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Fall 2010

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elcome to Brite Magazine! Our mission is to promote a healthy mind, body and business by enriching the five “B.R.I.T.E.” aspects in women’s lives: Beautiful, Resourceful, Intelligent, Thoughtful and Emotionallyconnected. Each section in our magazine focuses on one of these areas providing us with the tools for positive growth in both our business and personal lives. We’ve learned this past quarter that we all have experienced a “life interrupted.” It is what we do and how we handle that interruption that determines our next path. The following pages shed light on some seemingly bad life interruptions. As the stories unfold, their attitudes and behaviors towards these interruptions allowed the situation to quickly change into a gift that was bigger than they had ever imagined. We pass these stories on to you, showing you that a “life interrupted” is more likely a “life re-directed” – a growth period for much more abundance to come. You can email at:


hat our BRITE readers are saying….

It’s so refreshing to have a publication for young professionals that express the importance of maintaining balance in all that we have going on in our lives. Living by the B.R.I.T.E. motto is the way to go! ~ Kathleen A. (Facebook) It’s an upbeat island oasis in a sea of negative media! :) ~ Lisa Y. (Facebook)

BRITE magazine is a welcome addition to our community! It is a resource for me to find local businesses and attend upcoming networking events. It offers quality, thought-provoking & informative articles from cover to cover. Each page offers a different perspective into the realm of a woman. I look forward to being a life long BRITE Girl! – Tracy K.

All the accolades you so deserve. I can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the production of this. Good luck with your next issue! ~ Evelyn C.

Follow us on our blog: and sign up for our newsletter for events around town! Be sure to check out our Facebook and twitter page for giveaways and the latest news!

Thank you so much for the article from Katie Witter titled Burn-Proof your Portfolio. I love to make money and spend it but I’ve always felt a little intimidated about how to manage it. She broke it down in easy steps so I know exactly what issues I need to be thinking about ~ Christine T. @britegirl


auren Block,, creates graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media. She began her career in Orlando, FL working for clients such as KPMG, LLP and Disney. She now resides in Los Angeles specializing in event invitation design. Lauren’s work is continuously presented in a way that is both accessible and memorable. For design questions, please contact Lauren at: 3

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Go BringGreen or a new large handbag at the event to be donated to women battling cancer to carry prosthesis and personal items. Wish List items include wigs, scarves and makeup.


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WELCOME What is a B.R.I.T.E. Girl? “B.R.I.T.E.” is an acronym: Beautiful, Resourceful, Intelligent, Thoughtful and Emotionallyconnected. Our mission is to promote a healthy mind, body and business by enriching the five “Brite” aspects in women’s lives. Our magazine layout is focused on each Brite aspect providing you with the best tools as well as expert resources for positive growth.

My Ah-Ha Shoe Moment by Sara Batterson Have you ever arrived at the cash register, goods in hand, only to find that you left your wallet at home? This recently happened to me when I went to pay for my usual tall, skinny cappuccino from Starbucks. As I dug frantically, the line behind me kept growing as the grinding coffee machine seemingly became louder and more irritating. I panicked. This little interruption quickly caused my heart to race as my tough-girl posture crumbled in front of the line of annoyed witnesses. My morning was going so smooth until I realized I had committed the ultimate Starbucks faux pas. I began to tell the half asleep cashier to disregard my order, when a voice from behind said, “I’ll pay for it.” I turned around to thank the woman and tell her that it wasn’t necessary but she insisted. “It’s only what, like, four bucks?” she asked. “Just get me the next time around.” I graciously accepted. She placed her order and we waited together for our morning dose of liquid sanity. As we began to share information about ourselves, I realized that not only had this little interruption turned around into a payit-forward free drink, it had also turned into a great business contact. It was only moments

ago that I committed the ultimate no-no in the busy coffee line. Now I was exchanging cards and setting an appointment. As we grabbed our caffeine fix from the counter, I thanked her again and told her how thrilled I was that this interruption occurred. “Sometimes a life interrupted is worth the momentary inconvenience,” she said. “I’ll see you next Wednesday for our first appointment. Oh, and, by the way…nice shoes.” “Thanks again,” I said with a genuine and excited smile. I then looked down at my shoes remembering which pair I had on. It was then my “ah-ha moment” occurred and her words resonated within me… “Sometimes a life interrupted is really worth the momentary inconvenience.” The following pages shed light on the stories of women who have had an ultimate “life interrupted.” Because of their attitude and perseverance, their momentary inconvenience was nothing in comparison to the blessings that followed. 5

BEAUTIFUL It’s Time to Quit Your Teaching Job an interview with Becky Pierce

We interviewed previous teacher-gone-entrepreneur, Becky Pierce, to find out her “life interrupted” story. She has already made more money, traveled to more places, won more prizes and met more amazing women than in her 23 years of teaching. She explains that great opportunities are out there, it’s just a matter of embracing them when they arrive... BeautiControl (BC) is a home based, party plan, direct sales cosmetic company owned by Tupperware Brands. BC specializes in luxurious spa treatments, personalized skin care, glamorous makeup and advanced anti-aging products through an at-home (or workplace) spa experience with an unmatched income opportunity. BG: How is it different from other skin care companies? BeautiControl is the first company to bring SPA into the home (or workplace)! We share our products for FREE through a relaxing spa experience creating an atmosphere of a high-end day spa. Our high-quality, affordable products are exclusively formulated under our own top chemists from around the world. Our products bring visible results and are 100% guaranteed. BG: What made you decide to join BeautiControl? In 2004, I fell in love with a wrinkle crème that really worked and the spa party experience! I was getting a salon micro dermabrasion treatment once a month for 2 years and was paying out big money. My skin looked fine, but I was looking for a quality skin care line that would give me salon results but not the price tag. My best friend gave me the BC wrinkle crème and within days my deep lines were disappearing! I was hooked! I tried the skin Regeneration® Tight, Firm care, attended a party and then hosted & Fill® Face Crème my own party. I soon began sharing my love of the products and the results they were giving me with my family, friends, and really ANYONE who would listen. BG: What have you gained from being a rep? WOW! So much! I have learned so much about myself and have grown more personally in my nearly six years with BC than I did collectively in my 23 years as an elementary classroom teacher. BC is really a personal development company with


a paycheck attached. At my first national conference in July 2005, I set my sights on becoming a BC Director and earning the FREE car, the red Mustang. By stepping into leadership I share daily all that BC offers: I am changing lives of other women who need a flexible work schedule, support, training, recognition, breathtaking rewards, more family time and friendship. BG: How much can you make on average? A beginning consultant earns money through sales. An average spa party with 8 people will yield about $500 in spa sales. That would be $250 in gross profit with a 50% discount. That is over $100 an hour! Growing a team is what the smart consultants do. Adding new team members opens up many MORE avenues of income like commission, promote up bonuses, sustaining bonuses, recruiting bonuses, AND car bonuses! I love my bonus money! BG: What new product is coming out for the holidays? For the holidays BC has developed an Intense Color line of shadows. They are bold, dramatic and intense colors that are long lasting, glide on easily and resist fading. Also BC has sweetened up our spa pampering experience with a rich and decadent Limited Edition Chocolate Indulgence Spa Collection: hand crème, instant manicure, fragrance mist, body wash, body soufflé crème and lip gloss. In this collection, you’ll experience the delectable scent of chocolate along with hints of creamy milk, luscious caramel, dark espresso, holiday spice and relaxing peppermint. BRITE SPECIAL OFFER: Come join Becky today! Contact her at or 407-376-9775. Mention Brite Magazine and get $50 off the Business Case startup set or $50 FREE product gift for hosting your own Spa Experience with 2-8 friends!


The Story of Switch Flops: How a high school art project turned into a booming international business

It started as a high school art project: one flip flop with 13 changeable straps. Ten years later and over 1.6 million shoes sold, SwitchFlops launched onto the scene, securing prime real estate next to its Reef, Rainbow and Volcom flip-flop neighbors. Lindsay Phillips is the energetic inspiration and founding force behind this unique flip-flop boom. She attributes passion, persistence and follow-through to her success, which has now spread to the UK, Canada, Spain and Australia. What exactly does it take to go from a concept to a booming international business? We decided to go directly to the source to find outâ&#x20AC;Ś 7


BG: Lindsay, where did you get the idea for SwitchFlops? SwitchFlops evolved from a pair of ceramic sandals I created for an art design class. There was an amazing response by family and friends to these flip-flops adorned by a variety of fun Florida fare including sunglasses, palm trees and tropical fish. Everyone wanted to buy a pair and was disappointed to discover the shoes were not functional. I began designing flip-flops with colorful straps and fanciful buttons. After stumbling on the concept of using Velcro to create an interchangeable strap, and applying for a patent, SwitchFlops were born!

