer support The Italian company has a UK-based warehouse and showroom with a dedicated team of dealer support staff. The warehouse stocks thousands of products, enabling GIVI UK to provide a next-day delivery service on the majority of dealer orders, including modelspecific accessories.

In terms of dealer support, GIVI UK’s dealer representative is on hand every day to answer questions and queries, backed up by a strong office support team with extensive knowledge of the range. Every dealer is entitled to a branded display unit, branded banners and GIVI brochures and leaflets for customers to take away. GIVI’s product showroom at the UK warehouse in Daventry provides an opportunity for dealers to see the luggage and helmet ranges up close and also acts as a base for GIVI-run dealer training sessions. GIVI has a strong relationship with a specialist PR agency, which liaises with the motorcycle media to raise awareness of the brand and ultimately drive customers into dealerships. The firm from Brescia is dedicated to making the lives of its dealers as easy as possible, so get in touch today and join the GIVI family. n



UK exclusive distributors of Motobatt & Goldfren road products „ Premium and own-brand products „ Comprehensive website functionality „ Upgradeable delivery options „ Absolutely trade only



endler Wholesale is a family-run, trade-only motorcycle parts wholesaler. We are the UK’s exclusive supplier of world-renowned brands such as Motobatt and Goldfren’s road braking products, as well as a supplier of industry leading brands such as Athena, Centauro, Haynes, Koyo and Motul. Hendler also has a range of own-brand products offering quality products at the right price.

As a relatively young company, Hendler prides itself on the functionality of its feature rich website which is simplistic to use for day to day ordering, with a built in search assist for help in finding products. All products are stocked onsite, just off the M18 near Doncaster, in the state-of-the-art warehouse which has a capacity of more than 50,000sq. ft, complete with spiral chutes, conveyor systems and pallet gates to increase picking speed and efficiency. Customer service is second to none, with a friendly and knowledgeable team with over 30-years of combined experience who will strive to resolve any queries you may have and will put you and your business first.


t: f: e: w:

01405 480000 01405 480125 sales@hendler.co.uk www.hendler.co.uk

Website features include: y Hendler API for ease of ordering, stock checking, price checking, delivery costs as well as other product details y Quick Ordering (ability to find and pick parts quickly) y Custom part numbers for ease of ordering y Front-of-shop functionality to hide trade pricing y Ability to export a complete stock file y Custom permissions to tailor each account’s functionality y Back-in-stock updates every morning for any products for which you’ve signed up for notifications y Multiple high-res images per product (showing different angles) y Drop shipping ability

y Search functionality has built-in industry crossreferences Delivery options are designed to be as flexible as possible to suit customers’ needs. These include nextday shipping, including timed, pre-12, 10am, 9am and Saturday delivery. Free UK mainland shipping with orders over £100 nett which can be upgraded to AM delivery for just £1. Printed, illustrated product guides are produced with and without prices, making it easier for dealers to show their customers what’s on offer. Hendler Wholesale is continuously expanding its


premium ranges as well as its value own-brand offering – so keep checking the website. You can be reassured that Hendler is always on your side and will never sell direct to the public. n




erald Motor Co. is a British motorcycle manufacturer and importer based in Cambridgeshire. We specialise in the design and creation of head-turning motorcycles that put a smile on the rider’s face.


Our range includes 125, 250 and 400cc models, from the bestselling Classic 125 to the retro-styled Café 400. What makes our motorcycles stand out from the crowd is their distinctive styling, low running costs, quality build and competitive pricing. As well as motorbikes, we offer a full range of apparel, including lifestyle and protective clothing. Herald entered the motorbike sector over a decade ago, working with partners to import classicallystyled motorcycles. All our bikes are delivered to dealers showroom-ready after being assembled, quality checked and given an initial pre-delivery inspection (PDI) at our headquarters in the UK. They come with a two-year parts and one-year labour warranty, as well as two years’ RAC breakdown cover. Plus, we have a full range of parts in stock with a dedicated UK parts and warranty department.


t: 01480 415080 e: sales@heraldmotorcompany.com w: www.heraldmotorcompany.com

CafĂŠ 400

Maverick 125 Classic 400

Brute 500

For dealers we offer 360day motorcycle stocking via DFC (a third-party finance company), SOR*, free delivery on four bikes and Our passion for motorcycles over* and sales and technical meant the goal was always support with the RaV online to design and manufacture service. We also provide in Britain. As a division of an point-of-sale materials, award-winning engineering access to an online dealer company, Herald can design pack containing marketing and produce parts in-house materials, and support at and have the facilities to local events. develop and manufacture our We are passionate about own British-built motorcycles. what we do and are looking The Brute 500 is the for dealerships that share first bike to be designed, our brand values of integrity, engineered and built in house attitude and authenticity. from the ground up. *T&Cs apply. n




Keeping you ahead of the pack


elebrating 10 years of leading the way in motorcycle PR and marketing, Holeshot is offering dealerships and aftermarket brands a free PR and social media check-up service.

