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CHaRollaIs TImes Issue no. 53 aPRIl 2012

MAGIC, MERCURY OR MEAT? Charollais ram lambs this year will have names starting with the letter ‘m’. There are some great names to select from for your top tups but are all of them really up to standard? With increased prices for breeding stock the temptation is to believe that all your ugly ducklings will make swans. but more than ever breeders need to be critical of their lambs, both male and female and cull out anything that will not make the grade. Check teeth, feet, testicles, conformation, locomotion and growth - lambs with faults should be culled. There is no excuse not to get those lesser lambs down the road with prices for prime lamb at a record high at this time of the year. Returns of over £120 per head are regularly being achieved for Charollais now.

Remember that the national ewe flock is just about static, so the requirement for rams will also remain much the same. Charollais is increasing its share of the terminal sire market, but only slowly. so the last thing any vendor wishes to see is an over supply of tups on the market.

should focus breeders’s minds on the sheep they are entering. ask yourself if you would like to use the tup as a stock ram? If the answer is no, then maybe they should go to another venue. our aim is to continue raising the standard at this, our flagship event.

Cull ewe prices are also on a high, so With this policy in mind, Council took again any ewes that have not the decision to set a new entry fee performed should go. all these system for the Worcester Premier sale. measures will make sure the quality of There will be a pay back system of our breed goes from strength to half your entry fee for sheep sold, this strength.

Red meaT IndusTRy ConTRIbuTes oveR a bIllIon To eConomy a thriving english red meat industry makes a net contribution of £1.67 billion to the economy making it crucial to a swift recovery, a new study has found. The Real value of english Red meat revealed the english economy would lose £906 million in contributions to employment alone if the red meat sector became unsustainable. It is the first analysis of its kind to look at the net contribution of the industry, painting the most realistic possible picture of the value the sector brings to the economy and was presented to Farming minster Jim Paice, mPs and peers. other findings include that of the 96,000 people currently directly employed by the industry, 91,000 of which are in rural areas, just over 20 per cent (20,256) would face unemployment if the english red meat sector was to cease. The demand created by farming in allied industries currently helps support an additional 772,998 jobs.

N ew Look . . . Welcome to this new look edition of Charollais Times. We hope you like the revised layout and will enjoy reading the copy. If there are any issues you would like to see in future copies, then let us know.

Welcoming the report, mr Paice said: "This report proves what we already know - that the red meat industry is a crucial part of our economy. With the global population growing fast, demand for protein is soaring and britain’s got huge opportunities to export our high quality meat and breeding stock to the world. "The sector really can generate significant economic growth and jobs, and that’s why this Government is freeing up business from unnecessary burdens and getting them the right support. as policy makers, it is crucial that we work hard to ensure that we maintain a vibrant and successful rural economy, and recognise the role that a strong and profitable farming sector plays in giving rural communities a sense of cohesion and pride."

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Name :

spotlight feature


andrew Walton

breeders news elections Promotional Wear staff Changes appointments show Time melton Winter Fair Tagging



schmallenberg virus


Chairman’s Report Financial statements

8 9

Regional Reports

10 - 13

Charollais sires aGm


5. Charollais ram you would most have liked to have owned and why.

marketing Rams


Rutland alamos would be my choice – well balanced ebv’s that delivered growth and muscling traits that distinguish our breed from the competition.

sale adverts and events


Role :

Chairman of Central Region, host for the 2012 national aGm weekend.


Name of Flock and date formed

The Rainbow Flock was formed in september 2003 with the purchase of four in-lamb ewes from the Foulrice Flock and one from the Pride of Park Flock.

4. What would you describe as your best ‘Charollais’ experience? There have been many but seeing Rainbow ram’s progeny thrive in both commercial and pedigree flocks is reward for all our hard work.

6. Charollais ewe you would most have liked to have owned and why. edstaston dubai – correct in every way! a superb example of our breed.


Performance Recording – aid or hindrance?

you can’t manage what you can’t measure - recording is the biggest aid that the Charollais breeder has for selection of the traits that exemplify our breed.


Trimming – beautiful art or fraud?

Charollais Times is published by the british Charollais sheep society.

I can’t trim and admire those who do (especially Jan) but I have seen too many examples of big, over fed, well trimmed sheep that have poor conformation and faults that have been disguised by the trimmers’ skill!

Editors : Carroll Barber Jonathan Barber


For more information on any of the subjects covered in this edition, please call the office or visit our website at although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy neither the Charollais society nor the authors can accept liability for errors and omissions. BCSS Youngmans Road, Wymondham, Norfolk. NR18 0RR Tel : 01953 603335 Email :

Charollais – what is the next challenge?

as the breed grows we must maintain the quality of our breeding stock – if in doubt cull should be our slogan.


Favourite tipple?

a chilled Chardonnay on a balmy night at the Worcester Premier sale is very satisfying! However, an Island malt from the hip flask in the lambing shed on a cold, december night takes some beating!


Cheltenham Festival or Twickenham ?

despite my 17 stone bulk being more suited to Twickenham, in preference you would find me at Cheltenham.


Marmite – love or hate?

more chance of drinking liquithrive than having marmite – definitely hate!!

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BREEDERS NEWS/ eleCTIons elections for Regional Chairmen were due in three regions this year; north of scotland, Wales and northern Ireland. meilir Jones and Jonathan aiken were returned unopposed. We have a new face joining the board and looking after our most northerly region; mr bruce Irvine has been elected for the Region 1. bruce farms at sauchentree, new aberdour, Fraserburgh in aberdeenshire. He founded his sauchnie Flock in 2009 with foundation stock from the southam and Heckra flock and now runs 30 ewes.

neW loGo The society has a new logo. This has been designed by top graphic artist Paul slack, who has experience across the creative spectrum. Paul is a seasoned pro in producing clever, thought-provoking creative work. He has an innate understanding of what creative concepts and messages best cut through the noise to reach the target market, having most recently – not to mention effectively – done just that for brands including HP, microsoft, Hmv and Pleasurewood Hills. The new ram logo will be featured on all our new branding, including website, sale adverts, catalogues, promotional wear, tie and show stand material.

