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1. The Digital Business Power-up Program

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3. Cyber City Program


Brisbane’s Unique Window of Opportunity

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Recognising the digital reality


Brisbane - Gateway to The Global Digital Economy


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Creating a cyber city


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Brisbane’s Digital Vision The global economy is moving into the digital realm at breathtaking speed. In less than a generation, the internet has radically transformed the way we communicate and share information. Today it is fundamentally altering the business and economic landscape with international digital sales transactions already valued at more than $20 trillion. Digital technology and devices are transforming our shopping, banking, services and social habits as we demand real time, customised, high speed responses to our every need. In the years ahead this technology will evolve ever deeper into our day-to-day experiences, fundamentally rewriting the rule book on all areas of commerce, education and communication. Brisbane needs to move boldly and rapidly into this digital age. As we traverse deeper into the so-called “Asian Century” Brisbane is well positioned to use digital technology to drive economic development and prosperity through improved productivity for local business and by capitalising on business expansion and export opportunities. Ultimately this will improve the quality of life of all of our citizens. This Digital Brisbane strategy sets a realistic five-year agenda to speed up the pace of change and kick-start a business revolution that puts Brisbane into the slipstream of digital innovation. It outlines programs and initiatives designed to provide Brisbane businesses with stateof-the art digital information, encourage high-potential digital start-up companies and improve the experiences of residents and visitors though digital technology. This will be done in partnership with organisations and businesses providing valuable leadership in this space. The Brisbane City Council is already a recognised leader in the use of digital media to communicate with residents and manage crises. The initiatives in this strategy represent a further strategic investment by the Council to ignite change to benefit the business community and people of Brisbane. However, the true success of the Digital Brisbane strategy will come through digital opportunities becoming part of our day-to-day business conversation and planning. As Australia’s New World City, Brisbane needs to have a digital state of mind and a burning ambition to lead, innovate and confidently embrace the future.

Brisbane’s digital leadership achievements to date

• O  ne of the first cities in the world to appoint a Chief Digital Officer to help drive economic development through digital business • U  se of crowdsourcing maps by Brisbane City Council for flood and storm notifications and attracting six million page views each month across Council social media channels • U  sing digital technology to offer 24/7 convenience to business such as electronic licensing applications and payments • P  roviding free wi-fi access in more than 20 parks and all libraries • O  pening 69 Council datasets for public access since a 2011 hacka-thon launch. This is part of a commitment to progressively adopt a more open data policy • Commissioning of accessibility audits to ensure city websites are continually evolved to meet consumer needs

Graham Quirk Lord Mayor of Brisbane


Digital Brisbane Program Overview


Digital business power-up program Digitally advanced businesses • Online tools to keep up with trends, events and innovation • Help to identify appropriate web needs and mentors and suppliers who can help • Access to international speakers and entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of digital change Digitally active businesses • Facilitated access to companies and organisations who can advance digital progress • Online tools to detect digital needs and opportunities • Self-assessment tools to identify digital gaps Digital novice businesses • At least 50 opportunities a year for face-to-face training, education and information events • Basic web tools to start the digital journey • Seminars, forums, conferences and training in advanced digital practice


Brisbane’s digital vision

Digital start-up kickstart program BUDDING DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS

Budding digital entrepreneurs • Lord Mayor’s grant program for budding entrepreneurs with promising digital ideas • Local access to conferences like TechConnect and international start-up entrepreneurs • Mentoring and pitch coaching for 50 promising business start-ups


Cyber city program Brisbane residents • Continued improvements to connectivity, digital services and data access across the city • Coderdojo program to teach young people about digital coding • Improved future living standards and job security based on digital economic growth Visitors to Brisbane • New “way-finder” system that integrates mobile digital technology with signs, maps and city venues • Ready access to wi-fi services across the city • Cutting edge online and mobile applications for visitors (


