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University of Bristol Economics Finance & Management Society Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Contents Preface


Core Packages Table of Benefits


Basic Package


Premium Package


Sponsorship Enhancements a. Fresher Package


b. Sports Kit


c. Merchandise


d. International Trip


e. Bar Crawls: “EFM vs Law” & “EFM vs SPAIS”


f. Notable Speaker Series


g. LinkedIn Clinics


h. Christmas Ball


i. Industry Awareness Programme


j. Bristol Hedge Fund


Closing Remarks

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society


Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

3 Preface Message from the Presidents Dear Potential EFM Partner, Thank you for taking the time to read about the University of Bristol EFM (Economics, Finance and Management) Society. We are a well-run, far-reaching society which engages with its vast audience of members in direct and relevant ways. Our aim is to bring like-minded, driven and conscientious students together; both within EFM disciplines and beyond. As the only society associated with the School of Economics, Finance and Management, we have created a networked group of highly motivated students to provide an ‘extra layer’ to our members’ university experience.

Hedge Fund, our second annual debate competition and our expansion of networking events in conjunction with the Professional Liaison Network.

As we look forward to our society’s fifth year, we continue to grow in strength and size. We have strong links not only with the School of Economics, but also the Professional Liaison Network, the University of Bristol Careers Services as well as a multitude of other studentled societies. Through our ties we have blossomed into one of the largest societies in Bristol, with a strong social media presence reaching out to over 2000 members, over many platforms. In September we expect our membership to grow in line with previous years as the School expands, with roughly 650 new students expected to join.

This Sponsorship Proposal aims to provide you with more knowledge about the society, showing you how we operate and giving you the opportunity to develop or continue, a relationship with ourselves. We believe that our simplified sponsorship structure, with a standard package available to all, that can then be expanded in a variety of ways allows both sides to have the most beneficial relationship. Through our sponsorship structure, we aim to provide you with a sponsorship that is transparent and flexible, in a simple, accountable structure.

We have a strong commitment to representing all of our students. The society believes that all of our members have high potential to succeed in their future careers. With our roughly even gender composition, and huge variety of backgrounds and national identity, we have successfully collaborated on female-focused and LGBTQ+ specific events. Through our strong links with other departments and societies, we have campus-wide exposure, and our relationships ensure that our members are kept informed of the variety of opportunities available to them.

We hope that you enjoy reading this Proposal, and should you choose to sponsor the EFM society – we intend to provide you high value interactions with our diverse, high-potential student base over the coming year. A large part of our society is based around guiding our members into their future careers. As such, our sponsors – with whom many students choose to pursue careers – are the foundation of our existence. With your support, we believe that a mutually beneficial partnership will allow you to access some of the best undergraduates in the country.

This year, with the hard work of a dedicated committee, we have huge ambitions in each of the four areas we operate in: our Careers; Academic; Social and Sport sectors. Our range of activities provides fantastic opportunities for our members to meet new people and form networks, and to enjoy their university life by engaging with their subjects and the industries they wish to progress into. The past year has been packed with more activities and events than ever before, with events ranging from the university-renowned EFM Christmas Ball to networking events, to having two intramural football teams for the first time. We aim to build upon the range of events this year with our new affiliation with the Bristol

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

We look forward to hearing from you, and please do get in touch should you have any queries. Yours faithfully, Evelyn Pall and Rob Angel Presidents of The EFM Society E:


07926285710 (Evelyn)

07505506446 (Rob)

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Events SOCIALS Socials give our members the opportunity to network, not only through their classes, but also across year groups, subjects and other universities. Our past socials have included a world-record breaking 300 students gather in Peter Pan costumes, successfully kicking off the Family Scheme and academic year. The EFM International Tour to Amsterdam proved a huge success and created greater cohesion within the society, as did the ‘Fresher’s’ Trip to Cardiff. Due to popular demand, we plan to take our members to Prague next February. Our Christmas Ball is a major highlight in the society’s year, and we have fantastic plans to expand the size and scale of this event, and possibly introduce a Spring Ball as well.


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SPORT Another way that students can get involved in our society is through participation in one of our sports teams. The University's Intramural League offers a competitive, yet casual, dynamic, with our teams competing against an array of halls, societies and groups. Our two men’s football teams, cricket team, mixed netball team and new hockey team will continue the society’s sporting success.

