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What began as an “idea” during our ownership of ZeeZee Gardens in 1984 is now recognized as the premier parade in Baton Rouge. Over these many years, I have enjoyed conversations with parade participants, spectators, friends and family on the marvelous traditions surrounding this event, with many more memories and traditions to come. It is the desire of the Shingleton family to share those experiences and stories in our publication, “Wearin’ of the Green.” Recognizing this as our first offering, it represents another route in the history and future of “The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, The Wearin’ of the Green!” Our family is excited about our first publication with hopes that your family will enjoy it as well. A special toast to our advertisers in this inaugural publication, especially those who are also Parade Sponsors. Thank-You! Thank you for supporting our efforts in providing a great parade, on a great day, all in recognition of the Patron Saint of Ireland – St. Patrick. Erin go Bragh, Baton Rouge go Bragh… Slainte’

Patrick Stephen Shingleton Pat Shingleton arrives at the end of the parade route in front of ZeeZee Gardens after the 1986 parade.

Founder “The Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade”


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2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


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About the Cover: Families line Perkins Road near Brooks-City Park on Parade Day, when everyone is Irish. Digital edition available from www.wearinofthegreen.com The Parade Group, LLC 6906 Moniteau Court Baton Rouge, LA 70809 Website Team. Bruce Kelfstrom - KFx2 kfx2.com

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2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


a note from

JOHN BEL EDWARDS governor To all the Fine People from Near and Far,

Welcome to Baton Rouge and congratulations to The Parade Group LLC on the 34th Annual Wearin' of the Green St. Patrick's Day Parade! Congratulations also to the 2019 Grand Marshall, Father Mike Moroney, who hails from Althea, Ireland, County Galway, but now calls Louisiana and Baton Rouge his home. This is an exciting time of year for returning and new paradegoers alike. For 34 years visitors from around Louisiana and the United States have come to Baton Rouge to enjoy an exciting parade day. Thousands of revelers gather along the parade route wearing green in recognition of the

Patron Saint of Ireland. The annual parade fondly named "Wearin' of.the Green" lines up along the comer of Hundred Oaks and Acadian and rolls through the beautiful Garden District down South Eugene, Terrace Avenue and Perkins Road ending at the Perkins Road overpass. On behalf of the people ofthe great state of Louisiana, enjoy the parade day and Happy St. Patrick's Day! Very sincerely yours,

John Bel Edwards Governor

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2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


Available 3/4-3/17

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a letter from the MAYOR OF


The City of Killarney has enjoyed a relationship with Baton Rouge, Louisiana for many years. Seven of the Grand Marshals for “The Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade” have called Killarney home…

Congratulations to Father Mike as I also extend an invitation to the great folks of Baton Rouge and the great state of Louisiana to join us for all that Ireland has to offer.

In years past our residents: The late Ivar Quigley, The late Denis Coffey, Thomas Junior Finnegan, Dick Bourke, Mike Rosney, Michael “Traintracks” Leahy, and Tim O’Brien have traveled to Baton Rouge to not only represent our city but Ireland as well. They have led this parade and furthered a close connection between our cities and our countries.


As Mayor of Killarney, I extend a special salute to Baton Rouge and take pleasure in recognizing the 2019 Grand Marshal of “The Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” another great Irishman – Father Michael Moroney who hails from Althea, Ireland.

Mayor John Sheahan Mayor of Killarney Municipal District Killarney, Kerry, Ireland

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It gives me great pleasure to recognize treasures of the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Among them include, “The Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade.” This parade originates and ends in "our backyard" here at Hundred Oaks and Acadian. What a tremendous recognition at the heart of our Diocese. As previous Bishops have blessed and participated in this parade and this day in recognition of the Patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, I too will enjoy doing the same. Of equal importance is the recognition of "one-of-our-own" as the 2019 Grand Marshal of the parade- Father Mike Moroney. Father Mike has two homes, his home in

Ireland and, of course, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Father Mike joins a distinguished list that included, Sister Margaret Hennessey and Bishop Stanley Ott. We are grateful for all that Father Mike has accomplished and provided in assistance to a multitude of parishioners and our Diocese. I look forward to not only blessing the parade but recognizing Father Mike on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Peace be with you,

Michael G. Duca

We want to acknowledge and thank the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge who have blessed our Parade for many years. We appreciate the Catholic Life Center working with our parade dates and allowing us to stage parts of the parade in their lot. We have been blessed to know Bishop Stanley J. Ott, Archbishop Alfred C. Hughes and Bishop Robert Muench. We look forward to celebrating our 2019 parade with Bishop Duca.

Bishop of Baton Rouge

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


greetings from the


Dear Friends and Visitors:

of Baton Rouge

Welcome to Baton Rouge’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade! It is my pleasure to extend warm greetings to our many residents and visitors as you enjoy this year’s parade festivities. Today we honor the long-standing history of Irish Americans in Baton Rouge and celebrate their many contributions. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade has become one of Baton Rouge’s most highly anticipated events of the year. This year marks our city’s 34th celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Baton Rouge takes great civic pride in this parade as we celebrate the heritage of our Irish neighbors and their descendants. It is wonderful to see thousands of our residents participating in this celebration of Irish heritage. As mayor of Baton Rouge, I wish you all a safe, fun, and happy St. Patrick’s Day! Sincerely,

Sharon Weston Broome Mayor-President

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message from

Lieutenant Governor To Whom it May Concern:


As Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, I travel the state promoting and recognizing a multitude of venues and events not only for the enjoyment of our citizens, but those that visit us. "The St. Patrick's Day Parade, The Wearin' of the Green" in Baton Rouge is certainly on that list.

Another representative of Baton Rouge and our state is Father Mike Moroney. Father Mike is recognized as the 2019 Grand Marshal of the "St. Patrick's Day Parade, The Wearin' of the Green. "Father Mike's beginnings recognize his hometown of Althea, Ireland, County Galway, and also recognizes his contributions to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

For 34 years, The Parade Group has organized a parade along Hundred Oaks and Acadian, South Eugene and Terrace, and Perkins Road. Parade participants and those along the route enjoy a wonderful parade, at a great time of the year, in recognition of the Patron Saint of Ireland.