BG: How are you involved in the company now? I am really involved in the creative side. We have six inspiration boards for each season then we narrow it down. The inspirations could be a place then we incorporate trends of that place with a color palette. When traveling I look at what is going on, what people are wearing, etc. I also listen to the customer too. I am involved in the creative and design side as much as I was since day one.

BG: When did you decide to turn your project into an actual marketable item?

BG: Where do your get your creative ideas for your straps and snaps?

When I was in college I made it actually happen after years of doing groundwork.

Everywhere! I travel a lot for work and I am constantly looking for ideas. I am inspired by my surroundings and by the colors around me. I am constantly going to trend meetings and working with my design team on creating new concepts. I always love designing for spring because my Florida heritage always tends to stand out.

BG: What fears did you have to overcome to commit to this passion? How did you overcome those fears? Losing everything I had and the fear of not being successful! I overcame this by truly believing in my idea and working as hard as I possibly could to make it happen. To this day I always think about the saying “No risk, no reward.” BG: When was your first “break?” Break!? I wish! I have never really thought about this since I’ve had my nose to the grindstone since day one. I would have to say in the beginning, when the retailers were selling the shoes like crazy, I knew I had a good idea but seeing it turn around at retail was a huge turning point!


BG: What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business? I have a laundry list! Stick with it and give it your all. You have to be passionate about it and love what you are doing. In this economy, think outside of the box. Don’t try to compete in a niche, create your own niche. You make your own luck happen and you have the chance to make it happen, it’s all a matter of wanting to do it. Focus on your strengths; delegate your weaknesses. Never be afraid to hire someone who is smarter than you; this allows you to build an incredible team. Realize that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. And just remember quitters never win and winners never quit!


Liz Ballet Flats Karin Clogs

Liz Ballet Flats

Check Out Lindsay’s Fall Line! As of 2007, Lindsay has sold 1,605,000 shoes, 2,345,000 straps and 430,000 snaps. Lindsay is moving forward this year, building her brand into the Lindsay Phillips lifestyle – including bags, jewelry and much more. Her fall line includes the Karin Clogs, Liz Ballet Flats and Isabel Kitten Heel. Who wouldn’t want this fun, comfortable and affordable lifestyle?…we’ll take two please. We think this is one of the ONLY gifts that justify the “one for me, one for her” mentality. Pick up some snaps for you and some for your girlfriends then “switch” them out with each other. You can get your SwitchFlops, Snaps and Straps at these locations:

Isabel Kitten Heel

Parchment Plaza Venezia Shopping Center 7822 West Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32819 Phone: 407-248-0750 Email: Walk on Water Colonial Town Park 1140 Townpark Ave Lake Mary, FL Phone: 407-805-0477 and Winter Park Village 460 Orlando Ave. Winter Park, FL Phone: 407-539-2079

Karin Clogs

Isabel Kitten Heel 9

BEAUTIFUL A “Life Interrupted” by Cancer Fran Drescher never expected that her “life interrupted” would be because of cancer. Fran says, “I got famous, then I got cancer, and now I live to talk about it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages.” Fran’s mission is for us to join the Cancer Schmancer Movement so together we can do what needs to be done, so less of us will die prematurely. We admired Fran’s strength and determination to turn her life interrupted into an international education movement. By joining this movement, we asked her:

“What should all “BRITE” women do on a daily basis to fight and prevent cancer?”…. Prevention and early detection truly saves lives! Empower yourself and follow these tips to take control of your health: Transform from a patient into an educated medical consumer – Know your family health history and learn the early warning signs of cancer. Partner with your doctor – Ask questions about the tests available, talk about your risks and be proactive in your health. Get a second opinion if you are not comfortable with your diagnosis or the way you are treated by your doctor. Listen to your body – Many times we ignore the symptoms we are experiencing because we are “too busy” or too scared of the “what ifs.” Only you know your body; if you aren’t feeling like your usual self, see a doctor immediately. Exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Minimize your use of plastics. Be educated on safer consumer products - 1 in 5 personal care products contain chemicals linked to cancer. Learn and see if the products you use are unsafe through the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database Also, be aware of the chemicals in household products and choose natural, safe cleaners. (Our ancestors had the right idea by using baking soda and white vinegar to keep things clean!) Stay in the know by signing up for Cancer Schmancer’s FREE newsletter at 11

RESOURCEFUL Keep the JINGLE in your HOLIDAYS… mixing the right ingredients for your DOUGH


the holidays AND feeling in control with all the festivities, eating, and spending can be a challenge —‘tis the season. Setting SMART goals is one of the first steps to getting what you want out of life…the hard part is staying focused, disciplined, and intentional with your DOUGH. Spending has a lot in common with eating: both are about consumption, both require money, and too much of it can lead to serious problems. Women make up 70% of all consumer spending in the United States, 60% of all online purchases, and, on average, spend 8.5 years of our lives shopping…a recipe for breakdowns unless we plan and take effective action NOW. Good habits and behaviors pay off. Every decision has a consequence. One recent survey shows that 50% of affluent people exercise 2 to 3 times per week, versus 26% of poorer folks. Slim people have a higher net worth than heavy ones. Yes, I know – life isn’t fair.


atie Miller Witter, a native of Winter Park, has more than eight years of investment advisory experience and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Candidate. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Finance & Marketing from the University of Florida and her Masters of Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She serves on the Crummer Alumni Board, Downtown Orlando YMCA Board, and is greatly involved in her community. Katie is a graduate of Leadership Winter Park and Leadership Orlando, and is coowner of Financial Harvest, a Registered Investment Advisor. Katie can be reached at 407.341.0458 or


With saving and investing, good habits and behavior are a great way to amass real wealth. Successful investing is about steady accumulation of assets over time. Don’t be captivated by the latest know-it-all ‘experts’ in the media. Instead, be on purpose with YOUR plan, stay disciplined and success will follow. Dalbar Research annually releases the Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior which asserts that over the last 20 years (1990-2009), the average investor has only earned 3.2% per year, but investors utilizing an advisor coach with an action plan earned over 7%. This means a difference of $2.3 million per $1 million invested every 20 years. BEHAVIOR matters. Understanding your personal finances and investments now can help prevent crises down the road. Failing to mix the right ingredients will limit the full potential of your dough.



- Take a big pinch of focus: assess, prepare, organize, plan, and act. - Sift in your desired financial outcomes – you have to know what you want in order to plan how to achieve it. - Stir in heaping spoonfuls of time to get involved by learning. Boosting your financial acumen will go a long way toward increasing your confidence in your ability to make good financial decisions. - Sprinkle in dashes of reminders that every decision has a consequence (a dollar saved is more than a dollar earned) - Add a dollup of patience (positive results will emerge over time) - Fold in a sizable portion of balance. - Pour in confidence. Expect to harvest the fruit of your behavior. - Plant the seeds and cultivate. Financial confidence looks fabulous on every woman!

Mix thoroughly and blend daily into your life. This recipe can bring satisfaction and fulfillment well past the holiday season and can blossom to living a good life. No more excuses. Women can become good investors with the right tools. It’s time to get more involved in your financial life. The most important things are setting goals and having a plan to meet them. Just as a good diet and exercise routine will do for you -- If you want your financial life to have a different ‘bottom’ line, you have to do the hard work.

Chew on this:

Women around the world are more dissatisfied with the financial industry than any other that affects their daily lives. Many believe that gender is s key factor in the disrespect and condescension they have often experienced and the poor advice they have received. 75% of women without a Financial Advisor say they want one. The PROBLEM? There is no one they feel then can TRUST. You reap what you sow. Choose wisely. 13

INTELLIGENT BG: When and how did you know you were called into the medical field? I have an aunt who had a nursing career and ultimately obtained her PhD in Nursing. I always admired her. She was a professor at the University of South Carolina. Once, when I went for a visit, I joined her for classes. She was an inspiring person. She loved teaching nursing students and they adored her. It is so great to be around someone who loves what they do. I remember when she was in school at night and working during the day and gone from her family a great deal. I saw how difficult it was for everyone to balance family life and responsibilities, but I also saw that it could be done. BG: When did you first begin work for Orlando Health and what was your first position?


hat does it take to manage a hospital that is the third busiest labor and deliver unit in the country, delivering more than 14,000 babies a year? Our woman trailblazer, Kathy Swanson, knows exactly what it takes. Mrs. Swanson is president of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. She manages about 2,200 employees and oversees the operations of the 11story hospital dedicated exclusively to the needs of women and babies. And we thought we were doing well just managing our own households! With these responsibilities and credentials, we wanted to know it takes to manage such a large operation...