ACADEMIC We advertise extra-curricular lectures organised by a variety of groups, including ourselves, the Bristol EFM School, as well as external organisations. These talks are always popular and well attended, and have become a part of many members’ schedules. We plan to grow this aspect of our society, by inviting notable economic and industry-leaders to speak on a broad scope of topics, in order to enhance our students’ understanding of the wider economic world.

CAREERS The EFM Society strives to give our members the opportunity to network with graduate employers and develop their employability skills through career based events. Previously we have held presentations, workshops, brunches and business games alongside our sponsors. Should you choose to sponsor The EFM Society, we would like to invite your company to provide talks concerning future careers. One of our key aims is to inform our students and offer support and guidance to help them choose the right career path. Those with distinguished careers can inform and inspire our students to aspire to careers within your firm. Consequently, we are confident that by working together we can help you to achieve your graduate recruitment goals.

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

‣ ‣ ‣

Women in Finance Panel Event - Apr 2018

Accenture Case Study Workshop – March 2018 Standard Chartered Networking Evening – Feb 2018 ‘City of Stars’ Christmas Ball Dec 2017 Arts and Sciences Annual Social - Oct 2017 Jones Day Annual Networking Event – Oct 2017


Members: 2050

Facebook Page: 1852 Likes

‣ ‣

Emailing List: Approx. 1200 EFM students Committee Size: 16, with separate Ball, Academic Talks & BHF sub-committees

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

5 Core Packages Basic: ÂŁ650 + VAT

Premium: ÂŁ850 + VAT

Promotion and Facilitation of all Careers Events

Promotion of Graduate, Internship & Spring Week opportunities.

Company Logo on Letters & Emails (smaller)

Company Logo on Letters & Emails (larger)

Bespoke Fresher Welcome Sponsorship Email

Optional Bespoke Networking Event

Company Logo on Website

Company Profile & Job Listings on Website

Regular Contact with EFM Society Committee

Dedicated Sponsorship Liaison

Photographic & Videographic Evidence of Fund Allocation

Inclusion in Polling and Email Surveys

Invitation to Deliver Talks on Topical Issues

Retweets on Social Media Accounts + All benefits of Basic Package

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Core 6 Packages

BASIC PACKAGE This is the cornerstone of any sponsorship agreement with EFM, ensuring your company is well represented by the society. All networking, interactive, case study, and other careers events will be promoted across our website, email and social media. We can also help facilitate these events, assisting you to source venues, both on and off campus, and any other needs you may have. We will also display your logo throughout our communications with our members on our Social Media, including in Cover Photos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as select photographs on Snapchat and Instagram. Your logo would also feature on our website, as a clickable link through to your graduate recruitment page.

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

7 Core Packages

BASIC PACKAGE In addition, your firm will feature in our Freshers Welcome Email as well as have the opportunity to sponsor our Careers Talks: • The Freshers Welcome Email is distributed to all 650 first year students in the faculty at the start of the year. It gives a general overview of the society and provides advice on the year ahead. A further ‘Welcome Back’ email is also sent out to our whole mailing list consisting of 1200 students from all years, promoting internships and graduate jobs. • The package includes 150 words about yourselves in a ‘Meet The Sponsors’ section, which the committee can tailor to your needs, as well as your logo and graduate recruitment website link. • The Careers Talks are held each week and aim to inform students of the careers opportunities available to them. They provide information about spring weeks, internships and graduate schemes, including important dates and application tips. • Past talks have proved very successful with up to 150 students attending each talk, and we believe this to be an ideal opportunity to showcase the schemes you offer as well as create personal connections to potential candidates. UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Core 8 Packages

