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Eventually the Think Tank came round to the conclusion that CPD was a joint responsibility, and would succeed only through a combination of teacher responsibility (teachers’ personal initiative and voluntarism) and state responsibility (support of policies and provisions for CPD), i.e. a combination of bottom-up initiative and top-down support. In this combination, schools, administrators, management and teacher education institutions (TEIs) played an important mediator role. Figure 3 shows a visual representation of this conceptualisation. Figure 3: A model for effective CPD

Top-down support by state agencies

Effective mediation by schools, administrators, TEIs, etc

Bottom-up initiative by teachers The Think Tank thus led to the raising and analysing of a critical issue in CPD for the first time in India. It also helped in further clarifying the roles and responsibilities of teachers and other stakeholders in CPD. The Think Tank also succeeded in identifying several practical issues, specific to the Indian context (though some may be relevant to other contexts too). These included: ■■


Teachers are likely to work long term for their CPD only when they find it personally meaningful and relevant to do so. What is meaningful and relevant may differ from person to person and also from time to time. It is therefore important to have scope and support for teachers to personalise their CPD. Some ways of doing so include: −−

allowing teachers to identify their personal CPD goals and helping them to work towards them


making provision of time, money and resources to support their preferred CPD activities


recognising their voluntary initiatives and contributions


ensuring freedom and autonomy for teachers to implement their plans.

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Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers  
Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers  

The publication, edited by David Hayes offers global perspectives on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of English language teach...