I began working at Orlando Health in 1977. I was an RN by the time I was 19 and I began working in the NICU. I absolutely loved it. I had wonderful preceptors and our Medical Director at the time was Dr. Gregor Alexander. He taught me a great deal about leadership and about always putting patient care firstâ&#x20AC;Śno matter what. I loved taking care of extremely critical patients and soon trained to be a transport nurse. In this role, I would hop in an ambulance and go to an outlying hospital to stabilize an infant and transport an ill infant back to our hospital for further care. It was very exciting. BG: What strengths do you believe you have that gave you the opportunities to advance, taking on bigger roles and responsibilities? I believe I am organized, focused and passionate about what I do. I believe in what we do and what we stand for at WPH. I have high expectations of myself and our team. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t give up easily if I truly believe in something. BG: What were some of your fears and how did you overcome them? I believe the best way to address fear is to carefully consider the issue, the options to resolve the issue, develop a plan and move forward. Preparation is critical. Analysis paralysis can be detrimental. BG: Because you manage a large base of clients and employees, what advice would you give to run a healthy and growing organization?


INTELLIGENT Be honest. Be real. Be a person of your word. Be a role model. Be positive. Trust your instincts. Lead with your head and with your heart BG: It is hard for a business woman with a family to balance and juggle everyday demands. Where or what do you draw from to keep you refreshed and forward-thinking? I have an incredible support network, from the amazing team I work with, to a supporting husband and understanding children. I have been fortunate at Orlando Health to be surrounded by people who encourage a home – life / work – life balance. I believe it is important to talk with your children about your job responsibilities. Try and include them, if possible, so that they feel a part of your professional life. Mother’s guilt is the worst guilt. There is no magic answer…I wish there was.

BG: What is in your career that fulfills you and brings you back to the purpose? Seeing the fruits of our efforts at WPH. Reading an incredible letter from a former patient thanking us for a wonderful experience. Being a part of something so important and so life changing. There are not very many jobs you can have whereby you can have such a positive impact on others. Healthcare is one of those jobs. BG: What advice would you give to women who want to pursue the medical field? I have always loved being an RN and I want to encourage anyone who might be considering a career in nursing. It is an honorable profession filled with excitement, challenges and limitless opportunities.

Kathy’s favorite quote and advice to our readers: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” Frank Outlaw 17


"RIDAL 411: get me to the altar wth bridal expert patti manzo

Stay updated on the latest trends, tips and advice when planning your next event or wedding. Consult our Bridal 411 Expert, Patti Manzo with Get me to the Altar, Here is the latest 411 every bride should know…

Second trend: Display an artificial cake. Only the frosting and design is real on the outside except for one real slice area where the bride and groom will cut the cake. Again, the cake is then brought to the back where there is a sheet cake ready to be cut and served to the guests. Third and latest trend: Replace a wedding cake with cupcakes in a multi-level display. Your guests will certainly enjoy all the different colors and flavors. Q: What has been a recent change within the wedding scene? This year has been all about new ideas and trends that the bride and groom want for their wedding day. The guest seating chart is a recent change. The majority of my brides and grooms have opted out of doing a seating chart this year. Why? They want their guests to be comfortable.

Q: How do I choose the best ceremony site for the holidays? 411: Consider this when choosing a site for your holiday wedding or event…most places, especially churches, put up their holiday decorations the week of or after Thanksgiving. This becomes a problem if you do not want to have a Christmas-themed wedding. Most of the venues, especially churches, will not take the decorations down for your wedding. Ultimately, you are stuck with their type and color of decorations. This makes it extremely difficult for planning a November, December or January wedding. My suggestion? Before you have your heart set on a place and put a deposit down on the facility, ask the venue when they put up their decorations and if they are willing to take them down for the day of your wedding or event. This saves the bride and groom from being surprised later and possibly losing their deposit because they don’t want the facility anymore. Q: What are the latest trends for purchasing a wedding cake? 411: There are so many different and new trendy ways to save money when it comes to your wedding day cake. First trend: Opt for a smaller, three-tiered cake, with a simplified filling. Have a sheet cake in the back kitchen area that has the same filling and design on the outside of the cake. The bride and groom cut the smaller cake, it is then taken in the back and the sheet cake is actually the one that is cut and served to the guests. As far as the guests are concerned, the cake being served is from the same cake they saw. This can save you a lot of money if you are on a budget.


If their guests are sitting with strangers, they might end up feeling uncomfortable. It is important for their guests to be relaxed, sit where they want and have a great time at their wedding. If you do have a seating chart, look into creating a Bridal Scroll. It is a framed, 16x20 poster-sized seating chart placed on an easel. It has the bride and groom’s name at the top, the bridesmaids’ names on the left and groomsmen on the right. Underneath, are the table names (table 1) then all guests listed who are sitting at that table and so on. The seating chart can be enhanced with the bride and groom’s black and white picture as the background. A lovely keepsake is created. The bride and groom can decorate their wall with this reminder of all the guests who shared their special day with them.

INTELLIGENT Here is another question to ponder: What would you do if you have a bridesmaid who does not want to wear the bridesmaid dress you have chosen and she won’t compromise on it? Got to my website to find the answer to that question and more………… Find out more of the latest Bridal trends as well as the industries greatest tips and advice! Check out or contact Patti Manzo, owner of Get Me to the Altar, Wedding and Event Planning: 407-625-8087. “Where elegance and style are combined with extreme attention to detail and sophistication for all your event needs.


My Savoir Faire Lady by Amanda Niznik

Seasonal savoir-faire is in the air. Amanda Niznik, our Savoir Faire Lady, shares some thoughtful practices and tips to help you gracefully cruise through this holiday season…

>> Look like you splurged on Moschino but spend Marshall’s prices: Say goodbye to holiday ensemble anxiety and get ready to rock out any affair in designer duds! At Rent the Runway any gal can have a designer closet at her disposal. It’s so simple! Rent a fabulous, pricey runway dress (from Badgley Mischka to Rebecca Taylor) for a fraction of the retail price. Just sign up online, enter a few details, and viola! Scroll through endless designer choices.

Feeling overwhelmed? Use the search tool to find the perfect dress based on price, size and even occasion. Check out the groupings that are hand picked by the RTR stylists (who are also on hand by phone or via email). And, not to worry Cinderella, your coach won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight because you choose the rental period. From three days to one month, returns are super easy. Don’t even worry about dry cleaning. Simply drop your dress in the pre-paid, pre-addressed package provided by RTR.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, it’ll be the most fulfilling NSA (No Strings Attached) relationship you’ve ever had. // Visit: // Other good sites:

THOUGHTFUL >> It’s all in the classic, versatile and longlasting details: Check out Zoya, voted longest-wearing polish for natural nails by Woman’s Health Magazine. In addition to offering more than 300 color options and a pretty awesome search tool to find your best color based on family, sheen, etc., Zoya is proud of its formula, free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor, chemicals that cause birth defects and cancer. It’s veganfriendly too! For fall and winter, check out the Wicked Collection for some crispweather-hued metallics. Can’t decide on just one? Purchase the collection “sampler” of all six hues for just $36. My Savoir Faire Lady’s all-time, all-seasonal favorite? Casey - a delightfully vampy, almost-black shade in the purple color family with a rich, red undertone. Simple, classy and goes with everything. // Visit: >> Where to find the best gift experience: Avoid last-minute gift picks. Remember when Grandma Griswold gift-wrapped the cat? That did NOT work out well. Instead of grabbing items and/or animals on your way out the door to your girlfriend’s soiree, put some thought into your gifting.

