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ABOUT ME: My name is Tav Flett and I am an Australian born - Bristol based VFX artist and sound specialist. With a background in live audio, I discovered my passion for visual effects and motion graphics whilst studying my first degree as a mature age student at UWE Bristol. I am currently working in the feature film industry (VFX) but have interests in anything creative within a professional and inspiring team.

Escape Studios Online: Maya Fundamentals Completed extensive online Maya training as an optional animation module affiliated with UWE. Course covered modelling, texturing, animation & rendering/lighting. RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) 2004-05, Cert IV:Music Industry: Technical Production Modules included: live sound, basic electronics, audio editing (Pro Tools), acoustic theory, microphones and MIDI practice amongst others.

Technical Skills 2D Rotoscoping, compositing ,chroma key skills (Keylight & Primatte), particles and dynamics with Nuke-X and Adobe After Effects. Image manipulation and motion graphics experience with Adobe Photoshop and AE CS5. Flash CS5 interactive design, Actionscript 2/3 experience.

Technical Cameras: Sony Z1/Z7, Panasonic AF101 Jib and Dolly, Key-West Audio editing and production: Pro-Tools

Re-Recording & live mixing: Digidesign and Yamaha desks. Production Credits Disney/Burning Windmills Productions Frankenweenie (Tim Burton, 2012) Roto Prep/Compositor; Mar 2011 -May 2012, 3-Mills London. Rotoscoping, rig removal (furnace core), plate clean up, compositing and keying with Nuke 6.3 (Keylight, Primatte). Pigeon Boy, 2012, Yossell Simpson. (in-Production) Arts council funded stop frame animation. Visual Effects Big Jeff: The Jeffrey Johns Story Multiplatform documentary 30,000+ hits to date. Motion Graphics, Interactive site design. Release, 2010, Christian Martin and Darren Flaxton. Arts council funded Indie Feature. Sound Design, Sound editor.




UWE (University of the West of England); 2009-12, BA (honours) Media Practice with Animation. Focused primarily on Visual Effects & Multimedia design and production . Other Modules in the course include animation, film and media studies and audio techniques.

3D Modelling, procedural texturing, lighting and basic animation/rigging with Autodesk Maya 2012 3D /2D tracking & matchmoving with Autodesk Matchmover and Nuke-X cameratracker.

This piece was an exploratory look at modern techn- culture and the data we produce. The clip combined live action footage and motion graphics to create the virtual world represented.


Designed as an exercise in match-moving and compositing, this shot takes CG and live action aspects integrating them into one consistent sequence.

Nelson St. Bristol

3D These examples of 3D modelling & texturing were created using Autodesk Maya. The final renders were carried out using the Mental Ray renderer with Global Illumination and Ray Trace shadows for more authentic lighting and real world dynamics.

MATCH-MOVING Using Autodesk Matchmover and Nuke-X, these examples of 3D tracked sequences highlight the possibilities and power of 3D tracking. These test sequences were invaluable in learning the matchmove process for later shots.


MOTION GRAPHICS Created for the music video ‘19 steps’ by Melbourne based country singer Suzie Dickinson, this stopframe animation incorporated stop-motion movement composited over static images & made dynamic through AE cs5.

This title sequence was one of a number of conceptual visualizations created for the short film ‘Golem’. The piece utilized Nuke, Maya and AE for the text design and subsequent shattering.

Big Jeff: The Jeffrey Johns Story

Is a multi-platform documentary. The site was designed with Flash& AE CS5 and coded using AS3.

Using Adobe PhotoshopCS5, the top image was manipulated to give a representation of Bristol’s past. Many of the buildings were removed and an overall sepia grade was applied to give the image a sense of authenticity.

This mock advert was created as an exercise in chroma keying and and motion graphics. Using Nuke’s keyers Primatte and Keylight, the green screen was removed and replaced with solid blocks of moving colour. The final grade was applied via After Effects CS5 to de-saturate the natural skin tones and give the overall muted contrasting look of the final sequence.

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2D Rotoscoping, compositing ,chroma key skills (Keylight & Primatte), particles and dynamics with Nuke-X and Adobe After Effects. Image...

Exit Book  

2D Rotoscoping, compositing ,chroma key skills (Keylight & Primatte), particles and dynamics with Nuke-X and Adobe After Effects. Image...