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Superb quality Charollais cross lambs, champion ram lambs, fun at the shows and demand for females. DECEMBER 2019 ISSUE  COUNCIL NEWS  RAM COMPARE YEAR 3  SALES REPORTS  WELSH PROJECT  NEW ENTRANT  SHOW PICTURES  AGM 2020


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NORTH OF ENGLAND HOST THE AGM Venue : Aysgarth, Leyburn, Yorkshire Dales Dates : 5th - 7th June 2020 Enjoy a weekend stay in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. This weekend is at the beginning of June next year, to suit those who lamb later and changes in the May Bank holidays. Accommodation will be centred in the 5*, awardwinning Aysgarth Lodges, which were opened in May 2018 and are set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. All lodges are self-catering, with 1 ensuite and 1 master bathroom, in a range of sizes each with their own Jacuzzi hot tub. For more details see

Friday 5th June 2020 starting at 12 noon Sheep Afternoon, Stephen and Nicola Hodgson Northfield Farm, Patrick Brompton, Bedale, N Yorks Examples of regional flocks on view, team speed trimming competition and judging activities. The Hodgsons will show how their Charollais work within their commercial flock. Lunch (hot beef rolls) kindly sponsored by I’Ansons Feeds Ltd

Annual General Meeting of the Society - 5 pm Evening Meal in Hawes

Saturday 6th June 2020 Visit to Forbidden Corner and Aysgarth Falls Visit to the amazing Forbidden Corner and to Aysgarth Falls, (film location for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves), picnic lunch provided.

3 Course Dinner & Dancing at Hawes Creamery Sunday 7th June 2020 Visitors Choice

Spend time in the traditional village of Hawes, home of the Yorkshire Museum, Ropemakers Factory, Wensleydale Creamery, shops and plenty of local hostelries!

Booking forms and final prices will be circulated to members early in the new year. But as a guide cost per person for 3 nights, including all meals and bus trips will be just over ÂŁ200. The lodges are let Friday - Monday. Prices are the same for 3 nights as 2. All our trips and activities are planned with both children and adults in mind, families welcome 2 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019

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RAM COMPARE YEAR 3 RESULTS CONTENTS Page 2 AGM 2020 Ram Compare Year 3 3 News from Council 4-5 Registrations 6 Awards 7 New Entrant Story 8 Events 2020 9 Sale Results 2019 10 Sale Reports 11-12 Builth Sale Survey 13 Female Sale Reports 14-16 Regional Reports 19-27 New Members 23 Show pictures 28-32

The Results from Year 3 of the RamCompare breeding project have highlighted the Charollais breed’s superiority in a number of key traits. RamCompare is the UK’s commercial progeny test for terminal sire rams. Over three breeding seasons, the performance of 12,000 lambs have been recorded, sired by 138 rams through artificial insemination (AI) and natural mating. Data on growth and carcase traits has been collected from these lambs under commercial conditions; fed back directly into genetic evaluations and used to produce estimated breeding values (EBVs).

Charollais Times is published by the British Charollais Sheep Society.

Editors : Carroll Barber Jonathan Barber For more information on any of the subjects covered in this edition, please call the office or visit our website at Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, neither the Charollais Society nor the authors can accept liability for errors and omissions.

BCSS Youngmans Road, Wymondham, Norfolk. NR18 0RR

Tel : 01953 603335 Email :

Cover Pictures : Texel ewe with Charollais Cross lamb at North Sheep, Champion and Reserve at Builth II Sale, Line-up at the Royal Welsh Show, Balmoral Show young supporters, Wernfawr ewe for High Flyers Sale.

Of special interest this year has been the additional measurements looking at meat yield and meat tenderness. With the assistance of Sainsburys and teams at Dunbia and Randall Parker Foods data has been collected on primal yields, principally the weight of the front, middle and haunch of the carcase. These new traits have been shown to be highly heritable. Expressed on a weight-adjusted basis, the new primal EBVs indicate the potential to change the distribution of meat within the carcase. Shear force is a measure of meat tenderness, which is important to consumers. The AHDB meat Science team has taken loin samples from over 2,460 lambs. They measured cuts that had been defrosted from frozen and cooked in a standardised manner. They found that 17% of the variation between individual cuts is due to their genes. Shear force EBVs are now available for rams tested on RamCompare.

So how have Charollais faired? SHEAR FORCE On Shear Force (tenderness) Charollais came top out of all the rams on test. They also had 4 out of the top 10 rams for this important trait. Top ram was Cannahars Panache, followed by Brettles Ricardo, and rams from Lowerye and Tilton flocks.

PRIMAL CUTS In the Primal Cuts analysis 3 out of the top 10 rams for Front Weight were Charollais and also 3 out of the top 10 for haunch weight.

OvERALL CARCASE MERIT It is widely accepted that the most important commercial trait is that for Overall Carcase Merit; this takes into consideration carcase weight, carcase conformation and carcase fat class. In the results for the 3 years Charollais have three rams in the top 15. Heading this trait was Dalby Malachite, followed by Wedderburn Peleus and a Langstone ram.

CONFORMATION We also had rams that scored highly for Carcase Conformation; Lowerye Stallone and a Langstone ram were in the top 10.

GROWTH RATE A trait that we pride ourselves on is rate of growth and this has been proved by the rankings for Days to Slaughter. Charollais came top of this table with a Hardy tup and also 2 other tups in the top 10, from Castellau and Bould. This year the Charollais breed has been used as the base sire across a large number of flocks. Dalby Ranieri has been used through AI. This tup is now resident in Southern Ireland and has been used in their progeny test, so we will be able to have some excellent data on our breed across the two countries.


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We will do all in our power to make the conditions for stock and people comfortable in 2020. Fans have been erected in the sale ring, but more are needed over the sheep pens. The sale of shearling ewes will continue at the beginning of the sale. On Friday evening we are planning a BBQ in the market, so we can all eat together and enjoy the evening.

Council agreed that the revised arrangements for inspection at our sales had gone smoothly. The NSA inspection team at Builth II had been highly complimentary on the correctness and quality of the Charollais sheep forward for sale. We will continue to monitor the standard of sheep at our sales. Clear wording will be in each catalogue so vendors know what to expect.

A plea was made for more shearling rams to be on offer at the sale - so if you have some good rams lambs running through, why not get them ready for this sale. The sale will only be open for animals with ARR/ARR genotype.

NATIONAL AGM Council members suggested the possibility of holding the 2021 National AGM (just the meeting) during the Worcester Premier Sale. What do members think? Would you come to the meeting on the Friday afternoon? Or is there already too much to think about on sale days. Council will discuss this further in February, so let us have your thoughts and opinions.

JUDGES COMMITTEE The committee reported to Council on their activities and recommendations for future judging appointments. A Training and Assessment Day was held on Patrick Tully’s farm in Somerset in April. The Council approved the appointment of the following to the panels : Intermediate Panel John Barker Richard Berry Carol Irwin Tom Newth Ed Simmons Denby Smith Full Panel Mike Alford James Amphlett Gethin Davies Tom Nancekivell Congratulations to you all and hope you enjoy your judging appointments in the future.


against this. Flocks who undertake this work, are already supporting the income of the Society to a high degree and also the work is important from a breed improvement perspective. Council did agree to an extension of the middle period for birth notification. No change to the 2 month period for the lowest fee was agreed. This is ‘Birth Notification’ and as such needs to be done within that 2 month period. The next period has been extended to the end of September each year. So no one should fall into the high penalty rate.

Council reviewed the minimum selling prices at sales. It was agreed that we should drop the figure on empty ewes and shearling ewes. Also ram lambs at INvOICES the Worcester Premier Sale should Some members have questioned why they get an invoice from the be raised. The new figures for Society as soon as they have 2020 will be as follows : registered some lambs, or entered a sale etc. The reason we send Empty Ewes - 180 gns this off straight away is to act as Empty Shearling Ewes - 200 gns confirmation to you that we have Ram Lambs received the data and it is being Worcester Premier - 400 gns processed. We will add on SEGREGATION OF SCRAPIE invoices a ‘payment due’ data or a date when the payment will be MONITORED AND TESTED collected by DDR. However SHEEP AT IN-LAMB SALES entries for Sales, must be paid for We will seek approval from SGHS at the time of entry. to have the following sections at the in-lamb ewes sales at Exeter, MANAGEMENT Skipton, Melton and Welshpool.

PROGRAMMES SECTION 1 Sheep from Scrapie Monitored Flocks and animals tested ARR/ARR.

SECTION 2 All other animals This will simplify the system and help SM Flocks with the movement of their sheep. This is subject to approval from SGHS.

If you use a management programme or just an excel spreadsheet to record your lambing information, we can take this data straight from your reports and ‘suck’ this into the Charollais database. There is no need for you to re-enter this via Grassroots. Just email us the files and we can import your details.



Council compared charges from comparative organisations and concluded that the fees we charge are very much in line. Some of our fees are lower, most the same and some activities, such as Change of Ownership, we make no charge for. The meeting also considered imposing additional charges for lambs born by ET, but decided

The meeting agreed to a request from the NI region that we drop the mandatory upgrading of rams sold at Dungannon Premier Sale for over 800 gns. Therefore from 2020 no rams will be upgraded automatically. We hope that vendors will come to an agreement with their pedigree customers.


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NEWS FROM COUNCIL RAM FERTILITY There is currently a case going through litigation (not related to Charollais) that may have serious implications on the wording of fertility guarantees for rams. We will monitor the outcome of this case. We will take advice from the veterinary profession as to the changes that might be required.

CHANGE OF CHAIRMAN EASTERN REGION Tom Mawer has decided to step down as Chairman of the Eastern Region. We thank him and Ruth for the work they have dedicated to the region.

Council has in accordance with our Articles of Association agreed by ordinary resolution to appoint another qualified member. They SCOTTISH REGIONS have agreed that the region’s As set out in our Memorandum Vice-Chairman, Stuart Dunkley and Articles of Association the Council can determine the number should act as interim Chairman. of regions in the Society. Council proposed and agreed that from the 2020 elections that Scotland TAGS will become one region, with one Chairman representing the region Council looked into a tagging on the Council. system which can be used to collect DNA samples at the same James Clanachan finishes his term time as official identification of of office as Chairman of the South your lambs. Two flocks will be of Scotland at the AGM in 2020. trialling this system for their lambs He has served two terms of office, this year and we will monitor its so he is not eligible to stand again. success. We are also hoping and pushing SGHS to accept this type We will therefore be looking for a of sampling to be accepted for new Chairman who will be scrapie monitoring and export representing the whole of purposes; hence overcoming the Scotland. We appreciate that this need for blood samples to be geographically is a very large area, taken by a veterinary surgeon. so we will encourage ‘area We will keep you updated on our representatives’ to work with the progress. new Chairman to organise activities in the different areas of SALES Scotland. Council reviewed the 2019 sales in details and also discussed local Papers for this election will be market sales and heard how sent out from the office in April. breeders had faired on farm. They The national AGM will be held at set dates for the 2020 sales. the beginning of June 2020. A general comment was made SOUTH WEST REGION that there are too many rams; of An election is due next year in the all breeds and quality for the South West Region. You current current market. So breeders Chairman, Amy Pedrick will have should consider very thoroughly served one term of 3 years, so is just how many rams they can sell, eligible to stand for a further term. at a sensible price to get a Nomination papers will be sent reasonable return. Only keep the out in April. number you can find buyers for the remainder are best sold as prime lambs early in the season. FINANCIAL PLANNING

RETIREMENT After 16 years of keeping the Charollais accounts in ship-shape order, Liz Harmer has decided to leave us. Happily she will become a grandmother in April for the first time and wishes to spend time with the new-born. We will all miss her in the office and the extremely professional and efficient way she kept the books.

