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Brite Girl Noemi Bosque

For us,

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WINTER 2011 | VOL 1 | NO 4

I JUST WANTED to drop you a line to let you know that I received my first referral from the magazine this afternoon. A woman picked it up at Harmoni and saw our article and called. I am really excited to see results to our contributions and really truly am excited to be a part of what you are creating. –Dedra L. Curtis YOUR MAGAZINE is amazing. I love the ‘life interrupted’ idea followed by inspirational stories of women who pushed through those moments and found success along the way. Great concept. I think it can become a hub for a tribe (more Seth Godin speak) of like minded women. It will be fun to watch your success. —Scott Stafstrom THANKS FOR BRINGING me a copy of the magazine this a.m. Only one problem — I am very frustrated. I started to glance through it and found something I was interested in reading when the host came back to the table for our brief meeting — had to stop. I actually sort of laughed to myself when I realized how irritated I was that I could not continue the article. Now — I am working but keep picking up the magazine and flipping pages — anxious to get back to it. You have done a great job! It is engaging, readable, interesting, relevant and probably one of the only magazines in YEARS that I will read cover to cover, WHEN I get through work. It is really making me exercise some self discipline. Congratulations. I can’t believe I have not discovered it yet — I must be the last one in Orlando! Best wishes for much success! —Michele P. Guest



Balancing life, motherhood and a sport she loves, Noemi Bosque talks about her sometimes-crazy life and being a part of Olympic history as she makes a bid for the 2012 games.



























On the cover and this page: photographs of Noemi Bosque by Erika Hopkins; women’s boxing shorts designed by Amy Camacho

WHAT IS A B.R.I.T.E.GIRL? “B.R.I.T.E.” is an acronym: Beautiful, Resourceful, Intelligent, Thoughtful and Emotionally-connected. Our mission is to promote a healthy mind, body and business by enriching the five “Brite” aspects in women’s lives. Our magazine layout is focused on each Brite aspect providing you with the best tools as well as expert resources for positive growth.







VOL. 1, ISSUE 4 • WINTER 2011


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Then remove the junk that doesn’t apply to this space making room for the people, resources and opportunities that will replace it. Make sure your space is balanced so not too much of one thing piles up and clutters it all over again. “Life without balance can cost you your relationships. Life without balance can cost you your health. Life without balance can cost you your spirituality. Life without balance can cost you your wealth and your happiness. So find things to motivate you from all areas of life. Your success depends on it.” —Jim Rohn We are providing you with many resources in the following pages to help you get a jump-start on creating your space. Get rid of your junk, accept where you are, then begin creating a BRITE, balanced space in this New Year. —SARA BATTERSON

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DON’T YOU WISH the 1-800 GOTJUNK trucks could remove more than just our unwanted “stuff?” I’ve been tempted to call them and make a few personal requests. “Hello? Is this 1-800-GOT-JUNK? I need you to add to my inventory junk list. After you remove my old couch, old shoes and the turkey fryer, can you also remove my insecurities, my toxic relationships as well as that one relative who thinks I just ‘type’ all day on my computer ‘for fun?’ Really? Great! I’ll have it all ready for you to pick up in the morning. Thanks.” Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally make the decision to get rid of all your junk? For the physical junk, it may be hard at first, but what a relief after finally surrendering. Letting go of those bridesmaid dresses you swore you were going to make into a “cute wearable dress” wasn’t that hard to give away after all. That stupid wedding gift that you didn’t register for but had to keep out of guilt is finally out of the house. And that cheap, massproduced print hanging on your wall? Gone. Much better. Now you’ve got all this space! An actual space where you get to choose what will come in and what will remain out. In this New Year we get to create our own space. As we make our resolutions, our goals, our life plan, we get to choose who and what will remain in and who and what will get taken out. Create your space this New Year. Visualize and write down what your space will look like first — where you want to live, what type of people you want to be surrounded by, whether you want to work nights and weekends, whether you want to travel (and how much and where), whether you want to be home for dinner every night, if you want a short commute, what type of environment you want to go to each day, how you want to dress, etc.


You’ve Pigged Out ...

NOW YOU’RE PRAYING TO LOOK LIKE THIS! Two Orlando Magic dancers share their dieting secrets. BY R O BY N WA L E N S K Y





5 to 6 small meals a day. Plenty of water. Breakfast: Packet of instant oatmeal (Quaker: Lower Sugar brand) and 3 – 4 egg whites. Substitute for oatmeal: Morningstar veggie sausage. Morning Snack: Zone bar or Chobani brand nonfat Greek yogurt and a banana. Lunch: A “dinner type” meal: Lean protein like one chicken breast, unlimited steamed or roasted veggies and a complex carb: brown rice, wholewheat pasta or sweet potato. Afternoon Snack: One stick of low-fat string cheese or a serving of whole natural almonds with an apple. Dinner: Morningstar veggie burger with a side of carrots or celery with hummus.


45-minute workout including 20 to 25 minutes of cardio. 20 to 25 minutes of bodyweight exercises (calisthenics), 2 -3 times a week. On days she doesn’t have a rehearsal or a game: 5-6 mile runs outside around the lake near her house.


ou should have done what I jokingly call the “P.A.T.” or Push Away from Table  diet.  However, the turkey at Thanksgiving, the stuffing, the baked potatoes and Aunt Rose’s pies were too delicious to pass up. Then came Christmas parties and one drink led to three drinks. Finally, you wrapped up the end of the year with Champagne and hors d’oeuvres followed by a carbloading meal to help with the hangover on New Year’s Day. Now it’s January 2nd and you think there is something wrong with your dryer. Did it really shrink the jeans this much? It’s time to P.A.T. and get advice from two women whose jobs depend on their shapely figures. Erin, a 26-year-old Orlando Magic Dancer, is five-foot-three and maintains her ideal weight of 120 pounds. “I’m single, and it presents a challenge because I like to cook healthy, it’s hard cooking for just one person,” Erin says.  “So I never cook a meal for just one. I have a system. On Sunday I go grocery shopping and then cook all my meals for the week as if I am cooking for a house full of people. “I cook plenty of different meals, divide them up in the correct portion sizes, and put them in five Tupperware containers for each day,” she says. “I also leave leftovers for the weekend. That’s the way I manage my diet for a single person.” Erin says you must be careful when dating and dieting. Alcohol is not a single girl’s best friend. “My advice to the single girl is to follow Patty Stanger’s advice on the Bravo TV series, “Millionaire Matchmaker, ” she says. “Stick to a two-drink maximum. You must limit your date to two drinks. You will make smarter choices when it comes to eating dinner and you will make smarter choices with your behavior in general. “Alcohol decreases your inhibitions,” she says. “You want to make a good impression and you’re more likely to do so if you don’t have so many cocktails. Two drinks are more than enough.” As for the post-pig-out weight blues, Erin’s message to anyone feeling bloated after the holidays is not to dwell on how much you ate. “Do not dwell on how many pounds you gained,” she says. “Put it behind you and don’t beat yourself up. Refocus yourself in this New Year with set goals that are attainable and stick to those goals the best that you can. Everyone indulges, you have to, but it’s how you deal with


it after you’ve splurged.” IT’S DANIELLE’S SIXTH SEASON as a dancer for the

Orlando Magic and her tenth season in the NBA. She’s five-foot-eight and continues to maintain her 2/4-dress size. With a decade of dancing under her belt, I asked Danielle what kind of pressure she experiences in order to stay in shape. “It’s personal pressure,” she says. “I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in the uniform. It just doesn’t make the game fun.   I don’t want to feel self-conscious. It doesn’t make the game as rewarding if you are not doing your job to the best of your ability. If you don’t, the fans won’t have the best experience that they could have.” Both Danielle and her husband, a sports performance coach, stay consistent in their diet while creating a health-conscious lifestyle. “Our entire life revolves around being health conscious,” she says. “It’s about setting yourself up for success. If you stock your pantry with foods that are good to eat and good for you then when you’re hungry, you’ll have something to grab that is good for you.” Danielle’s best dieting tip is to beware of diet saboteurs. “I think dieting is about surrounding yourself with supportive people,” she says. “If there is a person around you not being supportive, they need to go. Get  rid of people in your life that are negative influences sabotaging what you are working toward.” As for fluids, the girls on the Orlando Magic team call Danielle, “The Camel.” “I just drink a ton of water, “ Danielle says and

laughs about the nickname. “But all jokes aside, I highly recommend people looking to lose weight to drink to 8-to-10-ounce glasses of water per day. It’s really good to keep hydrated and it curbs your appetite. The water keeps your stomach full so you are not hungry all the time.” Her big dieting no-no is alcohol. “Alcohol is such a bad thing, it definitely falls into the category of splurging. I do drink occasionally but only at an event like a wedding and even then I limit myself to one glass of red wine only. Danielle points out there are so many hidden calories in alcohol slowing down a person’s metabolism. “When you eat five or six meals, the goal of all the water is to speed up your metabolism. The minute you start drinking alcohol it slows down your metabolism, so everything you’ve worked for all goes away,” she says. “Alcohol impedes your metabolism.” Danielle believes in moderation to maintain long term. “Dieting is not something you do in two weeks. Crash diets don’t work; they hurt your body and they are hard on your body. Statistics show people who do crash diets gain every stitch of weight that they lost back. It does not happen overnight, it happens at a much slower pace, but in the long run it’s really worth it.” If you are feeling fat because of all the overindulging you did over the holidays Danielle’s best advice for this New Year is to approach every meal like it’s the first thing Monday morning. “Every meal you start is a clean slate,” she says. “Don’t focus on the past or even what you ate two hours ago; it’s all about  right now. Forget that you splurged. You have to focus on today and the meal that’s in front of you. Dieting is really all about the little victories.”

DANIELLE’S MEAL PLAN 5 to 6 small meals a day. Plenty of water. Breakfast: Eggs! Omelets: a combination of 7 or 8 egg whites and 2 to 3 regular eggs with either turkey sausage, turkey bacon or Morningstar maple flavor breakfast sausage vegetarian brand, coffee and water (with husband). Morning Snack: Protein bar (Zone bar) or a protein shake about 30 minutes after her morning workout. Lunch: A small salad with chicken or tuna with oil and vinegar. Tuna salad or chicken salad substituting dressing or mayonnaise with hummus instead. Toppings on salad: onion, sprouts and broccoli.   Afternoon Snack: Fruit or yogurt: Publix brand lowfat vanilla yogurt. Fruit: apples, golden delicious or granny smith. Dinner: Grilled chicken and brown rice. Sauté it with garlic, olive oil and onion. Combined with steam broccoli and cauliflower.