The agency, which has served clients such as R&G, Yamaha and Öhlins, has recently bolstered its social media offering by hiring social media and video content specialist Tom Higham, who has worked with brands such as Ducati UK, The California Superbike School, Visordown, The Octane Collection, MTV UP! and BBC Worldwide. Industry specialists Company owner Harley Stephens is well aware of the challenges of the retail sector after managing father Stan’s Performance Centre and MX franchise, before working at Yamaha UK as their PR man for many years. Fellow Holeshot PR biker Michael Aylwin cut his teeth working with brands such as Hyundai Europe, Premier Inn and Paddy Power and has carried out an extensive three-year social media engagement programme to utilise motorcycle clubs and influencers to drive sales and engagement.

Michael Dunlop and Carl Cox - Holeshot ‘PR gold



t: 01732 761006 e: contact@holeshotpr.com w: www.holeshotpr.com

Leon Haslam jumps through a PR ‘hoop’!

New model launch at the Bike Shed

Holeshot PR: Michael Aylwin, Harley Stephens and Tom Higham

Stand out from the crowd Holeshot PR offers a range of services including traditional PR (gaining coverage for free in local, trade, specialist and national press), social media creation, photo-video shoots, social strategy, event planning/creation, product placement, copywriting for web, e-shots, print and POS, partnership/sponsorship activation, motorcycle club/ forum and social media influencer programmes, and much more.


Whether its organising a dealer event, launching a new model, bringing DJ Carl Cox to the Isle of Man TT, working with the vast Deliveroo courier fleet, helping the Carole Nash London Motorcycle Show gain vital national press coverage, or making sure R&G’s products are used by YouTube’s most prolific influencers… the average week is certainly varied for both Holeshot PR and its clients alike. PR & social media check-up With a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and refined strategies for getting your business name out above the rest, Holeshot PR is well placed to work with, and on behalf of, UK dealerships and aftermarket brands. To discover more and claim your free PR and social media checkup, email contact@holeshotpr.com. n



One-stop solution for dealerships and workshops


ince opening its doors in the UK in 2012, Larsson has quickly established itself as one of the leading suppliers to the motorcycle trade. Centrally located in Corby, Northamptonshire, and operating from two purpose-built hi-tech warehouses, Larsson has developed a reputation for industry-leading service levels with a delivery system second to none. Place your order by 5.30pm and you will receive your UK stock items the next day before 12 noon. Alongside Saturday delivery options, Larsson now ships on Sundays for Monday morning delivery. Items which are not available from UK stock are brought in daily from the parent company, JJ Matthies. Based in Hamburg, JJ Matthies is one of the largest motorcycle parts wholesalers in the world and brings financial strength and stability to the Larsson Group.

Based around the “Mike� online shop system that couples not only the most diverse range of parts offered by any supplier, but also up-to-the-minute stock availability and accurate images of the products to be supplied. Larsson prides itself on being the ultimate one-stop shop, whether you work with street, off-road, scooter or ATVs, Larsson will have a high-quality part to get your customer back on the road as quickly as possible. With a minimum twoyear warranty and a simple, noquibble returns policy, dealing with Larsson is simple, fast and incredibly easy, as any of its 2500+ UK customers will attest to.



t: 01536 265633 e: info@larsson.uk.com w: www.larsson.uk.com

As well as containing over 90,000 parts for more than 24,000 motorcycles, ATVs and scooters the “Mike” online system also has the unique Mike Technik technical information section. You can view technical data from Autodata, genuine service data, wiring diagrams, service sheets, job sheets and access to over 50 online Haynes manuals. Hand in hand with the Mike Technik data, Larsson also has an impressive tool and workshop equipment division where you will find thousands of bikespecific special tools as well as large workshop equipment such as tyre changers and workshop ramps. There is now a demonstration area at the Corby head office and dealers can come to try the lifts or tyre-changer before buying.

Larsson is also a major distributor of Texa diagnostic equipment and has trained experts who can demonstrate this highly technical product in your own workshop in real-life situations. As well as deferred payment plans, most of the highvalue capital equipment such as diagnostic and workshop equipment can be funded using tax-efficient leasing schemes (subject to status) and instant quotations can be provided. Larsson sells some of the best brands in the world, products are often sourced from OE suppliers and always meet or exceed OEM standards. However, Larsson is now becoming widely known for its own range of JM products, covering thousands of items from consumables to tools and numerous hard parts. So when you see the red and white JM brand on a product Larsson supplies you know that there is a quality product from a worldclass brand in the box. n