PREMIUM PACKAGE This package augments the benefits of the Basic Package to provide a broader agreement and wider coverage. As a ‘Premium Sponsor,’ we will promote job opportunities, competitions, and any other material, in addition to promoting and facilitating networking and other careers events. Your company will also be featured more prominently, such as larger logos and receiving greater space in the Fresher’s Welcome Email. Your logo will also be displayed on the upper, larger tier of company logo sizes in all of our more general letters and emails, giving more exposure and ensuring you stand out. Additionally, you will have the option to co-design a company profile on our website, allowing you a page to fill with information about your company, including graduate recruitment, as well as your values and goals. In addition, we encourage you to list job opportunities on here, along with deadlines, so our members are well-informed in the recruitment process. You will also receive other benefits, such as a directly-contactable sponsorship liaison to provide efficiency and accountability. Furthermore, your company can request to be included in any polling / survey data that the society collect from our members (For example, “Between 1 - 5, how likely would you apply to your firm’s graduate scheme”) Note: Sponsorship Enhancements are not necessarily dependent on Basic or Premium Packages. If an enhancement is selected as a standalone agreement, you firm will not receive the benefits of the Basic or Premium Packages, but The EFM Society will promote careers events for your company. If you wish to tailor-make an agreement with The EFM Society, please let us know as we are willing to accommodate your needs and your budget. For more information, please contact Evelyn Pall or Rob Angel at We will happily discuss your company’s needs via email, telephone, Skype or faceto-face visit to your offices.

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

9 Sponsorship Enhancement

FRESHER PACKAGE £1250 + VAT (exclusive) Unlike other sponsorship enhancements, this package includes all benefits of premium package, plus: • Exclusive sponsorship of The Family Scheme • Exclusive Sponsorship of Freshers’ Coffee Morning • Targeted advertising to 1st years, with year-specific polling • Invitation to host 1st-year specific events to teach new, uninformed students about your company, industry and application process. The EFM Family Scheme provides students with a fantastic opportunity to meet other members of all year groups. ‘Parents’ are assigned to incoming first-year students to help them through their university lives, giving academic and pastoral advice throughout the year. Last year’s scheme was immensely successful, including breaking a Guinness World Record in a Peter-Pan themed social! By sponsoring the Family Scheme, your company will be advertised at all Family socials and events, with your logo presented on flyers, promotional materials and social media advertisements. The logo of your company will also appear on official ‘Family Scheme’ photos within our website gallery, as a watermark in the corner of each image. With automatic involvement for all EFM students in the incredibly popular scheme, this is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the breadth of members, throughout the different years. UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Sponsorship Enhancement 10

SPORTS KIT £500 per team + VAT (exclusive) The exclusive prospect of your company’s logo on all sport merchandise creates far-reaching exposure to students across the university, especially teams fielded by other societies, clubs and faculties. With regular updates on sports teams across our social media platforms, with photos uploaded on a regular basis, brand exposure will spread even further. Building upon the success of previous years, we aim to encourage even greater involvement of members this year in representing EFM. Our teams for upcoming year include: two football teams, and one team in cricket, hockey and netball.

MERCHANDISE £250 + VAT (limited spaces) Placing your logo on EFM Merchandise will give your organisation a great opportunity to boost your company image throughout the course of the year, and across the entire university. With a range of clothing, including t-shirts and crewneck jumpers, to go on general sale over the course of the year, your logo could become visually prominent across the city. In addition, all committee members will receive merchandise to wear at all events, including the Students’ Union Welcome Fair. This means that your logo will also be seen across our website and social media platforms – in photos uploaded onto the society’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat profiles. UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

11 Sponsorship Enhancement

INTERNATIONAL TRIP £1250 + VAT (exclusive) The international trip provides an opportunity for students to take part in social and teambuilding activities, forming friendships with fellow students from the society. This year, we plan to build on the success of our enormously successful trip to Amsterdam. This will involve a four-day excursion to Prague during the university break at the end of February, and is open to all members. By sponsoring the trip, your company logo will be placed on all merchandise and promotional materials involved, including trip hoodies (which students generally wear long after returning home), flyers and social media advertisements. The company logo will also be featured as a watermark on all official trip photos.

CROSS-SOCIETY SOCIALS £250 each + VAT (exclusive) • EFM v UBLC (University of Bristol Law Club) • EFM v SPAIS (Sociology, Politics and International Studies) As the largest inter-faculty events at Bristol University, these evenings are an opportunity to boost brand exposure across the entire student population. With many students from these Schools looking to pursue careers in similar industries, association with these socials could be extremely beneficial to your company, particularly as the events are held before spring week application deadlines. Sponsorship involves your company logo on all promotional materials including physical tickets, flyers and posters, and online within emails, our website and social media posts, and as a photo watermark. UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Sponsorship Enhancement 12