DANIELLE’S WORKOUT 4-6 days a week with one entire day off for recovery Mixture of weight training and cardio Important to mix up the workout: treadmill, elliptical, stair climber, run outside or run the stairs inside at the arena Rehearsals for routines as well as performances on the court “You don’t need a gym membership to work out especially living in Florida. Walk around a lake. Walk anywhere outside. I believe it’s possible for every single person to have a healthy life style regardless of age and income.”






he word INVESTING often creates a feeling of apprehension—and for women, perhaps it falls in the same category as childbirth, fundraising, socializing, and public speaking. Given the economic downturn in recent years, it is no surprise that many women find the investment world a rather frightening place. Women tend to earn less, be away from their jobs more often because of pregnancies and caring for their parents, have different priorities and responsibilities, invest less aggressively, and live longer than men; therefore they need to rely on their retirement savings for more years. Compared to men, women have greater challenges to reach a comfortable retirement and must employ an even more prudent financial strategy. BUT, women can be darn good at investing—better, in fact, than their male friends or partners. The ILAW (Invest Like a Woman) secrets to creating a SPACE of opportunity:

without additional risk. Switching from an actively managed stock fund (average expense ratio: 1.4%) to a passively managed philosophy (0.2%) is like earning just over one extra percentage point. That will result in a 25% bigger nest egg over 20 years.

Always Put You First Mothers want to help and take care of their children. But women too often lend a hand at the expense of their own long-term security: Half of female breadwinners say they’ve cut back on saving for retirement to spend more on their kids and grandkids, according to Ameritrade. We always tell our clients the best gift they can give their kids is to not be a burden to them in their retirement. In other words, take care of yourself first—it allows you to then better care for others.

Cover your CARE: Life Insurance and Long-Term Care

Earning less takes a heavy toll on savings accumulation over the course of a career: Although women contribute to their 401(k) at nearly the same rate as men, they end up with nest eggs that are a third smaller, according to a study by MassMutual. The only sure remedy is to pump up your savings rate. Depending on our clients’ situation, we typically advise them to save 15% of their income, but women should aim for more (20%).

Women are typically underinsured, with a life policy equal to three times their income. Five times is a better ballpark. And be certain to cover the cost of hiring help to replace your household responsibilities. If you are married, your husband should have a policy that will cover your (and your children’s) needs should something happen to him. More than 70% of nursing home residents are women, the costs are staggering, and the likelihood of need is greater than 50%. Yet, only 14% have a long-term-care plan. This threat must be avoided with proper planning now, not once health issues arise.


Equity Exposure

Choose your investment philosophy wisely. All investors benefit from lower fees, but it’s critical for women looking for more growth

Women need greater equity exposure to reach their goals than men of a comparable age. This is due to their lower lifetime earnings and


Katie Miller Witter, a native of Winter Park, has more than eight years of investment advisory experience and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) Candidate. She obtained her Bachelors of Science in Business Finance & Marketing from the University of Florida and her Masters of Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She serves on the Crummer Alumni Board, Downtown Orlando YMCA Board, and is greatly involved in her community. Katie is a graduate of Leadership Winter Park and Leadership Orlando, and is co-owner of Financial Harvest, a Registered Investment Advisor. Katie can be reached at 407.937.0707 or




Bankable Advice Be SMART about buying an automobile. Most people in our nation believe that car payments are common and will always be part of their monthly expenses. I disagree. For most people making monthly car payments, this is their next highest monthly payment after a home mortgage or in some cases, rent. A new car loses 60 percent of its value in the first four years. The average car payment is $400 over 55 months. Generally speaking, once a person gets a car paid in full, he or she trades in that car and takes out another loan for a new car. That means, the $400-amonth payment pretty much lasts much all a person’s life — usually from about age 25 to 65, at which age people finally seem to realize they don’t need a new car every four to six years. If you invested that $400 a month from 25 to 65 at 9 percent, the person would have over $1.8 million dollars — that’s A LOT of car! The average millionaire purchases a two-year-old car. Don’t you think we ought to learn and implement the habits and practices of highly successful people?

Buy vs. Lease? greater longevity. As a starting place, use this simple formula for determining how much of your portfolio to put in equities: 115 minus your age, vs. 110 for men. •M  EN ARE MORE LIKELY than women to cite greed (32% of men vs. 16% of women), overconfidence (33% vs. 20%) and impatience (28% vs. 19%) as investment mistakes they have made. •W  OMEN ARE FAR LESS LIKELY than men to hold a losing investment too long (35% vs. 47%) or wait too long to sell a winning investment (28% vs. 43%). •M  EN ARE MORE LIKELY than women to allocate too much to one investment (32% vs. 23%), buy a hot investment without doing any research (24% vs. 13%) and trade securities too often (12% vs. 5%).  • A 2009 VANGUARD STUDY FOUND that men were 10% more likely to panic and sell their stocks at the bottom during the 2008-2009 bear market than women were, missing out on an explosive recovery. Men tend to make what we call the behavior mistakes like riding winners down, holding onto losers, buying on a tip or putting too much money in a single investment. These seemingly small mistakes do the greatest damage to investors’ portfolios. Each day that passes, our space of opportunity closes by one day. We have limited time to prepare for our 30 years in retirement, where we must generate income from our investments. The ILAW SPACE secrets give us the best opportunity to produce enough income to be free, live a good life and enjoy the journey with our loved ones. You reap what your sow, sow wisely. What future will YOUR sowing produce?

We are often ‘pitched’ that we should lease things that go down in value and that have tax advantages. The truth is, and as stated in Consumer Reports and Smart Money, that leasing a car is the most expensive way to operate a vehicle. You are, in essence, renting to own. In reality, most people do not have a clue as to what interest rate they are paying on a lease — and the average is somewhere around 14%! So, you may ask me, ‘Isn’t there a tax advantage to leasing?’ Very few vehicles are used exclusively for business (as a write off), and most cars will not pass an IRS audit due to this very point. Well, what if you did go ahead and save the amount, say $5,000, on your taxes? You still would have given the car leasing company the $5,000, so you are out that much. Tax on $5,000 would be about $1,500 — and you are out a net of $3,500 — even if you do qualify for the deduction! Not a SMART money move. BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011



New Year:


he holidays have come to an end and hopefully you have put away all your decorations and regained the space in your home that you enjoyed prior to the season. I’m always amazed at how much space I lose during the holidays, only to gain a sigh of relief once I gain it back once everything is put away! We are now in 2011, a New Year and a new opportunity for you to execute on what you will do with your life space this year. Each year we begin with the best laid plans of how we will operate more efficiently or leave behind bad habits and start anew. The challenge begins when we find ourselves on the heels of the end of the first quarter only to realize that our well intentions were short lived. Don’t let the end of that first quarter creep on you! These four steps will help you create the life space you desire in 2011: 1  EVALUATE YOUR LIFE SPACE. What are the most taxing areas in your life? Is it your job, boss, co-worker, the guy you are dating, your girlfriend, or your health? Are these areas self-inflicted or derived by forces outside of your control? You may not be able to get a new boss, but you can choose to change your attitude towards him or her. Once you identify the key areas that are zapping you of your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical strength, you can then begin the process of creating the space you desire.  2 WHERE DO YOU WANT TO END UP? Determine what you want your life space to look like. What behaviors do you want to exhibit? Do you desire to be the happy go lucky person you used to be? Do you want to improve your physical appearance with exercise and healthier eating habits? How do you want to spend your time? Do you desire to stop working every weekend and spend more time with your friends? Who do you want to have in your life space? Is it time to meet new people who share more of your values? These questions will help you to identify the behaviors you need to work on exhibiting, the people you need to surround yourself with, the

type of work you should be doing and what actions it will take to develop your life space. 3 TAKE ACTION. Too many times we fail to realize the life we desire  because we never take the first step. We may spend the time to evaluate and plan, but we fail to implement. Don’t procrastinate this year. Make a commitment to yourself to take a step each day towards your life space plan. Identify someone who can hold you accountable. Get your significant other or mentor to join your cause. Share your plan with someone who would like to see you create the life space that you desire and celebrate each milestone, no matter how small. Set celebration markers to ensure you reward yourself for your success. 4 FINALLY, DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP WHEN YOU REGRESS.  Life happens. That client meeting that took you six months to get rescheduled. Things don’t go as planned. You were up for a promotion, but the company has instituted a hiring freeze. Some days we just don’t have the energy to take a step. You were up all night with a sick child. When things don’t go as planned, don’t be too hard on yourself. To err is human. The key here is to pick yourself up and continue moving forward. Use the additional time to incorporate your company’s new pricing plan into your presentation or schedule a meeting with the hiring manager to learn more about the responsibilities for the new role you are seeking. A set back is no excuse for giving up. Take your vitamins, dab on your concealer, put on a bright color to cheer you up and take the world by storm! You are not a quitter, you are born to win! The key is never give up! Before you know it, you will be looking 2012 in the eye and celebrating the life space you created! New friends, improved relationship with your boss, overachievement of your sales quota, expanded business network, great health report from your MD, and new job. Not bad for a year’s work! Don’t hesitate, get moving and celebrate the life you deserve!

Business Imaging is a business development firm specializing in fostering “Individual Effectiveness & Productivity”. The firm is led by Cheryl McDuffie James, Managing Director, with over twenty years of experience. Our client services include a full range of business development services including one-on-one & team business coaching, training development & facilitation, process management services, small group seminars as well as speaking engagements upon request. For additional information regarding our services visit




Bridal 411:


Stay updated with the latest trends, tips and advice when planning your next event or wedding. Consult our Bridal 411 Expert, Patti Manzo, with Get Me to the Altar {}. Patti has the answers to some of the most talked about issues of the bridal season. The two most popular topics on the radar: uninvited guests and RSVP etiquette. What do I do when I want to limit the number of guests in attendance for my wedding?

There seems to be a lot of questions and confusion regarding how to handle limiting how many guests attend your wedding. Overall this should be handled with the addressing of the invitations and not the response cards. One example: people want to invite a single friend, you should address the inner envelope of the invitation to “Mr. John Smith” rather than “Mr. John Smith and Guest.” The problem you may have, especially with men, is that they may not know the etiquette of wedding invitations and may invite a guest anyway. To avoid this situation in a polite way, put in a personal note explaining your intentions or wait until the guest replies. If he or she replies with an uninvited guest, you could contact the person at that point and explain. If you are inviting a particular number of guests from a certain family, you would list all of their names on the inner envelope: “Mr. & Mrs. John Smith, Tabitha, Joshua and Megan.” This is how you would handle the invitation for inviting a family with children under the age of 13. The etiquette indicates that anyone over the age of 13 should receive his or her own invitation. Find out more of the latest Bridal trends as well as the industries greatest tips and advice! Check out www. or contact Patti Manzo, owner of Get Me to the Altar Wedding and Event Planning, 407625-8087. “Where elegance and style are combined with extreme attention to detail and sophistication for all your event needs.”