ONE-STOP SOLUTION: y Over 90,000 parts for over 24,000 bikes, scooters and ATVs y Order by 5.30pm for next-day delivery, Sunday despatch for Monday delivery y Technical info including wiring diagrams and workshop manuals at a click of a mouse y OEM parts with minimum two-year warranty y The world’s best brands for Road, Off-Road, Scooter and ATV. Chinese bikes covered y Workshop & Diagnostic equipment with leasing options y New products added on a weekly basis y One-stop shop saves time AND money



LEXHAM INSURANCE Embracing dealers

Working with dealers is a key area, we offer four easy ways to refer: „ Quick Price Indicator „ Dealer Referral Cards „ Call Back System „ Bespoke Website Links EXCELLENT 4.35 Average 1989 Reviews


exham continues to build on its success in the scooter and motorcycle market and increase its footprint with an expanded product portfolio for 2019. It’s goal is to ensure it stays at the forefront of an ever changing world using innovative and effective solutions to facilitate the growth of the overall two wheel industry. Key relationships are vital to this and it continues to focus on working with dealers/training schools as well as manufacturers/importers using not only traditional methods of referral but using digital and social media channels to facilitate this always ensuring we offer our best deals direct.

Referrals couldn’t be easier with point of sale, call back, live chat and a quick price indicator all enabling the dealers to work with their customers whilst in the showroom. Offering a minimum of £30 per policy for referrals, coupled with offering each customer a bespoke journey the aim is to provide 1st class service, competitive premiums backed by a quality policy. n

WHO ARE LEXHAM? Lexham Insurance Consultants is a specialist two wheel insurance broker offering bespoke and niche products to riders, dealerships, training schools and importers. Established in 2000 it has a passionate management team focused on driving the business forward. With over 120 skilled staff working from three offices based in Diss, Norfolk, Lexham also has a team of full time sales staff on the road, not only promoting the customer referral schemes but servicing our business insurance customers. We are now trusted by over 500 dealers and 300 training schools to look after their own motor trade and training school insurance.



t: f: e: w:

01379 646506 01379 651918 a.goodson@lexhaminsurance.co.uk www.lexhaminsurance.co.uk facebook.com/LexhamInsurance twitter.com @LexhamInsurance

Scooter & Moped Insurance

125cc Motorcycle Insurance

Delivery Rider Insurance

Specialist comprehensive and competitive Moped and Scooter Insurance for riders 16 plus offering you the best package possible.

Whether you’re a first-time or seasoned rider, we have specialist schemes for commuter, custom, sports and trials 125cc motorcycles.

Our specialist scheme is tailored to independent riders or small companies with named riders, so contact us today for a quote.

A2 Licence Scheme

Adventure Bike Scheme

Classic Motorcycle Insurance

A scheme which focuses on 33bhp bikes and aimed at new riders who have passed their test and are starting out or are moving on to larger machines.

Tailored to experienced riders and offering a Comprehensive policy for people riding larger BMW, Triumph and KTM adventure machines.

With classic motorcycles it is important to get the right level of insurance. That’s why we have a scheme crammed with extra features.

Electric Cycle Insurance

Electric Scooter / Motorcycle

Classic Scooter Insurance

Working closely with a leading UK cycle insurer we have produced a bespoke and highly competitive policy for electric cycles and pedelecs.

With sales increasing in this sector we are keen to offer competitive rates on scooters and motorcycles, with a bespoke scheme for Zero.

Get the perfect cover for your classic scooter. We offer a fully bespoke policy to suit your requirements to cover your pride and joy.

Quad Bike Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance

Training School Insurance

Road legal quads are becoming more common as work and commuting vehicles. As an experienced insurance provider, we work with the best insurers to get you the right deal.

Offering a fully tailored Motor Trade Insurance policy to dealers, we have a specialist sales team to provide you with a bespoke lowcost quote.

An exclusive scheme offering a policy tailored specifically to your needs, closely developed with an insurer with over 20 years of experience.





otohaus Powersports celebrated its 21st birthday in 2018 and this year moved to larger premises, following a surge in demand for Keis heated clothing and Sena communications.

The Hampshire-based distributor puts its success down to a combination of two factors – picking the right products and providing dealers (and their customers) with the necessary technical support to inspire confidence. Making it simpler to sell tech accessories “We see ourselves as a support act,” says Head of Brand and Marketing Wayne Harrison. “When we look at a new product we like to get out on a bike and do some real-world testing. That way we can see if it really does what it says on the tin and it gives us a better understanding of how it works too.”