PRomoTIonal WeaR The new logo (ram) will feature on a new range of promotional wear. The items below will be held in stock and will be available in a couple of weeks. Body Warmers in Navy sizes : small 38”, medium 41”, large 44”, Xlarge 47” Price : £20.65 Polo Shirts in Bottle Green, Kelly Green, Black and Charcoal sizes : small 38”, medium 40”, large 42/44”, Xlarge 46” Price : £7.90 Fleeces in Bottle Green sizes : small 38”, medium 40”, large 42/44”, Xlarge 46/48” Price : £19.08 Caps in Green (one size) Price : £4.00 Prices include vaT but not post and packing. Items will be available at the aGm Weekend. Please put your order in now. special orders for different garments, colours and sizes can be processed, just let us know what you would like and we can give you a price and delivery date.

sCRaPIe GenoTyPInG

The new logo come in two formats; ram or ewe. To emphasis our role as a terminal sire the standard logo will be the ram. The ewe logo may feature on exhibition displays and special edition items. If you would like to use either of the logos on your own flock promotional literature, website etc then drop us an email and we can forward the artwork to you.

WebsITe Paul is currently working on a new look for our website. His brief is to give it a more modern, fresh look with improved navigation. The site will feature new pages including a special area for members, a shop for promotional wear, site search facility and drop down menus. The colour scheme and fonts will be consistent with our new logo and corporate image. don’t worry it will still be easy to find what you want and have all the areas visited by our breeders and potential customers.

Those breeders planning to sell at the Worcester Premier sale, dungannon Premier sale or females during the 2012 season should start planning their scrapie genotype testing. all these animals will require an individual test result for scrapie genotype prior to sale. Please remember that testing will take a minimum of three weeks for the result to come through. also some samples need to be re-tested and even further blood samples supplied from the breeder. If this occurs then the process can take up to 6 - 8 weeks. We therefore recommend that you start this process well in advance of your sale date/s. Testing kits can be supplied by Innvovis and breed societies receive a reduced rate for testing.

Export animals destined for export must either be part of the scrapie monitored scheme or type 1 genotype. It is important the you state that the tests are for export when you apply for your testing kit, as they must use blood vacutainers rather than the FTa cards and you must get a vet to sample these animals. If you are scrapie monitored then you can use the FTa cards.

both dungannon sales are export only and therefore these stage II of the website project will be the incorporation of the tests must be completed by a qualified veterinary surgeon. member and sheep data base. This will allow visitors to the Contact : Innovis 01970 828236 site to search for breeders, sheep and for registered flocks to register their stock on line.

CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 3

BREEDERS NEWS sTaFF CHanGes We all knew it would have to happen one day - but regretfully sue Platt has decided that she is going to step down and take life a bit easier. We have all benefited from her dedication, skill and good company over the past 20 years and wish her a very happy and enjoyable future. she will be finishing at the end of may. We are however very pleased to introduce you to liz Wright who will be joining the team at Wymondham. she has excellent experience in running a service business in a rural area of France and is returning to norfolk where her family live. she has excellent skills in publications, web site design, event management and generally sorting anything and everything out for clients. she already has ideas on how we can utilise facebook, twitter, text messaging etc to communicate to our members and to a wider audience. We all look forward to working with her and sure members will find her helpful and efficient.

Liz Wright who will be taking over the Assistant Breed Secretary role at the end of May

Show Time The show season will begin soon and we wish everyone a successful time. Please keep us informed of any interbreed victories, so we can put them up on the website - photo if possible. We hope those judging enjoy their task remember if there are any issues that you wish to discuss then please contact a member of the judges committee for advice.

Major Shows balmoral Charollais classes

Judge : adrian davies, Glyn Coch Wednesday 16th may, 1 pm

Three Counties Charollais classes

Judge : alan Kennedy, Parkgate Friday 15th June, 9 am

Royal Highland Charollais classes

Judge : Charles sercombe, dalby Friday 22nd June, 9 am

Great yorkshire Charollais classes

Judge : Robert Hopper, Gogwell Tuesday 10th July, 9 am

Royal Welsh Charollais classes

Judge : Cecil Thomas, Wolston Tuesday 24th July, 9 am

Premier Sale Judges naTIonal Roles FoR CHaRollaIs bReedeRs We are delighted to announce that Charles sercombe of the dalby Flock in leicestershire has been appointed national Chairman of the nFu livestock Committee. This is a highly prestigious and important role and we congratulate Charles on his election. mr sercombe said he was ‘delighted’ to have been elected to the post and that he looked forward to building on the work done by mr mackintosh, who stands down after 6 years as a board member. “I aim to be open, inclusive and encourage debate within the livestock sector as well as strengthening relationships across the supply chain. I also believe it’s important to improve our communication, especially through social media, to encourage the next generation of farmers to become more involved” This appointment will keep Charles very busy; he is already flying around the country to meet the regions. so don’t be surprised to see him at many shows and events over the summer months with his nFu hat on! The national sheep association is now also under the chairmanship of a Charollais breeder. mr John Geldard from low Foulshaw in Cumbria took over as Chairman of

4 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012

WoRCesTeR PRemIeR sale show Classes - Friday 29th June Judge : William Ingram, logie durno

dunGannon PRemIeR sale show Classes - monday 30th July Judge : Geoff biddulph, Gawsworth

buIlTH Wells maIn sale show Classes - sunday 23rd september Judge : William mcallister, artnagullion the nsa’s Council at their meeting held in september. He took over from Jonathan barber, chief executive of the Charollais society. The nsa is the only specialist organisation which is dedicated to safeguarding the interests and future of sheep farmers throughout the uK. Charles Sercombe (rt) attending the NFU East Anglia Regional Livestock Board meeting enjoys a joke with John Maxwell from Cambridgeshire.