“One-third of the Australian economy faces imminent and substantial disruption by digital technologies and business models.” – Deloitte, Digital Disruption Short Fuse Big Bang Report

Our Digital World REINVENTING THE WAY WE LIVE Digital technology is rapidly redefining the very nature of day-to-day living and driving us to a future where the physical, social and technological worlds converge. Already smart mobile devices have become the centre of the communication and interaction universe for the majority of Australians. Such devices are transforming our shopping, banking and social habits as we demand real time, customised, high speed responses to our every need. Today we can instantly purchase goods from all over the world from computers or mobile devices. We can scan billboards and advertisements on our mobile devices to activate messages, video, special offer and loyalty schemes. Phones can replace paper tickets, respond to our voices and help link us with products and services tailored for our specific needs. Through social media we can instantly connect to millions of people across the globe and transmit news and pictures as soon as they happen. We can post our thoughts and opinions to friends and followers from wherever we happen to be in real time, 24/7.


Brisbane’s digital vision

THE NEXT PHASE While the rapid onset of digital devices has ushered in profound change in less than a generation, the next wave of digital change promises further reinvention of the human experience. Digital strategies will become crucial to all business strategies and the need to gather insights through quality data will become increasingly important to business success. The next waves of smart devices are expected to adjust to our situations, changing moods and modes in sync with our behaviour. By focussing on these opportunities, existing businesses have a great opportunity to improve productivity through efficient digital technologies. On a more ambitious level, with the right ecosystem Brisbane could create new businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars that drive future economic value and jobs for the city.

Aims of The Digital Strategy

PREPARING BRISBANE FOR THIS NEW PARADIGM The Digital Brisbane strategy is designed to ensure Brisbane businesses and organisations are better equipped to make the necessary digital transformations over the next five years. Not all businesses will need to be at the cutting edge of digital change, but none can afford to ignore the digital realities. This plan provides a roadmap to speed up the process and give businesses tangible information, reference points and face-to-face contact to help them on the journey. By providing real and useful business tools, the strategy can help businesses leverage digital solutions to become more efficient and effective.

“The strategy’s focus on economic development is appropriate considering the size of the global digital economy and the Lord Mayor’s vision for economic growth. It is pioneering in the context of city digital strategies and can help to make Brisbane one of the most progressive cities in the world.” –K  ieran O’Hea, Chief Digital Officer, Brisbane

The Digital Brisbane strategy is designed to:

• E  nsure the digital economy is a high priority for Brisbane businesses • Initiate high-value digital support activities through a targeted investment by the City • P  osition Brisbane as a significant digital city Specific five-year target outcomes

• S  upport, promote or initiate digital training, information sessions and conferences that provide face-to-face support for 4000 businesses a year and online support for a further 30,000 users per year • D  ouble the number of Brisbane companies conducting business online • S  upport 250 Brisbane digital start-ups, some with global potential through events, referrals to incubators, mentors and commercial advice • C  reate at least one chair, course or program in Digital Economics or Digital entrepreneurialism • L  ift Brisbane’s digital readiness score (as measured by The Economist’s Economic Intelligence Unit methodology) by 1%. This would translate to a 35% improvement in annual productivity growth and a $560 million lift in Gross Regional Product (a measure of the size of a metropolitan area’s economy)


“The digital era is here – it’s continuing like a locomotive.” – Lord Mayor Brisbane, Graham Quirk



Objective: Empower companies to engage in the digital economy

Objective: Provide stimulus for digital start-ups

• Initiate, support or promote at least 50 tailored digital educational/training sessions and events per year aimed at reaching at least 4000 businesses face-to-face, with particular emphasis on small and medium enterprise. This will include the hosting of one to two major conferences per year, including the CLICK! Digital Expo • Provide talent and support for partner organisation digital forums and training • Establish a working party with Brisbane universities with a view to creating a global class Digital Economics chair or program by the end of 2014 • Creation of a Digital Brisbane website that provides basic information on conducting digital business, digital trends, events, news, and available digital suppliers. The site will ultimately provide a digital self-assessment tool for small business and customised web tools to match businesses with appropriate support, partners and services.


