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BBF: 2017YOUTH SUPER LEAGUE The British Baseball Federation ("BBF") is the national governing body of baseball in Great Britain. Its development agency is BaseballSoftballUK (BSUK). BSUK is also the District Administrator for Little League in Great Britain. New, in 2017, the BBF will offer its affiliated club members a Youth Super Baseball League ("BBF: Youth Super League") which will be played from April to June. Games will primarily be played on Saturdays. The BBF Youth Super League will be organised competition, which will consist of three age groups: Minors (11U), Majors (12U) and Seniors (16U). We will adhere to Little League rules and games played will apply to Little League qualification to play in the UK Little League Qualifiers Tournament. Afterwards, optional play will continue from late June to August for select teams. Little League Baseball and Softball is a non-profit organisation based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the United States, which organises local youth baseball and softball leagues throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. In June, the season culminates with the UK Little League Qualifier Tournament. The winners (Majors and Seniors divisions only) of the UK Little League Qualifiers will earn the right to travel to the European Little League Headquarters in Kutno, Poland in July to contest for the European and African Little League Qualifiers. The winning prize is the qualification for the Little League World Series in W illiamsport, Pennsylvania, United States later in August. To take part in the above your club will need to be affiliated to the BBF and register their interest by opening day 22 April 2017. Some team travel will be required as games will be played among teams in your region and division. 1

NOTE: This Participants Resource Guide provides insights to all of the participants in the BBF 2017 Youth Super League. Further, it is printer friendly.



RULES Diamond dimensions: 90-foot diamond and the pitching distance is 6.6 feet. Innings per game: 6 Balks: Yes Stealing: Stealing is allowed at anytime (including home base) when the ball is live. Lead-offs: Yes Dropped third strike: Ball is live i.e., runners can advance (including home base). Rosters: May be composed of up to 15 players. Bats: All bats must be Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) stamped and certified .50; Wood bats that are made from one piece of solid wood, excluding Bamboo, will not require a BBCOR certification mark and can be used.


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Player eligibility: For a child to be a Little Leaguer®, eligibility must first be established by way of residency inside the UK and boundaries of a local Little League®, or the location of the school where the child attends is located. Further must be registered to the BBF affiliated club participating in the Super League. Pitch limit: Pitchers may only pitch in one game per day. 13-16 yrs of age: 95 max, Ages 14U per day. 1-20 (1-30*) pitches no rest I 21-35 (31-45*) pitches: 1-day rest I 36-50 (46-60*) pitches, 2 days rest I 51-65 (61-75*) pitches, 3 days rest I +66 (+76*) pitches 4 days rest. Mandatory play: +13 players on the roster: minimum of one at bat. 12 or fewer players: 1 at bat and 6 consecutive defensive outs. Substitute entering game for the first time may not be removed until the above rule is met. Re-entry: A starting player may be removed for a substitute. Any player who has not been removed for a substitute may re-enter the game in the same position in the batting order. A substitute entering the game for the first time may not be removed prior to completion of his/her mandatory play requirements. Defensive substitutions must be made as the team takes the field, or while the team is in the field. Offensive substitutions: Must be made as the player comes to bat, or while the player is on the base. Equipment: Baseballs soft-core (home team responsible to have a minimum of three new balls available per game), no catcher skull caps, metal cleats allowed, NOCSAE non-glare batting helmets, catchers mask requires dangling throat guard. On deck batter: Allowed (must wear batting helmet). Scor ing: IMPORTANT - Teams must keep score in a score book if full throughout the year. If not, you risk your games not counting or placing for post-season competition. Coaches submit your scores (within 24 hours) to the BBF after each game. Officials (umpires): Are the responsibility of the home team (inclusive of costs).

* Applicable to 15-16 year olds. 4

CHECKLIST for COACHES .,. .,. .,. .,. .,.