A special toast to The Parade Group, LLC and the Shingleton Family for starting and advancing this great parade. If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please don't hesitate to call. Sincerely,

As we welcome visitors to our state and to Baton Rouge, we also extend a year-round invitation, not only for this parade, but to enjoy all that the great State of Louisiana offers.

Billy Nungesser Lieutenant Governor

2904 Perkins Road @theoverpassmerchant 2019 • Wearin’ of the Green



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grand marshal Father 2019

Michael J. Moroney We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” It means that much more to have an actual Irishman leading the Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade as the 2019 Grand Marshal. Parade organizers didn’t have to look too far to find Fr. Mike Moroney. For nearly 50 years, he has lived in Louisiana devoting his life to God, the Catholic Church, and thousands of Louisianians in the greater Baton Rouge area. IRISH GRAND MARSHALS Father Mike Moroney Timothy O’Brien Michael Leahy Mike Rosney Dick Bourke Junior Finnegan Denis Coffey Ivar Quigley Mark Kelly

YEAR 2019 2012 2010 2007 2009 2005 2004 2002 2001

His roots to Ireland are vast. Fr. Mike grew up in Athea, County Limerick, Ireland, and he still visits there each summer since he now owns his parent’s home. Fr. Mike joins a storied list of past Irish Grand Marshals that have led Baton Rouge in our St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Saint of Ireland. March 17th is the celebration of St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. For Irish Roman Catholics, it is a holy day of obligation dating back to the early 1600s. It wasn’t until 1903 when St. Patrick’s Day became an Irish national holiday, and people started parading through the streets. Before then – Catholics celebrated the 17th quietly by attending church services and spending time with close friends and family. And that brings us back to Fr. Mike and the Baton Rouge – Ireland connection. He has served six parishes within the Diocese of Baton Rouge. In the 1970s, Fr. Mike began his South Louisiana journey as Parochial Vicar at St. Mary in New Roads, La., and now he’s the pastor at St. Alphonsus in Central, La – the largest congregation among the churches in the area. Parochial Vicar Chaplain Parochial Vicar Chaplain Pastor Pastor Pastor Pastor

St. Mary of False River in New Roads, La. Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee St. Charles Borromeo in Baton Rouge, La. Redemptorist High School St. Isidore in Baker, La. Our Lady of Mercy in Baton Rouge, La. St. Thomas More in Baton Rouge, La. St. Alphonsus in Central, La.

In 1971, Fr. Mike received the sacrament of Holy Orders in Tipperary, Ireland. And around that time, then-Bishop of the Baton Rouge diocese, Bishop Robert E. Tracy traveled to Ireland to recruit seminarians back to Louisiana.

The parade, the parties and music festivals in Baton Rouge and across the United States in mid-March aren’t all that different from those in the populous parts of Ireland.

“It was [Bishop Tracy’s] contageous spirit of excitement that hooked Fr. Mike and played a deciding factor in his coming to Louisiana.” – Printed in Central Speaks Paper in June 2011.

Often lost in the copius amount of alcohol consumed, is St. Patrick – the Patron

Fr. Mike has been instrumental in growth and expansion at each of his stops along his pastoral journey.

The National Catholic Educational Association honored Fr. Mike as one of 12 Distinguished Pastors in the country in 2013 for his countless hours of dedication to the parish schools he has served. In 2016 during the August Flood, the majority of Central was innundated with water. St. Alphonsus Church, Fr. Mike’s home and countless other homes flooded, but parishoners came together to rebuild and return to normal. “We all shared this disaster together whether someone flooded or not,” Fr. Mike told the Catholic Commentator in July 2017. “[St. Alphonsus and the Central Community] were tenacious, courageous and tireless in their efforts of support of each other.” On Satuday, March 16, 2019, friends and family members will join Fr. Mike on the Denis Coffey, Gene McFadden Memorial Grand Marshal Float to lead the hundreds of Irish parade participants down the route. It is not Fr. Mike’s first Wearin’ of the Green Parade; not even close. For decades, he has participated in the events leading up to the parade and watched on parade day from an area near the Catholic Life Center. “This year, he will lead it.” – Pat Shingleton. So during the parade, celebrating the day dedicated to honoring the patron saint of Ireland, remember Fr. Mike, and remember it’s about a whole lot more than beads and beer.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


paradeHISTORY wearin’ of the green

2017 For Grand Marshal, we honored the families of the three slain officers from the summer of 2016, Deputy Sheriff Bradford Allen Garafola, Officer Matthew Lane Gerald and Corporal Montrell Jackson; Planter’s NutMobile made its first guest appearance. 2018 Online store opened to sell collectible parade prints and memorabilia. Some type of St. Patrick’s Day Celebration has taken place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana since 1906 when the male-only Sons of Erin attended mass and participated in a walking parade. In 1951, the Irish Club of Baton Rouge

Saturday, March 13, 1986 First Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade rolls Parade Route: Perkins Road starting at City Park Golf Course down to ZeeZee Gardens Pub Weather: Blessed with a sunny day Mayor-President: Pat Screen Who Participated: This was a walking parade with a few antique cars, twirlers, scouts, in addition to those friends who joined the Irish Club. 1991 New Parade Route starts Hundred Oaks at South Acadian Thruway 1993 Frigid cold parade year. Snowed lightly the night before the parade! 1994 Final year of annual street-party at the foot of the Overpass on Perkins Road. 1995 Friends of the Parade, orchestrated by Donna and Rene Esnard, rallied to keep parade in Hundred Oaks neighborhood. 1996 First and Last Founder’s Day Festival downtown. City officials tried to relocate event but crowds failed to follow. 2001 First Grand Marshal born in Ireland leads parade, Mark Kelly 2008 Crowd favorite, LSU quarterback MVP Matt Flynn was Grand Marshal 2009 Crumbling concrete supports on the Overpass Bridge being repaired; Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was special guest. 2015 Honored to be one of 14 St. Patricks’ Day Celebration destinations in worldwide travel publication, Destinations Magazine. CATS Shamrock Shuttle was initiated to assist in getting parade-goers to and from the route without having to park in the area. 2016 Mockler Beverage brings the world-famous Clydesdales to lead the parade! Drizzling wet weather kept major crowds away but it was a great day for thousands.