Lambing Book If you would like a Lambing Book for this season’s crop of lambs, then give the office a call and we will send you one out. We hope you find this useful to record all your lambs as they are born. We have left columns for your comments and also one to mark if you have culled or birth notified each lamb to the Society. Use one line for each lamb born. Please do use the correct identification method for all your lambs. Some breeders continue to use alternative methods when their lambs are first born, but this just leads to queries, delays and mistakes later in the year. Use the proper 5 digit number and then it is plain sailing! CHAROLLAIS S LAMBING BOO OK

2020 Council held a joint meeting with the F&GP committee, so that they could all go through the expenditure of the Society in detail and make plans for 2020.

Name : Flock Name : Flock Refe ference : Year/ Ye r/s : Grassroots Password :


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REGISTRATIONS - CHARGES AND DEADLINES CHANGES IN BIRTH NOTIFICATION CHARGES We have extended the 2nd period for birth notification to a set date each year. We strongly recommend breeders birth notify their lambs before the 2 months cut off point; it is the least expensive. After that time the next period will last until the end of September each year. So all flocks have sufficient time, whatever time of the year they lamb, to get their data into the Society, before a harsher penalty charge becomes applicable. Also do try and use Grassroots - again it is the cheaper method. Do keep your flock up to date on the system - we do not charge for Change of Ownership, but this needs to be done by the office, so call us if any of your flock is missing.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP No increase in your membership fee. Annual Subscription for 2020 is £55 (including £5 vAT) Invoices will be sent out to all members early in the New Year.

BIRTH NOTIFICATION OF CHAROLLAIS LAMBS Over 2 months but before 0 – 2 months 30/09 in year of birth

Grassroots £2.00 (£2.40 incl vAT)

Grassroots £4.00 (£4.80 incl vAT)

IDENTIFICATION Numbers for your lambs born from the 1st December 2019 onwards, should follow this example : Year Flock Number Reference


After 1st October

Grassroots £10.00 (£12.00 incl vAT)

Paper £2.50 (£3.00 incl vAT)

NAMES FOR RAMS 2020 the letter for ram names is :

5 digit ID number


ABC 00201

it is important that whenever you record a sheep ID with us or on Grassroots that you include the whole number, including the year.

Over 2 months but before 0 – 2 months 30/09 in year of birth

victor, vanquish, vanguard, valentino and lots more!

You must use tags that are suitable for breeding animals - not slaughter tags. 6 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019

Paper £5.00 (£6.00 incl vAT)

After 1st October

Paper £12.00 (£14.40 incl vAT)

UPGRADING FEMALES The cut off point for upgrading ewe lambs before the charges increase is 12 months of age. So your December born lambs should be done NOW to qualify. Shearling ewes must be done before they are 24 months of age.

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Clive Roads was thrilled to be awarded the Terry Robinson Award from the Society for his outstanding contribution to the success of the Charollais Breed. Clive has been our auctioneer at Worcester Market for the past 17 years; a task which he has completed with ultimate professionalism, knowledge and good humour. After the presentation by Maureen Cowan (2018 Recipient) and the National Chairman, Arwyn Thomas at our Premier Sale Clive wrote “Please would you pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Society Council for the totally unexpected presentation made to me at the National Sale it is not very often I am stuck for words but that certainly took me by complete surprise. I am indebted to the Society for even considering such an award I have been privileged to conduct the Charollais sales at Worcester over the last 17 years and have never considered anything other than a “thank-you” to be required. Receiving the award was way above anything that would have come in to my mind - a very humbling experience and completely outside my “comfort zone.”

Charles Marwood has been awarded honorary life member of the Charollais Society. It was an honour that Charles was delighted to receive and is an acknowledgement of the work he has put into the breed for all fellow breeders as much as for his own flock. Charles farms 230 acres at Foulrice near Whenby, Yorkshire where he and his son Stephen’s main enterprise is their flock of 500 pedigree Charollais. The Foulrice Flock was started 37 years ago ‘Valerie and I took on the Charollais breed within a year or so of when we started farming on our own. The breed had been in the UK for around five years. We wanted something that would fit in with an early lambing scenario and would give us a carcase that would allow us to achieve a premium in the marketplace.’ ‘Primarily we chose Charollais for the purpose of breeding commercial butchers lambs, started with a small pedigree flock and the breed grew on us. ‘Yes, we have always wanted success ourselves, but my desire has always been that the Society would flourish so that every member on the ground would have a good trade and a good market for their sheep. It’s not good enough in any breed just for one or two breeders to be riding high.’ Competition in the marketplace is a driving factor for those who have their own breed at heart and

Charles is passionate about the Charollais, that’s why he has been awarded his honorary status. It’s not something he’s going to cherish simply for the honour, he is committed to adding his voice for the breed’s future. ‘I’ve always said, even in our flock, there are no prizes for coming second. It’s a highly competitive marketplace. The Texel is the predominant breed in the country and the Beltex has come up. We need the Charollais to step up to the mark and we need to gear up our promotion, because we have a breed which has a very important place in the terminal sire market due to its fast early growth and easy lambing qualities.’ ‘There is a lot of stress on farmers at the moment and we all have to look at what makes us money. That’s where we need to get the message across that Charollais really can make you money and put that money in your pocket. The Charollais will cross with pretty well any breed and produce a good butchers lamb. ‘We have a lot of customers who sell their lambs deadweight. The live market tends to drive things, but our deadweight customers come back for Charollais again and again because they can get their lambs away to market early and get a premium price for that as well as reaching the right weight.’


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NEW ENTRANT CHOOSES CHAROLLAIS Charollais are the preferred choice for new entrant farmer Richard Oglesby

A renowned breed for easy lambing within the sheep industry, Richard Oglesby, 27 years old, has recently founded his own Charollais flock and talks to Emma Mellen about his life as a new entrant farmer and how Charollais became his commercial ram of choice. The purpose of the Charollais breed is to breed rams for crossing with commercial ewes to produce tasty meat-eating lambs for slaughter: with easy lambing an important trait associated with the breed due to skeletal structure. The fineness of the bone also contributes to the higher killing out % of their progeny; making it both less work for farmers during lambing and an economic one. Choosing Charollais as a terminal sire makes some of the challenges and journey of new entrant farming somewhat easier. With an early passion for beef and sheep from primary school age, Richard bought his first three sheep aged 11 and went on to study a level 3 diploma at Bishop Burton College for two years and later studied BSc Agricultural Management at Askham Bryan. Once graduated, Richard followed his dreams and travelled Australia and New Zealand, working on arable, beef and sheep farms, with up to 40,000 head of sheep. Now home is Meadow Farm, in Holme-On-SpaldingMoor, East Yorkshire. In May 2015, Richard and partner Lucy founded their own commercial flock, buying 40 Lleyn and Aberfield ewes privately from Wales; they performed brilliantly, selling 78 lambs from 40 ewes. More Lleyns and Mules were bought in 2016 to increase the number to 150 ewes lambing, and retaining ewe lambs in 2018 to increase flock numbers to 250 lambing in 2019. This year they have increased numbers to 320 ewes; eight times the number they began with four years ago. To add to that, Richard founded his pedigree Charollais and Lleyn flocks in 2018.

Richard Oglesby and his partner Lucy with one of their pedigree Charollais lambs Richard explains: “I prefer a Charollais sire as they have everything. They are a good all-round sheep combining lambing ease, conformation, growth, hardiness and especially get up and go! Hence, we now use Charollais rams across the whole flock on a variety of different breeds. The Charollais and Charollais cross ewes are also a valuable asset as they are ideal for early lambing, naturally coming into season for December or January. They are also prolific, regularly rearing two lambs and produce good butcher’s lambs with decent conformation.” In 2018 Richard decided to start his own flock of pedigree Charollais, ‘Meadow Farm’, to retain some homebred breeding rams for the commercial ewes and sell rams for breeding. He has also retained pedigree and cross bred females to increase flock numbers. He founded his flock by purchasing in-lamb ewes from Charles & Stephen Marwood’s “Foulrice Celebratory Sale” in October 2018, the Melton Mowbray sale from ‘Fosters’, ‘Kelby’ and the ‘Honeyhill’ Dispersal sale and a few more privately from the ‘Butterfield’ flock. From the first crop of pedigree Charollais lambs they have kept five of the best homebred ram lambs along with the Charollais rams they already have, to use on their commercial flock.

WHY CHAROLLAIS? Since founding their commercial flock, Richard and Lucy have tried multiple terminal sire breeds, starting with Texel rams, but opting to try a Charollais ram for lambing ease on the shearling gimmers and ewe lambs. Two Charollais rams were purchased from C.D. Timm in 2016 and another in 2018. Having also tried Suffolk and Beltex rams, they have decided Charollais are the best fit for them, selling all Texel, Suffolk and Beltex rams before tupping this season. 8 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019

They also purchased a Lleyn ram from Skipton as a maternal sire for breeding replacements with the Lleyn ewes along with another 27 registered gimmer shearlings purchased at Skipton and has registered as a pedigree Lleyn breeder.

BUSINESS STRATEGY For management reasons, when Richard and Lucy increased flock numbers to 320 ewes they decided to spilt them into two lambing flocks, January lambers and March lambers. The January lambers

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NSA EvENTS 2020 comprise of around 150 Suffolk X, Charollais X and Suffolk X Charollais (75 of these are homebred) and pedigree Charollais ewes. The March lambing flock comprises mostly of Lleyns, Mules, Mule X Texel, Texel X Lleyn and Lleyn X Charollais. Richard explains post-lambing strategy, “the ewes and lambs from January are turned out onto stubble turnips or kale and also creep fed until end of March/April. They are then turned out to grass and creep fed. The best lambs start going mid-April and 95% are sold by the end of June. The March born lambs are turned out straight onto grass, mainly rough Dale sides or HLS grazing and not creep fed. Some of the best are sold in August but most are kept right through for the Christmas market or the following March/April.”

NSA North Sheep Shaun Cowin (left) Winner of our Guess the Weight competition at NSA North Sheep, who uses Charollais on his continental cross ewes selling deadweight through Dunbia. “I like Charollais for easy lambing. They give you an excellent carcase, which suits the home or export market” He is pictured with North of England Chairman, David Norman and shearling rams from Deborah Whitcher’s Galtres Flock.

“Running two flocks helps spread workload and maximise shed space at lambing time and financially secures year round cash flow by selling lambs continuously throughout the year.” Lambs were originally sold live weight at local livestock markets. However, after achieving Red Tractor Beef and Lamb Farm Assurance in March 2019 they have also been sending some lambs deadweight through Dawn Meats at Carnaby which Richard has been pleased with: “I enjoy having the flexibility to choose between selling live or deadweight.”