If you are limiting the number of guests overall, you could include the words (Limit of 2 guests, please) in smaller type at the bottom of the response card. This is only appropriate if you are limiting everyone to two guests. You can also do this if you are allowing only one additional guest to attend as well if you want to make sure that every guest understands. What do I do if the guests do not reply by the given date and they just assume that we would know they were coming?

This can be tricky but the simplest answer is this: When you make out the response card you can add to the line where it says “Please Respond No Later Than ________” another line under it that says, “We Respectfully Request That All Guests Respond.” This will say it in a polite way and will not offend anyone but make it easier on you as the couple to get an accurate count. The only other way to do this is to let your guests ahead of time know to please send the response card back when they receive it. Let them know that you need that to get an accurate count for the wedding to ensure there will be the right amount of seating at the wedding and reception.



BRITE MAGAZINE! WHY? BECAUSE OUR READERS: • Are better-informed consumers • Make 90% of the purchasing decisions for the household • Are growing their businesses at twice the rate of men WHY? BECAUSE OUR MAGAZINE: • Is free to the public • Distributed quarterly with the Orlando Sentinel • Has a circulation of 24,000 • Has loyal subscribers; both online as well as direct mail • Is a major media sponsor for women-related events throughout Central Florida NOT READY TO ADVERTISE YET? Check out our other services! Print • Web • Invitation • Identity • Copywriting • Social Media

Be “BRITE” about your business and get yourself noticed! For more information about our services, email us at


It’s my property and


re deed restrictions ruining your estate planning party? You want to protect your property but several restrictions might be getting in your way. You can’t sell without permission. You have to pay gift taxes. A lien could potentially be placed on the property. Tired of all these restrictions? Cut out these party-poopers! Instead, have your cake and eat it too with the Lady Bird Deed. The Lady Bird Deed, or enhanced life estate deed, is a viable option for transferring property to your heirs, while at the same time holding onto your ownership in the property (a life estate) thereby keeping your right to sell property during your lifetime. Assuming you will own the property until you die, and if during your lifetime you want to sell the property, you will not need to notify (or get the permission to sell) from your beneficiaries. Upon your death, the property automatically transfers to your heirs named on the deed, without having to go through probate. There has been a lot of interest in my office surrounding deeds, in particular the “Lady Bird Deed”, as an extension to their estate planning. Everyone’s situation is different and we strongly encourage persons to consult with an attorney or real estate professional, before preparing any type of deed on your own. Check out the following information to give you an example of the advantages of the Lady Bird Deed versus the Life Estate Deed and Quit Claim Deed:

The Benefits of the Lady Bird Deed AVOID PROBATE: Unlike a Will that requires to be probated, a Lady Bird

Deed helps in conveying title withHow did the Lady out any probate at the time of the Bird Deed get its grantor’s death. name? PROTECT FROM CREDITORS: It protects President Lyndon B. the property from the beneficiaries’ Johnson once used this creditors during the grantor’s lifedeed to transfer proptime. The creditors cannot place a erty to his wife, “Lady lien on the property because the Bird” Johnson. From beneficiaries have no interest during that point on, this deed the grantor’s lifetime. got recognized by her NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX: The beneficianame. ries inherit property at a “steppedup” basis, which is the value of the property on the day when the grantor passes away. If the beneficiary sells home, obviously there will be no capital gains and hence the grantee does not have to pay capital gains tax. FLEXIBLE RIGHTS: The grantor is legally entitled to sell or transfer property as a gift any time he wishes to do so. He may also take out a mortgage on the property or cancel the remainder interest.

Lady Bird Deed vs. A Life Estate Deed There are 2 ways in which an enhanced life estate (Lady Bird Deed) differs from a regular “Life Estate” deed: PROPERTY SALE: Unlike a Lady Bird Deed that allows a grantor to sell property during his lifetime without the beneficiaries’ consent, a regular life estate deed is one that doesn’t allow you to sell without permission. GIFT TAX IMPLICATIONS: A regular life estate allows the grantor to keep a life estate and transfer a remainder interest (estate that

Since 2005, founder Dedra Curtis has set out to change the face of Legal Services, by assisting the public, attorneys, and law firms with highly qualified paralegal services. Her motto: “Everyone needs a really great Paralegal.” Since 1995, she has taken her education, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to set a new standard in the Paralegal profession and developed the concept to “just think one”… LegalOne. Legal One has in-house attorney who is available to our clients at no charge to answer our client’s legal questions; in addition to several other attorneys of counsel that we may refer to for our client’s legal questions. We are not attorneys, we cannot give legal advice. However, we are a resource to the public for form assistance and referrals to attorneys and their law firms for cost effective, high quality, and confidential paralegal outsourcing. Contact: or 407.601.3966




remains after grantor’s death) to one who will inherit property. The current owner has the right to occupy and use property. He is entitled to get all the money that can come from his property. But as per IRS rules, the grantor may have to pay gift taxes for transferring the remainder interest. However, the grantor need not pay gift taxes if he uses a ladybird or enhanced life estate deed. This is so because the grantor has the unilateral right to cancel the remainder interest conveyed to the beneficiary. In a regular Life Estate Deed, the owner of the property holds a life estate and continues to use the property during her lifetime. But she cannot sell or mortgage the property without the agreement and cooperation of the named beneficiaries. Whereas in Lady Bird Deed the owner keeps her sole right of selling (or mortgaging) the property, transferring it to any other person, or change the title without requiring consent or cooperation from the beneficiaries.

Lady Bird Deed vs. Quit Claim Deed Unlike Lady Bird Deeds, a Quit Claim Deed with life estate language does not allow the grantor (owner) to sell, mortgage or transfer property without the consent and cooperation of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries’ creditors can easily place a lien on the property and the beneficiaries cannot claim the home as their homestead property. Moreover, if any beneficiary passes away or goes through divorce, her spouse can claim a share of interest in property. In some states, the Quit Claim or a Life Estate can even affect the validity of your homestead protection. Using Lady Bird Deeds make sense if you wish to convey property to your heirs directly without the need for probate. In most cases, it may also not affect your Medicaid eligibility. This deed offers maximum benefit to your beneficiaries when they take over your property. SCENARIO: My mother is a widow and wants to know if a Lady Bird Deed would protect her home from being sold to pay for a nursing home. Your mother can protect her house being sold off by using the Lady Bird Deed. This type of deed helps the grantor (your mother) hold ownership of property throughout her lifetime with the right to sell it whenever she desires. The grantee (beneficiary) can only sell the property after the grantor’s death, without going through probate.

• Ownership remains with the grantors, • The grantors retains the right to revoke the deed at any time and • If the property is not sold during the lifetime of the grantors, then it passes on to the named grantees without the need for a probate after the death of the last grantor. There are many types of deeds to be used for many uses. There are many ways to protect your assets. A Lady Bird Deed may be just the option for you.







By now your declarations probably rival even the most overpromising politicians’: You excessively resolve to improve your life in the name of the New Year — you say things like “I will go to the gym every day!” “I will not eat sweets EVER again, under any condition!” “I will not spend my entire disposable income on a fabulous pair of Manolos!” and other unsustainable (and nonsensical, for goodness sake!) behavior. Ironically, this commonly-clichéd season of selfimposition piggybacks a season of financial, emotional, or professional over-extension — working late, hosting parties, buying gifts, etc. And even if you didn’t over-extend yourself too much during the holidays, you probably at least attended a party or engaged in some other kind of seasonal social graces. So this season, instead of continuing that outward extension of tact, focus that rad outpouring of savoir faire internally and host a party for yourself (and bring gifts!). ‘Tis the season for selfish savoir faire! PARTY ON (AND GET A LITTLE SWEATY): Join the crew at lululemon athletica’s Orlando Showroom in Winter Park for free (that’s right, FREE!) activities such as yoga classes, 5ks, and events like Beach Bootcamp, and Pancakes & Pushups taught by local fitness gurus. How do you not know about this yet?

And how do you say no to pancakes and pushups? Among other things, lululemon’s aim is to promote values such as integrity, balance, and greatness. So, you’ll get your “asana” kicked and you’ll get to soak

Trained at an early age by her Manhattan socialite mother, armed with a B.A. in English and a passion for know-how. Amanda is also a bargain fashionista and an aspiring yoga to her hero (and she’s still a bit of a schmoozer). Follow



Amanda Niznik is a recovering social butterfly A lover of all things situationally appropriate, teacher who just so happens to be married her journey at and


up a little bit of community greatness! Find out more about local events on the Showroom’s facebook page at Mentioning a party and sweating wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Guruv Yoga in Lake Mary. Go there for a rockin’ yoga class and give yourself the gift of good music, a sense of community, acceptance, and FUN. Rumor has it that Tymi Howard, owner and director, even offers a “blissed-out” guarantee! How’s that for a present? Find the schedule at And if your yoga gear is a little too ‘zen,’ check out Sassy Pants, the hottest yoga apparel store that recently opened in College Park. It’s colorful, it’s comfy and it’s definitely sassy. KEEP THE PARTY GOING BY GIVING YOUR BODY SOME GOOD, GOOD LOVIN’ AFTER ALL OF THAT HARD WORK:

Head to Matthew Michaels Salon and Spa in Audubon Park and let Jenny Brackett work out those kinks. Jenny is an Educator at the Aveda Institute in Orlando and is an experienced esthetician and masseuse. Her massages are, well, pretty much... to-die-for! As a bonus while you’re there, pick up The Original Moroccan Oil Treatment, a fortifying oil blend that revives and conditions hair — it’ll have you saying OMG-my-hairis-so-soft-it-should-be-famous all over the place. Find more information about services and pricing at STOP AND SMELL THE (ROSE?) TEA DURING YOUR MANIC WORKDAY AT DANDELION COMMUNITEA CAFE: Nestled on an inconspicuous street in

Lake Eola Heights and serving organic, local, and healthy vegetarian fare, this little green gem won’t let you get away without filling your belly, too (the Machos Libre will have you Oh-my-Yumm-ing!). Sit on a picnic table outside and take a few moments for reflection

as you enjoy the grub — you’ll be surprised how much inner peace is already present if you just allow it to be there. Whip out your journal and jot down how you’re feeling, or don’t — either way, give yourself permission to enjoy hanging out with Y-O-U! The cafe also hosts vegan potlucks and poetry nights, a “Dandy Hour” offering appetizers, organic drafts, and wine, just to name a few. Do the Dandy some justice (this quick intro surely does not!) and check her out at www. Also, find oodles of drool-worthy treats at Infusion Tea in College Park, a tea house and artist co-op offering a full vegan-friendly menu and catering. While you’re there, try the Chocolate Provocateur’s cupcakes (and then repeat “get sweaty” above!). You won’t be disappointed. Visit Infusion Tea at and Chocolate Provocateur at CLEAR OUT THAT CLOSET OF YOURS AND MAKE SOME CASH: Take like-new clothing, accessories, shoes,

and jewelry (and even bridal gowns!) to Classic Consignments and let them do the selling for you. You’ll sign a 90day contract and receive a 60/40 split of whatever they sell. If after the 90 days not everything has sold, you can elect to either retrieve your goods or have them donated to charity. While your stuff is selling, checks are cut once a month and you can view and manage your account online. What’s better than getting an “extra” paycheck? As an added bonus, your closet — and psyche — will feel spacious and uncluttered. And not to worry about theft - your clothing and accessories will even get their own security sensors. You don’t need an appointment to sell or to buy so stop by soon at either the Altamonte Springs or Winter Park location. Find hours and more information at www.consignmentfun. com.