BREEDERS NEWS nsa WInTeR FaIR - melTon moWbRay The society had a major presence at the inaugural nsa eastern Region Winter Fair held at melton mowbray market at the end of January. The stand featured a pen of top quality prime lambs from Tom Greenfield’s commercial flock reared on good grass on river meadows at Harris bridge Farm, sibson, leicestershire. Key Facts : 350 lleyn ewe flock  Charollais rams, home-bred & performance recorded.  Rams in 5th november  95% of ewes lamb in the first 3 weeks  203% lambing percentage  lambing begins 1st april  Housed at lambing for 3/4 days  First lambs go in september  sold through the live auction system  average live weight 44 kgs  60% of lambs sold by end January  Remainder now finished on turnips  no ConCenTRaTe Feed aT any TIme This was the last event for the old promotional graphics. starting with scotsheep the new corporate image and information will be on display. The stand was busy throughout the day with many enquiries for tups.

TaGs FRom allFleX allflex have extended their offer to Charollais members to purchase the allflex lightweight eId Primary button, with a choice of button, ovina (leaf) or ace secondary tag, printed with your pedigree information at a cost of 60p/pair for 2012. The price quoted is available to breed society members only for pedigree sheep. allflex feel that by offering this product, at a very competitive price, they are supporting the pedigree sheep breeders with corporate sponsorship that will benefit each and every member of the society. allflex has over 50 years experience in the animal identification market with a range of products that are tried and tested.

PRICE LIST Tags eId Primary button/button secondary


eId Primary button/ovina (leaf) secondary


eId Primary button/ace secondary


Replacement tag visual (and pre 2010) Replacement tag - eId

30p/each 75p/each

Price includes printing of pedigree information on the eId Primary and secondary tag.

applicators bo6 applicator bo8 Flip pin

£12.00 £18.00

above price exclude vaT and Post & Packing - £3.00 per order.

ConTaCT : allFleX Tel : 01450 364120 emaIl : state on your order that it is for a pedigree flock to gain the discount. also allflex’s printing is set up to put all the numbers on one line, so your flock letters will come before the ‘12’. This is not an issue - but all numbers will be logged onto the society computer as 12abC00125 etc. as the year number and flock letters do not form part of the eId there is no problem in this respect. If you have a query, then please call us. a number (small we are pleased to report) of breeders are not using the correct numbering system for their lambs. The Charollais society utilises the eTas five digit number, as allocated consecutively each year by the tag company, as the lambs individual identity number. This means that your lambs only have one identification number and should avoid confusion in the future as we move more towards utilising the electronic system.

CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 5

SCHMALLENBERG VIRUS  no vaccine is available as it is a new disease and development of one could  schmallenberg virus (sbv) infection be at least two years away. has been identified on 223 farms in the uK. 20 of the positive cases have  We need better diagnostic tests to been diagnosed in cattle, 203 in identify infected animals. sheep, and none to date in other species such as goats, camelids or  It is too early to comment on the deer. (Correct as of 26th march) effect this could have on trade and lamb prices, to do so would be  schmallenberg virus is a new irresponsible. only when the lambing emerging livestock disease that has season is over will we have a more been detected in belgium, France, accurate picture. Germany, The netherlands, Italy & luxembourg as well as in england.  We urge farmers to remain vigilant  It is likely that the schmallenberg virus and continue to check their animals any unusual symptoms, or abortions, is spread by insect vectors such as should be reported to the local vet or midges. animal health office  The cases that are being reported in How is the disease diagnosed the affected counties of england are the result of viral infection from several and what should farmers do? months ago. Whilst this is not a notifiable disease, all farmers are encouraged to contact  The climatic conditions at this time of their veterinary surgeon if they year are not suitable for midge activity encounter cases of new born ruminant in the uK. or foetuses which are stillborn, show malformations or are showing nervous  We cannot say for certain how the disease, and if schmallenberg virus virus reached the uK - however one infection is suspected. strong possibility is via wind borne incursion of infected midges from Confirmation of infection is by detection Continental europe. of virus sequences using real time PCR on tissues. There is currently no  The virus has been associated with serological (blood) test available but work is in progress to develop one. brief mild to moderate disease (milk drop, fever, diarrhoea) in adult cattle In england and Wales examinations for and late abortion or birth defects in orthobunyavirus will be free of charge new born cattle. There have been no reported clinical signs in adult sheep (or for the time being but aHvla will require a full history to provide the goats) from any of the affected necessary clinical and epidemiological countries information.  Congenital defects: These have been seen in close to term and new born What can farmers do to treat lambs, calves and goat kids. They affected animals? include joint and limb contractures and There is no treatment currently twisting, twisted neck, and animals are available for this disease. as this is a usually stillborn, or die soon after birth. new disease further work is needed to


 other signs that may not be obvious externally such as parts of the brain may be replaced by fluid- filled sacs, could lead to signs of incoordination, paralysis and other nervous signs and dullness.

determine what control measures may be appropriate. malformations affecting neonates exposed to the virus in pregnancy may lead to lambing and calving difficulties. excessive force must not be used

6 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012

during lambing or calving as this may risk injury to both the dam and young. Farmers should contact their veterinary surgeon to deliver the animals where natural delivery is not possible.

