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Skills Hey my name is Edward Vosper, originally from Sidmouth Devon but now moved to Bristol, to study at University of the West of England (UWE)

- 2D Animation, Both digital and stopmotion - Camera operator and Editor

studying Filmmaking and Creative Media With Animation.

- Motion graphics designer.

Animation and Film making has been a passion of mine all my life and I

- Web design

have been developing my skills over my time at Exeter College, studying

Tools of my Trade

Media studies and at UWE to further my skills and understanding of Media and the industry.

- After Effects

- Premiere

Director, Producer, Script Writer, Editor, Camera Operator, Animator and

- Stopmotion Pro

- Final Cut Pro

Sound and Lighting Engineer.

- Photoshop

- Muse

- Illustrator

- Wordpress

Over the time at both establishments I have undertaken the role of

All of which has taught me a great deal and I have found that in making


The Tall Tale of Benjamin Murphy - 2014 This is my final project while studying at UWE Bristol. I have never worked with computer generated animation prior to this project and really wanted to learn. I set about learning how to use Adobe After effects, which i did all of my animation in. The character design and setts where all created in Illustrator and then moved over to Photoshop for texturising. As well as learning a new skill i wanted to tell a story as well, about a lumberjack that sets off on an adventure. I hope to keep working in this style and method in the future and create more exciting projects and tell more tall tales.

T A L AL E The

L T Of

BenJamin Murphy By Edward Vosper

Claws - 2013 Claws is a stop motion animation which i created with Sarah Jones and Lucy Croft, using the under camera method in a studio environment. This was only a 6 week project so we had to move fast in to production.


My main role on this project was the design of the crab, which I would later animate. The photo on the second page of this book is me aniamting the crab in Claws. The set was mainly created by Lucy Croft but I helped out where I could, designing the tunnel in the beach and some details in the bar.

a Short Animation Created by edward vosper


The Blurrggh - 2013 With The Blurrggh i wanted to learn how to make puppets, then animate with with them under camera as i had not tried this before. I designed the createcher based of a rubber matt a friend of mine had. Using a wire armature and wrapping fabric around it, the Blurrggh was created. Animating a creature with six legs turned out to be quite hard, but i learnt a lot about the animating of puppets and basic construction

WEB DESIGN Along side creating animation’s and film’s i also design and create websites. I have set up six websites, the first being when i as 12 years old, with the help from my brother in law. Most of them have been eather a wordpress or Adobe Muse programs, that can be created with out using

Thanks for Reading

coding, but leave all the fun design parts. I have created a website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS but coding is not one of my best skills , but I know the basics. Prangg Magazine on the top left is a website for Music, Art, Lifstyle and Fun. I co created and run the website with a close friend. We mainly post things that inspire us or just find funny.

I enjoy working inwith animation, film and web design and trying to mix a combination of them all. I hope in the future i can work in any of those mediums and create new and existing projects. Whether Freelance or in more permanent job. I hope i the future i will have the time to keep working at my craft, even if it is not on a professional level. Here is a link to my website if you would like to see my show reel and other work I have created.

The bottom left is of my portfolio website, that contains my showreel and collection of other projects i have worked on. Using HTML5 and Adobe Muse you can create athree dimensional parallax scroll, with diffrent layers all moving at different speeds creating the paralax effect. This can be demonstrated on my website and the UWE degree show website upon completion,

Edward Vosper

Edward Vosper  
Edward Vosper