Brisbane’s digital vision

• Launch of the Coderdojo program in city libraries to teach hundreds of young people how to master digital coding. This is an international program aimed at 7-17 year-olds • Introduce a Lord Mayor’s grant program to encourage budding entrepreneurs to launch start-ups and facilitate access to business incubators • Provide mentoring and pitch coaching to 50 promising business start-ups • Support a series of start-up related events over 5 years starting with the TechConnect conference in Brisbane in April 2013 • Visiting Entrepreneur program to link start-ups with successful, international role models.

3. CYBER CITY PROGRAM Objective: Improve public services through digital technology •C  ontinue the Council’s current ongoing digital improvement as part of the digital strategy •F  ully integrated way-finding system featuring signage, maps, attractions integrated with an interactive mobile digital experience • Improve the online and mobile experience for visitors.

Background The need for a Digital Brisbane strategy was recognised in the 2011 Unique Window of Opportunity report prepared by the Lord Mayor’s Economic Development Steering Committee. The report outlined the need for a strategy which: • Encouraged and accelerated business uptake of digital technologies • Recognised and promoted existing and emerging digital industry talent in Brisbane • Provided direction and vision about digital infrastructure • Enhanced Brisbane’s connectivity for business, students, tourists and residents • Encouraged Council to provide leadership in technology uptake • Attracted events to position Brisbane at the forefront of digital technology As a result of that report, a Digital Brisbane business unit was established in Brisbane Marketing and a Chief Digital Officer was appointed for the city. The digital strategy engagement process included over 1,000 points of consultation: • 19 industries • Local and State Government • Industry associations • Academia


“Our Digital Strategy played a major role in the growth of the company for the last four to six years by better serving existing customers and attracting new ones.” – Michael Gillespie, Online Marketing Director, Dominos.

Brisbane’s Unique Window of Opportunity WHY DO WE NEED A DIGITAL STRATEGY?

Results of the Brisbane Digital Audit The Brisbane Digital Audit was commisioned by Brisbane Marketing in partnership with Regional Development Australia. It was conducted by the University of Queensland and Ernst & Young to gauge the level of digital maturity of businesses in Brisbane. It provided valuable insights for the development of the Digital Brisbane strategy and a framework to continually track Brisbane’s progress on the path to digital maturity. Specific findings included: 80% of companies have digital technology and regard themselves as being engaged in the digital economy 30% are selling products and services online and many are using digital technology to communicate with customers and suppliers

The Brisbane Digital Audit, completed in November 2012 and involving 500 companies, showed that 80% of firms regarded themselves as being engaged in the digital economy. Despite this, of the companies surveyed, as few as 30% were actually selling goods and services online.

The digital strategy will also be crucial in creating cutting edge projects and innovation that will help attract top talent to Brisbane. The initiatives will create deeper international linkages for Brisbane, helping to drive further investment and research interest in the city.

The remainder were mostly limited to websites outlining company information and services. The Council encourages businesses to become truly engaged in the digital economy by embracing ecommerce and broadening their potential markets beyond traditional geography and the confines of bricks and mortar shopfronts.

55% do not have a documented digital strategy and do not see the need for one 24% have seamless integrated customer engagement across face-to-face, mobile and online channels

Brisbane Businesses Digital Practices 90% 80%

Businesses that have a documented digital strategy




3% 22%












16% 20% 16%


Own website

Social media presence

Sells products/ services on-line

Current practice

Have not considered

Reference: Ernst & Young and University of Queensland

Development in progress

Important but not planned

Considered but not important

Declined to answer

Reference: Ernst & Young and University of Queensland

Communicates electronically with customers or suppliers

None of the above

LINKS BETWEEN DIGITAL STRATEGY AND BUSINESS SUCCESS A recent study published by UQ Business School, showed a clear cause and effect relationship between digital business and economic performance. The research indicated that, compared to firms without a web presence, firms using the web to engage customers were, in the following year: (i) more profitable, (ii) 2.5x more likely to innovate, (iii) 4.8x more likely to export. This indicates that lifting the digital maturity of businesses will result in an increase in economic growth. Reference: Verreynne, M. (2012, July). Queensland Business Innovation Report 2012. DSITIA (http:// innovation-policy/).