Standing in front of the 1947 Mack Firetruck is Pat Shingleton and Donna Esnard, circa 1996

From Left; Pat Shingleton and 2008 Grand Marshal LSU Quarterback Matt Flynn before his ride.

16 wearinofthegreen.com • 2019

was formed to include both men and women and would be a viable organization for many years shipping in fresh shamrocks every year for the celebration. A green line would be painted down the center of the parade route which was held downtown. However, by 1967 the interest had dramatically dwindled. The club was in disarray. Records ended. Fifteen years later, Pat Shingleton would be assigned to cover a very small downtown St. Patrick’s Day Parade and determine that Baton Rouge needed better. His acquisition of a new pub with brother Kevin, Martin Schott and Andy Ezell crystallized his vision. ZeeZee Gardens* would become synonymous with the parade and would be the primary place for Irish Club meetings. Over the years, ZeeZee’s changed hands however the parade has rolled on. The parade is organized and staged by The Parade Group, LLC which are Shingleton family members. *ZeeZee’s is currently The Overpass Merchant

2016 Budweiser Clydesdales lead parade.

fun facts • Irish Club members were issued a plastic card with their name embossed on it along with the official Irish Club pin. • Metal Route signs were printed and posted along the route. Signs magically disappeared before the parade.

Brothers Kevin and Pat Shingleton, 1986

First year crowds at the foot of the overpass.

marshals Given Posthumously

Tom Pat John Ed Ball photo - 1986 photo of Thomas Turner, Pat Shingleton, John Voinche and Ed Ball prior to the parade rolling.

2018 Patrick Mockler 2017 Deputy Sheriff Brad Garafola Officer Mathew Gerald Corporal Montrell Jackson 2016 Rick Nevils 2015 Grey Hammett 2014 Colonel Mike Edmonson 2013 Hillar Moore 2012 Timothy O’Brien 2011 Grandmas 2010 Michael Leahy 2009 Dick Bourke 2008 Matt Flynn 2007 Mike Rosney 2006 Harry Morel 2005 Junior Finnegan

2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986

Denis Coffey Gary Mockler Ivar Quigley Mark Kelly Mayor Tom Ed McHugh Oldest Irish Club Members Richard Condon Judge Joe Keogh Bishop Stanley Ott Pat Screen Bishop Alfred Hughes Fire fighters Sister Hennessy Veterans Hab Shingleton Vietnam Veterans Don Yesso TJ Moran Judge Joseph Keogh

2018 Wienermobile makes final entrance.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


Some Good O’ Fashioned Fun Your lucky streak starts here with our signature Old Fashioned, made with Basil Hayden bourbon and layered with sweet toasted vanilla. Toast with a classic and join us for Prime hand-cut steaks, seasonal chef selections and memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

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An Eye-rish

Engagement While there are no official records of the number of engagements on parade day, the story of Daren Dakmak and Erica Drennan certainly tops the list. For 15 years, Daren has had a float in the Wearin’ of the Green Parade. Thirteen of those years, he’s been with the same Krewe – the Krewe of Eyerish Tigers. March 16th, 2013 – the 28th annual parade – the Krewe welcomed a new member, Erica Drennan. “That was the day we met,” Daren said. “It has always been our day ever since I laid eyes on that blonde bombshell.” Like many others, Daren and Erica designate parade day as the best day of the year. And after dating for three years, Daren knew it was time to take the next step. After the end of the 2016 parade, Daren’s year-long plan started to take shape.

Daren Dakmak and Erica Drennan engaged March 18th, 2017

Daren & Erica were married in July 2019 in Kentwood, La.

“It’s the best day of the year! It’s a family parade started and operated by families. The sense of community is just strong, everyone is in their best mood of the year. It is electric!" – Daren & Erica

“I always had this image in my head of how the proposal would go down… I knew that I wanted a production. From the ring, to the videography, having our closest friends present – I knew that would mean the world to her.”

Erica – admittedly gullible – had no idea what was about to hit her. The morning of the parade, Daren and Erica met up with the rest of the Krewe and the float at Westdale Middle. Every year, the Krewe wears matching shirts, so Erica was put on t-shirt duty. It was a planned distraction to give the photographers enough cover to put a discrete microphone on Daren’s best friend, Steven Vutera. With the matching shirts on, the cocktails poured, and everything set, they were off toward the parade lineup. Call it nerves, call it anticipation, call it excitement; Daren could hardly speak. “As we rolled down Claycut Road and took that left on Glenmore, I felt like I was going to throw up,” Daren said. His plan was quite simple: as soon as parade marshals stop and park the float, Daren was going to get the photographers and the Krewe set for a group pictures before popping the question. Around 9 am, they parked about halfway down Glenmore between Broussard St and Hundred Oaks Avenue.

March 18th, 2017, after a year of planning and keeping details hush-hush, it was time for Daren to execute his elaborate plan.

Everyone lined the side of the float; the production crew got their cameras out and even a drone in the air.

Everyone was in on it.

With those butterflies churning inside, Daren stepped forward to say a few words.

It’s amazing Erica did not suspect anything out of the ordinary. Daren woke up much earlier than a normal parade morning.

Erica thought, “Ok boo, what with the speech?”

“He said he was nervous about the speakers working since it was our 10th anniversary and all,” Erica said.