Testing the 2019 range of Keis heated motorcycle clothing, in -10 degree C weather

Most of the brands in the Motohaus range could be described as technical – whether it’s heated clothing, Bluetooth intercoms, bike-specific motorcycle luggage and protection or advance cleaning and bike-care products. “It’s really important for our dealers to know that technical support is just a phone call away,” comments Sales Manager Peter Yeow. “It helps when answering questions from customers during the sales process and also they can be confident that we can sort out any assembly hiccups the customer might experience quickly and easily, so they won’t need to give a refund.” Barry Myall and Conor Howard handle technical support. Both are keen motorcyclists who have first-hand experience of the products they are giving advice on. Barry’s speciality is Keis heated clothing and Conor deals with Sena. “The majority of issues can be fixed with a phone call or email,” states Barry. “Sometimes people might need to



t: 01256 704909 w: www.motohaus.com

National Sales Manager Peter Yeow, left, and Head of Brand and Marketing Wayne Harrison

Barry & Conor handle product support and UK warranty


return an item, so we can check it over, and generally it can be sorted out by replacing a part. People like the fact they can talk to a real person who’s a fellow biker. That reassures them that we understand the problem they are experiencing and can solve it.“ Call Motohaus to find out more about the support on offer for Sena Intercoms; Keis Heated Clothing; OptiMate Battery Care; ACF-50, SW-Motech Luggage Solutions and Protection Accessories; Airhawk Seat Cushions; Ventura Racks and Bags; SDoc100 Premium Cleaners, Lubricants and Polishes; Xena Disk Locks and Alarms; Bruhl Motorcycle Dryers; and ROK-Straps. n



The textile game-changer – RiDE Magazine What they’ve been saying: This latest addition to the Oxford range uses a waterproof laminate – where the surface is the waterproof layer – rather than a membrane backing the outer material, so it’s no surprise that it remained flawlessly dry. There are good vents and an easily fitted/removed thermal liner. Fit adjusts well, it’s light and comfortable on the bike and wellfinished. The jacket turns in a top-end performance at a relatively budget price for a laminate. RiDE MAGAZINE Having worn the suit for over 5000 miles and ridden from the Arctic Circle to Southern Spain in it, I think I am in a good position to tell you what it’s like... without a doubt (and by some margin) the most comfortable suit I have ever owned... MISSENDEN FLYER


Mondial Suit (Laminate)

Continental Suit (Three-Layer)


rue exploration is often reserved for the elite; those with the most resources, who can afford the most expensive kit and the most expensive bikes. Yet we believe that deep down most riders have a wanderlust, a dream of going on an adventure, of taking exploration to the outer limits. So we set out to produce a product range that allows every rider to explore the world fearlessly.

‘Every stitch of clothing we’ve been able to produce so far has been sold, which is both fantastic and frustrating… we have had to fly everything in to cope with demand. To put this into stark context: as it’s much more expensive than anything we have sold before, we thought we were being punchy with our initial order, hoping we’d sell it over the first 6 months. We have so far sold 5 times that initial order, putting it straight to the top of our clothing sales chart!’ – Henry Rivers Fletcher. Mondial As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Today’s riding jackets are expected to be technically brilliant but that comes at a price. And laminate jackets appear at the


t: 01993 862300 e: info@oxprod.com w: www.oxfordproducts.com

top of that pile. Enter the new Oxford Mondial – technically brilliant but at a price that is within reach of all discerning motorcycle riders. In addition, it’s light weight, doesn’t hold water in a downpour and dries out really quickly. The jacket employs a laminate outer shell, incorporating our highest Oxford Dry2Dry™ waterproof and breathable membrane bonded to a tough nylon construction. The advanced WarmDry™ thermally mapped removable liner is low-bulk but high-insulation providing comfort in cold weather conditions. Continental Our new 3-layer jacket is highly versatile and can be an

all day, every day, 4-season jacket. Comprising a highly ventilated outer jacket, a detachable Dry2Dry™ waterproof breathable liner and a removable WarmDry™ thermal liner, it can be used in hot, cold and wet weather conditions. The Continental jacket is built using the highly versatile Modular Layering Construction, meaning it is perfect for wearing in any weather condition. The jacket incorporates our new technology, WarmDry™ Thermal, which is low-bulk but highly insulated, keeping the rider warm in the coldest of weather. The waterproof liner is created with our Dry2Dry™ technology which is durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. n

What’s a laminate? Oxford’s integrated Layer Construction features our waterproof and breathable Dry2Dry™ membrane laminated to the durable Nylon outershell to give us our highest performance wet weather jacket; lightweight, waterproof, easy to wear, quick drying, does not get heavy, does not wet out.


Oxford Warmdry™ high insulation, low bulk, detachable thermal liner. Prevents wind chill and holds heat against the body to keep you warm and comfortable in cold weather.

DirectVent™ allows unrestricted direct-to-body airflow through adjustable vents. Exhaust vents create airflow channels and allows body heat to dissipate.


Our highest performing membrane, Dry2Dry™ is durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable.



Setting the standard in crash protection and accessories „ British-based company formed in 1999 „ Crash protection and styling accessories for a full spectrum of models „ Official suppliers to the British Superbike Championship /crashprotection @RnGRacing /RG_CrashProtection



&G celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, with the Hampshire-based company growing over the past two decades to become the world leader in motorcycle damage protection products. As R&G enters its 21st year of business, the company prides itself on offering complete protection, alongside styling accessories for all types of machines; including the latest models as they hit the showrooms.