Additionally, all of the digital champions identified in the Audit had documented digital strategies. This was a key indicator of success in digital transformation.


“The development of the online experience and use of digital technologies has enabled the business to improve a multitude of supporting services as part of the business value proposition.” – Jane Sheehy, Chief Information Officer, Terry White Chemists

Recognising the digital reality By 2012, 60% of Australians had mobile smart devices and phones, 20% had tablets and 65% were using social media. By 2016 a staggering 19 million Australians are expected to be using mobile devices. (PWC—Outlook Australian Entertainment and Media 1012—2016) In economic terms, by May 2012, online retail sales in Australia were estimated to be $11.3 billion a year and growing at an annual rate of 15%. Australia’s digital economy is forecast to grow at twice the rate of Gross Domestic Product between 2012 and 2016, from $50 billion to $70 billion. (Deloitte - Digital Disruption, Short Fuse, Big Bang, 2012 )


Brisbane’s digital vision

THE OPPORTUNITY FOR BRISBANE By fully capitalising on the digital opportunities, Brisbane can fundamentally transform its social, professional and economic potential. If successful: •A  digital culture will become an integral part of the city mindset and culture •B  usinesses with customerfocused integrated digital strategies will grow and export twice as fast as those that don’t •N  ew jobs will be created • Competitiveness will increase •T  here will be increased opportunities for start-ups

• Exports will grow through improved productivity in highpotential sectors • The city will attract and retain top talent • Brisbane will capitalise on the “Asian Century”, leveraging its geographical location and connectivity of digital technology Conversely, failure to act could severely undermine Brisbane’s future economic state through the loss of business overseas and restrained job creation prospects. The digital strategy will help ensure that Brisbane is a leader rather than a follower in the digital era.

•B  risbane will be able to compete more effectively in international markets •P  ublic services will improve and levels of engagement will increase •C  onsumer choice will be greater •T  here will be enhanced quality of life
























-A S


Brisbane’s digital vision











































































Implementing the Digital Brisbane strategy Results of the Digital Strategy Forum A forum of 150 businesses was held in September 2012 to identify themes and topics of importance to the Brisbane business community. The following themes emerged from that discussion: Content is king - Content must be customised to engage the target users in a relevant and purposeful interaction. Content must be consistent across all digital and non-digital touch-points. Engagement models The digital economy requires a different approach to our current engagement models: more open, collaborative, in-the-moment. Leading by example Brisbane City Council has a role to play in leading by example and demonstrating how the digital economy can (i) drive more productive use of assets, (ii) position the City to maximise the impact from major events such as the G20 Leaders Summit and The Commonwealth Games, (iii) attract new industry players. Digital maturity To be successful in the Digital Economy, there is an urgency to increase the level of digital maturity across the business ecosystem. Customers are teaching themselves how to make the most of the digital environment. Businesses are yet to fully embrace the opportunities that the digital economy can offer. There is urgency in (i) raising awareness, (ii) demonstrating how to use the range of digitally enabled opportunities to create value.


Brisbane’s digital vision

While much of the Digital Brisbane strategy will be driven by private companies and institutions, the City will support a secretariat to oversee the key strategic initiatives. Digital Brisbane will remain as a business unit within Brisbane’s Economic Development Board -Brisbane Marketing. The Brisbane City Council’s ongoing program of improving the city’s digital experience will remain with the relevant areas of Council but the Digital Brisbane office will help to support and promote this program through all of its activities.

