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“Brits are now drinking 95 million cups of coffee a day and 165 million cups of tea ” 1


“Never before has there been such high consumer expectation when eating and drinking out of home, and hot beverages are no exception. It’s no secret that we are a nation of coffee connoisseurs and tea enthusiasts. “With this growing consumer interest comes a challenge for operators to provide an experience which not only stands out from the competition but also encourages repeat purchases.

“With three new coffee shops opening on the high street each day3, now is the time to ensure you’re creating a quality, memorable experience”

Beyond the Brerw

“Digging deeper into the issue, we have conducted independent, in-depth research, which surveyed 500 industry professionals and over 2,000 consumers. “This report is filled with tips and ideas for professionals looking to adapt and remain competitive in such an exciting and dynamic time for the industry.” Steve Buckmaster Sales Director at BRITA Professional

3 1. www.independent.co.uk/life-style/uk-coffee-week-2018 british-people-drinking-millions-cups-day-consumption-rise 2. UK Tea & Infusions Association 3.Allegra (2018)


m e r u s expecta n o c g n i tion ow

The hot beverages sector is rapidly changing. Here’s the top three factors operators say have had the biggest business impact in recent years4:

92% of professionals think consumer expectations of the service they receive has increased in recent years. Here’s why:

A greater consumer interest in coffee

The need to have a wider selection of tea and coffee choices available

53% Beyond the Brerw


Fierce competition on the high street

Over half of consumers say the taste of coffee would make them choose to visit one café over another

The rise in the number of cafés on the high street



And 71% of consumers say they have become more interested in coffee in recent years 4. Unless otherwise indicated, research throughout is from 3GEM in collaboration with BRITA Professional (November 2018)


Consumers’ knowledge and expectations about the quality of drinks served has increased


Consumers expect more choice and variety of hot drinks

58% 5

The Experience WHAT CREATES A QUALITY EXPERIENCE FOR CONSUMERS? Professionals think it’s being friendly, but that’s not the whole story... Number one for consumers is a selection of quality drinks:

52% 51%

ec dr tion y t i of qual

Beyond the Brerw

To relax and enjoy the surroundings

To catch up with friends

ink s

el as



To drink coffee they can’t make at home

69% friendly staff



Educate your customers We want our customers to share our love and knowledge for great coffee and tea. That’s why we share with them the fundamentals of what goes into it, such as the beans we use, how we TOP TIPS FROM filter water and we even encourage FROM THE our customers to get involved in tasting sessions.



Make eye contact What we offer has to be about great customer service, eye-contact and engagement – we want to make a difference to someone’s day.


It’s all about small gestures Sustainability matters to us and our customers. We are proud to offer free BRITA filtered and chilled water refills, and actively encourage passers-by to come in and refill their bottles.

For us, it’s about well-mannered coffee. 7

The Quality WHAT DOES QUALITY COFFEE MEAN? According to hot beverage professionals High-quality coffee beans


The temperature it’s served


Ensuring beans aren’t burnt during the brewing process


A well-trained barista


According to consumers Coffee made with artisanal coffee beans


Coffee made with filtered water


Beyond the Brerw

A trained barista made it for me


Coffee that’s made with a quality coffee machine


Flavourful aroma




of professionals place unfiltered water as the most important factor for adversely affecting a hot beverage, whether that’s the quality of the water itself or limescale on machinery caused by unfiltered water. And almost 50% said they understood using filtered water helps reduce impurities that can affect the taste and appearance of hot beverages.

The majority of consumers and professionals understand the importance of water filtration:

75% of professionals in the hot beverages sector believe water filters fitted to coffee machines are an essential part of preparing hot drinks

67% of consumers know that using a filter on hot beverage machines helps to improve the taste and appearance

62% of professionals believe serving BRITA filtered water would make consumers view a business more favourably

61% of consumers would view a café more favourably if it used BRITA filtered water

47% of consumers use filtered water to make hot drinks at home

“After well-sourced, roasted and crafted coffee, water is the most important ingredient in your cup. Coffee made with non-filtered water lacks the clarity, character and depth of a great tasting cup of coffee, and can result in a coffee lacking in the expected qualities.” Matt Beynon, Wogan Coffee


Opportunid e s s i M Tea e h T OVER A THIRD

of consumers visit a café to drink coffee they can’t drink at home, whereas



say the same for tea Beyond the Brerw 5. UK Tea & Infusions Association

45% Over

of consumers don’t think

the quality of tea is better in cafés than at home

Our research revealed a stark difference in consumers’ perceptions and expectations when it comes to drinking tea out of home compared to coffee. This demonstrates an opportunity for operators to improve the quality of their tea offering and tap into the 165 million cups that are consumed daily in the UK5.

Over a quarter of consumers believe tea served in cafés doesn’t taste as good as a brew they can make at home


Opportunid e s s i M Tea e h T Top tips on how to create a premium tea experience from Joyce Maina, Tea Master and Global Beverages Lead, Unilever Coffee has long reigned supreme but now tea is starting to have its moment in the sun. Consumers are discovering the breadth of varieties and are seeking more exotic choices far beyond traditional options, such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Tea can play a central role in customer satisfaction and by creating a premium experience, operators can engage consumers for increased uplift on premium teas.

1. Tell the story: People are looking for tea with a purpose

In the same way a sommelier would know about a wine, educate your staff on where the tea has come from as well as the taste profile. Use emotional hooks that will resonate with your consumers with personal details on the founder of the tea brand or where it’s sourced from.

