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Radhe Industrial Corporations Rajkot Gujarat India

Briquette plant manufacturer have differing types of Briquette Press or briquetting instrumentality that has supreme quality. Jumbo ninety briquette press and super seventy Briquette Press is wide employed in the industries as a result of they each have high production capability and consume low electricity. Briquette Press is such an exquisite supply of energy and intensifies the industries to use its optimum. And if we tend to observe that in past days there was no electricity and costly conjointly therefore everybody can't afford it therefore briquettes square measure economical than electricity and black coal. However individuals weren't privy to it therefore there's a scarcity of electricity. Therefore we should always hope for the most effective and take a look at to induce awareness regarding briquettes. The Ministry of latest associate degreed Renewable Energy aforesaid that Biomass power generation in Asian nation is an business that draws investments of over Rs.600 crores once a year, generating over 5000 million units of electricity and yearly employment of over ten million man-days within the rural areas. There are a unit every kind of briquetting machine; biomass briquette press is to compact powder material into biomass briquettes. There are a unit key product of briquetting machines like large ninety briquette press, Super seventy briquette press, Cutter/ device, Hammer-mill and appliance.

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RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION has over the years dedicated themselves in manufacturing Briquette Presses of various models and designs.