THE FUTURE There is little that seems to phase this confident couple, as new entrants they have massively grown their business over four years, with plans to increase commercial flock numbers and buy store lambs throughout winter. They have also expanded their farming business through an alternative revenue to sheep, making and selling hay and haylage for the equine sector. Their passion for farming and business minded focus is helping them have a forward-thinking agenda, Richard is currently looking into calf rearing to make use of the empty lambing sheds during summer to maximise farm efficiency; if he can raise the capital investment. With the introduction of both their pedigree flocks, they hope to have an additional income from selling pedigree rams and females, whilst increasing both breed numbers.

NSA Welsh Sheep Focus on our stand at NSA Welsh Sheep were Welsh Mountain ewes with Charollais Cross lambs at foot. We had two pens of Welsh Mountain Ewes with Charollais cross lambs from Huw Roberts and James Leonard and a pen of Brecknock Hill Cheviot ewes with Charollais cross lambs, also from James. They certainly attracted lots of interest from Welsh hill farmers, who hopefully will be convinced to try our rams.


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SALE RESULTS 2019 No. Sold

Average Top Price £ Gns

WORCESTER PREMIER Shearling Ewes Adult Rams Shearling Rams Ram Lambs

15 1 22 105

No. Sold

Average Top Price £ Gns

32 20

£457.41 £442.05

750 600

12 10 1

£167.13 £417.90 £273.00

350 520 260

£395.50 £516.83 £312.75

500 1,200 550

WELSHPOOL £835.00 £735.00 £1,344.95 £1,352.16

1,850 Shearling Rams 735 Ram Lambs 3,600 12,000

EXETER FEMALES DUNGANNON Rams Shearling Rams Ram lambs Females

3 15 60 31

£686.01 £639.10 £662.03 £507.26

Ewes 900 Shearling Ewes 1,000 Ewe Lambs 2,000 1,200


3 10

£399.00 £348.60

Ewes 440 Shearling Ewes 550 Ewe Lambs

9 36 14

BUILTH WELLS NSA Shearling Rams Ram Lambs

67 32

£611.19 £511.22

1,080 EAST OF ENGLAND 9 1,350 Shearling Ewes Wilkin Dispersal 8

REGION FEMALES £425.56 £196.88

700 210

£489.43 £620.18

1,600 1,900

£385.88 £397.03 £210.00 £172.20

400 720 200 220

EXETER NSA SALE Older Rams Shearling Rams Ram Lambs Shearling Ewes Ewes Lambs

2 33 19 12 2

£420.00 £500.50 £393.47 £303.63 £262.50

400 880 DUNGANNON 600 Shearling Ewes 500 Ewe Lambs 250

16 14 8 11

£595.88 £520.50 £430.50 £270.14

850 1,000 500 320

10 26

£407.40 £322.88

500 620

12 3

£455.00 £241.50

500 250

9 41

£391.99 £354.95

600 480

163 141

£588.39 £424.80

3,200 3,000

CARLISLE Shearling Rams Ram lambs Ewe Lambs Female Pens


WELSHPOOL FEMALES Ewes Shearling Ewes Ewe Lambs Wilkin Dispersal

4 48 1 5

DUNGANNON SEPTEMBER Shearling Rams Ram Lambs

SKIPTON Shearling Rams Ram Lambs

BALLYMENA Shearling Rams Ram Lambs

BUILTH WELLS II Shearling Rams Ram Lambs


Knockin Ultrashock

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Top for Knockin flock of 12,000gns at Worcester Charollais Premier Sale.

the Logie Durno and Loanhead flocks. They dominated the show classes held on Friday afternoon and topped their sales with a figure of 5,500gns for Logie Durno Ultimatum, a son of Loanhead Talisman. Buyers for him were 2 Scottish flocks; Ben Radley from Dumfries and R & J Andrew, Ayrshire.

The Ingram family from Inverurie, enjoyed an outstanding sale with their consignments of shearling rams and ram lambs from both

William McAllister’s Artnagullion Flock from Northern Ireland certainly had some of the best trade on the day, selling to a top

of 3,800gns for Artnagullion Ulysses a son of the 6,000gns sire Knockin Shop. His buyer was Patrick Tully from Bridgewater. His pen of shearling rams was headed with a bid of 2,300gns for Artnagullion Thunderbolt, also sired by Knockin Shop. He went to Gail and Gwyn Jones of the Springfield Flock. The flock achieved the top price in the sale In the Logie Durno pen of lambs of shearling ewes at 1,850gns for the top price was 3,500gns for the another Knockin Shop progeny, A ram lamb with all the first prize winner, Logie Durno which went to J Danforth, Walton credentials; super breeding and Upper Class also sired by Lodge Farm, West Yorkshire. top performance figures was the Talisman. This time a pair of sale topper at the premier sale on buyers from Northern Ireland put In the shearling ram section the Saturday 29th June. Knockin in the final bid; William McAllister trade was topped at 3,600gns for Ultrashock from Abbie Moseley’s of the Artnagullion flock and Ian the prize winning and top 1% high flock near Oswestry, Shropshire Craig, Ballynoe House flock. Two performance index ram, Dalby sold for 12,000 gns to Jeremy lambs from the same pen made Tarquin from Charles Sercombe, Price from the Oakchurch flock. 3,000gns apiece; Loanhead Melton Mowbray. Sired by Dalby The ram lamb was a full brother to Unleased by Cannahars Super Star Ranieri out of a Dalby Kracked-It the 2017 breed record holder, went to A P James, Bridgnorth ewe, his successes included Knockin Shockin sired by and Loanhead Ur the Boy a Dalby Interbreed Champion at Rutland Oakchurch Ruben out of a Dalby Tuilagi son to McConnell Bros, Show and five 1st prizes as a lamb, Malachite ewe. “The lamb had Northern Ireland. including the Great Yorkshire tremendous shape with a terrific Show. He will be travelling over to gigot and outstanding figures Sons of the record breaking Northern Ireland to join Drew and from his CT data. Just the type of Charollais ram, Knockin Shockin Stephen Cowan’s Tullyear Flock. animal I was looking for my flock were in the top money for his The Dalby Flock sold their topmoving forward,” said Jeremy. owner, Robert Gregory from priced ram lamb, sired by Shropshire. Leading his trade at Edstaston Tulloch for 2,600gns to Under bidder on the top priced 4,800gns was Edstaston U R the Myfyr Evans, Rhaeadr. lamb was Jonathan Barber from Man; a top 1% performance ram the Crogham Flock in Norfolk who out of an Arbryn Olazabal ewe. The Ingrams flocks also featured took another Oakchurch Ruben Going to this figure was Robert strongly in the shearling sector from the same pen at 3,200 gns. Whittaker for his Hundalee Flock. with a top of 3,200gns for the Knockin Ultimate Package also Another buyer interested in top champion shearling ram, had performance figures in the figures was the purchaser of Loanhead Tarantino sired by top 1% and this time was out of a Edstaston Ultravox. Norman Hollylodge Supreme. Chris Hawes Lindisfarne ewe. Sharing his McMordie from Northern Ireland from Bicester, Oxon was his buyer purchase was Stuart Dunkley from paid 4,000gns for a son of top for his Grange flock. Next best the Hyde flock. show ewe, Edstaston Madison. A was 2,600gns for Logie Durno further ram lamb, the same way Titan a Rhaeadr Orlando son Next best in the prices was 7,000 bred sold for 2,600 gns to Helen which went to Griffiths Brothers, gns paid for Glyn Coch Usain Bolt, Sloan of the Rigghead flock. Cardigan. Another Welsh buyer, a triplet ram lamb from Adrian D A Evans from Carmarthenshire Davies’s Glyn Coch flock. He was The first prize winning ram lamb paid 2,500gns for Loanhead a joint purchase of Dewi Evans, from the Royal Highland Show Thunder, a Hollylodge Supreme Anglesey and Emyr Hughes, came under the hammer late in sired tup. Pembrokeshire. This smart lamb the day and attracted a bid of was sired by Wernfawr Stormer 4,600gns from David Roberts, Averages out of a Banwy Power Ranger Kenley. Rigghead Untouchable 1 Older Ram £735.00 ewe. Glyn Coch Up and Under, by was a single born lamb sired by 105 Ram lambs at £1352.16 the same sire made 4,600 gns and Tawelfa Rioja from Mrs Helen 22 Shearling Rams at £1344.95 went over the water to regular Sloan’s flock, in Dumfries. 15 Shearling Ewes at £835.00 Worcester buyer, Michael Power. Auctioneer : Clive Roads, McCartneys


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“Utopia” for Hollylodge flock at Dungannon Premier Sale The Premier Show and Sale in Dungannon Livestock Market proved another successful event with plenty of enthusiastic buyers to provide a steady trade and high clearance. The uncertainty in the sheep industry didn’t affect trade with total clearance of all females and averages up. Taking joint top price of the day were the Champion and Reserve Champion. Judge Jim Jeffrey from County Cork choosing his Champion from the Hollylodge pen owned by McConnell Brothers. Hollylodge “Utopia”, Lot 62 stood first in the Early December Born ram Lamb Class, an Edstaston San Miguel son and out of a Lornbrook Nutcracker bred dam later selling in the ring to Cookstown Breeder Derek Bell for 2,000gns. Two more San Miguel sons from this pen selling for 1,500gns and 1,000gns, Lot 63 crossing the water to Scotland and Lot 67 heading South to County Mayo. Reserve Champion was shown by David Anderson of the Ballyhunsley Flock, Lot 70, Ballyhunsley “Upper Class” winner of the Late December born Ram Lamb Class, a Robleston Superman son and out of a Springhill O’Driscoll bred dam selling to Jim Devenney, County Donegal for 2,000gns. Alistair Moore’s Hillside Flock had a tremendous sale achieving the top ram lamb pen average of 1,125gns for five. Selling to a top of 1,600gns for a Kirkhouse Remo son and out of a Tullyear dam, Lot 76, Hillside “Under and Over” stood 2nd to the Reserve Champion in the late December Class, selling to David Dolan, Roscommon. His next top sold for 1,500gns, Lot 80, third prize winner in the January Class,

another Remo son and out of a Beechview dam selling to Eddie O’Gorman, County Tipperary. Lot 79, a second prize winner in the same class selling for 1,000gns to David Norman, Cockermouth, this lot sired by Foulrice Supreme and out of a home bred dam. The Artnagullion Flock also had a good day receiving the red rosette in the Shearling Ram Class with Lot 7, “Artnagullion Thunder”, a Knockin Shop son and out of a home bred dam, selling to a Southern Buyer for 800gns. Lot 92, “Artnagullion Ultimate” stood first in the January born Ram lamb Class, sired by Knockin Shop and out of a homebred dam, this lot selling to UK Breeder Mike Miller for 1,700gns. Another Knockin Shop son, ”Artnagullion Uber” out of this pen selling for 900gns to County Donegal. Topping the trade for Shearlings at 1,000gns was the Springhill Flock of Graham Foster, Lot 17, a Robleston Superman Son and out of a Springhill O’Driscoll dam selling to County Donegal Breeder Rodney Goudie. Also going South was the third placed Shearling, Lot 15 shown by Alistair Moore, another Remo son and out of a Tullyear dam, this one selling to Eamonn Quinlivan, County Clare for 880gns.