THE IMPORTANCE OF PARTNERSHIPS AND MENTORS The Digital Brisbane strategy is predicated on many of the initiatives being driven and implemented by partner organisations with the relevant resources and expertise. It also envisages that businesses requiring help with their digital transition will be mentored by firms and organisations who are more advanced in their development. Mentoring is expected to include support for business strategy, investor pitching and investor readiness. The Digital Brisbane business unit will support many of these programs through thought leadership, sponsorship, connecting organisations with potential partners and mentors, and promoting events and opportunities through Brisbane Marketing’s extensive communication network.

“The most digitally mature companies are 26% more profitable, generate 9% more revenue and achieve 12% higher market valuations.” – Wall Street Journal

THE ROLE OF DIGITAL CHAMPIONS The Brisbane Digital Audit and the subsequent consultation process identified examples of digital “champions” throughout Brisbane. These are businesses of varying sizes that are well advanced in the digital economy and in a strong position to influence and mentor other businesses. This type of business mentoring will be an important component of the Digital Brisbane strategy. The strategy will continue to identify new digital champions each year. The following firms were identified as champions: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brisbane Airport Corporation CharmHealth CMD Design Crockford Carlisle CUA Dominos Pizza ePharmacy/ Chemist Warehouse Ferra Engineering Fix-A-Frame Flight Centre GroundProbe Halfbrick Studios ImmersaView In Training Leading Edge Automation Moreton Island Adventures my FootDr Podiatry Centres Rental Express Stat Health Systems Story Bridge Adventure Climb Terry White Chemist Group The Cloakroom Virgin Australia Wotif Group


Key targets for the strategy The strategy has been primarily designed to help meet the needs of three target groups: Businesses: The target business community includes companies that are currently registered in Brisbane, as well as future investors, new entrepreneurs and relevant non-profit businesses. The Business section of the strategy focuses on education and capacity building for digital capabilities. The strategy is aimed at businesses of all sizes at all stages of their digital journey. As part of the implementation strategy, sector specific programs will be developed to ensure outcomes are delivered in the areas of highest potential impact. The digital audit concluded that most opportunity existed in manufacturing, construction, and healthcare and social assistance. Start-Ups: Young companies (typically 0-3 years) aiming to achieve rapid growth and tackle global markets, often fuelled by external investment. High-growth, knowledge-based, start-up companies are having a profound economic impact on economies around the world. People: Brisbane City Council and Brisbane Marketing will be focused on digital projects that will improve the lives of Brisbane’s residents, business travellers and tourists.


Brisbane’s digital vision

Empowering business SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises), defined as businesses employing up to 199 persons employ 70% of Australians, contribute 55% of local economic output and are the driver for much of the innovation and job creation in Australia. In Brisbane there are just over 120,000 registered companies, 75,000 of whom are nonemploying and 45,000 of whom employ 1-199 employees. The Brisbane digital strategy will address the needs of traditional SME’s but will also include the growing number of companies in the digital sector, typified by digital natives that specialise in offering services such as web development, search engine marketing and digital advertising.

Businesses that do not have their origins in the digital space now find themselves competing in a digital economy . They need a new type of support to help them gain a competitive edge. By Brisbane City Council, through Brisbane Marketing, driving the Digital Brisbane strategy, there is an opportunity to provide this type of support and fast track changes that might otherwise take many years to occur through organic market growth. The Brisbane Digital Audit revealed that, although many businesses were embracing the digital economy, the relatively low number involved in genuine digital transactions might be considered a market failure requiring a public sector intervention.ďżź

It will also seek to engage with the relatively small number of large organisations that are either contemplating or already undergoing enterprise-wide digital transformation.


