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The resulting framework created (Figure 4) does not follow the linear process within the global framework, but one that makes it possible for a teacher, or a teacher educator and all those with an interest in and responsibility for the professional development of teachers, to map their competence against knowledge according to a 5-point scale from Awareness to Leadership (Figure 5). The framework is currently being mapped to professional development resources and activities, and it will then enable teachers to identify learning opportunities that are appropriate to where they might be and to establish a professional and personal development pathway. It links to the global framework so that teachers in India will be able to access the bank of global professional development resources, thereby connecting them to the international teaching community. Figure 4: CPD Framework: India

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Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers  
Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers  

The publication, edited by David Hayes offers global perspectives on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of English language teach...