“Hillside Untouchable” selling to Paul Brophy, County Carlow for 1,200gns. David Anderson also shared the top female price of 1,200gns for a powerful Ballynoe House Playboy daughter and out of a homebred dam, Lot 153, “Ballyhunsley Unicorn”, selling to County Carlow breeder. Achieving a top of 1,000gns for a Knockin Shop daughter was Ian Craig’s Ballynoe House pen, lot 133, a stylish ewe lamb selling to Ben Radley, Scotland. Two other Knockin Shop daughters from this pen selling for 820gns and 800gns to a County Down Buyer. The same buyer went on to purchase the second prize ewe lamb shown by McConnell Brothers for 800gns, this lot 137 sired by Edstaston San Miguel. Two Rhaeadr Prospect daughters from this pen selling for 800gns and 750gns. The Club are once again indebted to Jim Jeffrey for giving of his time and expertise to judge the presale classes and Sponsors, Danske Bank, Provita Animal Health, Thompson’s Feed Innovation and Dungannon Saleyard.

Averages: 15 Shearling Rams 60 Ram lambs 2 Shearling Ewes 29 Ewe Lambs

£639.10 £662.03 £441.00 £573.52

The Malcomson Family sold their Stock Ram, Lineside Super Sam for 900gns. Wesley Cousins achieved a top of 1,000 gns for Lot 57, a Foulrice Rachamin son and out a homebred daughter, selling to Newtownstewart breeder, Robert Scott. UK Breeder, Charles Sercombe made a worthwhile trip purchasing from the Greenvale pen of William Sherrard. Lot 97 a third placed ram in the late December Class, sired by Ballynoe House Playboy and out of a homebred dam this signet recorded lamb sold for 1,000gns. Top Price in the Tullyear pen was achieved by Lot 122, a Loanhead Top Gun son selling for 1,000gns to the Rockvilla Flock of David Mawhinney. Champion Female of the day was Alistair Moore with a stylish Kirkhouse Remo daughter and out of a Tullyear dam, Lot 143,


Champion Hollylodge Utopia sold for 2,000 gns

Reserve Champion Ballyhunsley “Upper Class” sold for 2,000 gns

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BUILTH WELLS RAM SURvEY We sent out a survey to ram buyers at Builth Wells II Question 7 – Do you have any comments on the Sale, who we thought from the records were first Builth Wells Sale, that could improve your time buyers of our breed. These are the results:experience as a ram buyer? • No negative comments about the sale, as far Question 1 – Was this the first time you have as we are concerned. Our experience of the sale is bought Charollais rams at the NSA Main Builth great; quality rams available at competitive prices Sale? • Different start times for sale of different Yes 13 No 12 breeds Good to see some breeders moving away to • Question 2 – Are these the first Charollais rams you some extent from the ultra-lean figures. I want my have purchased? lambs to finish off grass. Yes 4 No 21 • As a buyer I think the sale is run to the best way possible. You will always get people that moan Question 3 – If you have had Charollais before, whatever you do!! where did you buy them from? • All OK Market Sale 11 • Parking perfect – tup taxis brilliant. Another Society Sale 7 • Bigger rings, more room for people to see. • 1st class system to what it used to be a few On Farm 6 years ago. First Charollais bought 4 • I have been selling tups at Builth NSA Sale Question 4 – What attracted you to buy Charollais for 30 years. I would like purchasers not to be in this year? the collecting pen as the rams enter the sale ring. It Quality of cross lambs at market 15 makes it very difficult for the seller and the drovers Qualities of the breed 11 to get the right number ram for selling. Price of rams compared with • Very good sale; helpful vendors and other terminal sires 3 auctioneers. Seen publicity on the breed 1 • Sale worked OK. Tup taxi available. Recommended to use breed 1 Relatively small number in Charollais ensured sale Use on ewe lambs 1 finished before main rush. Charollais breed need to move away from tall, long, lean sheep and go back Comments: to the original imports – small head, light bone and • Needed to tighten coat and add length better carcase. Also most sheep over-trimmed for (=weight) to our Texel cross lambs. commercial usage • Killing out % • Why not ban trimming of yearling rams? • Suitable for a smaller ewe Shear bare July/July. • Required an out-cross for breeding • Very good selection of sheep. Sold programme professionally. • Used previously and happy with results Question 5 – Where have you seen Charollais publicity this year? NSA Events and / or shows 13 Newspapers articles 7 Facebook ` -` 6 Newspaper Advertising 6 Website 1 Question 6 – What ewes are you putting the Charollais rams with? Texel cross 16 Mules 6 Welsh Mountain 3 Suffolk cross 3 Clun 1 Easycare 1 North Country Cheviot 1

SUMMARY • Most buyers at Builth already had experience of our breed • A very high % of buyers had seen our publicity at NSA events/shows • More Charollais rams are going on Texel cross ewes than any other breeds • Buyers are attracted to purchase by Charollais cross lambs in markets • Most buyers are highly complimentary about the quality of our rams at Builth and the organisation and auctioneering at this sale.


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Logie Durno Charollais Ewe Lamb tops Saucy Sale at 2,800gns Leading the collective sale of Charollais at Worcester Market on Saturday 5th October was a powerful ewe lamb from the Logie

Jumanji. Previous progeny of this ewe have sold for 5,800gns for Edstaston Tempranillo and a full sister was a 1st prize winner at the Royal Welsh Show. Adrian Davies from Carmarthenshire had a good sale with his pen of 11 shearling ewes topping at 1,500gns and averaging £567.47. The buyer of this daughter of the 7,000gns Brettles Sherman, was Justin Evans from Glamorgan. The ewe was from a top breeding female line and was carrying a single to Wedderburn Savill.

Saucy Sale Averages : 62 Shearlings averaged £577.75 10 Ewe lambs averaged £981.70 Auctioneer : Clive Roads, McCartneys Durno Flock of William and Carole Ingram, Aberdeenshire (pictured above). This December born ET lamb was knocked down at 2,800gns to David and Joe Lewis from Cheshire for their Cattlearch flock. The ewe lamb’s sire was Loanhead Talisman and an ET brother was earlier in the year Champion at the breed’s premier sale, also held at Worcester. Others from the same pen sold for 980gns and 720gns. Close in price at 2,400gns was a well-bred shearling ewe from Dewi Evans’s Ffrwd Flock in Anglesey. Sired by Edstaston Sotogrande this one was carrying twins to Knockin Unanimous and was the choice of Southern Irish breeder, Paul Brophy from Co Carlow. A full sister to the top-priced ram Ffrwd Top Notch sold for 1,000gns to Mr A J Hector from Somerset. Several buyers were over from Ireland, including Mr J Miley from Co Roscommon. A very smart ewe lamb from Robert Gregory’s Edstaston flock caught his eye and he went to 1,250gns to secure her. The sire of this one was the record priced, Knockin Shockin and her dam was by Arjane

Foulrice Shearling Ewe Champion at Skipton Sale

As they have done so often in the past, the Marwood family were once again the outstanding performers at the show and sale of registered breeding females at Skipton Auction Mart on Saturday 12th October. The Marwoods - Charles, Valerie and son Stephen, run the Foulrice flock at Whenby, and secured yet another breed championship with their first prize shearling ewe (pictured above), a December


2017, daughter of the family’s celebrated stock ram, Dalby Mount Aloe. Out of a daughter of Rhaeadr Nock, the title winner, shown successfully all summer, has been scanned in-lamb to the Foulrice flock’s new stock ram, the Hollylodge Supreme son, Cavick Up & Away. She sold locally for a sale-topping 1,200gns to Robert Towers, also a familiar face at Skipton, who farms with his wife, Jackie, at Greenlands Farm, Ingleton. Another March 2018, Foulrice shearling ewe scanned carrying twins to Cavick Up & Away stood third in it’s show class. This daughter of Sheldon Supreme, out of a Foulrice Osprey-sired ewe, sold for 800gns. The Marwoods also stepped up with the first and second prize ewe lambs, the former again by Sheldon Supreme and sold for a section-topping 550gns to L Thompson, of Fadmoor in Ryedale, the latter by Dalby Sherman making 520gns. Two further shearling ewes sold well at 820gns and 720gns, these both Reuben daughters scanned inlamb to Cavick Up & Away. Northern Ireland show judge Gordon Houston, of Randalstown in Co. Antrim, remained in the shearling ewe show class for his reserve champion, the second prize winner from another breed stalwart, Kenton Foster, who runs the Fosters flock in Garriston, Leyburn. His December, 2017, daughter of main stock ram, performed well in the 2019 show arena, winning at both Wensleydale and North Yorkshire County Shows, while her own dam, a Banwy Othello daughter, was a Great Yorkshire runner-up as a ewe lamb. Scanned carrying twins to Coventry Fosterman, the overall runner-up joined Welsh buyer D Hughes, of Caernarfon in Gwynedd, at 700gns. Mr Foster did better when selling a second shearling ewe, fourth prize winner in class, at 750gns. This was another Gwyndy

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FEMALE SALE REPORTS 2019 daughter and full sister to the 2018 Great Yorkshire reserve champion. Scanned carrying twins to the Fosters show ram lamb, she joined E Benn in Cotherstone, Barnard Castle. A second shearling ewe from the same home, this a daughter of Maerdy Musketeer, made 700gns.

The top price shearling was lot 29 from Wernfawr flock selling for 3,800gns to James Danforth, Lodgehill flock, West Yorkshire sired by Brettles Sherman and in lamb to Wernfawr Stormer. The second highest shearling price was lot 27 from Wernfawr flock, selling for 2,200gns to David Roberts, Boyo flock - sired by Wernfawr Stormer and in lamb to Wernfawr Ultimate Warrior.

in lamb to Bronwydd Professor.