Brisbane’s start-up environment continues to grow and has a number of ongoing activities including: •T  hree startup incubators / co-working spaces •T  wo angel investment groups / forums •O  ne mobile games accelerator / investment fund •T  wo university entrepreneurship clubs •6  25 members of the Silicon Beach Brisbane startup networking group

Creating a climate for digital start-ups Many cities around the world have recognised that highgrowth digital companies are increasingly important drivers of economic growth. Conversely, it is becoming evident that economies that are not driving innovation will be overtaken by more progressive, technology-enabled economies. Already the rapid growth of China, India and Brazil as knowledge economies has demonstrated the speed with which “developing” economies are embracing the opportunity to create economic impact. In response to this opportunity, many cities, regions and countries have launched start-up programs to boost entrepreneurship and improve the support available to highgrowth digital companies as they seek to become globally significant businesses.


Brisbane’s digital vision

Brisbane has an opportunity to become a significant player in the knowledge economy. Its universities are producing world class technical talent, and there is a growing interest in creating high-growth digital businesses. Our high quality lifestyle makes Brisbane an attractive location to attract and retain talent, and our proximity to Asia positions us well to tackle large neighbouring markets. Brisbane, however, still does not have many of the basic components of an ecosystem that is supportive of high-growth digital start-ups. Brisbane startup companies are constrained by the relative immaturity of the local start-up ecosystem, as evidenced by the relatively low number of technology-based companies successfully tackling global markets.

Creating a cyber city The Brisbane City Council is already well advanced in the use of digital technology to improve its communications and interactions with the people of Brisbane. The Council’s Digital Communications Strategy 2012-14 commits the Council to using digital communications to listen to, engage with and deliver messages to customers, residents and employees. The Council also has a well developed social media strategy, free wi-fi services in many public areas and a commitment to developing open data access as the resources, budget and technology opportunities arise. The Digital Brisbane strategy seeks to integrate this program with a broader digital strategy for the city and continue the

commitment to use digital technology to enhance human experiences. More specifically, the strategy extends the focus to city visitors who will likely have high expectations of the city’s digital capacity. The Commonwealth Government is expecting that four out of five Australian citizens will choose to engage with the government through the internet or other type of online services by 2020. In this environment, poor experiences and a lack of services will frustrate residents or visitors who wish to engage online with public authorities to pay bills, or find local information. Brisbane needs to retain its commitment to constant improvements in this area.


Detailed actions and deliverables OBJECTIVE 1: EMPOWER COMPANIES TO ENGAGE IN THE DIGITAL ECONOMY Goal 1.1. Create online resources and expert advisory services in support of SME digital development

Goal 1.2. Establish research and education initiatives in support of SME digital development

Action 1.1. Create digital expert advice panels, online support and forums for SME’s who are integrating their digital strategy with their business strategy.

Action 1.5. Develop metrics for measuring Brisbane’s digital economy so it can be defined and monitored.

Action 1.2. Develop a “matchmaking” tool for SME’s and digital service providers designed to help SME’s to find suitable suppliers and enable them to rate their experiences. Action 1.3. Access to tailored business solutions for digital novices - Tailored educational training sessions showing SME’s how they can grow their business and reduce costs. Action 1.4. Make digital self-assessment tools widely available – so that SME’s can measure their own digital capability and the digital capability of their staff and find appropriate advice and services to fill gaps.


Brisbane’s digital vision

Action 1.6. Create a leadership course, program or chair in digital economics to help position Brisbane as a thought leader in this area. Action 1.7. Provide digital training programs at all levels of business tailored courses aimed at everyone from CEO down. Action 1.8. Make Brisbane a digital innovation hub - promote the benefits of digitally driven business growth through a global online showcase and focused digital events.



