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NEWS RELEASE From the Labour Councillors on Bristol City Council for immediate release, 17 September, 2015

Caring For Vulnerable Children in Bristol – no place to prioritise profit… say Labour. Community health services for Bristol’s most vulnerable children should not be run by private companies whose main aim is to make a profit – say Labour. The local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group is considering awarding services for children with physical and mental health conditions to a private provider. The North Bristol NHS Trust have said that they do not want to renew their existing contract which currently provides Children’s Community Health Partnership services including all community child health and child and adolescent mental health services as well as services like school nursing. Labour councillors are concerned that a private company will be less accountable and some would be tempted to cut costs, with an eye to profit, and not make patient care the top priority. “Elsewhere we hear that private companies winning health care contracts provide a poorer service. They down grade staff, revise pension arrangements and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that profit, and not patient care, is the priority for these companies. “Often these employment practises cause the best qualified staff to leave and this has an impact on the quality of care,” says Cllr Eileen Means, Labour, Brislington West. Additionally Bristol’s Labour councillors will be pressing NHS England to insist that the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group when it issues the contract for Riverside Adolescent Unit in Fishponds will only shortlist providers who can ensure integration of hospital and community services with social care, education and public health so that children and young people with serious mental health problems receive more joined-up care. Note to Editors: TWO providers have been short-listed to provide Children’s NHS Services •


and a partnership between two not-for-profit social enterprises, Sirona Care and Health CIC and Bristol Community Health CIC, and Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) NHS Trust

CONTACT: Cllr Eileen Means 07528 757 563 or Labour councillors’ office - 0117 922 2013 or 07957 474865

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Children's care not for profit  
Children's care not for profit  

Labour councillors are concerned that public health care for children has been put out to tender.