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10 English in Action: a new approach to continuing professional development through the use of mediated video, peer support and low-cost mobile phones in Bangladesh Clare Woodward, Malcolm Griffiths and Mike Solly Introduction It is a commonly recognised problem that teacher-training institutions across the developing world are unable to meet the teacher education needs of English language teachers (Global Campaign for Education, 2012), whether on pre- or in-service programmes. The complex multiplicity of systemic, geographical, political and other challenges often mean that out-of-school in-service provision, in particular, has to be delivered en masse and away from the local school environment. Teachers may take little of practical value back to their classrooms from this kind of in-service programme, or soon revert to former, unproductive ways of teaching in their familiar school environment. There is thus a strong argument for in-service professional development taking place directly in schools, improving the skills and techniques of teachers in their own classrooms. However, many teacher development programmes that aim to reach teachers in schools assume a technological infrastructure and familiarity that may not exist and fail to acknowledge the barriers that lack of access to technology creates (UNESCO, 2012), which can, in turn, be de-motivating to teachers and students frequently faced with large classes and poorly equipped classrooms, with no or intermittent electricity and a blackboard as their sole piece of equipment (EIA, 2009b). Balancing low-tech reality with efficient and easy-to-use high-tech solutions, which are both sustainable and scalable, remains a challenge. In response to this, English in Action (EIA), a nine-year UK Aid-funded partnership with the Government of Bangladesh, is working with 12,500 primary and secondary school teachers of English between 2012 and 2014 to deliver professional development through low-cost mobile phones. This intervention follows on from a pilot study with

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Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers  
Innovations in the CPD of English language teachers  

The publication, edited by David Hayes offers global perspectives on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of English language teach...