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For 200 years, this medical philosophy has been used to cure and heal our bodies from different ailments. Homeopathy has proved ”like cures like.” Since our bodies are equipped with an internal mechanism to restore health, using a very small amount of the disease causing substance, highly diluted, will trigger the body’s defense mechanism against the substance. Critically speaking, Homeopathic medicine does not introduce foreign substances in our bodies.

Homeopathic medicine only enhances our bodies’ natural healing and self regulating mechanism.

has a rich history. It is believed that homeopathy has its roots in Germany. A German doctor, Dr. Samuel Hanemann, conducted experiments on homeopathy and his notes form the basis of modern homeopathy. The success of homeopathy in German meant that the medical philosophy rapidly grew throughout Europe and then spread to America and India. It is now the fastest growing form of health care in North America and certainly in the world.

Homeopathy Brisbane has a rich success story. It has been used to treat atopic dermatitis, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been effectively used by the military to treat cuts, muscle sprains and scrapes. The cure of cancer is greatly inclined to Homeopathy. On February 29th 2010, The BBC reported having found a person whose cancer has been cured through homeopathy Brisbane. According to Cancer Research UK, homeopathy can treat a wide range of cancer condition and symptoms. Critics argue that the substances are highly diluted to have any healing effect. They either do not know are ignorant of the fact that although highly diluted, they contain a ‘memory’ f the substance. Homeopathic medicine lacks an active disease causing agent and thus it is safe to use.

Although they are regulated just like any other medicine, Homeopathic remedies are perfectly legal in almost all parts of the world. Australia is a huge consumer of Homeopathic medicine with over 4.4% of the adult population having used the remedy and 1.2% that exclusively use homeopathic medicine. The practice is regulated and supervised by The Australian Homeopathic Association. In the US, The Food and Drug administration allows homeopathic remedies to be distributed and marketed without the agency pre-approval so long as, they meet certain conditions.

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Homeopathy brisbane  
Homeopathy brisbane  

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