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Candy Darling Money

Self Release | 01.09

In the beginning, there was Emily Breeze. Forthwith, adoration washed in for her country rock’n’roll five-piece featuring the likes of John E Vistic and Howlin’ Lord.

Some time later, she’s back with the long-awaited Candy Darling single, ‘Money’. A shot of dirty guitars and cheap drum sounds is what follows, with any warmth from her previous project exchanged for a cold, sexy and above all threatening tone. The recent addition of keys is a boon, gluing the organic and synthetic sounds together in perfect dystopian harmony. “Success won’t change me” connives Breeze with a menacing slur, “apart from all the money”. Leave it to her to make nursery rhyme lyrics clever as f*ck. Loki Lillistone in Bath, the yelping vocals and unfathomable rawness of the mix brings a real urgency. That hasty nature of the release, along with its assertive female shouting, could easily be likened to that of Savages.

Social Skills


Crystal Fuzz | Out Now Social Skills might not be an ongoing entity, but a long overdue album has finally come to light. Recorded in a bare six hours on a sunny day

The lyricism is somewhat over-shadowed by the angry guitar work, but underneath the words tell of intimate subjects ‘Sanctuary’ for instance romanticises a sheltered life in the forest. If one thing is certain, we should all be grateful these tracks have surfaced. Rhys Buchanan

Makala Cheung Take Me Self Release | 18.08

Singer-songwriter Makala Cheung flies the flag for both Bristol and China with pride, as she combines both traditional and electronic sounds to create some quite distinctive pop. This single does exactly that, as she teams up with Bristolian hip-hop / dubstep producer B-Lash. After lulling us with some Eastern wind instruments, the track sharply builds into thick bass and dramatic strings. Despite being a Bristol ‘Happiness Champion’ (look it up!), her latest effort is one moody number, with its confident, cruising pace and visceral delivery. Makala always makes sure her unique attitude shines through — with this track being no exception. Loki Lillistone 23

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