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Old Man and the Sea Rewritten by Britani Tharman

Once upon a time there was an old man who enjoyed fishing. He loved to fish but did not seem to get anything large.

The old man felt the like fish was waiting for him in the sea. So one day he goes far out into the ocean waiting for his fish to come along.

He catches little fish and does not go back home since he is determined he will get this large fish.

Suddenely the rope goes tight and with all his might he tries to pull the fish in. The old man then discovers that he is being pulled around by a large fish.

The old man is still holding the rope with all his might waiting for his chance to get the fish to his boat.

The fish then is close enough so that the old man can see what he had caught.

The old man is now ready to go home with his large fish he had caught.

When the old man thinks he has everything he wanted a problems comes along.

Some mean sharks came along to bother the old mans fish he had caught. The man struggles to get them away and soon does.

The man who is now very tired. He gets back to land where all his friends are. Then all his friends and family are amazed at what he had caught.

Rewritten by Britani Tharman Illustrated by Britani Tharman

The Old Man and the Sea  
The Old Man and the Sea