SME completes online questionnaire

Self Assessment Tool

Digital value forum Step 3

SME directed to appropriate online service


Step 2

Based on answers, tool rates SME digital maturity






Tailored content

Matchmaking tool/online marketplace

# Users year 1

Service provided

Capability ranking

SME accesses online information & advice appropriate to the nature of their interest and/or their digital maturity

Step 4

1 x 12-member expert panel 12 thought leader forums 6 white papers

100 suppliers in database 1,000 supplier searches

6 LM business forums 12 training sessions 1 CLICK! Digital Expo 2,000 participants

50 blog posts 24 videos 6 tutorials 12 e-newsletters

SME subsequently engages in face-to-face activity with a range of providers

Step 5

25 x 1:1 master classes New digital champions selected

500 participants 25 contracts from matchmaking tool

10 workshops

2 trade fairs

Offline deliverables/KPI

Online deliverables/KPI

TARGET 2013-18: Create and provide online resources and expert advisory groups in support of SME digital development

Digital Champions Industry Associations Pro-bono experts Digital Sector

Brisbane Marketing Digital Suppliers Industry Associations Regional Development Australia, etc

Lord Mayor’s Office Brisbane Marketing Industry Associations Digital Sector Local Chamber Regional Development Australia, etc

Potential Collaborators

Empower companies to engage in the digital economy

Detailed actions and deliverables continued

OBJECTIVE 2: CREATE AN ECOSYSTEM THAT SUPPORTS DIGITAL STARTUPS WITH GLOBAL POTENTIAL Goal 2.1. Stimulate a proentrepreneurship culture, particularly among young people

Goal 2.3. Address the lack of early stage capital available to high-growth start-ups

Action 2.1. Profile and celebrate entrepreneurship via media, public lectures by experienced entrepreneurs, and by supporting at least one major start-up focused event in Brisbane each year.

Action 2.7. Explore the establishment of a “seed” investment fund aimed at stimulating early stage private investment in Brisbane.

Action 2.2. Provide 25 Lord Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Scholarships to enable carefully selected university students and recent graduates to launch startups and access support programs such as incubators. Action 2.3. Launch an online survey of activity in the Brisbane start-up community to measure and profile the ecosystem’s progress. Goal 2.2. Improve the availability of expert guidance to first-time entrepreneurs Action 2.4. Provide funding support to enable delivery of a greater range and depth of start-up and entrepreneurshiprelated training, events and support programs. Action 2.5. Engage one or more internationally experienced entrepreneurs to work closely with local start-ups, investors and other supporters to accelerate the maturation of the local start-up ecosystem. Action 2.6. Act as a conduit to help start-ups engage with appropriate providers of support and funding, and provide a base level of mentoring for start-ups that need advice on business strategy, investor pitching and investment readiness.


Brisbane’s digital vision

Action 2.8. Engage internationally experienced angel investors to work closely with local investment groups to help them professionalise their activities and raise the profile of angel investing.


Start-up activity survey

Lord Mayor’s grant program for budding entrepreneurs Entrepreneur training

Visiting Entrepreneurs program

• 25 startups connected with pro-bono mentors

• Overseas investment facilitated in ten startups from Brisbane

• Five internationally experienced entrepreneurs engaged via Visiting Entrepreneurs program

• Mentoring and coaching to 50 Brisbane startups

• 250 Brisbane startups engaged via BCCsupported events

• Launch of two new startup support programs

Hackathons and bootcamps

Mentoring / referrals

Enhanced support for startups

• Five investments made by overseas venture capital firms in Brisbane companies

• Two new early stage venture capital funds active / based in Brisbane

• 50% increase in equity capital raised by high-growth startups from Brisbane

• 50 new active angel investors in Brisbane

Seed Funding

Facilitate access to risk capital

Potential Collaborators: QLD Government, sponsors, incubators and accelerators, public libraries, universities, schools, investors, businesses, associations

• Additional 20 startups participating in mentoring / incubation programs

• Double the number of young people and women creating startups

• 25% annual increase in the number of highgrowth startups formed in Brisbane each year

• Double the level of media coverage of startups

• At least one major startup event held in Brisbane each year

Major startup events (eg. TechConnect)

Coding training for kids (eg. CoderDojo)