The Castellau flock of Tim Prichard had a top price of 700gns for lot 73, selling to I D & E M Griffiths, Cardsland Flock, Dyfed - sired by Wernfawr Spartacus and in lamb to Boyo Uncle Ted. The Sant Andras flock of Justin & Tom Evans had a top Standing first and second in the price of 650gns for lot 84, selling older ewe show class was Mark to Adrian Davies, Glyn Coch flock, Worthington, the red rosette Carmarthenshire - sired by winner, a January, 2017, 2 shear by Other top prices from Wernfawr Rhaeadr Popeye and in lamb to Galtres Lynz Unstoppable out of a flock including lot 32 selling for Bronwydd Tomahawk. The Logie Durno Kracker-sired dam, 1,350gns to David Roberts, Boyo Kirkhouse flock of David and headed its class prices when flock - sired by Wernfawr Stormer Johnathan Norman supported the falling for 500gns, again to and in lamb to Wernfawr Ultimate sale once again by travelling all Teesdale’s E Benn. The second Warrior. Wernfawr lot 44 sold for the way from Cumbria with two prize winner, a 3 shear ewe by 1,000gns to Jim Neil, Runningburn shearling ewes and one ewe lamb, Edstaston Orwell, made 400gns, flock, Kelso - sired by Brettles with lot 95 selling for 400gns to as did a further Sandbrook ewe. Sherman and in lamb to Wernfawr Cheryle Twiggs, Harptree flock, Stormer. Bristol - sired by Parkgate Rob Another older ewe, a December, Roy and in lamb to Rhaeadr 2016, Artnagullion Nightrider Gwyndy flock of Colin & Ros Tradesman. daughter from Mark Wilkin’s Bowen had a top price of Witcham flock near Ely, also made 1,000gns for lot 49, selling to The Arbryn flock of Arwyn 400gns, another from the same Harry DeVliegher of Holland Thomas had a top price of home doing better at 420gns, sired by Wedderburn Rogue and 1,400gns for lot 90, selling to Ben along with a 320gns ewe lamb. in lamb to Bronwydd Professor. and Amelia Watts, Willow flock, Harry DeVliegher also bought Devon - sired by Brettles Sherman Averages : Gwyndy lot 50 for 800gns - also and in lamb to Artnagullion Turbo. Shearlings averaged £516 sired by Wedderburn Rogue and Second highest price from Arbryn Ewe lambs averaged £312 in lamb to Bronwydd Professor. flock was lot 89 selling for Gwyndy lot 55 sold for 750gns to 1,200gns to Jim Neil, Runningburn Nigel Sheldon, Wrenvale flock, flock - also sired by Brettles Carmarthen - sired by Padest Sir Sherman and in lamb to Lancelot and in lamb to Bronwydd Artnagullion Turbo. Arbryn lot 91 Professor. sold for 1,000gns to Carwyn Lewis, Riverside flock, The Elmwick flock of Jennifer Pembrokeshire - sired by Brettles Curtis had a top price of 1,300gns Sherman and in lamb to Arbryn for lot 58, selling to Andrew Tonto. Arbryn lot 87 sold for Davies, Cannahars flock, Aberdeen 950gns to Cerieth Evans, and his nephew Craig Bacon, Cwmgwili flock, Cross Hands Broadgate flock - sired by Foulrice sired by Brettles Sherman and in The aged ewes on offer from Raphael and in lamb to Elmwick lamb to Arbryn Tonto. Wernfawr, Arbryn and Castellau Tommie. Elmwick lot 59 (sub) sold sold at 100% clearance rate. The for 700gns to David Barwell, The ewe lamb section had a top top price in this category was lot Monkton flock, Herefordshire price of 1,900gns for Wernfawr lot number 4 from Wernfawr flock sired by Glyn Coch Sex Bomb and 109 bought by Jim Neil, selling for 1,200gns to David Runningburn flock - sired by Roberts, Boyo flock, Shropshire - a in lamb to Bronwydd Toyota. Ffrwd Tyrone. The second highest Castellau ewe sired by Logie Bronwydd flock of Emyr Hughes price ewe lamb was Wernfawr lot Durno Officer and in lamb to had a top price of 950gns for lot 115, selling for 1,350gns to Declan Wernfawr Stormer. The second Miley, Knockcroghery flock, highest price in this category was 68, selling to Messers B J & D E Baker, Olives flock, East Sussex Ireland - sired by Arbryn SamJay, lot 14, also from Wernfawr flock, sired by Wernfawr Spartacus and same buyer also bought lot 111 for selling for 950gns to Robert in lamb to Bronwydd Professor. 1,100gns - sired by Ffrwd Tyrone. Towers, Camp House flock, Bronwydd lot 69 sold for 750gns Multiple Wernfawr ewe lambs Yorkshire - sired by Shamrock to Harry DeVliegher of Holland made four figures:Northern Star and in lamb to sired by Wedderburn Rogue and Lot 127 sold for 1,300gns to David Wernfawr Ultimate Warrior.

High F lyers and Wernfawr Reduction Sale


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FEMALE SALE REPORTS 2019 Roberts, Boyo flock - sired by Wernfawr Stormer; lot 106 sold for 1,250gns to Sinead and Eoin Brophy, Kellistown flock, Ireland sired by Arbryn SamJay; lot 124 sold for 1,050gns to the Elsworthy family, Elsridge flock, Devon sired by Arbryn SamJay. Lot 117 sold for 950gns to Graham Foster, Springhill flock, Co Tyrone - sired by Wernfawr Thunder. Kirkhouse flock sold a ewe lamb for 420gns to Messrs TF Duncan & Co, Co Antrim - sired by Rhaeadr Tradesman.

First at this money was a daughter of Mortimer Power Ranger out of a Wedderburn ewe, with plenty of scope for the showring. Her buyer was Tom Newth from Castle Cary in Somerset. Tom was the purchaser of a further Boyo shearling ewe at 920gns, this one sired by Bachymbyd Logan. Another powerful shearling was sold for 2,000gns to Lawrence Buckland of the Stonebow Flock in Gloucester. This was a March born twin by Wedderburn Savill out of a Dudston ewe.

Following the sale of ewe lambs, doses of semen were offered for sale with proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. Collwyn and Avril Rees, Llynfi flock, Vale of Glamorgan bought both lots, 10 doses from Wernfawr Nijinksy for 105gns and 10 doses from Wernfawr Stormer for 210gns, with Brightwells Madley department donating 105gns also.

The Boyo flock also topped the ewe section with a call of 780gns for a 2015 born Sheldon Mighty daughter. She went across the water to Southern Irish buyer, Stewart Thompson from Co Donegal.

Many thanks to vendors for such a strong show of sheep and to buyers who travelled from all around the UK to attend. Also thanks to Greg Christopher and his team at Brightwells.

Averages : Ewes av. 516.67gns Shearling Ewes av. 664.53gns Ewe Lambs av. 595.63gns Auctioneer : Greg Christopher Brightwells

2,000gns top twice at Females with Figures Sale David Roberts from Kenley in Shropshire topped the ‘Females with Figures’ sale of ewes and ewe lambs held at Worcester Market on Saturday 22nd June when two of his shearling ewes sold for 2,000gns apiece.

Springhill Ewe Lambs top Females at Dungannon A tremendous pen of ewe Lambs from the Springhill Flock of Graham Foster were in keen demand at the Charollais Sheep Female Sale in Dungannon, a flurry of bidding realised a top bid of 1,900gns for Lot 92 (pictured below), sired by Ballynoe House Playboy and out of a Rhaeadr

New breeder Jan Boomaars from Woldingham, Surrey added 10 animals to his flock including 2 shearling ewes from Chris Crowther’s Dudston flock at 660gns and 500gns and the Brettles flock one at 640 gns.

dam - this flashy lamb selling to David Norman, Cumbria and an ET sister selling for 1,100gns to Tom The sale included a special Newth, Somerset. David Cromie consignment of flock ewes from also went to 1,100gns for the first Jeremy Price’s Oakchurch flock. lot in the Springhill pen, this one He was selling all of his 2014 to sired by Robleston Superman and 2017 born ewes to reduce his flock out of a home bred dam. Making size. Top of his trade was 950gns 1,100gns was another Superman for a 2016 born daughter of the daughter with a Lisfuncheon dam highly successful sire Banwy Oh sold to Donegal Breeder, Karol What a Boy. This one went to a Gallen. Fellow Donegal breeder buyer in Shropshire. Next best John McAfferty had to go to was 750gns for a 2016 born ewe 1,000gns to secure his lot, a by the same sire, which sold to R Springhill O’Driscoll daughter and Allen from County Wicklow. out of a home bred dam. The Springhill pen of nine ewe lambs Averages : sold to average 966gns. 5 Ewes av. £428.40 16 Shearling Ewes av. £694.96 Topping the trade in the In-lamb 5 Ewe Lambs av. £350.70 Shearlings was the Tullyear pen of Oakchurch flock Drew and Stephen Cowan, their 42 Ewes av. £412.50 top lot selling for 1,600gns, an Auctioneer : Clive Roads, McCartneys


Oakchurch Royal Ryan daughter out of a home bred dam this stand out ewe selling to David Argue for his Rockdale Flock. County Meath Breeder Eugene O’Sullivan went to 1,000gns for another great muscled Oakchurch Royal Ryan daughter. Also selling for 1,000gns from the Tullyear Pen was a stylish Springhill Royal

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DATES FOR 2020 Commander daughter, this lot going to the Rigghead Flock of the Sloan family Dumfries. The Tullyear Flock averaging 630gns for 20 sold. The Rockvilla Flock of David Mawhinney sold their In-lamb Shearlings to a top of 850gns for a big bodied Arbryn Panther daughter and out of a home bred dam selling to James Andrew, Maybole, Scotland. Another Panther daughter selling for 780gns to Lorna Stubbs, Lisbellaw. A well muscled Loanhead Northern Star daughter from the same pen selling for 700gns to Richard Powell, County Armagh. Alistair Moore had a good day with his ewe lambs selling to a top of 780gns for a well fleshed Kirkhouse Remo daughter and a Ballyhunsley dam selling to Wexford Breeder Turlough McDonald. Another stylish Remo daughter and out of a Tullyear dam sold for 750gns to G McKenna, County Mayo. Wexford Breeder Turlough McDonald had to go to 720gns to secure his purchase of the last of the Hillside lambs, this lot sired by Foulrice Supreme and out of a home bred dam. The Hillside Pen averaging 750gns for three. Top in the Hollylodge pen of McConnell Brothers sold to Donegal Breeder, Dezzie Graham, a great bodied Edstaston San Miguel daughter selling for 750gns. A stylish daughter of Knockin Shop and out of an Elmwick dam produced the top price in Ian Craig’s Ballynoe House Pen, selling to the Tullyear Flock of Drew and Stephen Cowan for 700gns. Averages: 58 In lamb shearlings av. 466gns 31 Ewe Lambs av. 591gns

NSA EvENTS 2020 NSA Eastern Region Winter Fair: Friday 28th February at Melton Mowbray Livestock Market, Scalford Road, LE13 1JY


NSA Scot Sheep: Wednesday 3rd June at Over Finlarg, Tealing, Dundee

NSA Sheep Event: Tuesday 28th July at Three Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 6PH



Balmoral Show 13th - 16th May Devon County 21st - 23rd May Royal Bath & West 28th - 30th May Royal Cornwall Show 4th - 6th June Three Counties Show 12th - 14th June


Royal Highland Show 18th - 21st June Great Yorkshire Show 14th - 16th July Royal Welsh Show 20th - 23rd July CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019 - 17

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WELSH HILL EWE PROJECT - Emma Mellen As the Autumn draws to an end, so does the first year of the Charollais X Welsh Hill Farm Project. The year has flown by. From delivering tups to the farms, visiting them during tupping, lambing and after, stands at NSA Wales and Royal Welsh, we are now at the stage where most farms involved have sold all their Charollais sired lambs.

wouldn’t normally see until the end of summer. This includes Lorraine Howells and Lee Prichard who really could not believe the wool coverage on the lambs at birth and growth rates, describing them as “growing like mushrooms” lambing end of March and April and getting them away early July. Andrew Edwards has taken a different approach, unsure of where the market would stand with Brexit, held on to them as close as possible to October in hope of prices going up and is selling them from October to Christmas. Dai and Lyn Howells sold theirs direct throughout the summer, with nearly all gone by the end of August.

IMPORTANCE OF EASY LAMBING £24 HEAD UP For the best statistics from the project so far, in the live market at Monmouthshire, Charollais X South Wales Mountain Sheep lambs sold on the same day for £24 a head more than the pure Welsh. Charollais cross lambs killed out at U grades at St Merryn Meats, Merthyr Tydfil, from Howard Vicary, while a hard control group from Bethan Williams showed Charollais X South Wales Mountain Sheep lambs killed out at 44%, whilst the pure Welsh lambs reared together, killed out at 40%.