CHRISTMAS BALL £2000 + VAT (exclusive) The university-renowned Christmas Ball is an important tradition of EFM students’ lives and is one of the largest events. It provides the largest platform for advertising throughout the society. The format of the Ball is a drinks reception, followed by a three-course meal and an evening of entertainment, with DJs, dancing, live music and casino-themed activities. Last year’s ‘City of Stars’ themed Ball proved incredibly successful, with first release tickets selling out within days. Ambitions for this year’s event are already enormous, with ideas of a ‘Masquerade Murder Mystery’ theme transporting attendees on an enigmatic adventure from a shadowy champagne reception to a mysterious candle-lit dinner. As exclusive sponsor of the EFM Christmas Ball, the event will be called ‘The EFM Christmas Ball, sponsored by (Your Firm)’. Your firm logo will be displayed boldly on all tickets, and advertisements. You will be entitled to a selection of free tickets – with a company table provided. Your organisation will also be advertised during the Ball Launch Party. UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

13 Sponsorship Enhancement

NOTABLE SPEAKER SERIES £500 + VAT (exclusive) This year, we will launch our ‘Notable Speaker Series’ by inviting key speakers from politics, economics and wider public spheres to deliver talks to our members. We want to enrich our members’ university experience by providing the opportunity to engage in interests outside of the scope of their course. This is an exclusive opportunity for your company to be the sole sponsor associated with the whole series, with ‘sponsored by (Your Firm)’ and your logo appearing on all promotional materials and social media output. Your company will be invited to attend all speeches, and to send key speakers from your firm to deliver a talk (for example, about the impact of Brexit), as part of the scheme.

LINKEDIN CLINICS £300 + VAT (exclusive) Helping our members improve their employability is a key focus of The EFM Society, and so this year, we will be providing our members with ‘LinkedIn Clinic’ events, in coordination with the university careers service. This will enable students to build LinkedIn profiles through a series of presentations with the opportunity to take a professional headshot. By sponsoring, we will promote this opportunity to our students as ‘The EFM LinkedIn Clinic, sponsored by (Your Firm).’ Your company logo will also be present on all promotional materials, and we would like to invite you to send down members of your company to aid in presentations, and network with students. UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

Sponsorship Enhancement 14

Industry Awareness Programme £250 + VAT (Non-exclusive) This new, exciting programme aims to prepare high-performing students for postuniversity life by developing their commercial knowledge and engaging them in interests outside of their academic degree. The 30-40 successful candidates will be those who demonstrate the greatest desire to learn and participate in workshops. These workshops will revolve around current affairs and the industries many will be pursuing careers in. By sponsoring this scheme, we invite you to send speakers to Bristol to lead and participate in talks, debates and ‘meet and greet’ events with some of Bristol’s brightest students. We also hope that, in return, we may be permitted to visit associated firms’ offices. Your logo will also be displayed on all posts and promotional material relating to the IAP.

Bristol Hedge Fund TBC This year the EFM Society is affiliating with Bristol Hedge Fund (BHF), a society representing economics, STEM and arts students pursuing a career in the financial industry. Members are given the freedom to pursue their own investment ideas via our bespoke online trading platform with BHF serving as a forum which enables students, BHF alumni, academics and industry professionals to freely discuss such ideas, whilst also providing extensive education in financial markets ranging from the use of Bloomberg Terminals to lectures on asset classes. BHF offers a closely-knit community, which allows its current members to learn from BHF alumni who work in the financial industry. Sponsorship money would be used for running talks from industry professionals as well as potentially funding trading game competitions run throughout the year. If you require any further details or any more information on BHF please do not hesitate to email us at UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

15 Committee Closing Remarks We hope that this guide has given you an insight into our growing ambition and professional outlook – and we aim to provide you with huge value through interaction with our student base over the coming year. With an increasing number of students from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, we have plenty of ideas to improve the student experience whilst engaging members with key sponsors, through which they may choose to pursue careers. We look forward to building a strong relationship with your firm throughout the next academic year and look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have any queries or questions about specifics in the sponsorship guide, please email us at Kindest Regards, The 2018/19 EFM Committee

Contact addresses: General enquiries - Presidents (Evelyn Pall and Rob Angel) -

UoB Economics, Finance & Management Society

Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19



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Sponsorship Proposal 2018/19

EFM Sponsorship Proposal 2018-19  
EFM Sponsorship Proposal 2018-19