Daren stammered through an awkward speech thanking the Krewe for ten years of helping make St. Patrick’s Day fun.

Daren had actually hired Andrew Pui and David Jones II with Pioneer Collective – a video production company – to document the day. He wanted it all to go smooth and perfect.

With Erica watching, Daren took a deep breath, paused and said, “Ya know… four years ago….”

“I told her that I wanted to have a film production of the whole day since it was our Krewe’s 10-year anniversary,” Daren explained. “The night before the parade and that morning leading up to the proposal, I couldn’t even talk to her I was so nervous.”

Her lower lip started to quiver, and she though “is it FINALLY happening?!” Right there in the middle of Glenmore Drive, underneath the towering oak trees, with their closest friends and a couple of surrounding crews watching – Daren got down on one knee and asked Erica to marry him. She said yes. 2019 • Wearin’ of the Green




WHAT MAKES THE ST. PAT’S PARADE IN BATON ROUGE DIFFERENT THAN OTHER PARADES? It is organized by a family for families and friends. Southern crowds love to be loved by the Krewes and the way this is done is by tossing cups, bead necklaces, stuffed animals and other toy-type items from the float riders to the parade watchers. WHAT HAS CHANGED OVER THE YEARS? The start time changed (1989.) The route changed (1988.) Television coverage has changed. Parade organizers have changed. WHO CHOOSES THE GRAND MARSHAL? Since 1986, Pat Shingleton has chosen Grand Marshals.

HOW MANY GRAND MARSHALS FROM IRELAND HAVE THERE BEEN? There have been eight. Mark Kelly (2001); Ivar Quigley (2002); Denis Coffey (2004); Junior Finnegan (2005); Mike Rosney (2007); Dick Bourke (2009); Michael Leahy (2010) Timothy O’Brien (2012). As of 2019, there will be nine since Father Mike Maroney hails from Ireland as well.

20 wearinofthegreen.com • 2019

Emily Kean and Diana Lee Dalton organize their beads.

Upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Parades


HOW ARE THE UPCOMING ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE DATES DETERMINED? Generally, our parade is the Saturday prior to St. Patrick’s Day. However, that changes depending on when “the day” actually is. We try to choose the date so that there is enough space between Mardi Gras and this event. WHAT IS THE THEME FOR THIS YEAR’S PARADE? There is only one theme every year: celebrating St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland. We want it to be lighthearted, good-natured fun. WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? If you want to fit in, wear a lot of shamrock-green. You’ll see people in fun, silly St. Patrick’s Day costumes… some leprechauns, people in green tutus, and we’ve even seen Gumby! Dress comfortably. Get the weather forecast the night before. In Louisiana, we can experience any and all types of weather on parade day. Be flexible if you are coming from out-of-town.

YEAR 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028

PARADE DAY Saturday, March 16th Saturday, March 14th Saturday, March 13th Saturday, March 19th Saturday, March 18th Saturday, March 16th Saturday, March 15th Saturday, March 14th Saturday, March 13th Saturday, March 18th

St. Patrick’s Day itself is always March 17th!

HAS THE PARADE EVER BEEN CANCELLED? No. We’ve endured bitter cold and rain but never enough to cancel or postpone. DOES THE CITY PUT THE PARADE ON? No. The parade is organized and run by The Parade Group, LLC. We work in cooperation with the official agencies and departments in the city. WILL THE PARADE ORGANIZERS EVER EXTEND OF CHANGE THE ROUTE? There are no plans to extend the parade route. We love the route winding through several neighborhoods and business districts, and we cannot imagine the parade anywhere else in town. CAN I BUY OFFICIAL PARADE ITEMS? Yes. Visit our website www.wearinofthegreen.com/store to purchase limited edition parade prints, cups, and official tees. IF I’M NOT IN TOWN, HOW CAN I WATCH THE PARADE ONLINE? The parade is live-streamed on WBRZ.com. There is a link on our website under ‘INFO’ for broadcasts. HOW CAN I JOIN THE PARADE? Visit our website to signup for our newsletter. You’ll be the first to receive the new parade and run information.

In 2016, Bob Connor won our Facebook photo contest by shooting this photograph. It was voted on by our followers and friends.



THAT Ireland has more golf courses per square mile than any other country. Among these are several world-class links for example: Ballybunion (County Kerry) and Lahinch (County Clare) THAT numerous signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Irish descent. (Four of Irish birth and nine of ancestry) THAT the shillelagh (pronounced “shh-ill-lay-lee” was named for a village in County Wicklow were oak and blackthorn trees are plentiful. The instrument was used in battle, hunting and games. THAT the shamrock is actually a tiny three-leafed green weed in the clover family. St. Patrick used the shamrock to illustrate that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit make up one God… just as the three leaves are all part of the same shamrock. THAT potatoes, or “spuds” as the Irish call them, did not originate in Ireland! Yes, they were once the mainstay of the Irish diet but they were first brought there from America by Sir Walter Raleigh who had an estate in County Cork. THAT the harp is the official emblem of Ireland, similar to what the eagle is to the United States. Thanks to the Irish Tourist Board for their information.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


22 wearinofthegreen.com • 2019



And what you have to understand is that Stephen was banged up but not broken. He was conscious and able to walk. He definitely didn’t think a trip to the ER after the parade was what he wanted to do that afternoon. However, Renee is a Louisiana Original with a medical background; a Mama-Bear who won’t take no for an answer and who also knows her way around an emergency room. Stephen didn’t stand a chance. So off they went to the hospital where he was checked out. The ER doctor gave him the once over and seemed satisfied that Stephen was Ok, but Renee was not satisfied. For reasons that Renee can’t even explain, she knew that there was something wrong with Stephen. He looked fine and sounded fine… but her ‘spidey senses’ were tingling that something was wrong. Renee insisted that he get a full body CT scan. And just as Stephen couldn’t wiggle his way out of a trip to the ER, the doctor couldn’t find a way out of ordering the scan. And that’s how Stephen’s cancer was found. Specifically, kidney cancer… one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose. It’s known as a silent killer because once someone is experiencing symptoms, the cancer is too far along. Within days Stephen’s kidney was removed and he was cancer free. He didn’t need chemo or radiation because it hadn’t even metastasized at that point.