AN EXTRA 6 KGS Weight and growth wise, the Charollais sired lambs were often described as “two weeks ahead”, weighing around 6kg more when weighed. Personally, I think the most notable observation from the first year of the project is that it pays best to send Charollais cross as early as possible, ahead of the pure Welsh lamb trade that heavily hits the market come August. The farmers that got theirs away earlier had £78 for 30kg and £79 for 29kg; and were very happy with this early income that they

Without doubt the key trait that the farmers have all said the tups must have is easy lambing; this is something that breeders must remember. All bar one farm had an easy lambing, assisting only a very few births.

DIGITAL PROMOTION A big thank you to Gareth Wyn Jones for leading the way with digital promotion and interview with the Farmers Guardian. A major thanks to Howard Vicary and Bethan Williams for all their efforts physically taking ewes and Charollais sired lambs to NSA Wales and NSA South Sheep for their South Wales Mountain Sheep Society stand, also for providing pens and a ewe and lamb for our non-MV stand at Royal Welsh Show this year.

EXTRA CHAROLLAIS RAMS Whilst Bethan Williams is not continuing with the project for the second year, all other farms involved are underway with tupping season with the original rams still involved, with Lorraine Howells and Lee Prichard buying a second Charollais yearling ram at Builth II from Esmor Evans to increase the numbers of South Wales Mountain Sheep they put with the Charollais.

I am looking forward to seeing how the second lambing season goes and hopeful that the project For Gareth Wyn Jones, this was remains successful and demand something that really sold the Charollais to him: they lamb 4,000 for Charollais at ram sales in Wales ewes outdoors taking inspiration stays as strong next year, drawing in a lot of new buyers to Builth from New Zealand with a and markets throughout Wales. hands-off approach, only interfering when necessary and culling any ewes that have a bad lambing to try and stamp it out. Gareth and his father really admired the Charollais sired lambs for both the ease of lambing and how quick the lambs were up sucking. Howard Vicary who also takes this approach; he was very impressed with the ease of lambing and speed to suck. Each of the farmers involved has promoted the project with word of mouth recommendations and from myself and the Society we thank them all for their involvement and efforts with the project.


Lee Prichard, one of the project farmers on our stand at the Royal Welsh Show

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SOUTH OF SCOTLAND Show season started off in May at Ayr show where Hannah Sloan won with her tup lamb, then Ben Radley won Lesmahagow with his gimmer, which was reserve interbreed.

The Charollais ring at Kelso Ram sales was a bit more subdued this year in comparison to the flyer last year. Russell Gray topped the sale at £1000 for a shearling and had the lead average of £733.

Well done to the Duncan family, of the Braemuir flock, on winning the Highland Show with their gimmer, and to Hannah Sloan for lifting the male championship with her tup lamb.

From June next year Scotland will be classed as one region. So we will be planning the logistics of this for the future.

Russell Gray continued the winning streak for the region with his ewe, by lifting the championship, reserve terminal sire interbreed and the reserve interbreed pairs (along with a Kirkhouse ram) at the Great Yorkshire Show. Dumfries show was also won by Hannah Sloan. With the show season at a close, the show points trophy was won by Hannah Sloan.

Good luck to everyone over the lambing period. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

On the sales front, it was again Hannah Sloan that hit the headlines, selling her Ayr show winner for 4,500gns to the Boyo flock. I'm sure everyone is waiting in anticipation to see what this much admired tup lamb breeds.

NORTH OF ENGLAND YORKSHIRE SHOW The Great Yorkshire Show 2019 was once again an enjoyable and well attended event with the main days Charollais showing being followed by a hog roast in the evening. Congratulations to Russell & Margaret Gray on winning breed champion with their ewe. The ewe then paired up with the Norman’s shearling ram to take the Reserve Interbreed Pairs title.

CHARLES MARWOOD AWARDED HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP. The region would like to congratulate Charles & Valerie Marwood on their well-deserved award of Life Membership of the Charollais Sheep Society. Charles has been a great ambassador for the breed in our region for many years.

North of England Flock Competition Overall Champions - Jonathan Wales, Thackwood Flock

TRIMMING DAY Northern Region held a trimming day & BBQ at Smithy Wood Farm on the 25th May. The day started with Kenton Foster giving an excellent talk followed by a demonstration after which people were invited to split into groups and have a go at trimming themselves. It was excellent to see around 35 people joining in and having a go! This was followed by a stock judging event and guess the weight of 4 lambs. The Pickthall family dominated the prizes with Charlotte Pickthall winning the stock judging and Helen winning Guess the Weight. Many thanks to the Cummings Family for hosting the event. We would like to thank Emma Mellen for kindly making the long journey to judge the Northern Region flock competition, she had a long few days visiting all of the 15 flocks which entered.

Yorkshire Area - 1st prize ewes from Kenton Foster, Fosters Flock CHAROLLAIS TIMES NOVEMBER 2019 - 19

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Large Flocks

Large Flocks

Ewes 1st J Wales - Thackwood 2nd J Stott - Kingsland 3rd D J & A Trafford - Talent Ewe Lambs 1st J Wales - Thackwood 2nd J D Loftus 3rd J Stott - Kingsland Stock Ram 1st J Wales - Thackwood 2nd D J & A Trafford - Talent 3rd J Stott - Kingsland Homebred Ram Lamb 1st J Wales - Thackwood 2nd J Stott - Kingsland

Ewes C W Marwood & Son - Foulrice 1st 2nd T & J Hunter - Skelton Whin 3rd N D & C D Morgan - Charmor Ewe Lambs T & J Hunter - Skelton Whin 1st 2nd C W Marwood & Son - Foulrice 3rd S Tindall - Linton Springs Stock Ram 1st T & J Hunter - Skelton Whin 2nd S Tindall - Linton Springs 3rd C W Marwood & Son - Foulrice Homebred Ram Lamb 1st C W Marwood & Son - Foulrice 2nd T & J Hunter - Skelton Whin 3rd S Tindall - Linton Springs

Medium Flocks Ewes 1st S Cummings - Smithy Wood 2nd D & J Norman - Kirkhouse 3rd S Pickthall - Aldby Ewe Lambs 1st S Cummings - Smithy Wood 2nd S Pickthall - Aldby 3rd D & J Norman - Kirkhouse Stock Ram 1st S Cummings - Smithy Wood 2nd D & J Norman - Kirkhouse 3rd S Pickthall - Aldby Homebred Ram Lamb 1st D & J Norman - Kirkhouse 2nd S Cummings - Smithy Wood Champion - J Wales - Thackwood Reserve - S Cummings - Smithy Wood

Medium Flocks Ewes 1st K Foster - Fosters 2nd J Danforth - Lodgehill 3rd S & N Hodgson - Halfpenny Ewe Lambs 1st K Foster - Fosters 2nd D Dennis - Silton 3rd J Danforth - Lodgehill Stock Ram 1st S & N Hodgson - Halfpenny 2nd D Dennis - Silton 3rd S & N Hodgson - Halfpenny Homebred Ram Lamb 1st S & N Hodgson - Halfpenny 2nd K Foster - Fosters Champion - T & J Hunter - Skelton Whin Reserve Champ - C W Marwood & Son - Foulrice

Overall Stock Ram Champion Greenvale Star - J Wales, Thackwood Reserve Boyo Rolls Royce - T & J Hunter, Skelton Whin


OVERALL CHAMPIONS Champion Flock J Wales - Thackwood Reserve S Cummings - Smithy Wood

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EAST OF ENGLAND HEADING East of England Another year is coming to an end, and it feels like this one has gone quicker then ever. Lambing 2019 feels like only yesterday and now lambing 2020, is only days away for many. This year, like so many others has, been a huge success for the breed in the show rings in the region but also in the sale pens, whether that be prime stock or for breeding.

EAST OF ENGLAND FLOCK COMPETITION Judge: Daniel Rowbottom Large Flock

Flock Ewes 1st 2nd 3rd

T Mawer - Kelby Flock G & C Watson - Sulwood Flock C & H Hayward - Westwood Flock

AGM This year’s regional AGM was held at the Society offices, with a combined flock visit of the Cavick and Crogham flocks on show, and what a great show of sheep there was. The meeting was also well attended, with the Secretary roll changing hands to Oliver Chapman, one of the newer younger members in the region.

SHOWS The show season kicked off at Nottinghamshire in the middle of May with a good show of sheep forward and plenty of competition. The 2019 show season also saw the first regional show held at Rutland County Show, a fantastic day showing with new and old faces in the ring competing, where the breed champion, a shearling ram from C Sercombe also went onto to win the interbreed title. After judging a buffet lunch was enjoyed by all. The summer shows continued with Lincolnshire County show in mid June. The usual BBQ was changed, due to the indecisive weather being so unpredictable, to a fish and chip supper which was enjoyed by all. Members travelled from across the border from Northern region to compete.

FLOCK COMPETITION The flock competition was held in early October, with a smaller number of entries to previous years and a last minute change to the judge, with the annual dinner and presentation being held at The Farrier in Grantham.

FEMALE SALE October also saw the regions female sale at Melton Mowbray Market. Again a small entry of sheep forward, however the sale had been incorporated with a new quarterly smallholder sale by the market, making for a busier day all round and a fair trade. 2020 is set to hopefully be another good year for the breed with new members in the region aiming to attend shows, and the regional show again being held at Rutland County Show. Happy lambing to all the region.

Shearling Ewes 1st 2nd 3rd

T Mawer - Kelby Flock G & C Watson - Sulwood Flock T Blyth - Lincs Flock

Ewe Lambs 1st 2nd 3rd

G & C Watson - Sulwood Flock T Mawer - Kelby Flock O Chapman - Soloby Flock

Junior Stock Ram 1st 2nd 3rd

T Mawer - Kelby Flock G & C Watson - Sulwood Flock G Maxwell - Newmarket Flock

Senior Rams 1st 2nd 3rd

G & C Watson - Sulwood Flock G Maxwell - Newmarket Flock C & H Hayward - Westwood Flock

Champion Flock Tom Mawer, Kelby Flock Reserve Champion Flock G & C Watson, Sulwood Flock Show Sheep of the Year - G & C Watson, Shearling Ewe 18YST00781 Show Points Cup - Charles Sercombe, Dalby Flock Champion Champion Champion Champion Champion

Ram - G & C Watson Junior Ram - T Mawer Ewes - T Mawer, Shearling Ewes - T Mawer Ewe Lambs - G & C Watson


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HEADING WALES WELSH REGION FLOCK COMPETITION RESULTS Judge: David Roberts, Shropshire Welsh Region Again the Charollais breeders in the Welsh Region have had another successful show season. Congratulations to everyone who has turned out at local, county and at the Royal Welsh Show. Everyone is doing an excellent job of promoting the breed.

BUILTH I Builth 1 sale, in early August was a great success, with decent prices throughout. Congratulations to Adrian Davies for the Champion Ram and to the Gibbin family for achieving the highest price on the day of 1,350gns for their ram lamb.

BUILTH II Builth II was a bit more challenging, with averages down slightly on last year. Congratulations to the Wales family, Thackwood Charollais for the highest price ram selling for 3,200gns. Champion was a ram lamb from the Ffrwd Flock, selling for 1,500gns. This lamb was Interbreed Champion at Anglesey show a few weeks earlier.