Pro-entrepreneurship culture

TARGET 2013-18: Improve entrepreneurship culture, support programs and access to risk capital for high growth digital start-ups

Create an ecosystem that supports digital start-ups with global potential

Detailed actions and deliverables continued

OBJECTIVE 3: IMPROVE THE PUBLIC’S EXPERIENCE OF BRISBANE THROUGH DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Goal 3.1. Provide world-class public digital services that support residents, visitors and newcomers to Brisbane

Goal 3.2. Launch public digital services that support self-employed people and small businesses

Action 3.1. Provide digital services that help visitors to enjoy Brisbane – The online and mobile experience prior to arrival at the destination is becoming an increasingly important factor in the visitor experience.

Action 3.6. Maintain a commitment to the current open data program, including providing brokerage between Government and the digital sector to identify and develop viable data sets.

Action 3.2. Deliver digital support services that help newcomers integrate into Brisbane – online support for people who come to work, live and study in Brisbane. Action 3.3. Increase the Council’s current level of online engagement with the community - using tools including social media, mobile apps, and crowdsourcing. Action 3.4. Engage Brisbane’s Cultural sectors, encourage their digital capabilities and leverage their role as rigorous early adopters of new technology. Action 3.5. Extend digital connectivity working with the State and Federal Government and the private sector to expedite increased broadband coverage and speeds across the city.


Brisbane’s digital vision

Action 3.7. Further improve the ease of doing business with the Council - Pilot new digital programs and introduce initiatives that make responding to public procurement opportunities a more viable option for knowledge based SME’s and digital start-ups. Action 3.8. Promote and develop the network of public digital workspaces available for mobile workers – develop knowledge hubs in strategic locations that can be used by business and other commuters to undertake work and meetings without having to commute to the CBD.


Deliverables: Creation of a BCC/Brisbane Marketing working party to identify potential high-value Council data; improved e-government service.

Potential collaborators: Commercial partners, Brisbane City Council, State and Commonwealth Governments

Deliverables: Online and mobile accessible maps identifying wi-fi and digital workspaces; working committee to assess value of digital workspaces

Potential collaborators: Cafes, Hotels, Public spaces, e.g. Libraries, Businesses

• Identify and increase the number of digital workspaces for mobile workers.

• Promote businesses and public spaces in Brisbane providing free wi-fi.

Network Connectivity

Deliverables: Annual BCC digital audit report outlining progress on digital services and active programs; Social media, crowdsourcing, and mobile applications; and online voting

Core Audiences: Residents Businesses Tourists Students

• Make it easier for SME’s and start-ups to tender for public contracts

• Seek opportunities to release public data relevant to industry.

Open Data and Doing Business with Council

Deliverables: Way Finding System for City; Revamped VisitBrisbane website

Potential collaborators: Translink, Brisbane Airport Corporation, Brisbane Greeters, Tourism Groups, Businesses, Brisbane City Council

Potential collaborators: Brisbane City Council

• Increase Council’s level of online engagement with the community.

• Provide services that help visitors to enjoy Brisbane.

• Deliver support services that help newcomers integrate into Brisbane.

Council’s Digital Communications

Digital Services

TARGET 2013-18: Provide world-class digital services that support residents, visitors and newcomers to Brisbane

Improve the public’s experience of Brisbane through digital technology Level 8 Roy Harvey House, 157 Ann Street, BRISBANE CITY QLD 4000 PO Box 12260, George Street BRISBANE CITY QLD Australia 4003 T: +61 7 3006 6200 F: +61 7 3006 6250 E:

Profile for Brisbane Marketing Pty Ltd

Digital Brisbane Strategy  

The Digital Brisbane strategy aims to kick-start a business revolution to ensure the city capitalises on the multi-trillion global digital e...

Digital Brisbane Strategy  

The Digital Brisbane strategy aims to kick-start a business revolution to ensure the city capitalises on the multi-trillion global digital e...