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SHIPand Bristol SHAPE m e ' h smas A BRISTOL ROLLER DERBY EXHIBITION BOUT 21st May 2011 Black with white


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to Bristol Roller Derby’s first ever home bout! It’s been a year since the creation of Bristol Roller Derby and we’ve come a long way. What started as a few like minded individuals with a Roller Derby dream, has now taken the city by storm. Bristol Roller Derby now has over 70 members and we’ve gone from one team to four (three home teams and a travel team, the Harbour Harlots). Today, you can see our three home teams; Daughters Of Anarchy, Project Mayhem and the Smash Vandals battle it out in three mini exhibition bouts. Each bout will last 30 minutes and a winner will be announced at the end of each (a normal game of roller derby is two teams, playing two 30 minute periods).


beside the track is Sitting on the floor es to one of the best plac encouraged as it’s al a wever, there is re watch the action! Ho d out ater may be knocke possibility that a sk reason the crowd! For this of bounds and into ty line fe sa e wed to sit at th only adults are allo der un eir own risk. Fans and they do so at th ba re ck stay at least 1 met t us m 18 of e ag e th e AT ALL TIMES. from the safety lin bing, th the bout by grab Fans interfering wi ted from skaters will be ejec g in pp tri or g in ld ho fund. the bout with no re

And you don’t just get an afternoon of daring derby deeds! We party as hard as we skate – so your ticket price also includes entrance into the after party held at The Old Firestation in the centre of town. And don’t forget – if you have any questions about the sport, the day, or anything else – ask your nearest roller girl! We hope you enjoy your day – and thank you for supporting the fast, fun and fearless sport of roller derby.

Derby love, BRD



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Roller Der


Send us a text! You can send a text message through to our announcers

0756 55 81 686

You can vote for your favourite roller girl by sending a text starting with “CROWDFAVE” followed by her skater name. The winner will be announced at the end of the bout. Or you can simply tell us what you think about the action, get a shout out or wish all the girls good luck for Ship Shape & Bristol SMASH’EM! *Text messages are charged at your standard network rate

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Skate Bristol ÂŁ145 PERFECT STARTER PACK Including skates, pads and helmet date





8:30 P.M.

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Mischief , Mayhem , Roller Derby! The first rule of Project Mayhem is: do talk about Roller Derby to anyone who will listen. The second rule of Project Mayhem is: do talk about Roller Derby to anyone who won't. Third rule of Project Mayhem: if the ref yells "stop", the jam is over. Fourth rule: try to knock over more than one blocker at a time if you can. Fifth rule: no eye-gouging, ladies. Sixth rule: we do wear pads, but no weapons! Seventh rule: jams will go on as long as they have to (which is 2 minutes or less). And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first time at Project Mayhem, you have to jam.

Captain Devine Retribution 235

Delta Strike 4X

Brady O' Active 8

Hellbound Kitty 696

Ivy The Terrible 84

Power Kraut 11

Promise Payback 20 -20

Ruby Whipper 78

Sim1 10

Tarty McFly 1985

Taya 88

Winged Nut 19

Skater Profile ★★★★★★★★★★★★★


Power Kraut #11 How long have you been skating? I checked - my first practise and first time on quad skates was 2 June 2010! What position do you play? I like to play at the back of the pack What is it about roller derby? It's a non-jock sport for people who hated PE

Yarn Bomber 78

What are you known for? I can take pretty big hits and keep skating solidly Your worst injury to date? A wheel-shaped bruise between my bum cheeks Derby Crush? Kamikaze Kitten of LRG (so much apex-jumping!)

Bench Manage


Tattooed Terror 13 (AC)

Lillibit Lethal 22

Derby Wife? I'm free and single... Will Project Mayhem win? Does the pope sh*t in the woods?

make 'em, spray 'em, break 'em Grabbing the city by the walls - when they're not tagging your car bonnet or vandalising your back fence, the Smash Vandals are causing more anti-social behaviour on their home turf, the derby track...


VIce Captain

Tequila Jammer 55avb

Goldie Lookin' Pain 99p

Bella Berserker 3

Brook'iller DeVil 101

Chloe Fatale 27

Dollsnatch 909

Fiery Temper F1

Frau POW! 28

Indy Corum 77

Jam Tart 4149

La Bicha 62

Power Tough Girl 79

Skater Profile ★★★★★★★★★★★★★


Goldie Lookin Pain #99P How long have you been skating? With the league - since the beginning last year but I have skated since I was little.. What position do you play? Pivot mainly... I have a big gob which comes in useful for that position! Also being tall I can see what’s happening behind!

The Wrecknician 56k

The Blizzard 54

What is it about roller derby? It’s a sport but it’s also a lot more, it’s fun, friendship and basically my life now... if I’m not playing derby then I’m thinking of it! It accepts anyone no matter who you are, what size, shape you are or what type of person you are, that’s rare to find in any sport or even life... Do you have any special moves? I like the surge block and just generally getting my ass in the way...

Bench Manage



Derby Crush? Vagablonde (LRG)- she's just so agile! Derby wife? Tarty Mcfly of Project Mayhem Will Smash Vandals win? Of course!

Daughters of Anarchy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


VIce Captain

Liv Fast 17

Mortabella Bam 667

Da Silva Surfer 48

Cherry Sour 31

E-Z Roller 24k

Knuckle Dust Her 888

Florence Lightnin'gale 89

Katie Clysmic 26

La Calavera 420

Minxie Mayhem 12

Custard Scream 250g

Ska'd 4 Life 745

Skater Profile

h white



Knuckle Dust Her #888 How long have you been skating? 8 months What position do you play? I mostly play blocker 3 or 4

Sno Angel 9

Willo the Whip 9.81

What is it about roller derby? Anyone can do it and the hitting of course :D What are you known for? Knocking people over Your worst injury to date? So far only a few bruises! Derby Crush? Vagablonde 68 LRG

Bench Manage


Adéle Linquent 0o

Derby Wife? E-Z Roller, also in D.O.A. Will D.O.A win? YES!

Refs and n.s.o s The refs and non-skating officials are here to keep track of the score, watch for penalties and make sure everyone is safe and has fun. Make sure you stay on their good side!

Mimey Vice

Metal Ed

Chaz Tizer

Natty Dread

Andie Maims


Golden Judicious

Massive thanks! To all the helpers and NSO's who work hard up to and during the bout to make things run as smoothly as possible; Acid Drop, Bi-Furious, Candy Kazi, Chick Dastardly, Christine, Gemma Green H.N.S.O, Haphazard, Hattie Flattener, Jet Reckless, Killem'All Kaity, Little Death, Pain By Numbers, Pamela Violent, Mr Incredibrawl, Myra Spindley, Nora Virus, Southern Cross, Thundercat Ho!, Tuff n Rumble Programme designed by Tarty McFly Plus even more help from Bristol Roller Derby friends & relations; Birmingham Blitz Dames, Plymouth City Roller Girls & Tiger Bay Brawlers!

Wanna make us sweat? Bristol Roller Derby are taking applications for coaches.

Email if you think you have something to teach us!

Ship Shape bout programme  

Bristol Roller Dery's first home bout

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