As well as own-branded items such as Aero Crash Protectors, Engine Case Covers, Radiator Guards and Tail Tidies, R&G is also a UK (or even European) distributor for world-class brands such as Barkbusters, BMC Air Filters, CLICKnRIDE, Denali, KAOKO Throttle Stabilisers, RDMoto, Red Dynamic, Scorpion Exhausts, WD-40, SpeedAngle and Wild Ass Seat Cushions. With a strong emphasis on dealer relationships, R&G has been consistently voted one of the top UK motorcycle accessory brands in satisfaction polls. Helping to support dealers direct, R&G offers a range of services including a tiered discount scheme, display stands, stocking plans tailored to individual needs, one-to-one or group training sessions and regular visits from agents to

ensure dealers are kept up to date. Also, R&G actively promotes and markets its products via traditional media and trade press as well as through its popular social media channels and key industry influencers. In addition to marketing via traditional and new media formats, 2019 will again see R&G as the Official Crash Protection Supplier


t: 01420 89007 e: info@rg-racing.com w: www.rg-racing.com

to the Bennetts British Superbike Championship. With a large presence in the paddock, a number of supported, high-profile teams and riders, as well as prominent track branding, visitors to the event or watching at home are regularly shown the full range of R&G products. This season will also see the R&G Rookies’ Trophy return for a fifth year with the aim of

helping promote and reward of importers and distributors those riders taking on a new which serve nearly 60 challenge in their first full countries. n season in their respective class. This active involvement in BSB, as well as supporting riders and teams in the FIM Endurance World Championship, MotoAmerica, North West 200, Isle of Man TT, Ulster Grand Prix and its work with the California Superbike School UK/ USA, has ensured R&G has 20 years of racing and school-backed research and development. Covering all product design, development and photography at its HQ allows R&G quickly to service and distribute to more than 1000 active UK trade accounts, as well as a global network




Innovation Technology Design „ UK subsidiary „ Controlled dealer network „ B2B website with live stock „ 60 years’ heritage „ Supporting grassroots to international athletes


COTT Sports has 60 years of developing products from ski poles to bikes and in 1970 SCOTT entered the motocross goggle market with the first ever motocross-specific goggle and later introduced motocross boots, grips and accessories. SCOTT goggles have always been a quality product on the market. Capitalising on more than 40 years of experience, SCOTT continues to develop its goggles, which excel in terms of field of vision, comfort and lens retention. Today SCOTT Sports has a full head-to-toe range of products not just specific to motocross, but also products which have been designed for enduro as well as on-road and adventure. In 2018 the exciting decision was made for SCOTT Sports motocross, enduro, on-road and adventure products to be managed through the UK subsidiary which is based in Northumberland. SCOTT Sports UK is actively seeking sales partners to take the SCOTT Moto division to the next level which will complement the company’s other successful product groups – Scott Bike, Scott Winter and Scott Running.



t: 01670 712129 e: info@scott-sports.uk.com w: www.scott-sports.com

The open collaborative attitude that is a driving force behind SCOTT Sports internally is also constant in the way we work with our partners around the world. Over the years we have built a network of more than 30,000 retailers. We rely on good relationships with our partners to create strong bonds with consumers and perpetuate the innovation that SCOTT Sports embodies. SCOTT continues to push the limits of innovation, technology and design and consequently is also pushing the limits of safety. Especially in sports like motocross, safety has a very high priority. It is not only the human power but also the engine power beneath the rider that asks for this extra level of safety. We are proud that our wide protection expertise, gained from our different sport involvements, allows us to push safety beyond standards. When riders push themselves to the limit SCOTT will stand by you and help you surpass what even you believed was impossible. We are SCOTT Sports – it’s more than just the name on our products. It’s important for us to always remember that it stands for something bigger than a company or brand. From the guts, freedom and drive that define our people, to the mentality with which we approach designing products, to the attitude of the athletes who conquer the world of sport – SCOTT Sports is more than a brand name, it’s a source of personal pride. n




Bringing LS2 Helmets direct to UK dealers „ Carl Fogarty – brand ambassador „ New Challenger sportstouring helmet „ Clothing range introduced for 2019


S2 shook up the helmet market last year with the introduction of the Valiant, which transforms from full-face to open-face thanks to a 180º swing-around chin bar. Highly specified – it features a Pinlock anti-fog insert and drop-down sunshield as standard – and retailing from just £239, the Valiant firmly established LS2 as a serious contender in the mid-price helmet sector. “We’re different from other helmet brands,” explains UK sales director Paul Haskins. “LS2 designs and manufactures all its helmets in its own factory and supplies them direct to dealers through whollyowned distributors in each country. That way you get complete control over quality, along with


attractive retail price points and generous trade margins.” This year sees the launch of the Challenger, a high performance sports-touring helmet with a lightweight composite shell and a specification developed with input from supported riders from MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. To underline its sporting pedigree, the Challenger is being promoted by Carl Fogarty, with two official replicas available, celebrating his WSBK and TT victories. With prices starting from £249 for plain colours (and Foggy replicas at £299) retail prices are on the money. “Bringing Foggy on board was a major coup for LS2. It shows people that we’re serious about investing in promoting


t: f: e: w:

01670 856342 01670 855770 ukservice@ls2helmets.com www.ls2helmets.com

the brand,” says Paul. “Carl has appeal across the generations, from his superbike success in the 1990s to winning I’m a Celebrity in 2014.” Another new addition for 2019 is a range of own-label clothing. Also designed and produced in LS2’s own facility, the collection is made to the latest CE standards and includes textile jackets and trousers for men and women in a variety of styles, to suit commuting, touring and

adventure sport riding. Retail prices start at £99 for textile jackets, topping out at £249, and there are also biker denims (from £79) and a selection of rain wear (from £45). Dealers joining the LS2 family are supported by a national sales team, backed up by the customer service team at its UK distribution hub, with access to in-store displays


to suit showrooms of all shapes and sizes. Call LS2 for your trade catalogue and price list. n



The new adventouring brand from Tucano Urbano


.ur is actively seeking sales partners within the UK to introduce the new ‘adventouring’ brand to the UK market this year. In just a few months since it was unveiled at EICMA in 2018, T.ur has started to build a network of dealers across the world, relying on strong relationships with partners and building on the passion of its customers.

„ Reinventing touring apparel with innovative design

Tucano Urbano specialises in urbancontemporary motorcycle clothing and accessories, and continuously enlarges the scope of the brand to reach every rider. For 2019, Tucano Urbano’s adventurous spirit has led to a completely new, standalone brand, dedicated to riders who consider touring as a lifestyle – T.ur. T.ur is a new apparel and accessories brand designed for the most demanding riders. Born from more than 20 years of Tucano Urbano experience, T.ur offers a complete range of highly specific products for touring,

„ Sponsorship of world-class riders



t: +44 779 962 6635 e: rachel.fuller@tucanourbano.co.uk w: www.t-ur.com

characterised by high-quality materials, thermal comfort, advanced ergonomics and CE certification. The Collection T.ur products have been studied meticulously and tested thoroughly on and off-road over thousands of kilometres to guarantee the most advanced performance. The choice of materials has been led by excellence: Cordura fabrics, Thermore padding, YKK zippers and the new D3O LP2 ventilated protection, a world premiere. Every T.ur product is CEcertified; EN13594 standard for gloves and the new prEN17902 AA Class standard for jackets.


The collection comprises two jackets, the J-ONE and J-TWO, both designed with a three-level modular protection system; a main jacket, an internal thermal jacket which can be worn separately, and a packable rainproof jacket in case of adverse conditions. Both can be combined with the P-ONE trousers, also a modular three level protection system with a packable and integrated rainproof overtrouser and ultralight and detachable thermal liner sold separately. The three types of gloves on offer are all CE-certified and available in different colours to match the jacket range. G-ONE is the year-round waterproof glove, perfect for

touring; G-TWO is the highly ventilated summer glove and can be used both on and off-road. Last but not least, G-THREE is a CE certified enduro racing glove. Two touring must-have bags complete the range: B-ONE, a 6.5-litre tail bag with detachable waterproof lining, which fixes to the pillion seat or on the luggage rack; and B-TWO, a 1.7-litre handlebar bag with touchscreen smartphone pocket and a main space for quick access during any ride. The Riders Supporting the research, testing and development of the T.ur apparel are Alessandro Botturi, Enduro champion and Moto winner of the Africa Eco Rally 2019, and Jacopo Cerutti, Dakar rally competitor and fastest Italian rider in his class. Both débuting the T.ur kit early this year, the pair are supporting T.ur with the ongoing development of new products, their feedback reflecting the requirements from some of the world’s most intense and demanding races. Our journey has only just begun – why not join us? n



World’s End Motorcycle Distribution – The Parts People


MD is now established as one of the industry’s leading suppliers of service items and hard parts. Okay, we’re not alone in what we do on a day-to-day basis, but how many other wholesalers are able to offer a petrol tank or exhaust system for a Kawasaki Z1, or parts for other 1970s and ’80s machines which are now being profitably restored as modern classics? When it comes to stock service items WMD can offer more than just a single brand, often a proprietary brand at a good discount or a budget brand, giving you the opportunity to pass the saving on to your customer who may not need all the benefits of a top brand. For instance, we have DID chain and the more affordable Swift brand. Likewise, we stock


