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broad, engaged audience as well as developing additional products to make your advertising perform better. Promote your finance offers on Auto Trader We want to offer consumers an easy, informative experience, which enables them to find the best bike for their budget and feel confident when purchasing a bike on finance. We also want to help retailers reach this new, potentially bigger, audience of buyers, to better compete online and, ultimately, sell more bikes. That’s why last year we introduced finance calculators to adverts and launched

a monthly search feature, aiming to attract more buyers paying for their bikes monthly. If you’re FCA authorised you can promote your rates, your lenders and your finance deals in your adverts to increase buyer’s awareness of your finance offering so you never miss out on leads. There’s no risk to start advertising today We won’t tie you into lengthy contracts. We know in business things can change quickly, which is why we only have a 30-day cancellation policy. Start selling on Auto Trader today, call 0330 098 6150 to discuss your options. n


“As a small bike retail business, Auto Trader Bike has been a key partner over several years. It is a premium advertising platform for our mainstream motorcycles, as opposed to custom or vintage. The site provides essential feedback on how advertisements are performing, giving us the opportunity to review the quality of adverts as well as price in case one listing is underperforming. In most cases, response has been serious compared with the time wasters who frequent social media and other sites and so I find a better selling experience with the quality of buyer from Auto Trader Bikes compared with most other platforms.” Rupert Nathan – Ebykes Auto Trader Group plc is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, attracting around 55 million cross-platform visits each month. Previously known as Bike Trader, Auto Trader Bikes, has been matching bike buyers with sellers for 23 years.


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British Dealer News Industry Insights Directory 2019  

British Dealer News Industry Insights Directory 2019