instance, send your most favorite foodie to Le Cordon Bleu’s Chef Series, a group of courses designed for the non-student to develop foundational cooking skills. Choose from A Celebration of French Cuisine or Valentine’s Day Chocolates. Treat the hostess with the mostess to a day learning how to throw The Ultimate Appetizer Party or put together the best Thanksgiving Day Menus all for less than $100. Send that garden-challenged gal to spend a few hours with horticulture experts at Harry P. Leu Botanical Gardens, offering classes such as Florida Smart Plants and Orchid Culture. Also offered at the Gardens are seminars on nature, fine arts and even “how-to” classes such as making aromatherapy soap! Classes range from $15 - $90. Have an adrenaline junkie on your hands? Send her to Revolution the Off Road Experience where she can try out an ATV on the track! Revolution also offers dune buggy and 4x4 off-roading as well as various fishing and boating experiences. Feel free to tag along and if you need a partner, My Savoir Faire Lady is an adrenaline junky, too! Whatever you choose; make it thoughtful. // Visit: Le Cordon Bleu Chef Series: Leu Gardens: Revolution the Off Road Experience: Follow Amanda Niznik at her blogspot:

Give her the opportunity to indulge in a passion she may not make time for or develop a skill she may not capitalize on. For 21



Business Gift Giving Ideas During a Recession by Cheryl McDuffie James

What comes to mind when you hear the words “company holiday party,” “cash bonuses,” or “year-end raise?” As an employee you think, “Yes!” “Finally!” “Well-deserved!” However, as a business owner, your thoughts might be less than thrilled…especially with this year’s tight profit margins. How do you still reward those amazing employees without breaking the bank? Get creative! These five tips will allow you to reward your employees and get you through this holiday season on a budget: of cash bonuses, have employees select a 1 Instead charity of their choice that supports those hard hit during the recession and make a cash donation on behalf of your business. Have all employees sign a card or create a special note of hope to those that will benefit. the holiday party. Allocate those funds and enlist 2 Skip your employees to sponsor meals for needy families that have been hard hit during the recession. “Feed the Need” programs are a great way to bring the holiday spirit to those who are struggling to meet basic needs. “Holiday Half & Half” days. This is a great 3 Schedule way for your employees to “give a little” and “get a little.” Employees sign up for half-day volunteer times to give back to organizations and causes they support in the community. In return, they receive half a day to run errands or prepare for the holidays. service and product related businesses, donate 4 For your services and products to help others who could benefit from your goods or services. Microsoft has donated over 900,000 vouchers for technology skill training to unemployed workers for classes as they cut back on cash giving this season. and gifts are still QUEEN! If your 5 Cash business is able to provide gifts of cash or the like, make it count. Gift certificates or cards should reflect products or services that your employees desire, i.e. favorite restaurants, movie or sport passes for the entertainment lover, and exercise class, like yoga or personal training for the health enthusiast. Bonus checks should be net of taxes to make an impact!

A bonus offering…if your business has no means to provide a financial offering, have each manager personally craft a personal note detailing at least one contribution that the employee has made to the success of the company in 2010. Praise is still highly ranked among employees as a motivator! Be sure to utilize your social media sites and websites to promote the goodwill provided by your employees. In a time where we are bombarded with negative media stories, this is a great way to be “Brite” in your community as well as display to your customers your organization’s commitment to those in need. Don’t stress over gift giving this season. Utilize one of our “recessionary” gift ideas and make this season one that your employees and the community will remember for many years to come! Have a B.R.I.T.E holiday season. Business Imaging is a business development firm specializing in fostering “Individual Effectiveness & Productivity”. The firm is led by Cheryl McDuffie James, Managing Director, with over twenty years of experience. Our client services include a full range of business development services including one-on-one & team business coaching, training development & facilitation, process management services, small group seminars as well as speaking engagements upon request. For additional information regarding our services visit


EMOTIONAL someone else shine? When your IMG is lurking you can literally feel her inside you creating emotions that don’t feel so good. Notice these recurring patterns, and next time, be aware that it’s her lies, not your truth speaking.


Identify your Inner Mean Girl’s Top 3 Weapons. List the word-for-word statements your IMG uses to get and keep you down and distracted. What does she say to you makes you feel bad, hopeless or alone? How does she compare you to others? What does she say to make you feel like a failure, like you haven’t done enough, or that you aren’t smart enough? Make a list and then next to every one of her toxic statements, write a self-loving, self-empowering statement. Say these positive affirmations daily for 30 days and you’ll make your Inner Wisdom’s muscles stronger than your IMGs.

3. 3 Tips to SQUASH

Your “Inner Mean Girl”

by Christine Arylo & Amy Ahlers, co-founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School

“You should be able to get more done in a day.” “Why aren’t you as good as her?” “Shouldn’t you be farther along by now?”


ound familiar? This is the voice of your Inner Mean Girl. She’s negative. She’s catty. She’s judgmental. And, she is a liar! She’s also slowing you down, running you ragged, and keeping you from your dreams. Use these 3 tips to stand up to your Inner Mean Girl (IMG for short) and squash her power over you.

Identify Who Your Inner Mean Girl Really Is! Make no mistake, what’s she’s doing to you is very personal, so one of the best actions you can take is to personify her. Only then can you begin to transform her. To do this, draw a picture of her or find a photo that resembles her and give her a name. Is she fat with big glasses? Perfectly pressed and all in pink? A slob with a cigarette in one hand and a martini in the other? Don’t worry if you think you can’t draw – no one will ever see this but you, so go for it! And if you really don’t want to draw, can you find an image in a magazine or on the Internet that captures your Inner Mean Girl? It’s important that you have a clear mental image of that voice that tortures you. Interested in learning more? Transform your Inner Mean Girl and her self-sabotaging voices with: Free audio download of an Inner Mean Girl Reform School Open House tele-call where Amy & Christine share a powerful 3-step process for accessing your Inner Wisdom at Inner Mean Girl Reform School Home Study Course the 10-week course all bundled up to do at your own pace, at a special Brite Girl price. Regularly $247, use code BRITE and receive a $50 savings, so it’s only $197 for us girls.


Identify your Inner Mean Girl’s Top 3 Destinations. Where does she like to show up, criticize, get you down or cut off your connection and support? When do you feel the most anxious, overwhelmed, or ashamed of your relationship status, career, finances, or body? When does self-doubt creep in -- when you are about to take a big risk, try something you’ve never done, or when you see 23


The Truth Behind Probiotics Dr. Joseph Quagliata


acteria have a reputation for causing disease, so the idea of eating a few billion a day for your health might seem — literally and figuratively — hard to swallow. But a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with foods and supplements containing certain kinds of live beneficial bacteria called probiotics. Dr. Joseph Quagliata with the Center for Advanced Gastroenterology suggest using specific types of probiotics if you are experiencing some “not-so-fun” digestive issues such as IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Infectious Diarrhea, Antibiotic-Related Diarrhea or Traveler’s Diarrhea. “Probiotics are most often used to promote digestive health,” he says. “Because there are different kinds of probiotics, it is important to find the right one for the specific health benefit


you seek.” The most common probiotic bacteria come from two groups. Each group of bacteria has different species and each species has different strains. This is important to remember because different strains have different benefits for different parts of your body. In general, not all probiotics are the same, and they don’t all work the same way.

certain “bad” bacteria that can make you sick. - Produce B vitamins necessary for metabolizing the food you eat, warding off anemia caused by deficiencies in B-6 and B-12, and maintaining healthy skin and a healthy nervous system.

Scientists are still sorting out exactly how probiotics work. They may: - Boost your immune system by producing antibodies for certain viruses. - Prevent infection. - Prevent harmful bacteria from attaching to the Intestinal wall and growing there. - Send signals to your cells to strengthen the mucus in your intestine and help it act as a barrier against infection. - Inhibit or destroy toxins released by

Dr. Joseph Quagliata and family

HEALTH Dr. Quagliata explains that you should talk to your doctor before adding probiotics to your diet. “It is generally thought that most probiotics are safe, although it is not yet known if they are safe for people with severely impaired immune systems,” he says. “You should talk to your doctor before adding any probiotics to your diet. Your doctor will be able to help you determine if probiotics are right for you based on your medical history.” If you are in need of treating those less-than- fun digestive issues, Dr. Quagliata shares some tips for choosing a probiotic: Check the label. The more information there is on the label, the better. Beware of the Internet. If you order products from the Internet, make sure you know the company from which you are ordering. Stick to well-established companies and companies you know. The longer a company has been around, the more likely its products have been tested and studied repeatedly.