LARGE FLOCKS Ewes 1st 2nd 3rd

Myfyr Evans - Rhaeadr Flock Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock Emyr Hughes - Bronwydd Flock

Shearling Ewes 1st 2nd 3rd

Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock Emyr Hughes - Bronwydd Flock Myfyr Evans - Rhaeadr Flock

Ewe Lambs 1st 2nd 3rd

Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock Myfyr Evans - Rhaeadr Flock Nigel Sheldon - Wrenvale Flock

Stock Rams 1st 2nd 3rd

Emyr Hughes - Bronwydd Flock Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock Nigel Sheldon - Wrenvale Flock

SMALL FLOCKS Ewes 1st 2nd 3rd

Dyfed & Mari Williams - Padrig Flock Sian Tucker & Katie Grove - Gower Flock ID & EM Griffiths - Cardsland Flock

Shearling Ewes FLOCK COMPETITION Our flock competition this year was judged by Dave Roberts of the Boyo flock, travelling the whole length of Wales to pick out his winners. Thank you Dave. Congratulations to you all for a great show of sheep for the judge. Well done to the winners, Champion flock to the Gibbin family, Llangan Charollais and reserve Champion flock was Emyr Hughes’ Bronwydd Flock.

AGM We were hoping to have had our AGM and presentation in November but unfortunately, due to work commitments this has been put off until mid/late January. Just to finish off, we hope that you are all having a successful lambing and we wish you all a NADOLIG LLAWEN A BLWYDDYN NEWYDD DDA!

MESSAGE FROM THE OFFICE Our sincere apologies to all vendors and friends who booked in for the meal at Builth II on Sunday evening. We were completely let down by the catering company who failed to turn up, despite confirmation from them, they had the next Sunday in their diary! We have contacted an alternative caterer who are already on site and the Charolais Cattle Society have agreed they may use their premises - so 2020 we will have our meal together.


1st 2nd 3rd

Matthew Bevan - Berry Flock Dyfed & Mari Williams - Padrig Flock Sian Tucker & Katie Grove - Gower Flock

Ewe Lambs 1st 2nd 3rd

Dyfed & Mari Williams - Padrig Flock Matthew Bevan - Berry Flock Sian Tucker & Katie Grove - Gower Flock

Stock Rams 1st 2nd 3rd

Matthew Bevan - Berry Flock ID & EM Griffiths - Cardsland Flock Sian Tucker & Katie Grove - Gower Flock

Junior Stock Ram (large and small flocks) 1st 2nd 3rd

Emyr Hughes - Bronwydd Flock Sian Tucker & Katie Grove - Gower Flock Dyfed & Mari Williams - Padrig Flock

CHAMPION EWES Myfyr Evans - Rhaeadr Flock CHAMPION SHEARLING EWES Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock CHAMPION EWE LAMBS Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock CHAMPION STOCK RAM Matthew Bevan - Berry Flock CHAMPION FLOCK Gethin & Eleri Gibbin - Llangan Flock RESERVE CHAMPION FLOCK Emyr Hughes - Bronwydd Flock

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NEW MEMBERS HEADING 2019 We are pleased to welcome the following new members to the Society and hope that it will not be too long before you have the opportunity to meet other members at a Society event. Please do contact the office or your Regional Chairman if there is any aspect of breeding Charollais that you would like to discuss. For some members this may be their first experience with pedigree sheep, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. The Charollais Society prides itself on the friendly attitude of it’s members and a lack of elitism; so, however small or large your flock, please take an active part. If we all work together the Charollais breed will continue it’s rise in popularity amongst lamb producers.

VGP Cloverlea W W Spokes & Son Flore, Road, Brington House, Slade VGG Tophill AJ Stott & BL Stagg Longrow Cottage, Canonbie, Dumfriesshire, Northants, NN7 4NQ DG14 0RU VGR Court Lane Mr Graham Tucker 4JX TN10 Kent, Tonbridge, Way, Estridge 95 VGK Tayberry Miss Hannah Taylor


Tayberry, St Margarets Hope, Orkney, KW17 2TW Clackriach Mr Taylor Dalgarno Clackriach, Dairy Maud, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 5NU

North of England Robin House Mr N Throup Hollin Grove Farm, Robin House Lane, Briercliffe, Lancs, BB10 3RW

VGV Naboo Mrs C Lewcock Church Farm, Alsop-en-le-Dale, Ashbourne, VGT Derbyshire, DE6 1QP

Wales Cefn Coch Mr D Oliver Cefn Coch Farm, Cefn Coch, Llanfair VGH Caereinion, Powys, SY21 0AR


South West England

VGF Hycemoor Mr John Penellum Hycemoorside Farm, Bootle Station, Millom, Cumbria, LA19 5YA

Fursdon Mr William Whiting Fursdon Farm, Horningtops, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3PZ


VGU Haywood Mr J E Harrison Crossing Gate Farm, Storrs Lane, Bentley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 0LX

Applewithy Daniel & Mrs DRM Boscherini Heal House Farm, Brent Road, Burnham on Sea, Somerset. TA8 2JT


East of England

Cold Overton VGE Northern Ireland Mr L McCourt & VGS Altaturk Mr E & Mrs H Walker Miss R Davenport, 14 Altaturk Road, Richhill, Co Armagh, Northfield Farm, Whiddendine Lane, Northern Ireland, BT61 9SG Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7QF

Birchwood Mr Darren Napthine 1 Chaldon Common Road, Chaldon, Surrey. CR3 5DE



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HEADING SOUTH WEST ENGLAND our County Shows ...... Four Interbreeds - what encouraging for the breed and it is all down to the a summer showing season Charollais has had hard work and commitment of our members. We in the South West!! thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you all in 2020. Firstly, our Spring AGM was kindly hosted by Patrick & Bridget Tully where we had a Judges training day. Five members sold at the Worcester Premier sale Robert Gregory, Arwyn Thomas and Adrian Davies with one being for the first time. Mike & Melanie were kindly in attendance to guide our new judges Alford sold to a top of 2,100gns with their early through their assessment along with providing tips December born lamb. for their future judging. Congratulations to all who were assessed throughout the day and it is This year we had a farm walk and BBQ kindly hosted encouraging to see younger members participating by Roy & Ruth Endacott. The day was very well within the region. supported, and we had exceptional weather (not that the photo shows this)! Thank you to both Roy & Ruth for your hospitality and lovely buffet. Exeter NSA sale saw a good entry of 141.


A few weeks later, the first of the County Shows was upon us with Devon County (judged by Geoff Watson). Gerald Burrough started his season off with the breed and Interbreed Champion with his aged ram Ffrwd Samson. Royal Bath & West (judged by Arwyn Thomas) was well supported and again Gerald Burrough had an outstanding show, winning the breed and Interbreed Champion with his shearling ewe Sheldon Tantastic. Royal Cornwall Show was our feature show for the region this year (Judged by Will Price). The class numbers were exceptional this year with the highest number our breed has seen in a long time. It is also encouraging to see new breeders in our region attending the county shows. After some deliberation, Mike and Melanie Alford’s aged ewe was deemed the breed champion and she went on to then win the Interbreed.

At Dorset County show (judged by Amy Pedrick), Gerald finished his year off with a hat trick of Interbreeds winning with Sheldon Tantastic. Our congratulations go to all exhibitors, of not only the county shows, but also the vast array of one day local shows. Every year in our region we see stronger numbers in classes which is extremely 24 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019

Females started with a sticky and selective trade, but Carol Irwin had top with a shearling ewe at 500gns. Quality shearling rams were in demand with six selling for over £700, selling to a top of 880gns for a Loosebeare Perfect son from Messrs Quick & Sons – average of £500.50 (£20 up on 2018). Ram lambs again saw a selective trade with a top of 600gns for C Irwin and FA Elsworthy average £387 (up £24 on 2018). Our in-lamb Female sale returned in October and it was encouraging to see multiple new breeders buying females. The top of the day was 520gns for a shearling ewe from C Irwin. The flock competition this year was kindly judged by Russell Gray. Four days were spent firstly flying and then driving around the region encompassing all four counties. Encouragingly four novice flocks also entered this year with a total of 16 flocks entered! Russell was very impressed with the quality of the flocks in the region but finally decided that Gerald Burroughs’ Sheldon Flock was his Champion with Arthur Brown & Gill Beckley’s Abbascombe Flock coming reserve.

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Medium flock

Small flock

Flock Ewes

1st 2nd 3rd

G Burrough T Newth R Endacott

B & A Watts T Nancekivell Y Underwood

J Barker A Brown & G Beckley E Simmons & K Esler

Shearling Ewes

1st 2nd 3rd

G Burrough R Endacott T Newth

T Nancekivell Y Underwood L Pollard

J Barker A Brown & G Beckley E Simmons & K Esler

Ewe Lambs

1st 2nd 3rd

G Burrough S Jonas D Laws

Y Underwood T Nancekivell B & A Watts

A Brown & G Beckley E Simmons & K Esler L Monk

Stock Rams

1st 2nd 3rd

S Jonas T Newth R Endacott

T Nancekivell B & A Watts Y Underwood

A Brown & G Beckley P Tully C Twiggs

Junior Stock 1st Ram 2nd 3rd

T Newth G Burrough R Endacott

B & A Watts Y Underwood L Pollard

P Tully A Brown & G Beckley J Barker

Winners Reserve

G Burrough T Newth

T Nancekivell B & A Watts

A Brown & G Beckley E Simmons & K Esler

Champion Flock County show points Cup Female Sheep of the Year

G Burrough G Burrough G Burrough

Reserve Champion Flock One Day Show Points Cup Male Sheep of the Year

Congratulations to all members who entered and congratulations to Arthur & Gill on winning the Champion Novice Flock. Arthur and Gill kindly hosted a visit to their Reserve Champion Flock on a rather sombre Saturday after losing the RWC final! It was clear to see why Russell placed them the Reserve Champions and everyone commented on the uniformity within the flock and the quality of the sheep. Thank you to Arthur and Gill (and also to Keith Raymond) for the outstanding cakes and hospitality.

A Brown & G Beckley T Nancekivell T Nancekivell

Our regional AGM is to be held at Harpers Feeds, Holsworthy in Spring 2020 (date TBC). It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible as the Mill is being specially opened for us. I would just like to say a huge thank you to every member of the South West region for supporting all the shows and social events that we put on and especially to those who host them. Your enthusiasm and backing is hugely appreciated. Wishing you all a Happy Lambing and a Merry Christmas.

Amelia Watts


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HEADING IRELAND NORTHERN Charollais Breeders Enjoy Annual Dinner and Prize Giving Northern Ireland Charollais sheep breeders gathered at the Ross Park Hotel, Kells for their annual Dinner and Prize giving. Club Chairman, William McAllister welcomed everyone and thanked Tim Prichard and his wife Julia from the Castellau Flock in Wales for giving their time to Judge the Flock Competition and Norbrook for their continued Sponsorship. He congratulated everyone, who had won awards, for their dedication in showcasing the Breed. Following the usual sumptuous meal provided by the Ross Park, Julia Prichard presented the Show Trophies. It was then the turn of Tim to announce his placings in the Flock Competition. Tim thanked everyone for their kind hospitality and for asking him to judge, he had been to Northern Ireland before but never had the opportunity to see the more rural areas - they had both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He went on to congratulate everyone on the standard of the stock presented to him.

