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.2D Animation.

About I am a 2D animator and illustrator based in Bristol. I studied at the University of the West of England. I love the combination of animation and music, my favourite things to draw are monsters and the surreal. The following is a selection of my previous work.

.Duat Storyboard. This is a storyboard for a short film I proposed to make at the start of the year. It is a story of peculiar friendship between a great monster and a small boy - who wakes up lost in a strange world. The imagery and ideas are based on Egyptian mythology.

.Part I.

01 A small unconscious boy floats in the lilies of a mysterious river. It is unknown how he came to be here.

02 Suddenly a huge hand grabs the boy, pulling him from the water with ease!


03 The boy wakes up in a small boat, opposite him sits a huge beast. It doesn’t speak, keeping it’s golden eyes fixed on the river ahead.

04 The boys mouth is sewn together so he sits in silence. He is not fearful of the great beast in front of him, but intrigued. He just sits watching, wary of the strange situation he is in.

05 The water begins to get rougher.

06 The boy looks over his shoulder to see an enormous waterfall crashing down with great power. The boat is headed straight for it!

07 The monster continues for the waterfall. The boy begins to panic and protest to the monster. The monster seems to ignore the boy and carries on directly towards the downfall.

.Part II.

01 The pair continue on foot, the monster easily strong enough to carry the boat and the boy under one arm.

02 In front of them appears a serpent creature. The monster puts the boat and boy down.

03 The monster shields the boy.

04 The serpent creature moves towards it’s prey.

05 The serpent creature darts across the ground before diving through the monster’s chest. The monster is slain, the serpent disappears into the woods.

06 The boy mourns for his companion, blood oozing out the hole of the monster’s chest.

07 A beetle crawls out from the wound. The boy stares at the insect as it slowly crawls along his arm.

08 The beetle finds it’s way to the boys chest, pausing for a minute.

09 The boy feels a strange sensation as the beetle enters his chest.

10 The boy continues his journey alone. Making his way up the long stone staircase. Once at the top he says a strange shadow sat on a tree stump.

11 The creature appears to be some sort of monkey/ape, whose eyes swirl with a maddening glare. The two leaves protruding from the stump grab the boy, drawing him in for the monkey to look at.

12 The boys heart is weight against the feather of Maat. Balancing means the boy would be allowed to pass. However the heart is too heavy and the scales are unbalanced.

A tradionally animated short film. (2013)

I co-directed Gamma Scape which is a surreal short film written by George Johnson. I worked as lead animator of the cat, along with three secondary characters. All the production roles were split fifty-fifty including background art, compositing and sound design.

Lasting six and half minutes the film follows a man and his pet cat who are sucked into their microwave. They warp through time and space ending up in a new world that is inhabited by bizarre creatures and trippy circumstances. Screeshots from Gamma Scape

Continued Screenshots from Gamma Scape

Thank you for checking out this selection of my work.

Tom Norman 18 Windsor Road Bristol BS6 5BP 07784838182

Normanthomas promobk 2013  
Normanthomas promobk 2013