Keep in mind that probiotics are considered dietary supplements and are not FDA-regulated like drugs. They are not standardized, meaning they are made in different ways by different companies and have different additives. How well a probiotic works may differ from brand to brand and even from batch to batch within the same brand. Probiotics also vary tremendously in their cost, and cost does not necessarily reflect higher quality. Side effects may vary, too. The most common are gas and bloating. These are usually mild and temporary. More serious side effects include allergic reactions, either to the probiotics themselves or to other ingredients in the food or supplement.

HEALTH Protein Types Frequently hungry, crave fatty, salty foods, and tend to fail with low-calorie diets. Often feel fatigued, anxious, and nervous. Should eat diets rich in protein, fats and oils. Keep carbs low. BRITE suggestions for Holiday Buffet: deviled eggs, Swedish meatballs, meats, cheese, nuts, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail

Holiday Weight Loss eat according to your metabolic type and lose by Tania Torres Let’s face it; diets stink during the holiday season. Our taste buds are saying “Seriously? We’ve behaved all year and you still are going to ignore us?!!!” I’m convinced, as soon as the holiday parties begin, they assemble their taste bud board and agree to overthrow the director, a.k.a. your willpower. You’ve worked too hard all year to be overthrown by the taste bud board. You can still reign and maintain while avoiding a complete mutiny during this holiday season. And if you know your metabolic type, you’ll enjoy those holiday treats even more. Tania Torres, owner of Gemini Personal Trainer, agrees that you can’t set unrealistic goals during the holiday season. “Along with all the parties and fun, come all the ‘yummynot-so-good-for-our-diets’ foods,” she says. “What is the best way to combat that? One way is to go with your metabolic type.” What does that mean and how does it affect what you eat? “We are all different in so many ways including how our bodies use what we feed them,” says Tania. “Eating for your body type has been discussed for many years.” Tania refers to William Wolcott’s method of lifestyle eating. Wolcott makes it easy to understand how to optimize your health and fitness by identifying your individual type in The Metabolic Typing Diet. If you know your metabolic type, you eat what you want accordingly – even during the holidays!


Carbo Types Have relatively weak appetites, can tolerate a large amount of sweets, and usually have problems with weight management. They tend to have a “type A” personalities and be dependent on caffeine. Should eat diets high in carbs and low in protein, fats and oils. BRITE suggestions for Holiday Buffet: fruit, vegetables, whole grain crackers or rolls, pita and hummus, flatbread, bruschetta Mixed Types Have average appetites, cravings for sweets and starchy foods. Generally have little trouble with weight control. Should eat relatively equal ratios of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. BRITE suggestions for Holiday Buffet: cheese and crackers, mozzarella and tomatoes, ham biscuit, baked brie en croute, sushi The complete test can be found online at Check out the Metabolic Type Diet Summery for a better understanding of your metabolic type and enjoy indulging your taste buds this holiday season. Keep in mind that when talking about proteins, there are different types that should be consumed depending on your metabolic type. Tania Torres, certified personal trainer, provides one-on-one and group training, body sculpting, weight loss, agility and pre and post-natal exercise. Race training is her specialty – including triathlons as well as road races in 5k, 10k and ½ marathon distances. To stay updated on current races in Central Florida, contact Gemini Personal Trainer. Contact: Website:

MEDICAL HEALTH Are these on your holiday wish list? * Decreased anxiety? * Enhanced sleep quality? * Greater energy? * Improved concentration? * Increased circulation? * Reduced fatigue? Eliminate holiday stress this season by giving the gift of relaxation. Did you know that ninety percent of disease is stress related? Nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. While eliminating anxiety and pressure altogether in this fast-paced world may be idealistic, massage can, without a doubt, help manage stress...especially during the holidays. Enjoy 10% off any massage service this holiday season at www. Contact Misty Mahoy:; 352-459-9878. From sports to relaxation, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All About Balance Massage:


Need a little extra holiday

Have a gold party...

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Par kAve Spread

An opportunity to get together with friends and have fun... A hassle free way to throw an event without the time and cost of prep and planning.

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We provide a themed list of suggested menu items and a grocery list. Bring your unwanted Gold. Mingle with friends and enjoy Park Avenue Gold an afternoon or evening out. will contribute $100 We will individually evaluate towards food. your gold items and pay you ON THE SPOT.

update your look... Book a gold party and be the first to receive an exclusive piece from our Park Avenue Artisan Collection. Update your look by trading in your old gold, replacing it with a high fashion piece that will enhance your wardrobe. Each piece is original and uniquely crafted to match the styles and trends of the season. Our jewelry is made with unique semi-precious stones, fresh-water pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver, pewter and artisan glass beads. Our prices are affordable too with pieces ranging from $20.00-$130.00. You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford not to look your best this season so why not update your look while having fun? Party with your friends and earn free PAAC Jewelry - what more could a girl ask for? Bring the boutique to your home today!

For more details, go to or call 407-218-5958 Also visit and

Safe, Secure & Honest State Licensed & Insured Registered Precious Metals Broker 10 Days to Request a Return of Your Items Private Appointments/Free In-Home Consultations Offices are located in Downtown Winter Park 157 E. New England Avenue, Suite 410 Winter Park, FL 32789 (407) 218-5958


Easy ProsciuttoWrapped Scallop Holiday Recipe Scallops are known to make an appearance on the silver appetizer trays during the holiday season. We love this recipe because, well.... they are wrapped in prosciutto! However, we want our wrapped goodness to stand out among the others this season while cutting our prep time in half. Fool your guests with these tastefully, gourmet scallops without the gourmet prep time. It’s like Martha Stewart Cliff’s Notes… no one will ever know….


brought to you by:



1. 1/4 cup ready made roasted red pepper spread or tomato basil pesto (whatever suites your palate) 2. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil leaves 3. 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 4. 12 medium scallops * 5. 12 slices prosciutto 6. 2 cups arugula 7. 1 1/2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Finely chop the basil and mix with red pepper spread or tomato basil pesto. Rub each scallop with the red pepper or tomato mixture. Fold each slice of prosciutto in half lengthwise, and then wrap each scallop in 1 slice of prosciutto. Place wrapped scallops in a buttered baking dish, seam side down. Bake until scallop is cooked through, about 15 minutes. In a medium bowl, toss the arugula with the balsamic vinegar. Season the arugula with salt and pepper. Place the arugula on a serving platter or divide among individual dishes. Top with the scallops and serve immediately.

*The Freshest Catch: To find the best-tasting scallops, ask the seafood counter if the dry-packed kind are available. Unlike clams, oysters, and other bivalves, scallops cannot survive long out of the water, so they are usually shucked on the boat shortly after harvest and the meats are kept chilled until delivered to shoreside processors. This highly perishable seafood is often treated with a preserving solution to extend freshness for several weeks, affecting the color, taste and cooking time. Dry-packed means that no solution was used and the scallops were caught within the past few days.

Also, make sure the scallops are intact and translucent. If they milky or smell fishy; stay away. Cook them the same day you buy them. To clean, rinse under cold water, peel off the muscle found on the side of each scallop and pat dry Where to find Dry-Packed Scallops? Lighthouse Seafood in Lake Mary, FL; 101 North Country Club Road, Ste. 127, Lake Mary, FL 32746; 407-330-2425. The freshest seafood in town! 31

AROUND TOWN Dina, our expert real estate advisor, is constantly up on the hottest real estate trends in Central Florida. Whether it is your first home, second or investment property, be the first to have Dina help you snag up a gem in one of these areas this fall:

Lake Eola Heights Why It’s Hot:

Centered around the picturesque Lake Eola, Lake Eola Heights is located in the eastern area of Downtown Orlando. Lake Eola Heights is a historic district that is characterized by its timeless beauty and red brick roads. The gorgeous high-end homes in this area are a hidden gem of the city. It is a short walk away from the lake, which is home to weekly Sunday Farmer’s Markets and many festivals and events. There are also some wonderful independent restaurants close by such as the Dandelion Communitea Café, an organic eatery and tea house that holds nightly events such as the Monday Communitea Potluck. Prices: Condos: From $120,000 for 2/2 Single Family Homes: From $195,000 for 3/2


SoDo: Delaney Park/ Lancaster Park Why It’s Hot:

The area south of downtown that has become known as “SoDo” is becoming quite a popular place to live and shop. This area is home of the SoDo shopping center which is a 22-acre development that mixes retail, office, and residential space. It is over 70% full but there are still some spots in this prime location anchored by Super Target. Many people who live and work in the downtown area frequent SoDo for their shopping needs. Two neighborhoods of interest in the SoDo area are Delaney Park and Lancaster Park. They are similar to College Park with the brick-paved streets and classic architecture that are reminiscent of charms of years past. Two beautiful parks are located here, Al Coith and Delaney Park, which are a great places for kids to play or just to enjoy with family and friends. Prices: Delaney and Lancaster Park: Condos: From $65,000 for 1/1 Rents: Around $750-$850 for 1/1 Single Family Homes: From $157,000 for 2/1 Rents: Around $1,500-$1,600 for 3/2

Audubon Park Garden District Why It’s Hot:

The Audubon Park Garden District is located between downtown and Winter Park, right outside of Baldwin Park. With its central location, it has become a choice destination for restaurants and businesses such as the Blue Bird Bake Shop, Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux, and Park Avenue CDs. There is a community market every Monday evening where gardeners and artists can showcase their good and services. Leu Gardens is just around the corner and is home to monthly movies in the park shown in its lovely gardens. Audubon Elementary is an A School and a Five Star School, so the good school district here is another plus. Prices: Condos: From $53,000 for 2/2 Rents: Around $900-$1000 for 2/2 Single Family Homes: From $109,900 for 3/1 Rents: Around $1,200-$1,300 for 3/2 (continuted on next page)

HOME Dina Najjar has been living in Orlando since 2001 and loves the City Beautiful. She received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Central Florida in Marketing with a Minor in Mass Communications and her Masters in Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She is a Realtor with Century 21 Capital Realty Group located in downtown Orlando, specializing in residential and commercial Real Estate sales and leasing. Her focuses are luxury homes and condos, short sales and foreclosures, and real estate investments. She is an expert in the areas of Downtown, College Park, Winter Park, Dr. Phillips and Windermere. Dina can be reached at (407) 492-5393 or Check out her website for your up-to-date Real Estate resources and Orlando event information:

Keep the Home Fires Burning by Carolyn Moor

Homes have a life, a ‘fire’ that reflects all those who live within its dwelling. Winston Churchill said it perfectly, “We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us”. If this is true, like Chartwell House was for Winston, what inner truth lies in our own homes? The ‘me’ in the word home should make this point loud and clear. Homes are always about me me me. Houses, on the other hand, pale in comparison. This is why we buy a house (use use use) and then turn around, gut it, design it, rearrange it and make it our very own creating a home (me me me). Before my client was unable to sleep after witnessing an awful drowning at work. She felt she was literally drowning herself in this ‘blue’ and uninviting bedroom. She had also recently broken off an engagement and had lost the desire to create any feeling of romance in her personal space.

In the end, we all ‘grow where we are planted’ in one-way or another…the key word here is “Grow”. We can choose to live organized or we can choose to live cluttered. Asking ‘why’ is part of your own personal journey. Ask yourself with all honesty, “Does this represent who ‘I was’ or who ‘I am’. Let go if it’s in your past and it doesn’t create a good memory, especially when life has thrown you a few curve balls like divorce or death. Surround yourself right now with things that evoke a feeling of living more alive; photos from vacation. Reflect and connect to something spiritual; family relics and heirlooms. Love yourself enough to find out what this means to you, live fully, then share that fire with others. Carolyn Moor decorates homes from a unique viewpoint with an emphasis on healing for her ‘niche’ clientele who have gone through a life adjusting, emotional experience like death, divorce or any real disappointment. Her own story was revealed through an objective camera lens on the Oprah Winfrey Show uncovering that she herself was living a life that was keeping her emotionally stuck in the past and unable to move forward. She needed a new story to live. After this profound experience, she started to ‘let go’ and ‘let God’ by combining all her professional design and personal experience to create Moor Alive Interiors. The goal is to create homes that feel more alive, focused on the future and inspire a “Grow where you are planted” philosophy. New surroundings, new story guided by someone who’s been there.

After discovering my client was missing ‘fire’ on her Feng Shui Element Test, we added red to the blue for passion resulting in the rich, warm color scheme. By adding black out draperies, a sound absorbing area rug, reducing clutter and luxurious, comfortable bedding, it created a romantic and relaxing space where sweet dreams could flourish. 31





Have a Merry Modern Christmas Unique Holiday Garland Count your blessings! Made with vintage silverware, this 6-foot long handmade garland will look lovely suspended across a mantel, a doorway, a window casing, or a wall. It’s a little piece of original art--each illustration is hand-drawn--and it’s a warm reminder of all the things you have to be thankful for. The artist, Jen Matlack, uses spoons, forks, pie servers and knives in her creations. She takes custom orders, too. Her garlands range from $32 to $62. To order a garland and to see more of her work, visit daisychestnut


Add elegance and a modern appeal to your holiday festivities with this set of 6 coasters from Meadow Tea. Perfect to give as a gift or to keep for yourself as you cozy up to a cup of your favorite hot drink! Coupled with a bottle of wine, this makes a charming housewarming gift. It’s not too early to think about Christmas presents, check out the many other designs and even personalize a set of your own beautiful, character-rich Italian stone coasters at our Etsy shop. meadowtea

Meet Kitschville’s sassy new Jane! This popular flask features an original vintage illustration from a 1960’s elementary primer with an up-dated 21st century caption: “At times, Jane felt as though she just didn’t know dick.” Colorful, kitschy polka dots complete this slightly irreverent design which is printed on specially treated heavy duty vinyl. All of this awesomeness is then wrapped around a high quality 4 ounce stainless steel hip flask that tucks neatly into a pocket or purse. Other designs are available, and wholesale orders are welcome.




A little Added “Merriment” to the Holidays These 6 oz. flasks are so fun, and perfect for gift-giving! From that hard-to-buy-for friend to bridesmaids and groomsmen, these flasks make the perfect gift. There are many designs and colors to choose from, and all are original designs, so you won’t find these anywhere else! Made of stainless steel and durable, high-quality vinyl, these are a quality gift item anyone would be happy to receive.


Cute things for your sweet one One-of-a-Kind Wine Stoppers Vintage glass doorknobs are made new again by being fashioned into one-of-a-kind wine stoppers! You can choose from a variety of glass, porcelain, or handpainted steel. Custom orders are welcome. Wine stoppers are handcrafted in Washington Wine Country.

Is your newborn ready for fall? Super cute pumpkin hat and cocoon guarantee a WOW for your baby It is one of many unique designs from Knitted Kingdom shop at www.fairyshred.etsy. com. Your sweet one deserves something made with love by hand.

www.weatheredtreasures.etsy. com

Firefly Lattern For sale is a totally unique grapevine lantern - flash light - night light - PERFECT for Halloween Trick or Treating! So cute to carry around Halloween night as a safe flashlight to brighten your child’s trick or treating path! My son and nieces just love these lanterns, as they have such a fun rustic feel! 35


!"RITE.IGHT/UT7ITH0EARLSFOR7OMEN Brite Magazine and Pearls for Women teamed up for a great event at Orchid Restaurant. As guests arrived, the Orchid staff greeted attendees with silver trays lined with Orchid Spring Rolls, Thai Summer Rolls and Curry Puffs. While the meeting and greeting continued, the evening was enhanced by the laid-back, jazzy tones from The Avenue Band.



&INANCIAL(ARVEST,ADIES.IGHT/UT Financial Harvest’s event encourages women to plan or “plant” wisely now, reaping the rewards of a successful future harvest. “Plan, Plant, Grow, Cultivate, Harvest, Distribute…You Reap What You Sow…Sow Wisely.” Courtesy of Amanda Winters Photography 37





Have a question for our Brite Guy?


Contact Roy Biancalana; a certified relationship coach and author. Roy supports individuals who are frustrated with the dating scene yet sincerely want to find the love of their lives. Roy coaches by phone of in person. Dear Brite Guy, With all the responsibilities of life, e.g., being a mom, a career woman, etc., sometimes sex becomes sort of a chore. How do we combat this and keep the spice flowing? Especially with the holidays coming up! You’re kidding, right? What’s not sexy about diapers, Barney videos and soccer games? (Okay, I may have dated myself with the Barney reference.) And just because you’re exhausted by ten-hour work days and a recession that just won’t quit, you’re not going to use that as excuse for not being a tiger in bed, are you? Obviously, life does sometimes get in the way of a great sex life, but there are some things you can do to keep it “spicy.” Before we get into specifics, make sure your intimate relationship is


BRITE GUY your number one priority. If it falls apart, everything does. Just ask anyone whose parents divorced. Also, understand that as a working woman and/or mother, your sex life will be experienced differently than it was when you were in college. Life has changed but it can still be fun and erotic. Here’s how… First, recognize that men are like blow torches. Turn their knob and they’re ready to go. But women are more like crock pots. You need to slowly simmer all day and that means foreplay. Flirt with each other via text; kiss passionately every day; touch each other whenever possible. Second, since you’re simmering and craving one another, perfect the art of the mid-week quickie. Time is short; get a bang for your buck. Third, plan what I call, “booty binges.” Arrange life so that you can linger in bed for hours on a Sunday morning. Find another couple and take each other’s kids for the night or a weekend. Knowing that you have a romantic rendezvous planned is extremely erotic. Finally, the best thing you can do keep your relationship “spicy” is to resolve any and all conflicts that arise between the two of you. Nothing ruins romance like resentments. Dear Brite Guy, How do I deal with my husband’s mother coming into town during the holidays? How do I keep a balance and not bolt through the door?