Is there a vaccine available? no. laboratories and vaccine manufactures in the eu are considering whether it may be possible and effective to develop a vaccine in the future, but a new vaccine would take at least two years to develop. The development of a vaccine from inception to market costs a lot of money and vaccine manufacturers must be satisfied that there is enough demand to justify the costs. They are monitoring the situation closely.

Are there other things farmers should do to protect their animals? Farmers should remain vigilant for signs of disease and report any suspicions to aHvla or their private vet. as midge activity is low in the winter months, fly control at this time would provide limited benefit other than to potentially limit the local spread of infected midges, but may be worth considering as the temperature increases in the coming months.

Why are there no movement restrictions in place? The cases being detected now in new born animals are a result of infection in summer/autumn last year. Taking restrictive action to contain disease would be ineffective as this disease may already have been transmitted by insects across the country. even if there are further infected animals in the uK, there are no known insect vectors active in the uK during the winter months which could further spread disease.

Are there plans to begin culling infected animals? no. This disease is likely to be transmitted by insects such as midges, and once the virus is in the insect population, culling animals would be an

SCHMALLENBERG VIRUS ineffective means of stopping disease spread. There is evidence from other viruses from the same viral family that post infection, animals develop strong immunity and are unlikely to be infectious. Work is ongoing to establish the immunity facts around sbv.

Postage Postal rates are increasing quite dramatically over the next month. by the end of april the rate for a 1st class stamp will be 60p and for 2nd class 50p. our franking machine rates will be lower than this, but this is a cost that we need to keep a check on.

Are affected farms compensated for losses? Please remember when sending us no. defra has no plans to provide financial support to those farms affected by the disease.

What are the effects on the lamb trade/market? Whilst the number of cases of schmallenberg virus is increasing, particularly in lambs, the number of farms affected only accounts for a very small percentage of the industry. It is too early to comment on the effect this could have on trade and lamb prices and to do so would be irresponsible. only when the lambing season is over will we have a more accurate picture of the possible medium term effects of the virus on supplies. It is important that the general public are made aware that british produce remains safe and that the agricultural industry and politicians work together to overcome this disease.

What are the trade implications to the EU?

large or heavy letters that the standard rate is only for letters up to 100 gsm and up to a5 size. If insufficient postage is put on the envelope then these are delayed and only delivered to us after a surcharge has been paid. It usually delays delivery by 5 or 6 days. a sales entry form that you can fill in automatically and then send to us by email will be available in good time for the sale season. Then if you pay your account by direct debit you will not have to post anything to us.

Sale Catalogues In order to reduce postage costs we will be cutting back the number of sale catalogues we send out automatically to the members. We will concentrate mailings to potential and past commercial customers for the majority of sales. We have noted that many commercial buyers return to a sale after 2 or 3 years, so it is important we keep in contact with them.

all catalogues appear on the website in Russian authorities have put a ban on advance of the printed version and we exports of live small ruminants and their have found more and more people use products, excluding milk products, from this medium to check entries etc. affected countries, including the uK.

as disease is already present in the uK, there would be limited additional benefit to restricting imports from other infected countries.

The change will mean that if you require catalogues for sales other than Worcester Premier, please request one from the office. Printed catalogues will of course be available at the sales and auctioneers will be sent a supply in advance.

This is not a notifiable disease and there would be no legal basis for preventing movements of animals from other parts of europe.

vendors for their private female sales may choose to cut back on circulation, so again please request the information for the events you are interested in.

Why will there be no trade bans with countries reporting disease?

Date Changes Please note that the following changes have been made since the printing of the members Handbook.

Skipton Ram Sale Tuesday 18th September entries close Tuesday 21st august last date for substitutes 12 noon 17th sept.

Carlise Ram Sale Friday 31st August entries close Friday 3rd august last date for substitutes 12 noon 30th august

FoRTHComInG evenTs Rainbow Flock visit and Central Region display, Cheshire Friday 27th april breeder development day in conjunction with HCC Castellau Farm, Glamorgan Wednesday 23rd may new breeders day elmwick Flock, evesham, Worcs sunday 27th may bRP breeding & Grassland meeting Foulrice Flock Friday 8th June bRP breeding & Grassland meeting edstaston Flock Thursday 14th June Commercial sheep day Redhill Farm, morcott, Rutland Friday 15th June new breeders day Churchill Flock, devon sunday 2nd september For further information on any of these events, please contact the office.

CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 7

HEADING CHAIRMAN’S REPORT FOR 2011 required to continue our growth towards the year 2020. some of the comments should serve as a reminder that we don’t get everything right and need to change but the overwhelming opinion from the meeting was that Charollais were more than satisfying the requirements of commercial prime lamb producers.

as we enter our 35th year it is very pleasing to report on yet another fantastic year for the Charollais breed. membership is growing at a steady, manageable pace and importantly more Charollais rams are being used to produce prime lambs than at any time in the past. This is quite an achievement when you consider the national flock is fairly stable at the moment. It is encouraging to witness good quality rams being so eagerly sought after in the market place. In the show ring Charollais more than held its own with yet again a large number of interbreed titles being won at many of the major shows. It is hard to deny that a well turned out Charollais in the interbreed is a very difficult sheep for a judge to ignore. one of the main events last year was our 2020 conference where we brought together a group of farmers and speakers from within the industry to give us an honest opinion of where we stood as a breed and what is