JT and Sunstar sprockets, giving you the choice. We are also the exclusive distributor for Italian-made Brenta brake pads, brake shoes and scooter clutches. The pads cover all materials, sintered, organic and ceramic and applications from race to off-road plus we carry the full range of EBC pads, discs and clutch parts should they be preferred. Additionally,


t: 01273 595746 e: sales@wmd-online.com w: www.wmd-online.com

Gecko clutches are part of our portfolio. On suspension, we hold the largest stocks in the UK of YSS components for next-day delivery. In the last 12 months we have shifted more than 2000 Tarozzi fork tubes and we have replacement bushes and seals for all the applications we stock. Our list of accessories may surprise some and includes the Apex range and Vicma levers, mirrors, indicators, tail lights, fuel caps etc. We can also supply

genuine manufacturer parts if required. Whichever part of the motorcycle retail, sales and service industry you operate in, we can provide you with a comprehensive stock list, supreme service and unrivalled product knowledge and advice. What’s not to like? n

WE ARE STOCKISTS FOR: Apex accessories; Brenta brake pads and clutches; EBC brake pads, discs and clutches; Hel brake lines; Gecko clutches; JT and Sunstar sprockets; DID and Swift chain; HiFlo filters; Battery Controller chargers; Marving exhausts; Maxxis and Vee Rubber tyres; Motorex lubricants; NGK plugs; Nitro, Motobatt and Yuasa batteries; Skyrich lithium batteries; Slinky Glide cables; Vicma replacement parts; Paolo Tarozzi fork stanchions; YSS shocks, fork valves, steering dampers and forks.



ZERO MOTORCYCLES The history of the future


here is a certain inevitability regarding the adoption of electric personal transport – it’s now not a question of ‘if’ but of ‘when’, and as far as Zero motorcycles is concerned it’s here, now. Like Tesler cars, Zero motorcycles is a quality product from California, a state which champions its low-emission vehicles.

In the UK in 2017 the Zero dealer network numbered four; fast forward 12 months and there are now 13 dealers and total sales for 2018 topped 100 motorcycles – you can clearly see the direction of travel. As with any innovative product, the first to market does have to trail blaze and in this instance that meant tackling the processes for vehicle registration, insurance and finance. All are now in place, with Moto Novo offering a PCP product. The government ‘plug-in’ grant process has also been arranged so that the ticket price includes the discount and there is no inconvenience to the customer having to claim anything back.

„ Good retained dealer margins „ Elegant seven-model range „ Unique owner experience „ Low routine maintenance „ Factory accessory range



t: 07591 202869 e: dale.robinson@zeromotorcycles.com w: www.zeromotorcycles.com/eu

Dale Robinson, the Zero UK country manager, says PCP does help take care of any perceived pricing issues associated with electric motorcycles. “With payments of £175 per month, the savings you can make in running costs could be the monthly payment, and that’s where we’re coming from.” By the end of 2019 Zero is looking to have 16 UK dealers. Major areas currently unfilled are Newcastle, Manchester and south London. Robinson, who admits to being a poacher turned gamekeeper, having previously worked for a large dealership, sums up his task with new dealers: “If you had a Honda network that was a year old you’d have some issues understanding the product and feeling your way around, and we’re no

different. My job is to hold everybody’s hand and bring them onboard and let them establish a rapport with the product and how the market will evolve, which means that next year we’ll absolutely smash it. “Profitable dealers are happy dealers and if we’ve got happy dealers then the manufacturer’s going to be happy too. All we’ve got to do is provide dealers with a product that they can sell and I think we have that. We’re not forcing dealers to take models they don’t want and we believe that it’s possible to love motorcycles and make money.” Dealers have a 15% margin that they can retain as Zero has no dealer allocations or quotas. All bikes are bought by the dealer from a central


stock in Holland so there’s no need to discount just to do the numbers. Over the past seven years Zero has collated a considerable amount of customer data which is available to new dealers. This customer profiling indicates that Zero customers are in the main younger – which will broaden the customer base of any dealership - and interested in saving money and the planet. Zero acknowledges the importance of dealers having demo models as the whole twist-and-go, hightorque performance is quite persuasive in a sale, so generous deals are available on demo models. If you’re looking for The Next Big Thing, why not take a look at Zero? n


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OptiMate by Tecmate International 0032 16 805440 www.tecmate.com

01235 816032 www.performance1coatings.com


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091 291 3060 www.quadrovehicles.co.uk

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Quadtech 0191 640 8663 www.quadtech.co.uk



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Is the grass


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SCovation Techno Inn

diary „ UK subsi r network olled deale stock „ Contr with live website „ B2B ’ heritage to „ 60 years grassroots orting tes „ Supp national athle inter

Santander Consumer Finance 0800 085 1759 www.santanderconsumer.co.uk

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0 n.co.uk 920 971 ollectio t: 0117 .thekeyc w: www

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FOWeveLEry journey a ride Make