Renee and son, Rivers Johnson on the parade route.

For most people, being hit by a car would be an unimaginable nightmare. A trip to the ER, doctor visits, physical therapy, time off from work and insurance claims. But for Stephen Keller it was the best thing that ever happened to him because it literally saved his life.

In 2009, Stephen Keller and his wife were on Hundred Oaks enjoying the Wearin' of the Green parade. It was a beautiful day and after the celebrations he and his wife were walking back to the car. As they crossed Acadian Thruway, he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Stephen was briefly knocked out and suffered some cuts and bruises. But because this happened at the end of the parade, no cops or EMT’s could make it to the scene. So, Stephen’s wife called her sister Renee who was also at the parade and she rushed to meet them. Renee took one look at Stephen and insisted that he go to the hospital. Insisted might not be strong enough of a word… she laid down the law to her sister and brother-in-law that he had to go to the hospital.

Renee is a woman of deep faith and positive convictions. When she speaks about Stephen’s cancer, she’s as amazed as anyone at how his story played out. She truly didn’t know he was sick, but at the same time she couldn’t leave the hospital without him being fully examined. What Marie Laveau is to the dark voodoo arts, Renee may be to the light. As for Stephen, he’s cancer free and looking forward to this year’s parade. And that hit-and-run driver…. Someone sent her flowers as a thank you. Emily Kean Berg

Written by: Emily Kean Berg

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


The Inaugural

5KRun wearin’ of the green


It’s time for a new tradition; one where runners, walkers, and parade enthusiasts come together. A tradition where the beer flows and green glows bright. It’s an idea, born from parade day and the energy brought forth by the Baton Rouge community. The Wearin’ of the Green 5K Shamrock Run travels along the historic parade route. Join us for this exciting opportunity to run on the actual Parade route on parade day! Early parade crowds will be lining up along the route to cheer on the runners, wearing their green attire and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day; a day unlike any other in the capital city. The 5K course starts in front of Moreau Physical Therapy on Perkins Road. Participants will head north and west on Perkins, running up the overpass all the way to Broussard Street. The race turns left and wraps around the beautiful City-Brooks Community Park, left again along the live oak tree-lined Dalrymple Drive, then another left winds participants along City Park Lake. The home stretch is back up Lakeshore Drive, and the run finishes with the exciting fast downhill trail of the Perkins Road Overpass. This is a great course for seasoned runners, beginners, and walkers! The inaugural race kicks off at 8 o’clock on the morning of March 16, 2019. Each run-

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ner entered in the Wearin’ of the Green 5K Shamrock Run will wear a certified RFID disposable chip to accurately record his or her run time. Participants and attendees are encouraged to wear their green attire to support the city’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend in style! The greener, the better. Organizers of the 5K Shamrock Run look forward to bringing this event to Parade Day year after year. Do not miss out on this exciting event that will bring a new form of entertainment and competition to the Baton Rouge community. This run will be sure to bring crowds in 2019 and for years to come. FEELING LUCKY? In addition to the exciting atmosphere, the 5K Shamrock Run will provide entered participants the following running swag: • Brooks technical shirts for all runners and walkers • First 500 runners will receive a unique commemorative Shamrock Finisher Medal • Great overall awards from Brooks Running • After party at Moreau Physical Therapy with free beer, water and snacks SPONSORSHIP This event would not have been as spectacular as planned without our generous sponsors, especially HEALTHremède Enterprises and Topgolf Baton Rouge. We are deeply indebted to Varsity Sports and Moreau Physical Therapy for working with us every step of the way. Thank you Brooks Running, Neubody Cryotherapy and Salsbury Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We also want to thank Visit Baton Rouge, 225 and the Business Report for helping us push our information out. Lastly, we are greatly appreciative of our in-kind dona-

tions. Thanks to Coca-Cola, Fresh Pickin’s Market, Mockler Beverage and Tin Roof Brewing Company. HOW DID THE IDEA FOR THE 5K SHAMROCK RUN COME ABOUT? For years, we’ve watched people run up and down the parade route the morning of Parade Day. We had been looking for a way to expand the celebration, so the inaugural 5K Shamrock Run was born. HOW DOES ONE GET READY FOR A SHAMROCK RUN IF YOU’VE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE? If this is your first attempt at running a 5K, Jenni’s 6 Week Training schedule will help reduce your body’s stress and fatigue while improving your overall enjoyment of physical activity. As the weeks progress, you’ll spend less time walking and more time running. Train on your own or with friends. You can run or walk to help your body adjust. Follow this six-week 5K training schedule for helpful results. Don’t miss an original race experience on the greenest day of the year!

JENNI’S 6 WEEK TRAINING TO RUN SHAMROCK 5K Schedule is for 3 Days a Week of Running Day 1. Walk/run ¼ mile 2. Walk/run ½ mile 3. Cover ½ mile less walking more running 4. Run ½ mile with intervals. 3 x 30 seconds “pick-ups” 5. 1 mile walk/jog 6. Timed Mile just need a baseline to determine fitness progression 7. Steady 1 mile and half easy. The goal is to cover the distance. 8. 1 mile easy run. Time a half-mile interval within that mile 9. Long, easy run of 2 miles 10. Timed ladder workout 4 minute pick-up/4 minutes easy; 3 minute pickup/3 minutes easy; 2 minute pickup/2 minutes easy; 1 minute pickup/1 minute easy – it’s 20 minutes of running so most will cover 2 miles. Count 2 miles for all the kids toward their mini-marathon 26.2

11. 1.5 miles 12. Long run of 2.5 miles 13. One mile really easy. Minute/ Minutes – 1 minute pickup followed by 1 minute easy. 6 x minute/minute. Should cover about 2 miles total for the day 14. Another 2.5 miles – half mile warm up. One mile timed. One mile very easy. The timed mile is just to get them aware of pace and progress from the first timed mile on Day 6 15. 2 miles super easy for recovery from Day 14 16. 2 miles that includes coaches whistle intervals. Stop and start on the whistle. Try vary intervals. Most will complete the mile in less that 11 minutes. 17. 1 mile that includes 10 x 100 yard strider. Jog back after each. 18. Shamrock 5K Run. You are Ready!