The challenges to the farming industry do not diminish; all too often we come under a barrage of ‘bad publicity’ from the media. Thankfully there are sectors of the press that put forward a balanced and more accurate portrayal of all the hard work, skill and determination we dedicate to putting food on consumer’s plates. We, the sheep industry should be proud of the significant part we play in bolstering the uK’s balance of payments. We are now a net exporter of sheep meat for the first time in 50 years. The quality of our prime lamb is very much pivotal to that success. as individual breeders we can all do a bit more to look after our customers to ensure that what we are selling is matching requirements. a quick phone call is all that is needed to a purchaser of your sheep to see how it has performed. These phone calls are always very much appreciated by the purchaser and can often result in another sale. This personal contact is an important part of marketing our sheep and I am still amazed at the

number of people who don’t think it is a worthwhile way of promoting their business. This coming year we have many events organised, some will be for predominately Charollais members but others will allow us to get out and meet the commercial flock masters. For anyone who has spent time on the Charollais stand at a large event you will appreciate the number of both potential and existing customers we talk to and for me this is the best form of communication. I must make mention of sue Platt who leaves the society office after 20 years of service. sue has been invaluable in her help to both myself as Chairman and the society in general. We wish her a long and enjoyable retirement with maybe the odd race meeting being taken in. I look forward to meeting you at some of the events organised for this year and wish you all a successful show and sale season.

Robert Gregory National Chairman BCSS

RePoRT FRom CHaIRman oF THe FInanCe and GeneRal PuRPoses CommITTee, CHaRles maRWood I am pleased to report and present to Council another sound set of accounts with a healthy profit on turnover for the society in the past year. I would like to thank, not only our administration and office staff for their hard work in the year, but also all you active members whose input and dedication continue to make our society the success it is. We need to continue to build on our reserves in order to be prepared for future investment in the society, as well as being abreast of inflation. even though our income has risen through increased activity and a buoyant market place, we are all too aware of increased costs of travel and communication and plans are in process to make better use of I.T. in the processing of birth notifications, registrations and sale entries. all in all, a positive outlook for the coming year.

8 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012

ANNUAL REPORT & FINANCIAL STATEMENTS HEADING 2011 ACTIVITIES FOR GENERATING FUNDS donations, sponsorship and prize money subscriptions Registration fees and flock registration Commission on sales sale entry fees year book and other publications sale of promotional items deposit account interest and dividends received

Total Incoming Resources

2011 £ 4,663 33,156 96,054 28,046 28,884 13,760 157 4,999

2010 £ 6,544 29,925 88,990 26,270 25,297 14,338 664 5,510

209,719 197,538

BRITISH CHAROLLAIS SHEEP SOCIETY LTD limited by Guarantee a Registered Charity noTICe is hereby given that the thirtyfourth annual General meeting of the society will be held at the macdonald Craxton Wood Hotel, Chester at 4.30pm on Friday 27th april for the following purposes:-

COSTS OF GENERATING VOLUNTARY INCOME show expenses Regional expenses sale costs year book, newsletter & other publication expenses advertising and promotional expenses

6,574 1,928 16,584 10,698 16,378

5,900 1,252 13,016 10,930 16,481

52,135 47,579

GOVERNANCE COSTS management and administration accountants fees bank Charges depreciation

77,250 75,000 1,700 1,730 453 301 2,380 1,975

81,783 79,006

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


OTHER RESOURCES EXPENDED Postage and telephone Printing and stationery subscriptions office and storage accommodation Research Costs motor and travelling Hotel and meal charges office expenses meeting expenses other sundry expenses


11,258 6,335 1,152 7,300 5,812 4,626 4,822 8,007 850

9,613 7,470 1,975 7,065 1,560 4,272 4,120 6,268 5,373 474

50,162 48,190 184,080 174,775




Gains/losses on investment assets net movement in funds

(605) 25,034

(99) 22,664

RECONCILIATION OF FUNDS Total funds brought forward






To read the notice convening the meeting. To receive apologies for absence. To approve the minutes of the 33rd annual General meeting. To receive the report of the Chairman * To receive and, if approved, to adopt the Report and Financial statement to 31st december 2011. To confirm the appointment of new Council of management members. To re-appoint messrs argents as auditors for the ensuing year and to authorise the Council of management to fix their remuneration. To transact any other ordinary business of the society.

by order of the Council of management CaRRoll baRbeR secretary

* If you would like a full set of the Annual Report and Financial Statements, then please contact the office. These will also be available to all those attending the Annual General Meeting.

288,823 263,789

CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 9

HEADING NEWS FROM THE REGIONS nsa sCoT sHeeP 2012 Wednesday 6th June morrisons Farm at dumfries House, Cumnock, ayrshire

including pedigree beef shorthorn cattle and a commercial aberdeen angus herd. Cropping comprises 40 acres of cereals. The farm is run on strictly commercial lines but is also used as a demonstration farm and test bed for new ideas. It is currently one of three farms in scotland carrying out trials on behalf of Quality meat scotland comparing the progeny of high performance rams and rams selected solely on visual appraisal. The venue has all the ingredients to provide an outstanding showcase for the scottish sheep industry.

Historic dumfries House was saved for the nation by Prince Charles, duke of Rothsay, in 2007 and the adjoining 960 acre home farm is run as a joint venture by the Prince’s Charities and the uK’s fourth largest supermarket

group, morrisons. The sum of £2 million has been committed to developing the farming enterprise which includes 750 scotch mule ewes, a small flock of pedigree suffolk sheep and 210 suckler cows,

darlington Farmers auction mart monday 8th october store lamb Promotion day with a PRIme lamb PRomoTIon class for Charollais x store lambs. The winner to receive a £50 voucher to put days towards the purchase of a ram at the malton auction market, Tues 15th may darlington autumn Ram sales. Further show & sale of Charollais Cross lambs information contact darlington auction Pens of 5 with a bCss £50 voucher to the overall winner to put against the mart on 01325 464529. purchase of a ram at malton autumn GReaT yoRKsHIRe sHoW Ram sales. The yorkshire Region will once again Thirsk auction market, Thurs 24th may be holding a barbeque on Tuesday spring show & sale prime lambs and evening, 10th July at the Great Wool marketing board Promotion day. yorkshire show. all welcome. There will be 2 classes for Pens of 5 For tickets please contact stephen Charollais x lambs. bCss £50 Hodgson on 07977 768090 voucher to put against the purchase of a ram at the Thirsk autumn Ram ebleX day aT FoulRICe sales. For details contact Tony Charles & valerie marwood have Thompson, Thirsk auction mart on kindly offered to host an ebleX day 07860 766571. at Foulrice, Whenby, nr. york on FRIday 8TH June northallerton auction market There will be speakers, workshops Tuesday 12th June and a chance to see a selection of Prime lamb day with 2 classes for sheep from the Foulrice Flock, pens of 5 Charollais x lambs Champions, yorkshire area flock sponsored by bCss. Further details competition 2011. contact northallerton auction mart on Full details will be circulated 01609 772034 nearer the date.