Pearls of Wisdom


Pearl of Wisdom is defined as a succinct insightful saying, a piece of advice, or a moral precept. As a New Year’s toast we tend to hear and say, “Here is a toast to good health, happiness and success.” Well, who doesn’t want to be healthy and successful because this surely will lead to happiness, right? But most people will be about as happy as they decide to be. The mind is such a powerful tool as it guides us in our decisions and processes. So why is that a person who has health and wealth cannot find happiness? Because being happy is a choice we have to make everyday. The true happiness we seek is within us. Happiness is a state of mind and what makes one person happy is different for every person. Here are a few tips on easing your life so you can be happy. I promise you that a bit of true happiness will make a WORLD of difference in your health and your well being. Be grateful everyday for the little things you have in your life and around you. Stop and smell the roses. Be grateful for your friends and family who love you and look out for you. Be grateful you have your health and count your blessings. Get rid of negativity because a negative outlook on life will bring you down. Negative feelings are a choice you make. Negativity is like a disease that eats away at your happiness. It can ruin your entire emotional state of mind if you let it so don’t let it. Positive self talk is so important. We are our own worst critic. Choose your words wisely. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. Things happen for a reason-both good and bad. Life and the universe don’t always pan out in the time frame you want. Understanding

that there is a time for everything will help you realize that if what you wished for doesn’t happen today, then there is a reason; and the day it does happen it will be better than you could have ever dreamed it to be. Believing that the possibilities of what you really want are already on their way will help you manifest that happiness in your life. Surround yourself with positive people. Take a look around at the people  you communicate with on a daily basis. Does simply being around them make you feel good inside? If not, then it’s time to seek people who make you feel good about yourself. Talking with people who really enjoy life will help you become a happier person yourself since their positive energy will rub off on you. Take time to relax and rejuvenate. It’s so very important to make time for yourself. You cannot be everything to everyone and lose yourself. If you need to, make an appointment with yourself to do whatever you want. Read, meditate, call a friend, walk the dog, exercise, or do whatever you want. Afterwards your brain is recharged and ready to act on things that will create your happiness. Now you have a choice to make. You can choose to wallow in negative thoughts or you can decide to be happy. Yes, things might come along that can put a damper on your happy feeling. But you can choose to get back up, dust yourself off and walk away with a smile on your face. The choice really is yours. Go ahead and make a daily effort to seek out your own happiness. Before you know it, the majority of your life will be happy and carefree, and that will allow more happiness to manifest itself in your life. It’s a win win situation. I love the freedom to choose my happiness. I know it can be a good or bad day since it will be the way I make and design it.

Pearls for Women is a service organization designed to help women, one woman at a time. Pearls’ mission is to educate, connect, inspire and put women in touch with resources beneficial to enhancing their lives, businesses, careers, and community connections. Pearls for Women successfully achieve their mission through several outlets, such as Motivational and Educational Workshops called the University of You, Fundraising, Event Consulting, Community Partnering, and Business Mentoring. www., 407.772.1426.




CREATING A FAMILY Your plan for your life includes a baby — and it’s just not happening! BY LINDA BARNBY

he road down infertility lane is long, lonely, expensive and often a dead end. Infertility treatment is emotionally draining and a major strain on your marriage for months and often years. Linda Barnby knows the pain and grief of month after month of trying to conceive — and no pregnancy. A diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” led her and her husband Michael to keep the flame of hope alive for thirteen and a half years as they bounced from one infertility specialist to another every few years when job demands necessitated a move to a new city. “Frustrating” and “disappointing” only begin to tell the story of the emotional roller coaster they couldn’t seem to get off. Finally settling back home in Orlando where they both grew up, they decided to confront their infertility face to face and made a life-changing decision. They were not going to let infertility stand in the way of their dream of having a child and becoming a family. Adoption was foreign to them. Just thinking about adoption seemed unnatural and scary. None of their friends had adopted. It just wasn’t talked about. After all, all their friends were getting pregnant! One day Linda decided to call a friend in a distant city who had adopted. That simple act changed their lives forever. That phone call was the catalyst for Linda and Michael to begin the journey of finding their baby through adoption.

Linda Barnby’s small group seminars and “one on two” personal counseling meetings are accessible by calling her assistant Debbie at 407-8314944. For more information, visit Hear Linda’s weekly radio show Heart to Heart — Journeys to Adoption every Tuesday from noon to 1 pm on



Today, Linda and Michael are proud parents of two daughters, now in high school and college at Winter Park and Rollins. Linda’s dream of having a child also led her to specialize in adoption in her law practice. She has facilitated the adoption placement of well over 500 children and helped make over 1,000 hopeful adoptive parents’ dreams come true. Proud parents Julie and Nick were thrilled with the entire process. “We finalized the adoption of our beautiful baby girl two months ago. Our snugly, precious punkin’ is the joy of our lives,” they said. Anthony and Casey experienced the excitement of the journey of becoming parents. “Once we realized it was all about becoming parents, not how, the decision to adopt was easy. Linda and Debbie held our hands and guided us every step of the way,” they said. A former teacher before becoming a lawyer, Linda believes in the power of knowledge. She helps hopeful parents-to-be educate themselves about the adoption process, about birth parents and the prospect of parenting a child by adop- tion.

Balancing life, motherhood and a sport she loves, Noemi Bosque talks about her sometimes-crazy life and being a part of Olympic history as she makes a bid for the 2012 games. B Y S A R A B AT T E R S O N


H A I R B Y J O S I E F E R N A N D E Z { W W W. J O S I E T H E H A I R S T Y L I S T. C O M } M A K E U P B Y C H R I S T I N A F O X { V O L P E B E A U T Y. C O M }






NOEMI BOSQUE RECEIVED a very powerful gift from her dad before he died. The gift’s title, Power of the Subconscious Mind, was hard to comprehend at such a young age. But her dad helped her understand the lessons of the book while encouraging her to implement the power of positive affirmation while growing up. Nineteen years later, this applicable gift gave Noemi the power to achieve the seemingly impossible—an opportunity to represent the USA in the Olympics in 2012, the first time in history women’s boxing will be included in the games. Like most of us, Noemi has had her share of life’s challenges. Currently, her biggest challenge is balancing her crazy training schedule with her job at IHOP, an hourly job that allows her to support her daughter. She also makes it a priority to make time emotionally for her daughter, continuing to be a positive role model in her life. Her life is a challenging balance, but Noemi remains positive and focused. How does she endure a job serving breakfast but also have the mindset to do what it takes to compete in one of the toughest sports at the 2012 Olympics? BRITE Magazine went right to the source to find out… BRITE: Why is boxing the sport of choice

for you? NOEMI: I’m a very competitive person. There’s a lot more to boxing than just the “brawl” everyone sees on TV. There’s a science, a “chess match” going on within the most difficult of settings.  You have to be faster, more powerful and more skilled in order to figure out how to break an opponent down while your opponent is in front of you trying to literally knock you unconscious.  I love this challenge though. When I win this, it will be my biggest accomplishment ever. BRITE: When did you start getting serious about it? NOEMI: I started getting serious after I had my baby girl. I got into some trouble for a little while and realized that this what not the road I wanted to go down. Boxing really put me in a focused state of mind. When I began to see that I was quickly getting better at it, I



started to see that I had a real future in boxing. Other than my daughter, this sport took up my every thought. BRITE: When did you realize that the Olympics could become an attainable goal for you? NOEMI: When I decided to try out for the Olympics,  I didn’t think  I would have that much competition.  There weren’t very many women fighting in my weight division and I was amped about having this goal within my reach—but boy was I wrong!  Now I believe that my weight division is the most difficult one to fight in and  has the most competitors. Crazy how now I want it that much more. BRITE: What is the timeline and matches you have to enter to get qualified for the Olympics? NOEMI: Next year will be the last year for qualifying for the 2012 games. You have to be ranked top four before you’re considered. Matches can go anywhere from 20 to 50 bouts among all the tournaments.  BRITE: How do you currently support yourself on a day-to-day basis while you train? NOEMI: I work at a restaurant three days a week.  I chose that schedule so that I’d still be able to train enough hours and continue to be a full-time mom. I also just started working with some kids at my boxing club and hopefully I will soon start an hourly personally training business as well. I will have to keep hustling and balancing all the important roles I play until I have some interested sponsors! BRITE: It is rough being a single, work-

ing mom and training for the Olympics. What do you tell yourself to keep pushing through? NOEMI: Talk about challenges. It’s hard enough alone getting mentally and physically  prepped for perfection.  Not only do I have perfection on my mind for these events, but I strive to be the perfect mom as well.  If it wasn’t for my boyfriend, Ahsandi, and my wonderful family, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. Even though boxing is not their favorite sport, they’re supportive of my goals and continue to support me every step of the way.  I constantly tell myself that this will be worth it in the future. I will bring my family both pride and a success story! BRITE: What do you share with you daughter in order to continue being a positive role

model in her life? NOEMI: I always talk to her. She’s 8 years old and I talk to her as if she were older.  I explain why I do things a certain way, the importance of setting goals, as well as the value in being strong physically and emotionally. My mother gets mad at me because she says I’m too tough towards her.  But I feel in order to get far in this world you have to be tough. More mentally than physically, but both preferably.  Regardless, she is still mommy’s girl and she knows how to melt me. I see her always imitating me, wanting to be like me. Most importantly, I show her the most love I can as often as possible. BRITE: What does your daughter think about you going for the Olympics? NOEMI: She’s excited and all, but what she really cares about is for me to get and keep my “gold medal.”  BRITE: What advice would you give other women to follow their dreams? NOEMI: Don’t let failures discourage you... let them motivate you. Use it as just another step up even though  you feel  tired. Surround yourself with people who are making accomplishments with similar dreams. 

