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Hello! I am Sophie, an animator who is very interested in paper-craft and documentary with animation. Other than paper I mainly work with Flash and After Effects, both of which I really enjoy. After graduation I aim to be a freelance animator whilst writing more short stories for both books and animation.

Strudel is 2-minute paper documentary about two friends hitchike across Europe. It was my first go at combining animation with documentary and this is something I would like to continue exploring after graduation. I also hope to continue developing this style of animation and telling more travel stories. Music by Andrew Cooke Backgrounds by Stephanie Cave Completed in May 2014.

All Washed Up is a one-minute paper story about a busking whale, made over the course of 6 weeks. I made this with Sarita McNeil and Emily Ledger. Emily was the background artist and Sarita and I shared the animation, puppet making and directing. On the right shows a line up of my final puppets. Sound by Giant Johnson Completed in November 2013.

Basia Basia Basia is a 90 second short film made with Flash and After Effects. This was part of a group film project in my second year of university. I was the producer, animator, compositer and editor. Sarita McNeil - Director, Writer, Animator Hannah Welch - Background Artist, Animator Sam Shaw - Character Designer, Lead Animator Sound - Giant Johnson Completed in January 2013.

From September 2013, myself, Tom Barth and Sarita McNeil have been working freelance for Barefoot Books, animating children’s sing-a-long songs for their youtube channel and as part of the books as a DVD. We use existing artwork from the books and animate it to the music using Adobe After Effects. So far we have completed two animations between 3-4 minutes for them. These are: ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Space Rocket Ride’.

Work Experience


In the last year I have had the good fortune to work with the BFI animation camp, Ocean Acidification Project, BBC Radio 4 and Picasso Pictures aswell as Barefoot books. In February 2014 I worked for the BFI animation camp I was a teaching assistant on a weeklong residential workshop exploring a range of animation techniques with young people.

Ocean Acidification

I was a Flash animator on two scenes for the Ocean Acidification project. BBC Radio 4 Andrew Revill and myself pitched a Flash animation for the BBC Radio 4’s Listening project. We are currently in production on ‘The Wettest Summer Blues’. Due to be completed in June 2014. During the summer of 2013 I completed a two week placement at Picasso Pictures as a Flash animator and animated a fox mowing the lawn for the Holland and Barett advert ‘Summer Penny Saver’.

Holland and Barrett

Skiver is my second children’s book made while I was studyig on exchange in Italy. This was where I first discovered the joys of paper - especially sugar paper - and started creating characters from it. Completed in June 2013

Monster Shop is a rhyming children’s book for children aged 3-5. This is my first children’s book and it has been exhibited in the Aardman ‘Show and Tell’ Exhibition in 2012. Completed in August 2012

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Sophie Marsh  
Sophie Marsh