North of England

10 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012

The society stand will have a strong display of sheep supplied by Herbie & alan Kennedy and Russel Gray. We look forward to seeing you there.

East of England over the winter, as a region we have hibernated as usual and are just getting back in to the real world. We started off the year with our usual February meeting held at Greetham valley Golf Club which comprised of a report of Council matters from Tom Greenfield, followed by an interesting and informative talk by local vet mike Thorne. mike updated us on the latest position regarding schmallenberg and covered a range of other key topics of flock health. daTes FoR youR dIaRIes We are holding a Regional open day on Friday 15th June at morcott by kind permission of messrs Tyler’s. This year’s summer bbQ will be on the sunday 12 august at the home of Tony & June Gregory’s Coldharbour flock, mursley, bucks. more details for both these events will be sent out nearer the date.


NSA SHEEP EVENT 2012 2012 will be held on Wednesday, July 4 at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. EASTERN REGION AGM SUNDAY 22nd APRIL at 11.00 am

schmallemberg is not the only thing to have struck the eastern Region this spring! Cupid has been at work. very many congratulations to our newly weds, Geoff and Carol Watson, who eventually tied the knot on 29 February 2012 (Good planning Geoff anniversary present only every 4 years!).

Central Region naTIonal aGm & soCIal WeeKend Preparations are progressing well for the 2012 national aGm to be held near Chester from 27th to 29th april. The weekend will commence on Friday 27th april with a showcase of prominent flocks from across the central region at Church Farm, backford, Chester by kind permission of andrew & Jan Walton. The event runs from 11am to 3pm with a hog roast lunch (booking requested for catering purposes please).

be held by kind permission of Tom and Ruth mawer at meadow view, Kelby, Grantham, lincolnshire. The Kelby flock were the eastern Region Champion flock 2011. (full details to follow). Here’s wishing everyone a successful and rewarding summer.

The weekend will then be spent at The mcdonald Craxton Wood Hotel near Chester as already advertised. If you are not staying at the hotel but would like to attend the Friday night buffet or the saturday night Gala dinner tickets can be obtained through the Charollais office in norfolk. If you have any ideas of events, locations and speakers please send your suggestions to Jan Walton, Church Farm, backford, Chester, CH2 4be. Tel 01244 851705.

The Society will have a high profile at this event and hope that members will be able to come along and help promote the breed. The show attracts a huge turn-out of farmers, trade exhibitors and breed representatives. An event not to be missed!

Welsh Region vIsIT To TaWelFa CHaRollaIs WelsH ReGIon CHamPIon FloCK 2011 Paul & alison amphlett and family welcomed fellow Charollais and commercial sheep breeders to Pytingwyn Farm, brecon on what was a bright but chilly February day.


The Tawelfa Flock enjoyed much show and sale success in 2011 and capped it all off by taking the Welsh Region Champion Flock. some 40 breeders made the most of the opportunity, with several travelling from as far away as Ruthin to view first hand Pauls flock. none were disappointed as Paul, ably assisted by his sons ben & James, rounded up the various groups of ewes, ewes and lambs and stock rams.

an open day & Central Region aGm will be held on saturday 19th may 2012 at 12pm. This will be hosted at The bould Flock, Chipping norton - Central Region (south) Champion Flock 2011 and overall Reserve Champion Flock (Central Region), by kind permission of Gwyn and lynn meyrick. Further details will be sent out to all members nearer the date.

Throughout the visit Paul provided an excellent commentary on the type and style of sheep he strives to breed. The Tawelfa Flock was established in 2007 with the purchase of a small

CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 11

HEADING NEWS FROM THE REGIONS number of in lamb ewes from selected flocks with the aim being to breed good quality ram and ewe lambs. Ram lambs are targeted at both pedigree and commercial buyers, with the ewe lambs primarily selected as flock replacements and the occasional sale of high quality females. since the start a few more females have been added from society sales with the majority of ewes viewed being home bred. The 2012 season lambing commenced early december, with lambed ewes grouped by number of lambs reared (singles and twins), each group were allowed field access within a few days of lambing having the opportunity to return to the building if they wished.

Paul Amphlett with some of his rams at the open day in February and giving the visitors information on the type and style of sheep he strives to breed.

The size and scale of all the ewes was impressive, of particular note was the group of 14 yearling ewes which exhibited power and style and would make a positive contribution to any Charollais flock. single and twin lamb ewe groups were rounded up in turn with Paul pointing out the lambs and advising the particular sire, each ewe group being characterised by the size and scale of the lambs, a credit not only to the maternal ability of his ewes but also his feeding and general stockmanship. bringing the event to a close the Chairman meilir Jones thanked Paul and his family for staging such an interesting event and congratulate the family on a fine flock of sheep, indeed worthy to be Region 6 Champion Flock and presented Paul with the Champion Flock Trophy. He then went on to give a special thanks to alison for providing us with tea and coffee and a fine choice of home baking, just what was needed on a chilly day in brecon.