QUICKHIT Subconscious mind power is being aware of what information enters your mind. This is critical as the subconscious mind runs on autopilot and whatever information enters it is what it will process. Positive affirmation is a declaration that what one is declaring will happen or will be. Positive affirmation is a way to plant positive seeds of hope, courage and victory into the subconscious mind. Plant the seed of positive affirmation, gain victory over negative thoughts and with this victory overcome your setbacks and failures. And remember, even though something may be true your subconscious does not deal with if it’s true, it deals with what it believes is true. Source:

Learn from their mistakes and imitate what makes them successful. Visualize, visualize, visualize! For in time, your mind reads  your visions as a memory in you and makes you a product of these dreams. I can go on and on. BRITE: What is the one quote or saying that motivates you to achieve your dreams? NOEMI: “Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it, so it goes on flying anyway.” –Mary Kay Ash BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011




Get Techno-Savvy with Your Workout! A Must-Have Workout Gadget for the New Year

Ashley loves the Nike sports kit because it keeps her on track with her work out. Best Buy, Altamonte, FL

ho else feels in the dark when it comes to the latest gadgets on the market? It’s like riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. It is a natural progression in the growing up phase. We have three options: We choose to do it (those of us with guts), we’re made to do it, or we’re forced to do it out of fear or else we’ll be mocked. It is the same with the introduction of new gadgets. We want to get on board, because we know it will make our life easier and more efficient, but we don’t want to look like an idiot or even admit that we might just be one. It’s time to take off those training wheels. Best Buy Altamonte, FL, explains the benefits and how-tos to ease you into the technology ride. Begin here with your training wheels then visit the store and go from TechnoSorry to TechnoSavvy.

BESURETOCOMEJOINUSATOURHEALTHANDFITNESSCLINIC Saturday, January 15,2011 • 10 am –12 pm at Best Buy, Altamonte, FL

Nike Sports Kit for Apple

UseyouriPodnanoinconjunction withyourNikeshoestorecordyour workoutwiththissportskitthatalso syncs with your computer. Product Features • Compatible with iPod nano. • WirelesssensorsendsinformationfromyourNikeshoes(not included) to your iPod nano; broadcasts at 2.4GHz. • Recordstime,distance,paceand caloriesburned;spokenfeedbackcanalertyoutomilestones throughout your workout. • iPodnanosyncsinformationto yourcomputer,allowingyouto compileaperformancehistory,set goalsandchallengeotherrunners to a virtual race. Fromourexpandedonlineassortment;not available in all Best Buy stores.




Slim-Down Satchel?

Food Journal Did you know that people who write down what they eat every day lose twice as much weight as people who don’t? Writing it down will help you determine bad habits as well as portion control.

Measuring Cups Bathroom Scale It’s a numbers game! If the number isn’t going down, then you need to control your portions and be more active. Weigh yourself at least once a week at the same time of day with roughly the same weight of outfit (with or without shoes). To really get specific, add a tape measure and track the size of your chest, waist, hips and thighs.

Mireille Guiliano, author of Why French Women Don’t Get Fat, encourages us to learn portion control slowly and cut back gently. Eating good food is great but do you really need an entire half pound of fish? Weigh and measure what you eat. Turn three big meals into five smaller ones. Reduce ounce by ounce. Your tastebuds won’t notice, but your body will.

BETWEEN THANKSGIVING and New Year’s, the average American gains nine pounds. Between mid-January and February, about 30 percent of Americans have slacked off with their New Year’s resolution to lose those nine pounds. Resolutions can’t continue to be maintained from willpower alone. In order to change and maintain, your way of thinking must first change and the workout must also be manageable within your lifestyle. Like Noemi Bosque explained in the Ring Leader story on the previous pages, positive affirmations are essential to achieve your goals. Your mind is the most powerful influencer over your body. Change your mind, change your ways and change your life. Positive affirmations within the mind give you a much better chance of reaching your weight loss goals this year. Partnering with the positive mind change are the baby steps it takes to get to the greater goal. Those baby steps include working in a manageable routine that best fits into your lifestyle. You have to be able to make the workout, stick to it, enjoy it (somewhat) and see results. What you don’t want is just another “stressor” added to your plate. If you find the right one, it will become a destressor, confidence booster and lifestyle enhancer. Brite Magazine decided to pick some of the top, most effective exercise, health and wellness places in Central Florida that will fit anyone’s weight loss goals as well as fit within anyone’s lifestyle. Whether you are on a long-term plan to finally get back to your high school size (it can definitely be done) or you are ready to look like one of the Magic Dancers, you will achieve your goal by sticking with one of the following recommended programs. BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011







Combining psychotherapy and fitness to get quick and healthy results. BY S A R A B AT T E R S O N

id you know we have our own “Biggest Loser” program right here in Central Florida? Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp’s program will help you lose in the first week between 5-11 pounds for a woman and for a man, 15 -25 pounds. That is one pant size in one week! Sound too good to be true? Well, we tried the boot camp for two weeks and guess what? I dropped nine pounds of fat, gained three pounds of muscle and lost a cumulative 13 inches. Hello hot, red dress collecting dust in the back of my closet. It felt great zipping up that dress without my thighs creating that dreaded smiley face in the lower mid-section of the fabric—that scrunched smile that says to the world, “This fabric is hugging every inch of my thigh and butt, but I’m gonna keep on smiling anyway because I can at least still squeeze into this thing!” Well, no more squeezing, no more smiley faces, just a perfect fit. Rosemarie Bud Seaman, owner of Ultimate Fitness Inc. and Buds Total Body Boot Camp, helped me attain my red dress goal. Seaman launched her business after competing in the 1980 Olympic Swimming Team, holding five world records, 11 national records and eight American records in the field of swimming. She has since helped and trained people to get into their “red dresses.” “Each individual that enters our program goes through a Body Composition analysis,” she says. “I weigh and measure their body fat and lean muscle mass. Next I take that number and determine their BMI (Body Mass Index) which tells me if they are underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. I also determine their BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate): how many calories they burn in one full day without purposeful exercise,” she says. “With this information I tailor a program with real food and specific exercises that help them maintain lean muscle mass and shed body fat only,” she says. “Remember, one pound of fat burns approximately two calories and one pound of muscle burns 50!” With this meal plan, Seaman says they can continue it for life because it is real food that they prepare for themselves and not pre-packaged food or bars or shakes. After two weeks, between the meal plan and exercise program combined, I felt great but I needed the tools to keep this feeling and lifestyle going. Willpower alone was not going to keep this overhaul in check. Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp realizes the challenge with this mentality and that is why half of their program consists of working with a Psychotherapist who helps “work-out” the mind too—the real issues behind weight lose. “I don’t address weight in therapy as it is only a symptom,” says Sandy Canfield, LMHC, P.A. and Certified PBSP Trainer and Supervisor. “In my treatment,  I redirect the clients to look at the deeper psychological wounding that is needed to get healed because the wound is surrounded by defenses and dysfunctional belief systems that the person operates from and then sabotages present day goals.” Sandy has worked with eating disorders for more than 30 years. She is the other arm of Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp, helping the clients address their emotional issues that they often try to soothe by eating. The psychological part of the Boot Camp is the crucial foundation of the boot camp’s success. “Psychotherapy does not help people lose weight,” she says. “It helps people resolve and heal their wounds so that the substitute behavior (addiction) of overeating is not needed as a coping mechanism. More adaptive behaviors begin to be accessed as the addiction crutch is no longer needed.”  After going through the complete program, I not only adapted better food and exercise habits, I was also made aware of behavioral issues that could sabotage my productive efforts. It gave me added confidence both inside and out and, of course, my red dress continually thanks me for my efforts as well.



Rosemarie Bud Seaman, owner of Ultimate Fitness Inc. and Buds Total Body Boot Camp for over 25 years. Seaman launched her business after competing in the 1980 Olympic Swimming Team, holding five world records, eleven national records and eight American Records in the field of swimming. She holds a BS in Health & Physical Education, an MS in Exercise Physiology, was an EMT and received the Governor’s Award for outstanding leadership in sports and fitness. She is also the founder of the Kathy Stilwell Foundation.

Sandy Canfield is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has been in private practice in Winter Park, Florida since 1981. She is trained extensively in Redecision Therapy and is a Certified Image Relationship Therapist, as well as a Certified Group Psychotherapist. Sandy received her certification in Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Therapy in December 2000 and became a PBSP Supervisor in 2006. She became certified as a PBSP trainer in 2007. In her practice, she works with individuals and couples as well as maintaining five ongoing groups. Sandy also supervises psychotherapists and is a Certified Psychotherapy Supervisor in the State of Florida. She has appeared on local TV for her work with couples and recently for her work with eating issues.


Day 1: size 22; 213 pounds; body fat: 34.6%

Day 30: size 14; 173 pounds; body fat: 19.7%

Check out the two other programs offered: Quick Fix Program: includes three hours a day of workout for seven days a week, one hour of therapy, the meal plan, massage, and botox. This will allow you to lose up to 10 pounds in one week and to look 10 years younger! This program is only geared for those that need to lose up to 10 pounds not for the person who has struggled for a while with his or her weight. Boot Camp Retreat: The Boot Camp Retreat is an intense and lifechanging experience for anyone who wants to lose weight. This program is open to only 10 individuals, who will commit themselves for six days and five nights to change their lives. This pro-

gram consists of five hours of workout per day, one hour of individual psychotherapy per day, five healthy meals per day, and a jump-start on a new life. Participants of the retreat will finally understand the connection between their thoughts, feelings and their eating habits.  After the retreat they will be able to identify the triggers to their overeating and how to combat them. They will be asked to push the barriers in their lives to reach their weight loss and personal goals.   They will learn the tools and strategies to keep their commitments after returning home. or 407.599.9336

Lost 24.4 pounds and 23 inches in 30 days. Her body fat went from an unhealthy 33.9% to 21.6% in the 30 days. She also gained 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. She has continued the program and has lost another 15 pounds. BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011



How to train for the



Check out our top 5k picks this season and how you can train for them.