GETTING READY FOR THE RUN Varsity Sports free group training begins Monday, February 4, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. For details, check the calendar at varsityrunning.com.

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2019 • Wearin’ of the Green



In 2018, the tradition of printing annual parade posters was reignited when Katie Shingleton Maxcy designed a vintage-style design depicting a Wearin’ of the Green Band Major, pipe in mouth… marching with a blackthorn shillelagh. She signed and numbered each of the 200 prints. An additional fifty were triple signed. They were signed by the artist, the 2018 Grand Marshal Patrick Mockler and Parade Founder, Pat Shingleton. This triple signing procedure is taking place for the 2019 print as well. From 1986-1991, posters were printed annually. They were designed by designer-extraordinaire, Martin Flanagan and complimentary printed by Jensen and Tommy Holliday of Franklin Press. However, if it would not have been for the ever-enthusiastic Gretchen Screen, many would never have seen them. She nailed posters to every telephone pole in the

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immediate area plus had them posted inside local businesses. This was the social media of the late 1980’s. Our 2019 poster illustrates the true flavor of our parade as seen from the foot of the Perkins Road Overpass. Things to note in the design are the United States Marine Corps Band, the place where it all started (the Old ZeeZee Gardens Pub with the Irish colored flag), festive floats and excited crowds. We showed the poster to a few friends prior to the design being finished and they actually found themselves in the crowds! The 34th Annual Parade will be led by Grand Marshal Father Mike Maroney. Our online store offers both of these collectible posters in addition to other St. Patrick’s Day faire. Visit www.wearinofthegreen.com/store to choose what you would like to order.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green





he last time they rode in the Wearin’ of the Green Parade was when they were both in their twenties. Justin and Jennifer Jones were Krewe Captains for the group known as the Cresent City Crew… and before that they called themselves the St. Paddies Tigers. They organized friends, secured a float and made sure to have t-shirts printed for the group. They enjoyed the parade together along with their friends. According to Justin, going to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was his favorite thing to do… alongside attending LSU football games. While at LSU, Justin attended a career fair where he asked an off-the-cuff question to a local fast food company about owning a store. Before he knew it, he had joined Raising Canes as a crewmember. In 2006, the opportunity to own a franchise presented itself in Nebraska. This is when Southern Hospitality Ventures, Inc., was born. The wildly popular chicken company owns stores in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota.

Jennifer and Justin ready to make his 40th birthday parade ride.

Jennifer kept the Parade’s contact information and in 2006 wrote “Last year was the fifth year my husband and I had organized and participated in the event (my husband's sixth year to ride) and we would love to do so again this year. Even though we are far from Baton Rouge, we are looking forward to the parade and coming home, and still organizing for our group.” Fast forward to Fall 2017. Jennifer wanted to arrange a memorable birthday for Justin. “It was his 40th birthday. I wanted something that was special fun and reflected on our years together. We’ve always loved St. Paddies Day,” explained Jennifer. This is when she and good friend Jamie Griffin, wrote the Parade to see if they could be included in the 2018 parade. “I contacted friends who had ridden with us but who now live all over the country.” Over the course of the next six months she, with local assistance from her friend and event planner Heather Day, would create a secret birthday plan for Justin.

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Jennifer told Justin that his special birthday surprise would be a weekend spent with friends in New Orleans. So, parade weekend, her parents flew to Lincoln to take care of their two children while the couple joined friends in New Orleans for a champagne birthday dinner. It was that night that she told Justin that they, the “Cresent City Crew” would be riding the next day in the 33rd parade. And so they did. They hopped aboard a float decorated like a birthday cake, complete with candles. Friends from Las Vegas, Texas and Nebraska joined them for the ride. Meanwhile, their family watched the livestream of the from Nebraska. What a great birthday surprise. Jennifer has since shared that they are trying to find a way to ride in the parade again in 2020…

Faie Headlee


2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


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Pat Shingleton gives special award to 2018 Grand Marshal Patrick Mockler as wife Shelley watches.

PATRICK MOCKLER 2018 Grand Marshal

The 33rd Wearin' of the Green Parade Grand Marshal brought a ceremonious flair that hadn’t been seen on St. Patrick’s Day in Baton Rouge. Mockler Beverage has always brought a bevy of elaborate throws and decorative floats and vehicles. But this year was different. For the second time in 15 years, a Mockler was honored as Grand Marshal. Two years earlier, Mockler Beverage arranged to have the Budweiser Clydesdales in the 31st Annual Wearin’ of the Green Parade. Unfortunately, the horses and crew were not available in 2018, so the company did one better. On that overcast and cool Saturday morning about an hour before the 10 am start, slowly moving north on South Acadian Thruway toward Hundred Oaks, came Patrick Mockler’s Grand Marshal float. Of course, it was decked out in green. On the back – Mockler’s Pub; a wooden structure where the barkeep kept the Anheuser Busch beer flowing for much of the morning. On the front of the float – a Budweiser

Clydesdale, which was fitting given the horses led the parade in 2016. On each side were colorful paintings of leprechauns, four leaf clovers and shamrocks. Two of the leprechauns were toasting Bud beers –symbolic of the 30+ year relationship between the Mocklers and the Shingletons. In 2003 when Gary Mockler (Patrick’s dad) lead the parade as Grand Marshal, he indirectly added an additional wrinkle to the week of festivities leading up to the parade. “Gary insisted on a party inside the Slattery Room at Mockler Beverage on the Thursday before the parade,” Pat explained. “On that night since 2003 we have presented all Grand Marshals with proclamations from the City of Baton Rouge, The State of Louisiana, and Ireland. They are presented with the keys to the city and plaques designating them as THE parade leader.” It’s a special event full of songs, stories and salutes (plenty of beer, too). Inside the Slattery Room, Mockler Beverage keeps a plaque with the nameplates of all of the past Grand Marshals.