Single and twin lamb ewe groups were rounded up in turn for the visitors to see (below) Paul receives the Champion flock Trophy from Regional Chairman, Meilir Jones

aCTIvITIes FoR 2012 your regional co-ordinators will engage in a teleconference to organise this year’s sale judges, promotional and fund raising events. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on these matters. Please contact your regional coordinator to discuss further. a combined “trimming and new members” event will be staged at Huw & bronwen evans’ farm later in the spring. barbara Fewster has kindly agreed to assist with the trimming once again. new members are invited to attend what should be an interesting and informative introduction to the breed and the attributes to look out for.

GeneRal meeTInG Following the flock visit, members gathered for a General meeting held at brecon Rugby Club. meilir Jones led the meeting with a comprehensive report on the two Council meetings attended since the Region’s aGm in october.

We are also planning a flock visit to dewi evans, Ffrwd flock in anglesey in early summer, followed by a General meeting to serve the north Wales area. Finally, congratulations and best wishes to emyr & stephanie Hughes who were married recently.

12 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012

The following information was omitted from the members handbook in error. ABERYSTWYTH & CEREDIGION SHOW SATURDAY 9TH JUNE Closing date for entries: Monday 7th May Judge: Mr Robert Gregory Contact Tel No. 07880 683 861

NEWS FROM THE REGIONS HEADING South West England annual General meeting will be held at The Fingle Glen Golf Course Tedburn st mary, exeter on april 17th at 7pm prompt - mike Glover from south West sheep breeding services Horsepond veterinary Centre part of the Torbridge veterinary Hospital Group ltd will give a presentation on the benefits of a.I and embryo Transfer, this will be valuable information for all members particularly new members for the development of your flocks. This will

be followed by the aGm and a buffet supper. Please let louise (Tel: 01841 5211420) or Patrick (Tel: 01278 732944) know if you will be attending. again this year we will be running the 100 club for those of you that missed out on a ticket last year and the opportunity of winning the monthly draws - don't miss out this year Contact John osborne for a ticket on 01840 230354 or

OPEN DAY & NEW MEMBERS DAY AT CHURCHILL FARM, BUCKFASTLEIGH, DEVON SUNDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER AT 10.00AM BY KIND PERMISSION OF AMY & AMELIA PEDRICK “CHURCHILL FLOCK - XHP” CHAMPION FLOCK SOUTH WEST REGION 2011 There will be 4 different activities aimed to help new members.  What makes a good Charollais and inspection tips from Robert Gregory  Trimming demonstration by Gerraint davies  Inspection tips for nsa sales by brian davies and Tattooing demonstration by amy & amelia  marketing - which sales to use by Clive Roads and Chris Jones, mcCartneys

Notice is hereby given that the 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Company will take place at the Craxton Wood Hotel, Chester on Sunday 29th April 2012 at 11.00 for the following purposes 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0

Apologies for absence To receive the minutes of the 21st AGM Matters Arising To receive the Chairman’s Report To consider the Directors’ report and financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2011 To consider the appointment of Argents as accountants for the ensuing year To consider any other business

All shareholders of the company are invited to attend this meeting, which will be followed by an open meeting.

NSA SOUTH SHEEP 2012 WEDNESDAY 13TH JUNE at Iveagh Farm, Upper Lambourne, Hungerford, Berkshire by kind permission of Nugent Farms Ltd. The 916 hectare farm is situated in “The valley of the Racehorse”. The sheep enterprise is something completely different, with a flock of 600 Hartline ewes, bred up from mule ewes with the continued use of Hartline rams sourced from the late stephen Hart who farmed in oxfordshire. The ewes are lambed in april and occupy land not suitable for arable production. The arable enterprise comprises 251ha of wheat, 243ha of spring barley, 193ha of linseed and 45ha of oilseed rape. There are 25ha in reversion to chalk grassland containing wild flowers, this is in the Hls.

Please come along and support the breed on the Society stand.

All Signet Performance recorded flocks are invited to an informal meeting on Sunday 29th April 2012 at the Craxton Wood Hotel at 11.30 pm to discuss the performance recording scheme. Items to be discussed :-

    

Membership Numbers CT Scanning for 2012 and beyond Promotional Events Signet Service Future activities

CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 13


Gift Aid many thanks to all those members who have already signed a Gift aid form. The money received from the government in respect of Gift aid each year contributes significantly to our overall surplus. If possible we would like to claim the maximum amount back! For each subscription paid by a uK tax payer, we can claim an extra £12.50 from the Government. If you would like to complete a form - all that is required is an address and signature please complete the form enclosed with this edition of Charollais Times.

Email all members with a current email address logged in with us receive regular bulletins from the office. These can keep you up to date with health issues, reminders for sales and registrations and other interesting news items. If you are not receiving them, then just drop us an email with your address and we will add you to our list.

maRKeTInG CHaRollaIs Rams Sam Boon, Signet Creating a Unique Selling Point If every ram was the same, buyers would simply choose the cheapest. as rams are usually in plentiful supply, breeders can only make money if they can distinguish their flock from other peoples and add value to it. breeders need to establish why a producer should buy their rams over anyone else’s and promote these unique selling points (usP). a usP may include the ram’s appearance on the day of the sale, parentage, silverware winning potential, breeding potential based on estimated breeding values (ebvs) or health status.

Performance records support marketing breeders recording with signet have an advantage over those who do not. Their rams have been independently assessed, allowing buyers to identify particular sheep that can make them more money. ebvs indicate how a ram’s progeny will perform and independent research trials show that a £3+/lamb benefit can be achieved by using high ebv sires. The financial incentive to invest is clear and should more than justify an investment in superior genetics.