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Venue: Ensure no park events are happening on the field that may cause interruption to your game(s) on the day of the event. Grounds: Ensure your field will be marked (baselines and batters box), grass cut, dugouts (or area) are clean, and scoreboard (if applicable) functioning. Backstop: A backstop is required for all games at any age group (Minors, Majors or Juniors). Refer to the Little League rulebook for distances from home plate. Umpires: Secure an umpire(s) for the event. Note: Umpires can be secured nationally. Refer to the BBF website for details. Alternatively, if you have a volunteer umpire from your club ensure he or she wears the protective equipment and knows the rules. Equipment: Ensure you have the minimum equipment for your teams: � Batting helmets: Sx for the players, including on deck batter if allowed. Further, base coaches should wear batting helmets. .,. Bases: four bases (including home plate and pitchers plate) which can be secured to the ground. .,. Bats: Little League bat approved. .,. Baseballs: You should have a minimum of three new baseballs for each game. .,. First aid kit: You should have a first aid kit available at each game. 999 emergency number. .,. Pitch counter: A functioning pitch counter available. .,. Scorebook: A club/team scorebook to keep score. .,. Scorer: A volunteer to keep a complete score and pitch count of the game(s). All score books should be kept secure with your team throughout the year and be ready to be submitted to the BBF for verification. If you do not have a complete score book for each game the BBF reserves the right not to count your game and/or penalise your team/club. Home teams scorer takes supersedes visiting club scorer. � IMPORTANT: Scores must submit their games scores to (within 24 hours of the end of the game). � How to keep score for a Little League game video. � Video part 1. Set-up before the game. � Video part 2. Notation. � Video part 3. Keep Pitch Count. � Video part 4. Putting it All Together. .,. Garbage bags: Have rubbish bags available for teams for each dugout. .,. Batting line-up cards: A new line-up card for each game. Players: Ensure you poll your teams players, on or before (preferably five days before the game), to confirm you have enough players. Reminder, opposing travel teams need ample notice if you cannot play a game for whatever reason. Travel: Ensure you have car pooling and/or made travel arrangements for all of your players for away games. Food: Ensure you confirm whether or not there will be food and drinks available for home games: Regardless, advise opposing coach if so or not, so he or she can inform their players. Restrooms or changing rooms: Confirm whether or not there will be restrooms available for home games: Regardless, advise opposing coach if so or not, so he or she can inform their players. Caps and uniforms: Ensure your club team players have the appropriate team caps and uniforms available to wear for the games. Also, remind your players of the appropriate baseball shoes they can wear. Rain: Check the weather. The home team has the authority to call the game in case in in-climate weather, but you need to advise the visiting club and officials immediately. Address: Ensure you have the opposing teams coach contact details and confirm everything on or before four days the event e.g., provide the complete address of your club and confirm if there is parking available for the event and where. Code of Conduct: It's a game for youths, not adults. The aim is for the youths to have fun and compete in a safe environment which is free of misconduct. Any misconduct will not be tolerated by the BBF. 5


BRIGHTON Contact: Robin Banerjee Address: South Downs National Park, Brighton BN1 8YR Website:

GUILDFORD Contact: Michael Burdett Address: TBD (contact coach) Website:

HERTS Contact: Aspi Dimitrov Address: Grovehill Ballpark, Washington Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Hertsfordshire HP2 6NH Website:



LONDON METS Contact: John Ferlazzo Address: Finsbury Park, Endymion Rd, London N4 1 EQ Website:

LONDON SPORTS Contact: Gerry Perez Address: Wormwood Scrubs Park, Du Cane Road, London W12 0DF (next to Linford Christie Stadium) Website:



Contact: Jeff Whitworth Address: Farnham Park, Beaconsfield Road, Slough SL2 3BP Website:

SOUTHAMPTON Contact: Ross Arieta Address: Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh SO53 2P Website: 9


Away LYBL Herts LondonSports Herts M stangs Mets Mets



Saturday 22 Aprll Brighton @ Mets Brighton @ @ Mets @ Brighton @ Brighton @ London Sports @


Saturday 29 Aprll Guildford @ Herts Brighton @ Herts @ Guildford Herts Brighton @ Herts @ Mets Herts @ Mets London Sports Herts Brighton @ Mets @ Mets London Sports @ Mets

Division Majors Majors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors SenlO'rS

Brighton Brighton Brighton

Division Miners Miners Majors Majors Majors Senio¡rs Senio:rs Senio:rs Senio¡rs


LYBL Mustangs Mets London Spotts Mets Mustangs

Guildford HerlS LYBL Guildford Herts Mets Mets London Sports LYBL Brighton LYBL Mustangs Brighton Mets M stangs Brighton Mets Guildford Herts Mets Guildford HerlS Brighton Herts London Spotts Mets




Guildford Guildford Guildford Mets Mets London Spotts

Majors Majors Majors Seniors Seniors Se11iors

Brighton M stangs Brighton London Sports Mets Mets Heras

Saturday 6 May @ @ @ @ @ @

@ @ @

Sunday 7May LYBL LYBL LondonSports

Saturday 13 May Brighton Mustangs @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Mets Brighton Brighton Mets London Spotts M stangs

Saturday 20 May Guildford Herts @ Guildford @ @

Minors Majors Majors Majors Seniors Seniors Se11iors Seniors Minors Minors Majors

Mets Herts Mets London Sports Herts London Sports

Majors Majors Seniors Seniors Seniors Senors

Saturday 27 May Brighton @ Brighton Mustangs @ Brighton @ Brighton @ Mets @ London Spotts @ Mets @ M stangs @

Minors Minors Majors Majors Majors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors

@ @ @ @ @ @


Division Mlnors Majors Majors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors

Saturday 17 June Sunday 18 June

Minors Majors Seniors


Saturday 1 D June @ Herts Mets @ @ Herts @ Brighton @ London Sports @ Mets @ Brighton

UK Little League Qualifiers (all divisions) at Fanham Park

GAMES TIMES and CHANGES: Will be agreed between coaches in advance. The BBF advises games to start at 11 :OO (but this is optional). Please consider travel times allotted for visiting team to arrive on time. Any changes to the schedule must be approved in advance with the BBF Youth League Commissioner (Michael Holm DIVISIONS: MINORS: 5 TO 11 years of age. MAJORS: 9 to 12 years of age. SENIORS: 13 to 16 years of age. Note: Mustangs = Southampton

British Baseball Federation Youth Super League Reference Guide 5 may 2017  
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