In 2017, inside the Slattery Room, parade organizers posthumously honored the year's Grand Marshals: fallen Baton Rouge Police Officers Matthew Gerald, Montrell Jackson and EBR Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola killed in the July 2016 ambush on law enforcement. Toward the end of the night – just like in the years before – Pat Shingleton announced the 2018 Grand Marshal. “The Shingleton Family salutes the Mockler Family,” Pat said. “Will you please raise your glass and put your hands together for the 2018 Grand Marshal – Patrick Mockler.” A resounding and bellowing cheer (almost a yell) came across the room (it is often full of Mockler Beverage Employees – they were pumped up). All eyes looked to Patrick who was standing behind the bar with a beer in hand. His eyes lit up like a deer in headlights. It was a strong moment in Wearin’ of the Green Parade history. A year later Patrick was the 2018 parade’s leader, and on that third Saturday morning in March, he brought about 200 of his closest friends and family members with him. Behind Patrick’s Grand Marshal float was another Mockler Beverage Float with about 50 employees on board. Behind that: a beer truck. And behind that was a Bud Light Dune Buggy with an entourage of friends walking with it to the start. >>> 2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


>>> The Mockler caravan was unlike anything parade organizers had ever seen. “On the front of the Mockler Beverage Float, they had a LIVE band. That was a first for me. It was Parish County Line, and the Mocklers wanted the band to perform,” Michael Shingleton explained. “I remember thinking ‘it’s going to be difficult to park these floats in a way to get them into the parade lineup.’ So, I put the float with the band front and center. That way they could perform Callin’ Baton Rouge. It worked out great.” During the opening ceremonies, flanked by his wife Shelley, their two boys, his friends, employees and family members, Patrick humbly watched as Pat Shingleton introduced him as the 33rd Grand Marshal. “I’m just truly honored and humbled,” Patrick said. “This is a special day for Baton Rouge in so many ways. Whether you’re Irish or not – there are all walks of life. Everybody in Baton Rouge comes out, enjoys the parade, and enjoys it as a community,

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Popular Country music band played atop the Mockler Beverage float.

and I think that is so important and so special. It makes this a special event.” Patrick raised a glass toasting 2002 Grand Marshal Ivar Quigley – who died in the weeks leading up to the parade, 2013 Grand Marshal Hillar Moore, Jr. – another close friend of the family who died in late 2012, all the Irish Grand Marshals watching LIVE online from Ireland, and his dad – 2003 Grand Marshal Gary Mockler. “Lastly, I’d like to toast my dad. He’s at home watching. If I don’t do this, I’m in trouble.” Patrick raised an ice cold, green aluminum bottled Bud Light.

“Cheers Dad, I love you."

Shelley and Patrick stand by the side of the Grand Marshal 2018 float with his and his father’s leprechaun likenesses.

Keller Watts (WBRZ) enjoys time with former weathercaster Jake Skellet.

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Nelda Boyd, Fiona Boyd's mother-in-law 2018 photo captures the essence of the Wearin' of the Green Parade.

Barbara Ruiz with BR General walks by float.

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2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


Kings of Beer Kings of

Pat Shingleton, Patrick Mockler, Gary Mockler and Tim Mockler (2003)

For more than 30 years, the Mockler family has been instrumental in the success of the Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

At the table, Pat hit them with it, “I need four bands this year and bag pipers. How can you help?”

Each year, the family’s unique twist on St. Patrick’s Day brings parade goers plenty of throws and it’s hard to imagine the parade without them.

Without much discussion, Gary and TJ showered the table with cash and offered additional help if needed.

The year was 1987; one year removed from the inaugural Wearin’ of the Green Parade. The line up was small consisting of several convertibles, a couple firetrucks and dump trucks, a band on the back of a trolley, and several walking groups (one group: a gaggle of 18th Century foppishly-dressed men pushing lawnmowers – we’ve come a long way).

That paid for Pat’s bands and started a wonderful relationship.

The Grand Marshal that year was TJ Moran, who owned several Baton Rouge restaurants. It was in one of those restaurants in the days leading up to March 14, 1987, that an impromptu meeting shaped the future of the parade. “Back then, in the early years, we didn’t have much money to organize and put on the parade,” said Pat Shingleton. “We wanted marching bands and bagpipers and simply could not afford them.” Pat visited with TJ at one of his restaurants, Ninfa’s. In that meeting sitting across the table from Pat and TJ was a relative newcomer to town, Gary Mockler. Gary had just moved to Baton Rouge with his family and partnered with Anheuser-Busch at Southern Beverage Company – that would ultimately become Mockler Beverage eight years later.

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In the 1980s, krewes were not exactly known for having large, lavishly decorated goose-neck floats or trailers. They didn’t have large sound systems. They didn’t have elaborate beads. Mockler Beverage always seems to up the ante year after year, and their crew became a fan favorite. The Mockler’s featured Spuds Mackenzie in 1987 and 1988. A giant, 50-foot tall inflatable “Spuds” looked over the end of the parade at ZeeZee Gardens. Mockler Beverage also provided a tent for all the parade festivities outside ZeeZee Gardens. In ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’94 and ’95, it was the Bud Man and the Bud Girls featured front and center atop the Mockler Beverage float. They’ve brought Budweiser-wrapped vans, jeeps, miniature cars and even a dune buggy with an air-compressed T-shirt launcher that might’ve violated a couple of parade rules.

