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t: 01689 808978 or 842999 e: w: /Adams-Aviation-1375504579389294 @AdamsAviation1 As Europe’s largest specialist distributor of business and general aviation parts and accessories we ship all over Europe and beyond on a daily basis from our New Addington facility – we are a far reaching company and are easily able to meet your needs in a timely fashion. There are other products claiming superiority over ACF-50, especially in “lab tests”, but independent comments confirm they don’t reflect this in realworld use. Almost every major motorcycle manufacturer unofficially recommends ACF-50 if a dealer encounters corrosion issues and several manufacturers, importers and distributors have their entire press fleets protected with the product. Apart from aviation and motorcycle, ACF-50 is also active in other markets including industrial, automotive, marine and cycle. We offer pricing to suit all requirements – from a dealership wanting

a single box to full-line distributors. We are also the sole European importers for Clear View polish, which many of you will know as a sensibly priced alternative Plexus. Ask for a FREE sample can when you order some ACF-50. n


y“A miracle in a can” y“At last – a product that exceeds expectations” y“If it’s good enough to protect planes on aircraft carriers – it’s good enough for me” y“Should probably come with every new bike” y“Definitely not your typical maintenance spray” y“After 35 years’ riding, something that works”



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British Dealer News Industry Insights Directory 2019  

British Dealer News Industry Insights Directory 2019