Beyond the Brerw

2. The rise of the experience

As consumers seek experiential dining experiences which offer something a bit different, tea provides an opportunity to create a unique event. Whether it’s in the form of a themed afternoon tea or sharing tasting notes and a timer for brewing.

3. Think about the teaware

Operators should be looking at maximising their presentation to encourage social media sharing with their teaware and accessories.

4. Don’t forget the fundamentals

It may sound obvious but the little things really can make a big difference, whether that’s ensuring you are using the best water or serving it at the right temperature. a

Jane Pettigrew from UK Tea Academy gives tips on how to amplify your tea offering While a lot of thought may go into choosing the tea we use, the water is often ignored, despite it making up to 99% of the cup. To guarantee quality tea, you need quality water.

Test your water

60% of the UK has hard water which really damages both tea and equipment. Its impact is immediately visible when you make a cup of tea; a white tea will look yellow and green and black teas will develop a scum on the surface. Soft water shouldn’t be underestimated either as it contains gypsum, which also damages the appearance and flavour of tea. It’s best to check water in your area and you can do that simply with a BRITA Professional water drop test kit. Once you know what type of water you have, you can then work with the on-hand experts at BRITA Professional to find the right water filtration solution for your site.

Filter your water

By removing unwanted particles, metals, minerals and chlorine from your water, you can brew a perfect tasting, crystal clear cup of tea, wherever you are. Filtered water even helps to protect your machines by preventing the build-up of harmful limescale.


UK Water Map S

With water making up to 98% of coffee and 99% of tea, regional variance can have a major impact on the flavour, aroma and appearance of hot beverages. Our water map shows how water varies across the country, and how it can be optimised to provide consistent quality in the cup.



The minimal chalk content in the soil here means the water is very soft.






Northumbria’s geology is mainly characterised by sedimentary rocks.

The hardest water here can be found in the postcode area BT17.




The proximity of the Peak District plays a major part in the soft water here.

14 Lincoln


Water here is very hard thanks to the high chalk content in the rocks.

S H Water type Your water type is affected by many factors and


one of the most significant is mineral content. Levels of minerals like limestone and chalk

Carbonate hardness 1



Hard S

The carbonate hardness (dKH) scale is a way of measuring the levels of bicarbonates and

Beyond the Brerw *Carbonate hardness (dKH) supplied by local water board.




11 Bristol

The geology here is mainly limestone, causing the water to be hard.

10 London

The soil here contains a lot of chalk and much of the water is pumped from underground.


The soft water here is thanks to the direct supply from the Cray Reservoir.

carbonates to find the temporary hardness of water. The higher your dKH, the harder the water.

17 Norwich

The hardness here is explained by the water source - the chalk-fed River Wensum.

determine whether your water is hard or soft.


Contact us to request your water hardness test kit and discover your water make-up today!




The water here is soft as it comes from Moorland Rivers and manmade reservoirs.

14 Dover

The fresh water here is particularly hard as it comes from underground water stores in local chalk and gravel aquifers.


a h W

u f t u e r h e t look s e o d li t


There is no doubt that as consumer expectations

What’s more, three quarters of operators believe

of what makes a quality hot beverage increases,

water filters are an essential part of preparing hot

the pressure is on for operators to stay ahead of

drinks and almost half of operators blame a build

the competition and strive to provide the kind of

up of limescale for adversely affecting the taste.

innovative and exciting offerings that consumers have come to expect.

At BRITA Professional, our aim is to support operators, whether that’s through providing

As many of our industry experts confirmed, a

advice and technology in the form of our market-

quality water solution lies at the heart of refreshing

leading water filters and dispensers, offering the

your hot beverages offer. The figures speak for

tools to provide a high-quality hot beverages


offer, or providing insights into best practice via

Six in ten consumers would view a café more favourably if it used BRITA filtered water, over and above the beans, aroma or even the barista!

reports such as this. With four laboratories in Germany, including sensory and technical facilities, our water experts can even help diagnose the perfect water blend for your hot beverage requirements. It’s an incredibly vibrant sector and we’re looking forward to seeing how operators innovate to ensure they’re creating a quality experience which consumers will remember.

Beyond the Brerw

17 Unless otherwise indicated, research throughout is from 3GEM in collaboration with BRITA Professional (November 2018)

About BRITA Professional As the water filtration experts, we have over 50 years’ experience and a range of leading solutions that are designed to produce the best filtered water for the optimum hot beverages experience and to protect machinery.

How BRITA Professional can help Get in touch for more advice on finding the right water filtration solution to support you in creating the ultimate hot beverage offering and consumer experience, or to apply for a free water drop test kit to check your water quality. Contact a BRITA Professional expert at

www.brita.co.uk/filter-contact or call

01869 365 851 Join the conversation #LifeIsBetterFiltered


What’s coming up? Want to hear more tips and advice from industry experts. Look out for our next phase of exciting activity. In 2019, we’ll be taking ‘Life is Better Filtered’ on the road, bringing industry leaders together to share expertise and best practice. Watch this space…

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Life is Better Filtered: Beyond the Brew is the latest report from BRITA Professional which includes exclusive research results on consumer...

Life is Better Filtered: Beyond The Brew  

Life is Better Filtered: Beyond the Brew is the latest report from BRITA Professional which includes exclusive research results on consumer...