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Set designer, Animator and Illustrator +44(07) 523 198 549


I am a model maker, illustrator and aspiring set designer currently based in Bristol, who recently completed a degree at The Bristol School of Animation. My passion lies in model-making, model-design and painting. During my degree I have developed skills in both animation and model making in order to best prepare for working in the animation industry. I love to experiment with texturing models, exploring colour for sets and fully engage in the details of a project to create the perfect set aestheic. I would love to work as part of an art department team in a UK animation company, but am keen to explore the animation field and am open to any oppourtunites there may be to offer.

Key Skills Drawing by hand Drawing by tablet Painting Constructing models in wood, cardboard and card Sculpting in modelling clay, sculpey and foam Texturing models Sewing by hand and machine Collaboration and working in teams, directing and listening Good knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Flash, InDesign, After Effects, Muse and Stop Motion Pro.

Set design

All Washed Up A group project in the first semester of my third year in Animation which has been entered into ‘Show Me the Animation’. Working with Sarita McNeil and Sophie Marsh we produced a paper cut-out animation involving a busking whale. I created the backgrounds and props using sugar paper. The first establishing shot I decided to make 3D so to create shadows and depth to the cityscape.

Why is the Sky so High?

A project for the Animation module of my Kinetic Imaging course in America. The story was based around a Bengal folktale, where a old woman is irritated by the lowness of the sky, and pushes it up far away higher and higher. I used a cel animation technique, with painted paper cut out characters and oil painted backgrounds. Here are some backgrounds from the film.


These are some of the sets I created for my graduation film Lofty. I made them from wood, plastic, and card. The film is a heart warming tale that follows a weary old woman as she rummages through her house to help her height impaired husband’s sticky situation. Its a story about holding onto the past, whilst living with what you are given. The film centres around an extremely tall man that lives in an extremely tall house. I used a process of 3D sets photographed behind 2D Adobe Flash animation, and composited in Adobe After Effects. Here is some early concept work, and some final set outcomes. Each room conformed to the same hand-drawn aesthetc and offwhite colour scheme, but also with their own signature colour. I plan to send the film to film and animation festivals in the UK and internationally.


Open Brief This is a 15 second open brief Adobe Flash animation from my first year in Animation. I wanted to produce a film that had one singular shape throughout, as the circle manifests and transforms itself into different objects and characters.

Lofty Here are some shots taken from my graduation film Lofty. The characters were designed in Adobe Photoshop and animated in Adobe Flash. I then added texture to the sequences in Adobe After Effects to match the handmade feel of the sets, and to make the 2D characters fit into the world of the 3D sets. I wanted the film to have a sweet and charming feel, and designed the characters to have warm friendly faces.

Illustration and painting

Oil Painting on wood, 2011

Biro drawing on wood, 2012

Biro drawing on card, 2010

Oil Painting on wood, 2011

Henry’s Big Green Adventure Illustrated book

Participating in the national ‘Young Enterprise’ I was responsible for fully illustrating a storybook, which raised children’s awareness of environmental issues. I received an ‘Achievement & Learning’ award, in recognition of my watercolour drawings. The educational value was also recognised as copies were purchased by the Local Education Authority for distribution to primary schools. My interest in illustration was further enhanced when I was privileged to gain work experience with Stuart Trotter, the professional illustrator of Postman Pat and other children’s books. This enabled me to first learn Adobe InDesign and a range of technical software to enhance my page layouts and illustrations.


Portmanteau Exhibition During my study abroad at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA I was a part of the art soriety Kappa Pi Eta Mu. At the end of the year I helped curate an exhibition, ‘Portmanteau’, showing the work we produced during our time in the soriety. For the exhibition I chose sentences from Robert Frost’s ‘Mending Wall’, which I then interpreted into a film showing repeated reflections, which was then edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Nina Colosi juried Virginia Commonwealth University School of Art Student Exhibition

Computer Generated film was selected to be presented – representing Kinetic Imaging under the category of ‘Futurism’

Emily Ledger is an aspiring set designer and illustrator currently based in Bristol, whose recently completed a degree at The Bristol School of Animation. Her passion lies in model-making/ designing, illustrating and painting.

Emily Ledger  
Emily Ledger