Sue Me



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Sub Zero Technology

The Merlin Partnership 01543 270299 www.merlinbikegear.com

Superbike Loans

Tech Design Team

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– brand Fogarty „ Carl ssador amba sr sport Challenge „ New ng helmet touri d e introduce ing rang „ Cloth for 2019

Superbike Rental 01277 366602 www.superbikerental.co.uk


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The Tool Connection 01926 815000 www.toolconnection.co.uk 49










TE ging LS2 Hel

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0845 257 1977 www.superbike.co.uk

342 com 70 856 770 elmets. t: 016 70 855 ls2h f: 016 ervice@ ets.com e: uks .ls2helm w: www

TEtoAM UK dealers CH DESImeGN ts direct

01675 443311 www.nationalmotorcyclemuseum.co.uk


Superbike Magazine

The National Motorcycle Museum

Three Cross Motorcycles 01202 810100 www.3xmotorcycles-superstore.com


Texa UK

TomTom Rider

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Surf & Turf Instant Shelters

The Bike Insurer

Tomos GB

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Torque Bike

Triumph Motorcycles

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Torque Leader

True Track Software

Ultimate Ear Protection

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Ultimate Parts

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Tracker Network UK

TTS Performance Parts

Unlimited Passion

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Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF)

Urban Moto Distribution


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Trail Tech Products

Ural Motorcycles GmbH

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Tucano Urbano

0043 (0)7243 21510 www.ural.cc


0044 7799 626 635 www.tucanourbano.com


0330 333 4120 www.trakm8.com 5 o.co.uk 663 962 nourban 779 tuca t: +44 el.fuller@ m e: rach .t-ur.co w: www

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0800 133 7304 www.vmoto-uk.com 45

Vac-Bag Products 01832 733115 www.vac-bag.co.uk

Two Wheel Centre

Valvoline distributed by Race Group

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Trials & Motocross News



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V Moto Distribution Ltd



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VE (UK) 0115 946 2991 www.ve-uk.com

VMD Vision Marketing & Distribution

Wheeldon Off-Road Centre

01656 654989 www.vmdeyewear.co.uk

01548 821784 www.wheeldontwo.co.uk

Vmoto UK Distribution

Wicked Yarns

0800 133 7304 www.vmoto-uk.com

01625 415023 www.wickedyarns.co.uk

Vulcanet UK

Wigley Racing

0843 289 3599 www.vulcanetuk.com

07970 628706 www.wigleyracing.com


Venhill Engineering 01306 885111 www.venhill.co.uk

Victory Motorcycles

Walmsleys Commercial

01675 437240 www.victorymotorcycles.com/en-us

0345 467 7192 www.walmsleyscommercial.com

Villiers Services

Warr’s Harley-Davidson


01384 265797 www.villiersservices.co.uk

0207 736 2934 www.warrs.com

01422 358525 www.biketradeinsurance.co.uk

Vintage Motorcycle Club


01283 540557 www.vmcc.net

01522 888444 www.totalbikebits.com

ce.co.uk 686 yinsuran k 22 398on@wilb nce.co.u t: 014 rew.dix deinsura e: and .biketra w: www


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01386 700907 www.watsonian-squire.com

Visorcat 01368 862301 www.visorcat.com















WD-40 Company


0844 980 0838 www.wd40.co.uk

0239 252 1912 www.windwave.co.uk



Watsonian Squire


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ts instalmen est-free companied „ Unac nstration cover demo nal free Seaso months’ „ Four ase in Stock Sum Incre insured es motorcycl four to „ Up ed in transit cover

„ Inter

WDA Marketing 01332 372728 www.wda-automotive.com


Welwyn Tool Group

0203 793 1595 www.visordown.com

01707 331111 www.welwyntoolgroup.com


Westcountry Windings

01564 775522 www.digital-speedos.co.uk

01279 731172 www.westcountrywindings.co.uk


WK Bikes 01507 523900 www.wkbikes.com


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Y Yamaha Motor Europe, Branch UK 01932 358000 www.yamaha-motor.eu/uk

WMS Group 01844 293810 www.wmsgroup.co.uk

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Yuasa Battery Sales UK 01793 833555 www.yuasaeurope.com

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Wulfsport International



01900 873456 www.wulfsport.com

WM Systems

Wurth UK

0800 195 9857 www.loadingramps.co.uk

0330 055 5444 www.wurth.co.uk


Zero Motorcycles 07591 202869 www.zeromotorcycles.com/eu

XCP Professional 01368 862082 www.xcp-protection.com


73 595 online.c t: 012 s@wmd- line.com e: sale .wmd-on w: www

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es.com otorcycl u 869 91 202 n@zerom s.com/e t: 075 .robinso torcycle e: dale .zeromo w: www


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TORCHED! Dealer awaits sentencing for burning down his business p13




Key business information for the UK motorcycle and scooter industry • April 2019


Worcester’s £1million investment Safety conference targets youth Good news on theft

world record beater brough Manchester flagship store opens April 2019


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