Warrior Dash Sat.–Sun., Jan. 29 –30, 2011 Waves: 10 am – 4 pm Lake Wales Hurry! 75% FULL! Be a part of our Brite Team! Lady Track Shack Sat., Feb. 5, 2011 5k, 7:30 am Kids run. 8:45 am Mead Gardens, Winter Park SEE FACING AD AND GET $2 OFF REGISTRATION! Be a part of our Brite Team! Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Disney’s Royal Family 5K Sat., Feb. 26, 2011; 7 am Epcot



Disney’s Royal Family Kids’ Races Sat., Feb. 26, 2011; 10 am ESPN Wide World of Sports Track and Field Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Sun., Feb. 27, 2011; 6 am Epcot Hurry! 75% FULL! events/rundisney/princesshalf-marathon/ March of Dimes Sat., Apr. 30, 2011; 7 am reg. Lake Eola Walk distance: 6 miles Be a part of our Brite Team! For more information about Fit Camp or joining our Brite Girl Team for the listed races, please contact Tania Torres,Tania@


gardless of where you are in your exercise regimen, a race is a great, attainable goal to have on your road to losing and toning. “Many feel that they can’t even think about doing a race, whether it be a running race or triathlon, until they lose the ‘extra pounds’,” she says. “That is not necessarily the case, but I do make sure that plenty of cardio is included in the Fit Camp program to cater to this train of thought.” Tania believes that 8 to 12 weeks is the best time frame to get you to that next level in race training. This allows your body to gradually adjust to the training and distance so that you feel you can do it, keeping you from getting easily discouraged. Tania says the support of the group is definitely the best part. “Group Tania Torres, certified personal trainer, training brings out the competitive naprovides one-on-one and group training, ture in all of us,” she says. “This tends body sculpting, weight loss, agility and to make us push ourselves harder pre and post-natal exercise. Race training than we would on our own. In turn, Fit is her specialty including triathlons as well Camp builds our endurance, speed and as road races in 5k, 10k and half-marathon strength. It’s an all around ‘Win/Win’ distances. For more information, go to situation,” she says.

ARE YOU READY TO STEP UP your workout in this New Year? Do you want to finally conquer a 5k without walking? Perhaps get your feet wet with a half triathlon? Join the Fit Camp team with Gemini Personal Trainer and conquer some of the best races in Central Florida coming up this year. “Fit Camp is not for everyone,” says Tania Torres, founder of Gemini Personal Trainer. “It demands a lot from your body and it is fast-paced. For those who are looking for a way to lose weight, tone up and conquer their next goal in exercise, this is where they’ll want to train.” Tania stresses that you don’t have to be in tiptop shape in order to be in a race or triathlon. Re-

Florida’s largest all-women’s running and walking event! Benefiting the Florida Hospital Track Shack Cancer Screening Fund that provides mammograms to under-served and uninsured women in our community.


Get inspired to invite someone new to participate with you! Use our Friend-get-Friend Program and you’ll be rewarded! Pink Patron Make an extra $25 donation to the Fund when you register and enjoy access to the Pink Spot, an exclusive VIP area with massages, food and beverage.

All Participants Receive...

A long sleeve tech tee, a potted plant and interactive health screenings provided by Florida Hospital.


Run to

ENTER ONLINE TODAY! Use Code: Britegirl for a $2 discount.




FOR THE BUSY PROFESSIONAL, conference calls, committee meetings and improving client relations sometimes put our workout on the back burner. Although those lunch meetings and networking events can eventually lead to an improved bottom line, they also add to an increased pant size. So what workout does actually work for the busy professional? A 20-minute workout where you get optimal results without sweating, remain in your work clothes and still lose weight. And guess what, it exists! Elite Strength and Fitness in Winter Park, Fla., provides specific machinery and methods that cater to the pressed-for-time-but-don’t-wantto-increase-my-pant-size professional. “As a busy, working mom, going to the gym and spending countless hours and miles on the treadmill wasn’t cutting it anymore,” says Monica Smith, Senior Account Supervisor at Jaffe PR. “Not to mention the time I’d spend beating myself up if I had to miss a workout for whatever reason. I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, and since I work in an industry where time is billed by the hour, every minute is precious.” “My twice-a-week workouts at Elite are the perfect solution,” says Monica. “I can pop over to Elite during my lunch break, get a more effective and powerful workout than any class I could take at a regular gym and still be back in time to grab a quick bite to eat before logging back on to my laptop. Now Monica says she is now in the best shape of her life and doesn’t have to beat herself up about missing a strenuous workout. “The best part is that with such a manageable schedule, I’m no longer raged with guilt for not clocking a 5-mile run,” she says. “If I want to walk around the lake with my son or run in a 5K for charity, it is simply for fun and not part of some unattainable workout goal I had set for myself.” What separates Elite Strength and Fitness is the method of training, their professional grade equipment manufactured by MedEx, and the convenience and safety of the workouts. Elite uses a “slow motion” method of strength training that allows for the safest and most efficient exercise possible. “Muscle failure is what makes this workout productive in 20 minutes,” says Missi Mitchell, certified trainer and Transitions Systems Lifestyle™ Coach. “When a muscle is brought to failure its sends a stimuli to the body to produce more muscle. Our clients achieve muscle failure by performing a slow-controlled repetition taking approximately 10 seconds on the positive and 10

For more information Elite Strength & Fitness Winter Park Missi Mitchell Transitions Lifestyle Coach 407.740.7750

seconds on the negative while never taking a rest until muscle failure is achieved.” Missi says an Elite workout consist of six machines targeting specific muscle groups to make sure a total body workout is achieved each time. Sticking to this workout for 20 minutes, two to three times a week results in a stronger core, increased lean muscle, toning, joint stability, joint range of motion, cardiovascular efficiency, increased metabolism, bone density increased, more energy and an increased feeling of wellbeing. “Missi has been my personal trainer for three years for a reason,” says Laura Armstrong, Senior Marketing Director at Florida Trend Magazine. “In the first month of working out twice a week at Elite, I noticed I became not only stronger, but I also improved my balance. Laura agrees that the Elite program is great for her overall lifestyle. “The accountability of having a standing appointment makes Elite a part of my routine,” says Laura. “Since I am able to wear a professional suit instead of sweats while working out, it is very common for me to be meeting with a client immediately after a workout. “Twenty minutes can be worked into anyone’s busy schedule,” she says. “Best of all you don’t have to take the time to shower after!” No shower, no workout clothes, no sweat but great results in 20 minutes. That’s a resolution worth sticking to.

»Mention this article and receive two FREE personal training sessions at Elite as well as a FREE Transitions Lifestyle System™ consultation. Transitions Lifestyle System™ complements the workout with a tailored lifestyle-eating program based on the Glycemic Index. Get toned, eat healthy and be ready for that spring vacation!




The Workout for the



The Ultimate

CONFIDENCE BOOSTER ecky Pierce, Senior Unit Director for BeautiControl, has a passion for helping people strengthen their confidence, both internally and externally. She provides the tools to help others on their journeys to living their best lives. Out of all the tools, confidence plays the starring role in this journey for success. “Raise a person’s confidence, and success will follow,” she says. “The more confidence developed, the more success enters the life path. The more success, the more happiness and before you know it…a person is living her best life!” “I know all this because I have lived it,’” she says. During 2009, many challenges entered Becky’s life path. Between losing her mother, her husband’s heart attack, her aunt’s stroke, her home flooding, the ceiling collapsing, an IRS audit and the death of her 17-year-old cat, Becky was, shall we say, less than confident. With

so much in just one year, Becky’s toolbox lost a lot of those essential tools to survive and thrive. She could barely help herself much less help others. “I got through these challenges with the help of others’ emotional support, a much needed ingredient on life’s path, especially when challenges arise,” she said. “One huge emotional support entered my life at the 2009 BeautiControl Leadership Director Summit Conference through a threehour presentation by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success magazine,” she said. “Darren introduced us to the Best Life Plan Workbook Journal. He asked us to begin our journey by writing down the 10 things that we were grateful for in 2009.” “You can imagine that it took me a while to come up with 10 good



things that happened in 2009, but I did,” she said. “I wrote down the three amazing trips I had earned with BeautiControl. I wrote down the personal challenges that I faced and overcame. And lastly, the tenth great thing that had occurred in 2009 came in March 2010: the meeting of Lanette Jarvis of Pearls for Women. This led to my meeting of Life Dance International coach and owner, Alberto Hoyos.” “The rest of the Darren Hardy’s Best Life Plan Workbook Journal led Contact Becky or me to planning my goals for Alberto to find out more 2010 and choosing ONE area Becky Pierce of my life to really dedicate to Independent Senior Unit improving,” she said. “Because Director; National Senior I was so close to being diagTrainer and Recruiter nosed with Type 2 Diabetes, 407.376.9775 that area to improve upon in my life was my physical well beckypierce being.” Alberto Hoyos “Lanette encouraged me to participate in Femme De Cours’ Let Us Entertain You, an Orlando ‘Dancing with the Stars’ type competition from March through May, 2010,” she said. “This is when I met Alberto. Alberto, the professional, and I, the amateur, trained to perform an East Coast Swing dance to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ to raise money for nursing scholarships.” Becky’s time with Alberto was not spent learning a dance routine but learning “to dance.” “Life is a dance; learning how to trust and how to follow,” she says. “Alberto was the key element in creating for me a wonderful positive life-changing experience and, most importantly, getting my confidence back.” “Through my dance coaching with Alberto, I have gained confidence in my ability to do anything I set my mind to,” she said. “He guided me in transforming my 55-year-old, five-foot-three, 240-pound body into a 190-pound body. I also got rid of 22 inches of ugly body fat! I lowered my blood pressure considerably and lowered my body fat from 48.4 to 32.8 with 10 points shaved off my BMI.” Becky continues to be a life-dance student of Alberto’s privately and plans to actually compete in ballroom dancing! “Yes, at age 55 a person can start!” she says. “I am learning the Argentine Tango, his award-winning dance, and the Foxtrot and the Waltz! What’s next? Broadway?”

»Brite Magazine will be participating in this year’s Let Us Entertain You, hosted by Femme De Coeur. BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011



A Non-Invasive Technique to


HEALING AND RECOVERY hoosing an exercise and diet program is only half the battle. The recovery and proactive health part is the other half. It is important to connect with your body mentally and physically to prevent injuries, reduce stress and improve your health and well-being. “Your issues are in your tissues,” says Dr. Dominick D’Anna D.C., founder of Simply Well Holistic Chiropractic, Winter Park, Fla. “We can’t always choose what life throws at us, but we can choose how our body reacts to it.” Twelve years ago, Dr. Dominick D’Anna decided to dedicate his practice to a whole-body approach to wellness. He began practicing Network Care, a profound approach to healing and wellness that greatly connects you to your ability to heal and recover. This gentle, non-invasive technique allows the body and spine to refine the body’s ability to shift into a state of greater ease, peace, connection and healing. Dr. D’Anna believes that if you first work the physiological issues, your mental stress will begin to dissipate as well. Oddly enough, we walk around all the time with a “disconnect.” He brings the body back in connection with the spine and the brain allowing a “reconnect” so the body can begin the process of healing. It’s like a therapist but in reverse. “You don’t have to connect to the mind first, you have to connect to the body first,” he says. “You have to connect the body first, then the mind will follow.” Your body responds the same to any kind of stress. He says we react the same in a car accident as we do to stress in a destructive relationship. “When your body has a stress response, a snowball begins to occur over time,” he says. “Your muscles and ligaments shorten and tighten and blood pressure increases.