Ah, the holidays-a time of thankfulness, celebration and generosity. It truly is “the most wonderful time of the year,” that is, until SHE arrives. Take heart, you are not the only one tempted to bolt at the first sight of HER. In fact, the

ancient mystics and sages used to say to those who claimed to be enlightened beings, “Go spend a week with your family and then come back and tell me about your enlightenment.” In other words, mother-in-laws have been challenging for centuries! The root of the problem between you and your motherin-law is that both of you are identified with your respective roles. In other words, each woman’s sense of self is being derived from her role as wife or mother. So when you are together, each person seeks to protect and defend her role/self and that leads to conflict. The mother-in-law sees herself as “mom,” and therefore continues to function that way-taking charge and telling you what to do. You are identified with your role as the Queen of your castle, and therefore you rebel at the slightest infringement of your territory. And that’s what it becomes, a territorial battle. The “I” in Brite Girl stands for “Intelligence” and that’s needed here. Mom isn’t going to change, but you can. You can choose not to see mom’s involvement or advice as diminishing or threatening to your sense of self, but evaluate her input on its own merit, accepting it if it serves you and your family, or politely rejecting if it does not. Firm boundaries can (and must) be set, not to protect your role as Queen, but to ensure the peace and happiness of everyone involved. Roy Biancalana is a certified relationship coach and author. He supports single people who are frustrated with the dating scene and yet sincerely want to find the love of their lives. His conscious approach to attracting genuine love allows a person to attract the man or woman of their dreams without having to bother with the Internet or pick-up bars. Roy coaches by phone or in person. Visit his website: and contact him at: 39


BRITE CHICK CHRISTINE ARYLO Christine, author of Choosing Me before We and co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School ™, is our nominated Brite Chick for the Fall.

What’s Christine Up To?... Taking a stand with women everywhere to stay NO! to being so hard on ourselves!!

turning down the volume on her voice, and turning up the volume to your Inner Wisdom. And because it takes place online and over the phone, you can do it right from home. And for those of you that like to do things at your own pace, Amy and Christine have created an Inner Mean Girl Reform School Home-Study Course.

Women around the world are transforming the selfsabotaging voices of their catty and bitchy Inner Mean Girls into self-empowering and self-loving thoughts through a series of experiences that Christine and her partner, Amy Ahlers, created called Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

It’s an Inner Mean Girl Revolution, and anyone can join! To learn more now, visit

There’s a 40-day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse – where you can give up 6 of her most toxic habits, including gossip (yes gossip!) and comparison.

IMGRS Home Study Course Link

A 10-week Fall Session that takes you through an entire process of naming your IMG, finding her weapons (even her song), and learning tools for


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What Brite Means to Christine... Beautiful: There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who truly loves herself… without apology. Resourceful: Knowing power comes through connecting to others and to a higher source, not from exhausting her personal energy reserves. Intelligent: Smart women lead with their intuition and follow with action, choosing to ‘be’ before they ‘do.’ Thoughtful: She leans into her relationships, not out. Opens her heart to both receive and give love. Emotional: Vulnerable. Self-Empowered. Nurturing. Strong. Receptive. Focused. Absolutely unwilling to do anything but express her entire essence.

Who is Christine?... Transformational teacher, author and speaker After earning her MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and spending over twelve years marketing big brands such as Gap Inc., Visa, and Frito-Lay, Christine Arylo traded in building images for corporations for the chance to inspire women to break free from their limiting and outdated self-images. A self-admitted, but recovering, achievement junkie and doing addict, Christine is a transformational teacher and coach who writes and speaks about the struggles and possibilities that this generation of woman -- today’s 21st century woman -- faces with life and love. Merging her extensive leadership and coaching training with a nine-year spiritual journey that took her to all corners of the earth (while working full-time, moving across the country and falling in love), Christine now works

as a catalyst for change, leading powerful virtual and inperson experiences for women and girls around the world. As the popular author of Choosing ME Before WE, Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love, Christine’s opinions have been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, and E! Entertainment TV, and in publications such as the Daily Om and The San Francisco Chronicle. Recently dubbed the “Queen of Self-Love,” Christine is the creator of Madly in Love with ME™, an international selflove movement that includes an official self-love holiday (Feb 13) and is dedicated to making self-love a tangible reality. Christine is the co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School™, a virtual school and community dedicated to transforming women’s self-sabotaging inner voices so they can stop being so darn hard on themselves. Christine lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her soul partner, Noah, who is both her partner in love and business. Together they travel and teach men and women around the world how to have the love and life they truly desire. 41


What NOT to Give Your Significant Other advice from one guy to another • A pile of cash. I once put fifty one dollar bills into a card because I thought it looked like more money. Another year I gave one $50.00 bill. It turns out that women don’t want cash no matter the size of the stack. The next year I went back to jewelry. ~ David

• When a woman says she wants something rare and special, getting her limited-edition autographed sports memorabilia is not what she had in mind. Also, face paint, a football jersey, and two tickets to an away game is not considered a “couple’s getaway with a makeover”. Instead, find something she may have lost from her youth – her favorite childhood book that her parents used to read to her, find a blankie similar to one she had when she was a kid, fly in her childhood best friends, etc…

• Do not buy a shakeweight. Do not buy anything having to do with weight loss, exercise, or “toning”. Do not buy anything having to do with “self-help” or “selfimprovement”. ~ Andrew R. • My wife always complained about how hot her car was so I got her tinted windows. She was not impressed. – Jimmy S. • The bottle a perfume comes in seems to be as important as the fragrance itself. You know that the knock-off brand smells exactly like the real thing, but no points are awarded for saving money on her gift. Unfortunately, a bottle of perfume lasts a long time. A reminder that you are a cheapskate, will too. -- Charles • Women love to get presents if you travel to another country. Just as long as it isn’t something her doctor has to tell her about 2-4 months later. ~Joel G.


• Women may buy cubic zirconia for themselves. You, evidently, may not. If it looks like a diamond, it better be a diamond, no matter how small. When she asks, “Is it real?” the answer better be, “Yes.” -- Larry

And the Winner Is… I got my wife a dress for Christmas, one size too big. She opened it, saw the size and said, “Is this how you see me?!” I ended up paying for her second gift: liposuction. The next year, I got her another dress, one size too small. She opened it, saw the size and said, “Is this how you want me?!” Second gift: liposuction procedure number two. The last Christmas I got her a car instead of the dress, costing me a lot less than the two Christmases before …and you can guess why it was the last Christmas. Moral of the story: Never buy clothing if you don’t know her size and remember that we all get second chances. ~ Anthony

• Never buy lingerie, jewelry, clothes, etc. for your new girlfriend that you got your past girlfriends. Although it may get your engine running, if she ever finds out, her motor will be revving in some other guy’s driveway. Try taking her on a four-hour shopping spree to her favorite mall. • Never give your girlfriend a gift certificate for laser hair removal, breast enhancement, liposuction, or a membership to a gym unless you hope to make her your ex-girlfriend. Also, never offer her sessions with an in-home, personal trainer because she’ll take the hint, get in shape, and end up working out under the in-home, personal trainer. • Avoid: coupons for “love”, avoid things that remind her of your mother, avoid anything that will make her work, avoid clothes unless you know her size. ~RJ

7Deadly Sins

of Texting

by Ensley Gilchrist We’ve all been guilty of it. You know, that mass “Happy Holidays!” text sent to everyone on your contact list. Sure, you told yourself you were merely spreading holiday cheer, but more than likely the recipients were just rolling their eyes. Why? Cheesy and impersonal. What happened to a phone call or even a personal text? It IS the holidays for crying out loud - step it up a notch! To save you the mockery from these unacceptable texting actions, we’ve kindly gathered some guidelines on what to avoid when texting during the holidays.