Tim Prichard presents the Small Flock Trophy to Graham Foster

Champion Flock was the Tullyear Flock of Drew and Stephen Cowan and the Reserve Champion ock was Springhill Flock of Graham Foster.

Jim and David Anderson receive the Medium Flock Trophy from Judge Tim Prichard

Julia and Tim Prichard present the Female of The Year Trophy to James & Sarah Wilson and Sophie & Charlotte McAllister

Julia Prichard presents the Worcester Trophy to William McAllister 26 - CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019

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Flock D & S Cowan Malcomson family A Moore

Medium Flock 1st D Anderson D Cromie 2nd 3rd T & D Fenton Small 1st 2nd 3rd

Flock G Foster N McMordie W Martin

Large 1st 2nd 3rd

Flock - Ewe Lamb D & S Cowan I Goudy Malcomson family

Medium Flock - Ewe Lamb 1st D & J Anderson T & D Fenton 2nd 3rd H McBratney Small 1st 2nd 3rd

Junior 1st 2nd 3rd

Ram: N McMordie G Foster A Moore

Flock - Ewe Lamb G Foster N McMordie W Martin

Champion Flock: Drew & Stephen Cowan - Tullyear Flock Reserve Champion Flock: Graham Foster - Springhills Male of the Year: Overall Winner Ewe Lambs Lornbrook - Hollylodge Phoenix D & J Anderson Female of the Year: Artnagullion - Artnagullion Stock Ram Class Temptress 1st H McBratney - Artnagullion Glenbrook Show Team of the Trojan Year: Lornbrook 2nd Malcomson family Novice Cup: James Waddell Loanhead Trademark Worcester Trophy: Artnagullion 3rd D & S Cowan - Dalby Chairman’s Trophy: Maureen Tarquin Cowan

Harold McBratney receives the Stock Ram Trophy from Judge Tim Prichard

RINGCLARE FLOCK DAY Sponsor is Ronnie Davidson with Gordon Rowantree first in senior stock judging

NSA NI SHEEP EVENT (left to right) Norman McMordie, Harold McBratney, Drew Cowan and Tommy Fenton

RINGCLARE FLOCK DAY James Waddell and Philip Glasgow


CT Nov 2019 Regions and Shows_Layout 1 12/12/2019 16:31 Page 28


Judge : Bruce Ingram, Logie Durno Farm, Pitcaple, Inverurie Shearling Ewe

1st Helen Sloan - (17YUX01620) 2nd P Tait - (16YSS03047) 3rd T Hunter - (16XHE00179)

1st 2nd 3rd

Shearling Ram

Ewe Lamb

1st D & J Norman - (18XXK01837) 2nd J Stott Junior - (18XNK02166) 3rd G & C Watson - (18YST00792)

1st 2nd 3rd

Ram Lamb

Group of 3

1st D & J Norman - (19XNK02414) 2nd R Gray - (19YUX02109) 3rd G & C Watson - (19YST00834)

Overall Champion - R Gray - (17YUX01612) Overall Res. Champion - K Foster - (18WTZ00895) Male Champion - D & J Norman - (18XXK01837) Male Res. Champion - H Sloan - (17YUX01620) Female Champion - R Gray - (17YUX01612) Female Res. Champion - K Foster - (18WTZ00895)

Ewe 1st R Gray - (17YUX01612) 2nd P Tait - (16YXR01046) 3rd D & J Norman - (17XNK02037)

K Foster - (18WTZ00895) P Tait - (18YXR01356) D & J Norman - (18XNK02172) D & J Norman - (19XNK02415) R Gray - (19YUX02099) K Foster - (19WTZ01014)

- D & J Norman

Overall Champion from the Leelaw flock of Russell Gray - 17YUX01612

Overall Reserve Champion from the Fosters flock of Kenton Foster - 18WTZ00895

Male Champion from the Kirkhouse flock of David & Jon Norman - 18XXK01837

Group of Three Champions from the Kirkhouse flock of David & Jon Norman


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Breed Champion, Interbreed Champion and Show Champion of Champions from the Springhill flock of Graham Foster - 18WLK03933

Male Champion & 1st placed shearling ram from the Lornbrook flock - 18XWZ00489

Reserve Breed Champion from the Springhill flock of Graham Foster - 18WLK03927

Reserve Male Champion & 1st placed senior ram from the Lornbrook flock - 15XWZ00281

BALMORAL SHOW RESULTS Judge: David Mawhinney, 15 Crossnamuckley Road, Newtownards Senior Ram

Shearling Ewe

1st 2nd 3rd

1st 2nd 3rd

T Bell - (15XWZ00281) K & S Malcomson - (17ZLZ00821) Trevor Bell (17ZUF00066)

G Foster - (18WLK03933) G Foster - (18WLK03927) W McAllister - (18ZGQ03546)

Shearling Ram

Ewe Lamb

1st 2nd 3rd

1st 2nd 3rd

T Bell (18XWZ00489) K & S Malcomson - (18WNC22681) A Moore (18VBK00270)

G Foster - (19WLK04430) J Aiken - (19ZXJ00966) G Foster - (19WLK04451)

Ram Lamb 1st 2nd 3rd

J Aiken - (19ZXJ00965) W McAllister - (19ZGQ03955) W McAllister - (19ZGQ03952)

Ewe 1st 2nd 3rd

T Bell - (15ZNN12401) T Bell - (17ZHV01158) W McAllister - (16ZGQ02922)

OVERALL CHAMPION - G Foster - (18WLK03933) RES. CHAMPION - G Foster - (18WLK03927) MALE CHAMP. - T Bell (18XWZ00489) RES. MALE CHAMPION - T Bell - (15XWZ00281) FEMALE CHAMPION - G Foster - (18WLK03933) RES. FEMALE CHAMP - G Foster - (18WLK03927)


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Overall Champion from the Braemuir flock of E&E Duncan - 18WJK00169

Overall Reserve Champion from the Carnew flock of Jonathan Aiken - 18ZXJ23164

Male Champion from the Rigghead flock of Helen Sloan - 19HR02294

Reserve Male Champion from the Rigghead flock of Helen Sloan - 16WNC15406

ROYAL HIGHLAND SHOW RESULTS Judge : Robert Paterson, Upper Auchenlay, Dunblane Shearling Ewe

Ram 1st 2nd

H Sloan (16WNC15406) H Sloan (17YUX01620)

1st 2nd 3rd

E&E Duncan (18WHK00169) J Aiken (18ZXJ23164) G&B Ingram (18WNC22727)

Shearling Ram 1st 2nd 3rd

G&B Ingram (18XNK02170) M&M Alford (18WNC22705) P Tait (18YXR01355)

Ewe lamb 1st 2nd 3rd

G&B Ingram (19WNC27404) E&E Duncan (19WHK00214) G&B Ingram (19WNC27441)

Ram Lamb 1st 2nd 3rd

H Sloan (19HR02294) J Aiken (19ZXJ25558) W&C Ingram (19ZNN27315)

Ewe 1st 2nd 3rd

R Gray (17YUX01612) H Sloan (16ZNN15351) G&B Ingram (16WNC15494)


Group of Three - G&B Ingram Champion - E&E Duncan (18WHK00169) Reserve Champion - J Aiken (18ZXJ23164) Male Champion - H Sloan (19HR02294) Reserve Male Champ. - H Sloan (16WNC15406) Female Champion - E&E Duncan (18WHK00169) Res. Female Champ. - J Aiken (18ZXJ23164)

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ROYAL WELSH SHOW HEADING 2019 ROYAL WELSH SHOW RESULTS Judge : Geoff Probert, Northingtown Farm, Holt Heath Ram 1st 2nd 3rd

A Davies (16XCA00883) D Curran (17XEV01199) C Sercombe (17PE05898)

Shearling Ram 1st A Thomas (18WRF00573) G Burrough (18XNR00840) 2nd 3rd C Sercombe (18PE07012) Ram lamb 1st W&C Ingram (19ZNN27315) 2nd D Curran (19XEV01429) 3rd A Thomas (19WRF00646) Ewe 1st 2nd 3rd

W&C Ingram (17ZNN18479) D Curran (17XEV01168) G&B Ingram (16WNC15420)

Shearling Ewe G&B Ingram (18WNC22746) 1st 2nd G Burrough (18XNR00910) 3rd C Sercombe (18PE06907) Ewe Lamb G&B Ingram (19WNC27341) 1st 2nd G&B Ingram (19WNC27404) 3rd A Davies (19XCA01402) Group of three - W&C Ingram Champion - W&C Ingram (17ZNN18479) Res. Champion - A Davies (16XCA00883) Male Champion - A Davies (16XCA00883) Res. Male Champion - W&C Ingram (19ZNN27315) Female Champion - W&C Ingram (17ZNN18479) Res. Female Champion - G&B Ingram (19WNC27341) Interbreed Ram Lamb Champion - W&C Ingram (19ZNN27315)

Overall & Female Champion from the Loanhead flock of Gregor & Bruce Ingram - 17ZNN18479

Reserve Overall & Male Champion from the Glyn Coch flock of Adrian Davies - 16XCA00883

1st place shearling ram from the Arbryn flock of Arwyn Thomas - 18WRF00573

Reserve Male champion and Interbreed Ram Lamb Champion from the Loanhead flock of G&B Ingram - 19ZNN27315 8CHAROLLAIS TIMES DECEMBER 2019 - 31

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HEADING SHOW South West RESULTS Feature 2014 Show 2019 - Royal Cornwall

Overall Breed, Female & Interbreed Champion from the Foxhill Charollais flock of Mr & Mrs Alford 16XWY00452

Reserve Breed & Reserve Female Champion from the Sheldon flock of G Burrough 18XNR00910

Male Champion from the Sheldon flock of G Burrough - 18XNR00967

Reserve Male & Reserve Interbreed Champion from the Willow flock of Ben & Amelia Watts 19WKM01425

ROYAL CORNWALL SHOW RESULTS Judge : Will Price, Sellyoak, Birmingham. Shearling Ewe

Ram 1st 2nd 3rd

G Burrough (17YET01474) T Nancekivell (17WGN03157) B & A Watts (17WKW00343)

1st 2nd 3rd

G Burrough (18XNR00910) G Burrough (18XNR00918) B & A Watts (18WKM01251)

Shearling Ram

Ewe lamb

1st 2nd 3rd

1st 2nd 3rd

G Burrough (18XNR00967) M & M Alford (18WNC22705) T Nancekivell (18WWZ03145)

Ram Lamb 1st 2nd 3rd

Breed, Female & Interbreed Champion - M & M

B & A Watts (19WKM01425) G Burrough (19XNR00992) M & M Alford (19XWY00550)

Alford (Aged Ewe)

M & M Alford (16XWY00452) B & A Watts (17WKM01158) Mrs C Irwin (17XUA00263)

Res. Male & Res. Interbreed Ram Lamb Champion - B & A Watts (Ram Lamb)

Ewe 1st 2nd 3rd

B & A Watts (18WKM01428) T Nancekivell (19WWZ03172) M & M Alford (19XWY00554)


Res. Breed & Res. Female Champion - G Burrough (Shearling Ewe) Male Champion - G Burrough (Shearling Ram)