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My beautiful company My company is called Briseidasa Fashion Machine. The Briseidasa is originated by Briseida more the first two letters of my middle name. The logo consists of a sun representing the function of the machine is to identify temperature day. The t-shirt that represents your own laundry, the machine can create sets without spending to buy more clothes look cute.

The slogan is absolutely true because if you have this machine your life will be much easier, since you'll always have the right look for each event without worrying about the night before and if you're gonna be making a cold or warm day.

My company is a very modern machine that helps people choose their clothing every day and that is related to the climate of the day. It is very practical because it makes your sets with the same clothes that you have, also helps you to look better and combining clothes with your body shape.

The objective of this company is that people do not have to worry about the clothes used the other day, only need this machine to make your life more simple, because if it is a sunny day does not have to suffer in the heat, because your clothes according to this kind of weather.

The machine works only with photo take the clothes you have, insert pictures to the machine like a computer and configure your hip measurements, breasts, waist, height, weight. It's the same process with the shoes.

The machine you can buy in the principal shopping centers or sales office of the company. The price of this machine is medium because a medium economic level person can buy. The

price will not be an intermediate between the machine and you, as there are different ways to pay.

We have different designs of machines from the pink to the most gothic. We also have machines for men closet so they can stop worrying about clothes tomorrow.

This is my fabulous company and hopes to buy many machines

My beautiful company  
My beautiful company