Baton Rouge was lucky enough to have the Budweiser Clydesdales during the 2016 parade. The weather forecast wasn’t looking good that morning, and parade organizers were worried the Clydesdales would not be able to make it down the slick parade route. It was a game-time decision and standing there at the corner of Hundred Oaks and South Acadian Thruway, organizers were elated to see the eight massive horses trotting up toward the start of the parade. It is not easy getting the Clydesdale crew to Baton Rouge. They travel the country showing off the majestic and historic horses year ‘round. According to anheuser-busch.com, they made their first appearance in April 1933 to celebrate the end of prohibition. The original two-six horse hitches were a gift from August A. Busch, Jr., and Adolphus Busch to their father, and that gift drove their father to tears. The phrase “crying in your beer” was officially coined.

Patrick Shingleton and Doug Mackey (1987) before the parade.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green



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grand marshal

Gary Mockler

Grand Marshal Gary Mockler in 2003. Tim Mockler in the bed of the Humvee. Shelley Mockler, Patrick’s wife, in the back seat showering parade goers with beads.

There were tears of joy the morning of March 15, 2003. There may have even been tears in beers. Joining a storied list of past Wearin’ of the Green Grand Marshals, Gary Mockler, owner of Mockler Beverage, led the 18th annual parade. For Pat Shingleton, it was a relationship coming full circle. Not only did it honor that meeting at Ninfa’s 17 years earlier, but it cemented the treasured partnership for years to come. A proud marine, Mockler followed the United States Marine Corps Band down Hundred Oaks riding on a Gerry Lane Humvee. A little-known fact: The Mockler Family provides all of the signage that wraps around the Grand Marshal float, the bishop and mayor’s convertibles. In the early years, The Mockler’s printed the large banners that hung over the end of the parade route at the base of the Perkins Road Overpass.

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parade photos

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Send us your parade photos automatically on parade day from your iphone or Android. Visit in.veri.com/to/2019stpats to sign-up. Event Code: 2019stpats

>>> 2019 • Wearin’ of the Green



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2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


2018 Parade

Bands 2018 COLOR GUARD Baton Rouge Young Marine Corps Navy Sea Corps Cadets United States Marine Corps Band 2018 BANDS Caledonian Pipers of Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Pipes and Drums Baker High School Band Belaire High School Band Broadmoor High School Band Carmouche Performing Arts Academy Glasgow Middle School Band Helen Cox High School Band Inspired Charter Academy Plaquemine High School Scotlandville High School

Bagpipes and Drums for all Occasions We teach bagpipes for free! BATON ROUGE PIPES AND DRUMS I N F O @ B AT O N R O U G E P I P E S A N D D R U M S . C O M

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5 Locations 33 Physicians 2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


then and now

Over the years we’ve had many friends join us and help us put on this marvelous event. Both of these men played a participatory part in our earliest parades and we thank them for it. JEFF CHRISTMAN - “I remember the parade well. Had a great time. As a matter of fact, I still have the parade poster I bought that day. It’s hanging in my garage. I’m a school teacher in Virginia Beach these days.“ Marine Major Jeff played with the New Orleans Pipe and Drum Band. Pictured at ZeeZee Gardens in 1987. PETE ADAMS – Currently serves as the Executive Director of the Louisiana District Attorneys Association and has always been an active member of the Baton Rouge Precision Dribblers, now known as the Baton Rouge Ancient Athletes Society; Pictured at ZeeZee Gardens in 1987 and on the route in 2018.

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Halfway Day Bash at The Merchant

The fourth Halfway Day Bash was held on September 14, 2018. Halfway Day founders Julie Laperouse and John Snow were on hand with the Halfway Krewe at The Overpass Merchant – formerly ZeeZee Gardens – where it all began to direct the costumed crowd. The event celebrates the halfway mark through the year until the annual Wearin' of the Green, St. Patrick's Day Parade. The party featured live on-stage music, a pub crawl through the overpass area led by a local bagpiper, and the arrival and announcement of the 2019 Grand Marshal, Father Mike Maroney.

The entertainment-filled event capitalizes on the Baton Rouge area love of St. Patrick's Day festivities while raising funds for two causes: Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area and the Michael J. Fox Parkinson's Foundation. The fundraising event has grown along with those in attendance. This year the Halfway Krewe was able to send more than $2,700 to each organization. Plan to join us next year on the weekend of September 13 for some green fun in the name of good causes! Written by Julie Laperouse

Top Left: What’s at the end of the rainbow? Why it is Julie and Paul Laperouse atop the Shingleton firetruck! Bottom Left: Father Mike Maroney with Pat Shingleton as he is about to be introduced as the 2019 Grand Marshal of the Wearin’ of the Green Parade. Bottom Right: Caledonian bagpiper Thomas Martin piped Halfway Guests from The Merchant to Ivar’s, Zippy’s, Duvic’s and back to The Merchant.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green


2019 Official

Wearin’ of the Green, St. Patrick’s Day

Parade Route Visit our Website at www.wearinofthegreen.com Streets around the parade route will close by 8:30 am. Perkins Road near Stanford will close by 7 am due to the 8 am start of the 5K Shamrock Run. See page 24 for Run Route Map. Parade Start: 10 AM

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While you are enjoying the parade, your safety is our safety, not only for you but your friends and family that are enjoying this marvelous event.

As most of the congested areas are protected with barricades, restraining ropes, Baton Rouge Police and E.B.R. Sheriff Deputies, common sense will also create a safe day for you, your family and friends. HERE ARE SOME SAFETY TIPS. • Don’t get close to the floats, a six-foot distance is the closest you should be. Krewe members are instructed to toss throws away from the float. • Parents, please protect your children. Encourage them to stay back and never gather throws on the street. • Make sure your children have YOUR cell number. Instruct them to locate a police officer if they are lost. • Leave your valuables at home! Lost valuables become the property of the Street Sweepers! • Tossing Back or Throwing Back is a Big “NO-NO!” DO NOT throw anything at a float or float rider.

2019 • Wearin’ of the Green