Then blood is diverted from the internal organs and diverted to your arms and legs. There is a decreased absorption of nutrients, and the nutrients leave the internal organs.” When your body is locked in that responsive stress state, you have a harder time letting go of that stress. You are literally carrying your stress with you wherever you go. With Network Care, the physiology learns to access new options other than this habit of “defense posture” and moves from stress physiology to growth. Dr. D’Anna unlocks the stressed body, finds the point of contention then works on releasing it physically, which in turns helps release it mentally. “Your body manifests that stress response in ways like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, IBS, etc.,” he says. “How long will your body remain armored and locked because of this stress? Dr. D’Anna encourages his patients to seek out the pain, connect the body to it then begin the process of removing it. He is against “Band-Aid” solutions. “If someone with a headache or pain sees a practitioner, they can get a pill and feel better, but they still have a locked body.” He says they need to remove the pain altogether by increasing body connection, turning off the stress response, increasing connection to the frontal cortex, healing the damaged body/spine and finally, maintaining it. Network Care has been shown to promote your experience of greater physical, mental and emotional wellness, as well as reduce stress, enhance the ability to make healthier choices, enjoy life more and improve one’s quality of life. Simply Well provides a unique holistic chiropractic approach. By incorporating two complementary modalities, clients often report accelerated results physically, mentally and emotionally.

Raised in central Florida, Dr. D’Anna attended the University of Central Florida with a major in micro molecular biology. During his education at UCF he transferred to Life University located in Marietta, Ga., where he completed his degree in nutrition. It was at Life University that Dr. D’Anna also achieved his doctorate degree in chiropractic. In 1999 he moved home to Winter Park to open a wellness center devoted to helping you experience a greater quality of life. Simply Well, 225 Edinburgh Dr., Winter Park, FL 32789; 407.599.9182,,







... EGO AND WORRIES at the door, and get into the Gu-

ruv Yoga you will find many styles and levels of yoga, along with a wonderfully diverse, warm and welcoming community of students and teachers. Our goal is to spread the joy of yoga by guiding students to a greater self-awareness, focus, and health. We do this with love, compassion and a sense of adventure! Please visit our website at Guruv Yoga offers classes 7 days a week! Seniors/Student/Teacher/Corporate Discounts! Vinyasa Flow Yoga • Hot Yoga • Hatha Yoga Power Yoga • Ashtanga Yoga • Karma/Meditation Restorative Yoga • Yin Yoga • Guruvy Kidz Yoga Pre-Natal Yoga • Seniors Yoga • Corporate Yoga Pilates Reformer • Pilates Mat WHY SHOULD I STUDY YOGA? Yoga has shown tremendous physical benefits for people seeking fitness as well as therapy for chronic ailments and injuries. A mind-body technique that stresses the creation of a quiet, reflective space in the mind, it promotes mental clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing that can ameliorate anxiety, depression and mind-body disorders. It starts small, with the body, but its benefits can be large. By promoting physical and mental change, yoga can help you transform your life. Contact Tymi Howard/500 E-RYT Guruv Yoga / Owner

Myth or Truth:




BY MISTY MAHOY IN GENERAL, THE BODY BENEFITS from proper hydration anyways, but after your massage it is very important to drink lots of water. Consuming water will help the kidneys and other organs process the various substances that move through our bodies on a regular basis. Drinking water before and after a massage is recommended because it makes it easier for your therapist to perform deep work, making the muscles easier to manipulate (think dry sponge vs. wet sponge). During a good massage, the muscles are stimulated, blood is circulated throughout the whole body and water, salt and other minerals are released. Believe it or not, massage can be dehydrating. The manipulation of the muscles dehydrates them and moves around the fluid within the interstitial spaces between the muscles. Just like when you exercise, you lose water and electrolytes. You feel squishy as a sponge, but you need to wet those cells. By drinking water, you can reduce the potential for pain and soreness in the days following a massage. Contact Misty Mahoy:; 352.459.9878. From sports to relaxation, it’s All About Balance Massage, BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011


AROUND TOWN 2/1. Single Family Homes: From $46,500 for 2/1, Rents: Around $1,150 for 2/1.

Ivanhoe Village and the Park Lake/Highland District


ESTATE Dina, our expert real estate advisor, is constantly up on the hottest real estate trends in Central Florida. Whether it is your first home, second or investment property, be the first to have Dina help you snag up a gem In one of these areas this winter.

Ivanhoe Village, formerly known as the Antique District and also known as the Park Lake/Highland District, is the name for the area of Orange Ave between Lakeview and Hazel Streets. This area is located just outside of the popular College Park neighborhood. While there are still a few antique stores in this area, there are now other local businesses such as a spa, a delicious vegan restaurant called Ethos, and a great pilates studio called the Pilates Loft. There is also the popular lunch spot that famously has antiques hanging in the restaurant called the White Wolf Café. This area has developed this new image courtesy of a grant from the city and a corporate sponsorship from Florida Hospital. A new wine and beer garden called the Imperial recently opened here and is located inside the exotic furniture store, Washburn Imports. PRICES:

Condos: From $46,000 for 2/1, Rents: Starting around $900 for 2/2. Single Family Homes: From $64,500 for 2/1, Rents: Starting around $800 for 2/1

Colonialtown North

and South Colonialtown is divided into both North and South. It is the beautiful area surrounded by Colonial Drive, Mills Avenue, Nebraska Street, Corrine Drive and Bumby Avenue. This community is comprised of homes dating back to the 1920’s and newer and is focused on safety and being family friendly. Some amenities here include the Colonial Neighborhood Center and John Long Memorial Pool which offer computer labs, karate lessons, a new playground, holiday festivals and even sailing lessons. The community is located conveniently close to downtown and nearby shopping includes the Fashion Square Mall and Colonial Plaza Marketplace. This area is also known as the Mills-50 District and is home to local businesses such as Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Drunken Monkey Coffee Shop. The emerging nearby area that is known as the Milk District (next to the TJ Lee Factory) has become quite the hotspot for food and drinks with bars such as the Milk Bar and a delicious little eatery with the freshest made pizzas in town called the Social Chameleon. PRICES:

Condos: From $35,000 for 2/1, Rents: Around $700-$800 for

Thorton Park

Thorton Park has become known as the city’s most stylish part of downtown Orlando. Located just east of Lake Eola, you can expect to find bungalows, wraparound porches, and brick-lined streets here. Thorton Park has a European feel characterized by its sidewalk cafes and trendy boutiques. One cannot help but relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery in this lovely area of Orlando. Star Tower, 101 Eola, and the Sanctuary are a few of the luxury high-rise condos located here. This area is home to the trendy Hue Restaurant whose food does live up to the hype. Thorton Park is a great place to reside for those who want to live on the quieter side of downtown and still enjoy the convenience and all it has to offer. PRICES:

Condos: From $132,500 for 2/2, Rents: Starting around $1,500 for 2/2. Single Family Homes: From $87,900 for 2/2, Rents: Starting around $1,850 for 2/2.

Dina Najjar has been living in Orlando since 2001 and loves the City Beautiful. She received her Bachelors Degree from the University of Central Florida in Marketing with a Minor in Mass Communications and her Masters in Business Administration from the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College. She is a Realtor with Century 21 Capital Realty Group located in downtown Orlando, specializing in residential and commercial Real Estate sales and leasing. Her focuses are luxury homes and condos, short sales and foreclosures, and real estate investments. She is an expert in the areas of Downtown, College Park, Winter Park, Dr. Phillips and Windermere. Dina can be reached at (407) 492-5393 or Check out her website for your up-to-date Real Estate resources and Orlando event information: www.




Creating the Space




EVERYONE IS WORTHY OF THE BASIC humanity of feeling comfortable and safe in their home. Creating small changes to make this possible often requires little more than permission to do so. Wayne Dyer said, “When we change what we see, what we see changes”. Becoming aware of the emotional connection we all have with our homes is the first step in seeing that every person deserves a home sweet home. Identifying what it is that makes it ‘sweet’ is the question. Many times what we need and want are worlds Join us at the Create the apart, here’s where we start Space You Deserve Event to get emotionally perplexed. Friday, April 15, 2011 Let me explain. 9 am – 4 pm A few years ago I was drawn to a particular project “ONE women’s group of 25 because I have a soft spot for women donate to 25 chari‘the least of these’ and perties from ONE big event.” sonally know what it’s like to ‘need a little help’ when life isn’t going so smooth. The first time I used design with this ‘worthy’ perspective, it changed a woman’s life. She lived in Ecuador with five children, widowed, living within 240 square feet on a dirt floor, but she had four walls and a roof (kinda)! It’s amazing what a concrete floor, a sink, bunk beds and floor-to-ceiling draperies dividing spaces for privacy can do for a family who has nothing. Such humble changes and yet she is thriving now. With a Kiva microloan, she enabled herself to provide an income by cooking food to sell at the nearby village and therefore, provide a space that she and her children deserved. It’s really that simple. To her, she is living a sweet life. I encourage my clients who are fortunate to have a bit more than four walls and a roof over their head to share in this collective joy by doing what they can to create spaces that make it easy to connect, whatever that is for YOU. Carolyn Moor, Allied Member ASID, is the Executive Director of the “Create the Space You Deserve” event coming to Orlando on April 8, 2011 hosted by CLOVE Orlando Women’s Group. Carolyn’s own personal life and design story was revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show which uncovered that she herself was living within spaces that was keeping her emotionally stuck in the past and needing to ‘change what she saw so what she saw changed’. Her goal is to create spaces that feel moor alive and inspire a “grow where you are planted” philosophy.


Furry friends enjoyed SPCA’s Howl-a-day Pet Party at Orlando Tastings. With more than 72 wines by the taste, both owners and pets were happy to participate in the holiday festivities.