Promoting Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) It has never been so easy to track down a ram’s ebvs, with information freely available on the Internet and in sales catalogues. even so, breeders should not rely on their customers to track them down. breeders can make their flocks ebvs more accessible by: • sending promotional mailings to potential and existing customers • Placing advertisements in the farming press or breed society publications • Preparing sale cards for each animal outlining their credentials • Providing a promotional list/mini catalogue at sales • Including ebvs in the main sales catalogue • developing a flock website and keeping it up to date.

Develop a communication strategy It is important to communicate your marketing messages clearly to prospective and existing customers. decide who to make contact with and how to reach them. Target potential customers quite tightly as it is a waste of time and money promoting to people who have no interest in buying the type of rams on offer. maintaining a record of existing customers can be as simple as a card-based filing system or data entered into a series of computerised spreadsheets. ebleX believes the marketing of pedigree rams is an important area that pedigree breeders should give some thought to. Information about the creation of effective printed materials, internet marketing and the presentation of sheep for sale are all provided in a new ebleX publication “marketing breeding sheep for better Returns”. a copy of this publication is enclosed with this edition of Charollais Times.

14 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012



KENTON FOSTER Garriston Farm, Leyburn,North Yorkshire. Tel: 07711 469280 /



YLK 6065 Incredibly impressive embryo daughters in the sale

Visitors & enquiries welcome prior to sale.

YTU 6002 won numerous interbreed titles. Both daughters and grand daughters in the sale.

Web page coming soon:


Shamrock - XRL

September sale of 70 Pedigree Shearling Rams & Ram Lambs Ram entries to the Society by Tuesday 14th August

PEDIGREE IN-LAMB FEMALES – SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER Sale of 200 In-lamb Females & Ewe Lambs including the Dispersal of 70 sheep from the Garriston Flock comprising 20 ewes approx.20 shearlings approx.and 30 ewe lambs approx. Special Consignment Foulrice - 25 shearling Ewes Advanced consignments for both Sales from Moss Side ZRN, Linton Springs XUJ, Shamrock XRL, Wraycastle DW, Halfpenny YUU, Kingsland XJS, Rainbow XPU, Samlesbury XMF, Garriston - YTU Foulrice - DG Galtres ZKT, Camp House ZAB, Hammerton XUK Female entries to the Charollais Sheep Society by Friday 14th September CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012 - 15

heading 2012 EVENTS Practical Comm ercial Sh eep Day

Better Returns Programm e

Bring along your ideas and visit a working farm

Grazing Management and Charollais Rams

CommeRCIal sHeeP FaRmeRs day Date : Friday June 15th 2012 Host Farmers : Richard & Charles Tyler Location : vine Farm, morcott, Time


oakham, Rutland. le15 9dG 11am - 3.30 pm

The Farm : at Redhill Farm, the sheep manager Jamie Wild looks after 2,000 north Country mule ewes put to Charollais and meatlinc rams. The main aim is to keep the system simple, efficient and workable. The flock has one concentrated period of lambing which starts in Week 9, end of February. This is achieved by the effective use of teaser rams. Booking : everyone is welcome. The day is aimed at commercial sheep farmers who are keen to take part in a practical day on a 2,000 ewe sheep farm. Jamie will share with visitors some of his novel ideas to help with everyday tasks. Please bring along your own ideas to share. a complimentary buffet lunch will be served - so please contact Carroll barber on or 01953 603335 to book your place.

moRnInG - PRaCTICal sessIons WITH Mike Thorne, MRCVS Rutland Veterinary Centre mike will show you how to perform a simple post mortem on your lambs and detect the problem.

John Bland - Manor Farm Feeds on farm mix and rations for early lamb production.

FOULRICE FLOCK OPEN DAY Date : Friday June 8th June 2012 Charles & valerie marwood Host Farmers : Location : Foulrice Farm, Whenby, Time


near york. yo61 4sd 10.30 - 2.30

Provisional Programme :  Welcome and introduction on the farm and Charollais breed. discussion on the breed’s progress and the use of eId for flock management.  Gazing presentation - covering new leys, grass mixes including white clover, alternative forages by liz Genever, ebleX  Health presentation covering worming and vaccinations strategies by nigel langworthy, Tower vets  Wool marketing board presentation This event will be held in conjunction with EBLEX Better Returns Programme. Bookings to be made to Hellen Tordoff, EBLEX Events Co-ordinator Tel: 0870 609 1840

Breeder Developm ent Day How to get the best out of Performance Recording

Jamie Wild - Sheep Manger at Redhill Farm Jamie will show you around his lambing set up, including automatic watering system and other time saving ideas.

Carroll Barber - Charollais Sheep Society view a group of Charollais shearling rams and discuss what commercial lamb producers are looking for in their tups.

aFTeR lunCH a visit around the flock and some more practical tips from Jamie Wilde. other suppliers to the farm will be present with information on scanning, fencing and feed supplements plus competitions.

Event will be staged in conjunction with Manor Farm Feeds and Rutland Veterinary Centre

CASTELLAU FLOCK OPEN EVENING Wednesday 23rd may 2012 Date : Tim Prichard Host Farmer : Location : Castellau Fawr Farm, llantrisant, Time


mid Glamorgan. CF72 8lP start at the farm 6.00 pm

 Welcome and introduction on the farm and viewing of groups of Castellau stock. The lambs will have been CT and backfat scanned prior to the meeting.  Presentations at the local rugby club by HCC, signet and the Charollais society on recording isssues and the elite Ram Project.  The evening will be of interest to all those breeders interested in finding out more on performance recording and what financial help is available from HCC This event will be held in conjunction with Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales Bookings to be made to the Charollais Society.

16 - CHaRollaIs TImes aPRIl 2012

Charollais Times April  

News on Charollais sheep, images and details of forthcoming events

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