Lust: This can be a lonely time for some, and an awkward time for a fledgling relationship. Do yourself (and the world) a favor and limit yourself to texting your new man only after he texts you. Guys already get freaked out by holidays. They stress about buying the right gift, being pressured to meet your family, and whether or not you are going to let them watch football in peace. You texting to see what they’re up to every 5 seconds is only going to raise the freaked-out meter to “I think we should start seeing other people…”

TECHNOLOGY NO-NO’S Anger: It’s a fact: extended family members always live in black holes where there is no cell phone service. However, their poor choice in real estate does not give you a free pass to run around the front yard, waving your cell phone to the sky, and yelling “Why God, why?”

Sloth: How r u doin? Hope ur holiday is gr8! With the invention of the QUERTY keyboard, texts like this are just straight up lazy and slightly disturbing. If you can’t type three letter words you should probably just push “call”. Or just ask them in person since technology still doesn’t seem to be meeting your needs.

Envy: Another reason the holidays can be rough is that you feel like everyone else is busy but you. It’s disheartening to check your phone once every three hours only to discover that…no one has tried to contact you. It’s easy to wonder what they’re doing, if they’re having more fun than you, and if you should send a mass text just to get some back.

Pride: Sure, the family celebrations can often create a lonely, gaping void that you think only a husband and babies can fill. (Grandma’s pecan pie will have to tide you over until then.) This does not mean you should be texting anyone saying that you 1) miss them, 2) wish you could be with them, or 3) can’t stop thinking about them. You’ll thank yourself (and me) when you are on a plane home with your head held high and dignity still firmly intact. Which leads me on to my next sin…

Gluttony: Know what qualifies as a text conversation and what deserves a phone call. A quick hi, reminder, or question is always appropriate for text. Asking someone to tell you everything about her recent breakup is not. Before you know it, texts will be sent out of order (1/2? 2/4?) and people’s thumbs will be cramping. Not pretty. If it’s that important, pick up the phone and call.

Greed: Because of the holidays, it’s going to take him more than 2.5 seconds to respond. Take a deep breath, back away from the phone, and imagine that his lack of attention is because he’s being forced to watch Triumph of the Will with his grandfather.


Central Florida’s Best Kept Secret… But Not for Long! Since 2005, Dedra Curtis, founder, has set out to change the face of Legal Services by assisting the public, attorneys, and law firms with highly qualified paralegal services. Her Motto: “Everyone needs a really great Paralegal”. Since 1995, she has taken her education, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to set a new standard in the Paralegal profession and developed the concept to “just think one”… LegalOne. “I have seen a lot as a Paralegal over the past 17 years, and I can honestly say that in all reality we are in a do-it-yourself world; my hope is that people will learn from the common misconceptions and pit-falls that commonly happen in handling their own divorce, estate planning, and incorporating,” says Dedra. “In addition, we have an in-house attorney who is available to our clients at no charge to answer our client’s legal questions and several other attorneys of counsel that we may refer to for our client’s legal questions,” she says. “We are not attorneys, we cannot give legal advice. However, we are a resource to the public for form assistance and referrals and to attorneys and their law firms for high quality and confidential paralegal outsourcing.” 44

BUSINESS There are quite a few scenarios that people try to handle on their own. This is never a good idea especially when people begin to demolish their savings. As you can see from the scenarios below, Legal One is a great go between that will cost you neither the embarrassment nor the extreme fees. SCENARIO 1: Handling your own divorce…Good or bad idea? It depends. We have seen very savvy people come in with all of their assets already separated, agreed upon and very amicable. The wife may ask, “What if my husband and I want to handle our divorce on our own? We have minor children, and a few assets. We do not want to go online to hunt down forms. Can you help us?” Yes! First I must reiterate we are not attorneys; and this is our non-attorney unsolicited opinion on what we have seen. We may assist you with providing forms and assisting you with filling them out, and couriering to court. In the event legal advice is needed, our of-counsel family law attorney may answer questions at no charge.

SCENARIO 2: We have seen clients come into the office with “a table top will,” meaning they either typed or hand wrote their last wishes but did not have it witnesses or notarized. Then once the person passes away, the son does not understand why the will isn’t valid. There are many estate planning forms out there. Buyer beware! There are crucial elements to have a valid will and every state is different. If you are not sure, please consult with an attorney.

SCENARIO 3: Incorporations and business consulting. One share of stock…and you don’t realize what you have done. A business owner may ask, “How do I fix this considering I am trying to sell my business.” It is amazing to us when we see that a client is trying to sell her business, or obtain an investor for funding and she doesn’t realize that she did not issue enough stock in her incorporation; or worse, never established stock in the first place. This is a common mistake and can easily be corrected by filing an amendment to the articles of incorporation.

FOR THE ATTORNEYS/LAWFIRMS: For the Attorney…With the economy being what it is, it is hard enough to stay in business and every penny counts. We work with attorneys and law firms case by case and as needed. If they want to grow their firm by handling additional areas of law, we are here to help. We are not a staffing agency; we are here as needed with the highest quality paralegal services, at a fraction of the cost of paying current staff for overtime or hiring additional paralegals. Save on your overhead; save money! 45


Always Have an Attitude of Gratitude By Eva Krzewinski, MBA, Chrm President of Pearls for Women One of my favorite “Pearls” from the strand of knowledge is, “Always have an attitude of gratitude.” Be grateful and appreciate what you have, what you have accomplished, the people around you, and of course yourself. One of the main reasons for being grateful is the positive impact on the way you think and feel. Research shows that grateful people have “higher reported levels of the positive states of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy.” This is a fantastic reason to share your thankfulness with the world. It’s the little things in life that truly make a difference. We have all heard the cliché, “stop and smell the roses”, but really… we rarely do. I actually stopped a few weeks ago on a trip to Victoria, British Columbia. My friends and family went to Butchart Gardens. The splendor of the flowers was so breathtaking and the smell of the hundreds of rose bushes insisted that I stop. As I took in the flowering aromas all around me, I could not help but thank God for allowing me to experience such delight. Walking away from all that wonderment made me realize that I need to slow down and be grateful for what I have in life and how wonderful that life can be. In these up and down times, some of us might find it hard to keep a positive state of mind. So the more we can step back and examine what we have already experienced that is valuable to us, even more so during the holiday season, the more we can focus on gratitude and the more we can accelerate our own inner healing as a result. Here is a list of some of the things for which you may find plenty of gratitude for: >> Your health: even if it isn’t perfect, be thankful for the health you have. >> Your family: be happy you have one because many don’t and wish they did. >> Your memories: life without memories would not be life. >> Sunshine and nature: find a spark of beauty and it will make you smile.


>> Food, be grateful we have it. >> Your job, business or career which provides the income you need. >> Your ability to learn. One of the greatest gifts we have is education. >> The gift of choice. You get to choose your path at any given moment. >> Your desire to learn new things. Life is a constant learning plane. Many experts are using the act of being grateful as a tool for wellbeing. “Being grateful is an energizing way to start your day and a relaxing way to end it” says motivational guru, Tony Robbins. Oprah is a big advocate of keeping a Gratitude Journal. Take a few moments and think about what makes you thankful – jot them down everyday. When practiced daily for just sixty seconds, you will create an attitude of gratitude which will brighten your mood and uplift your daily experiences. It will allow you to take your attention away from things that you are not grateful for and refocus on those you do appreciate. Pearls for Women is a service organization designed to help women, one woman at a time. Pearls’ mission is to educate, connect, inspire and put women in touch with resources beneficial to enhancing their lives, businesses, careers, and community connections. Pearls for Women successfully achieve their mission through several outlets, such as Motivational and Educational Workshops called the University of You, Fundraising, Event Consulting, Community Partnering, and Business Mentoring. www. / 407 772-1426 Check the next issue of BRITE Magazine for a new Pearl from the Strand of Knowledge.

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BRITE Magazine Fall Issue 2010  

The magazine for business women. Our mission is to support a health mind, body and business by enriching the five "B.R.I.T.E." aspects in w...

BRITE Magazine Fall Issue 2010  

The magazine for business women. Our mission is to support a health mind, body and business by enriching the five "B.R.I.T.E." aspects in w...