The Mind, Body and Dough event hosted by Financial Harvest prepared women to take charge of their finances in the New Year. With clever, funny speakers, wonderful hors d’oeuvres and great gift bags, who knew finances could be so fun?! Photos by Cristy Nielson




BEST BREAK-UP STORIES f you end up in one of these categories on Valentine’s Day — Single? Dating? Bad relationship? Good relationship? Extreme dislike for Cupid or Hallmark? — read the following true stories from our readers. You’ll either be inspired or thankful for your current state of affairs. THE LAST BREAK UP I had was my marriage. It had gotten so bad at the end that because I was a flight attendant at the time, I just acted like I was going on a trip. I packed a couple of boxes beforehand and shipped them to my parents’ house and away I went. Talk about “50 ways to leave your lover!” Airplanes are a great option! LOL! —Anonymous

the door. My therapist explained to my ex what had just happened! “I tried, to stop you, but you just put the last nail in your own coffin!” To this day, I hate the words “Let” and “Allow”. —Toni Zufelt MY LAST YEAR IN COLLEGE, I briefly dated a physics grad student. His idea of romance was crazy. He would build me molecular models with “catchy” phrases like “you’re one in a million” or “I’d spin around you forever.” Needless to say, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic.  I think he  realized we weren’t right for each other so he sent me a last parting gift: A five foot tall Styrofoam model of the H bomb mushroom cloud — attached with a hand written note, stating, “It’s over!” Funny,  that’s the only gift I really liked.  —Conni  McDonnell

I WAS MARRIED ONCE before to a man who kept giving me mixed messages. “You need to work and make money, we’re having problems paying the bills! The kids and I need you home to take care of the things I WAS DATING A FABULOUS, tall, handsome, that need to be done!” It got so I didn’t know blue-eyed doctor from Ocala, FL. We fed which way to go. his horses on the weekend, took a cruise to I suggested that we go into marriage Mexico over spring break and he flew us to counseling and he agreed. In therapy, we St Louis in his private plane to catch a mawere discussing my working or not workjor league baseball game. He actually let ing when my ex got angry and yelled, “I me Feng Shui his 35,000 square foot home don’t know what she wants! You can’t satas part of my  certification finals. After beisfy her. I let her go ing oddly distant for back to school when a month I sent him a she wanted, I let her text saying, “Please go to work when she be a gentleman and wanted, I let her stay tell me what’s up.” home when she wantHe called and told “Believe” by Cher ed, I let her have kids me that while do“Strong Enough” by Cher when she wanted. I ing the Feng Shui “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera don’t know what she of his house he real“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child wants!” he shouted. ized that he really “Alright, maybe I still wanted to have “I Will Love Again” by Lara Fabian used the wrong word, more children and “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor I ‘allowed’ her to do all that  it was too risky “Moving on Up” by M People those things?” for me at my age — “Goodbye to You” by Scandal My therapist and talk about being shot I stood up, we smiled through the heart! At “These Boots are Made For Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra at each other and I least he’s still one of turned and walked out my greatest fans, has



read my book and has even posted a great review for it on Amazon. —Carolyn (also from her book: Change Your Sheets, Change Your Love Life) I STILL HAVE THE SAD and terrible memory of one of my girlfriends sitting on my patio, hands cupping her sobbing face, as she resisted the break up that I insisted upon. So a few years later when it came time to say goodbye to yet another, I allowed it to happen more effortlessly and easily. She gave me an ultimatum. It was on a Thursday if I remember right. She said to commit to her for life or set her free. She told me to take a few days and decide, after which there was no crying or yelling, there was just me. —Dan R. ONCE A DUDE MADE OUT with me in the flatbed of his Toyota Tacoma and then said we couldn’t date because of his relationship with God. For real? —Amy ONCE A GUY PLANNED a beach weekend getaway with another girl through the Bluetooth-capable speakers while I was sitting in the passenger seat. Needless to say we were over. —Tara I REALIZED THAT I NEEDED to break up with him when he told me that he wore a thong every time he went running. And also when his birthday present to me was HIM getting a haircut. And lastly when he told me that he had kissed another girl the night before (minor detail). —Ashley MY OUT-OF-TOWN BOYFRIEND took me out to a beautiful lunch, opened my car door, and then once the vehicle was moving told me that we weren’t compatible and shouldn’t be together. FYI gentlemen — it’s in your best interest to NOT break up with someone in a moving vehicle, as your passenger will probably envision pushing you out of it and throwing the car into reverse. —Michelle


Have a question for

OUR BRITE GUY? BY MARK SEARS Dear Brite Guy, why do I keep falling for the same type of person?

Bottom line is that we are all created for relationship. We are driven to fulfill our deepest desires for connection and acknowledgement within relationships. All of our interactions, joys, grief, and woundedness or healing take place within those relationships throughout our lives. More often than not, we have not had a “healthy” relationship modeled for us while we were growing up, and having one ourselves can elude us despite our best intentions. While we consciously tell ourselves we want to find someone who is giving, kind, emotionally available, relatively successful, and that we are attracted to… we can end up with someone who ends up being controlling, emotionally unavailable, lazy, and possibly abusive in some way. This can be the result of poor or underdeveloped boundaries. As we mature, we should learn which people are healthy and which are not. We should develop healthy, flexible boundaries that equip us to have better interactions with others. So, what drives us to continue to make the same mistake time after time? For most of us there is “unfinished business” from our childhood. We continue to repeat patterns of relating that we developed in childhood. These patterns developed as we learned what worked and what didn’t as children. They were primarily formed by our parents’ responses to us as we developed and grew emotionally, and later through peer relationships. We learned to suppress certain parts of ourselves, even in the best of situations. As children we adapted to what we were getting (good and bad) or not getting from our parents. If you find yourself having the same or similar issues in relationships over & over, find someone who can help guide you through some selfexamination and reflection in order to gain awareness and insight concerning your past. This can lead to grieving and healing, which allows us to enter into relationships that will be more fulfilling. We will continue to seek that which we did not have or lost in childhood. Until we realize and understand what that is, and grieve the loss as an adult, we are destined to repeatedly look for that in others. We cannot expect another person to “fix” us, but we can expect them to acknowledge us and emotionally walk along side us, and us with them, while we heal and grow together. The journey and the “work” begin within ourselves. Dear Brite Guy, why was I so crazy about my partner in the beginning, and where did those feelings go?

If you are asking yourself this question then something has been

missing as your relationship developed and grew. We all have high expectations of the person we choose as our partner. Some of those expectations are reasonable and what we should expect from a healthy relationship. However, we often have expectations that are not reasonable and are beyond what anyone could actually provide. Those expectations are our responsibility. I can not count how many times a client complains about his or her partner concerning something they feel they should be getting or are entitled to receive from the other. So often they cannot even articulate what it is they want, but “know” they are not getting “it.” This is what begins to happen when a couple has been together long enough for those initial good feelings to wear off and the real work of relationship begins. If a solid foundation has been established during courtship, engagement and early in the marriage, then it is much easier to learn to work together and communicate more clearly what we need and feel. If we cannot articulate what we expect from the other, then how can that person know what you want? The common belief and misperception about relationships is that the other person should “just know” what I need or want. First, it is important to realize that is a selfish attitude and doomed to failure, and second, we will be frustrated in our efforts to get what we need or want until we learn it is ok to ask for it. That doesn’t mean to demand or nag or complain, but to honestly express, with an attitude of openness towards the other, what it is we are feeling or need. Granted, we all put our best side forward when we are dating and don’t air our dirty laundry, but many of us also overlook little things about our partner during this phase thinking he or she will change to conform to your way of thinking, or that it won’t really bother you. Wrong! Did you ever tell them that you expect them to be different when you finally get married? Are you different? It is vital to remove your rose colored glasses or at least get a lighter pair, once you begin to get serious with someone. If you are heading towards engagement or marriage, a good premarital counseling program and really being serious about it, is priceless. It is the best investment one can make to have a much better chance of having a successful marriage.

Mark S. Sears, M.A. Mental Health Counselor, earned his Masters degree in Counseling at Reformed Theological Seminary, Oviedo. Mark has a background counseling at-risk teens and spent one and a half years at House of Hope Orlando. Through his life, work experiences and his clinical training, he has gained a deeper understanding of Biblical healing through the integration of psychology and theology. Mark’s specialties include: Adolescent Counseling, Pre-marital & couples counseling, Men’s issues, Attachment & relationship issues, Addictions and Reconciliation & Inner healing. BRITEGIRL.COM | WINTER 2011



Avoiding missteps in


ongratulations! You have decided to start a new business. Since you know this can be risky, you want to protect your personal assets from business creditors. Neither a sole proprietorship nor a general partnership provides this protection. Your best choices are to create either a new corporation or LLC (limited liability company). Only a detailed review of your particular situation by a legal or accounting professional will help you make the proper selection. The process of incorporating or creating an LLC does not completely protect the business owners or shareholders. Even after the entity is established, the liability protection can still be forfeited if proper protocols are not followed. To lessen the likelihood of personal liability you should make sure to adhere to certain procedures: 1. PERSONAL AND BUSINESS assets (i.e., cash) must not be commingled. The business must establish a separate bank account and separate credit facilities (loans, credit cards). All business income should be deposited (and expenses paid) through that account. Conversely, the business cannot pay your personal expenses. The business can only pay you a salary, a bonus or a profit distribution, which you can then deposit in your personal account. Be sure to document management’s approval of such payment. 2. THE ENTITY MUST FILE its annual report with the State of Florida by May 1 each year and, if a corporation, hold an annual shareholders’ meeting. Missing the filing deadline will incur substantial monetary penalties as well as risk the liability protection. 3. EXECUTE CORPORATE BY-LAWS or an LLC Operating Agreement to establish the rules for running the business. The formality of issuing stock or membership unit certificates can also be beneficial. 4. NEVER SIGN ANY BUSINESS document, no matter how trivial, in your name alone. All business documents need to reflect that the

business (not you) is the proper party and that you are signing only on behalf of the business in your designated capacity, such as president or managing member. Signing a personal guaranty, as many creditors will require, will circumvent the liability protection though. If a guaranty is required, do your best to negotiate terms to limit the extent and duration of your personal exposure. The above are just some guidelines to help maximize the usefulness of the entity you created. Additional issues arise when multiple owners are involved. Investment in proper initial legal documents drafted by a legal professional may save you time and money in the long run. The risks of running a business are plentiful but can be managed through education and preparation. Best wishes on your new venture.

John J. Wright, Esquire is an attorney with the law firm of Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A. whose practice areas include corporate law, estate planning and probate. The article above is intended only as general information; you should not act upon it without retaining professional legal counsel. If you would like to learn more, please contact Bogin, Munns & Munns at 407-578-1334 or visit their website at




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READ “Heart of the Matter” by Emily Giffin. A fascinating exploration of relationships. “Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter” by Lisa Patton. A great novel about love and family. “Oogy” by Larry Levin. A true story about the transformational love between a dog and the family who takes him in. (Recommendations by the Lit Chick,



USE Table Topics

The Pillow Talk cards (www. is a deck of lighthearted topics, perfect for couples to explore on lazy weekend mornings or before drifting off at night. $9. Here are some sample questions: What would you like to find under your pillow? and If you were to serenade me what would you sing? The Couples edition ( couples) are perfect for those married for 50 years, or just starting out. Couples will learn something new about their partner and even themselves! Explore together the things that make you unique as individuals and the things that bond you as a couple. $25. Here are some sample questions: What possession of your partner’s would you like to throw away? and Is it your similarities or your differences that attract you to each other?

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