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Table of Content Company at a Glance Background Experience Awards Right time revenue optimization Our Approach to Marketing 360 degree approach Performance-based marketing Our Marketing Service lines Content Marketing Web Solutions Creative Solutions Data-Driven Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Marketing Automation Market Research Application Development


We are not just a company. We are a group of specialists with experience.

Background Strategic Marketing Services is a 360 Degree Marketing

1800+ strong company. Spread across US and India, we

Agency & Marketing Services Outsourcing expert. Our

have catered to over 40% of Fortune 500 companies in

clients value our relentless focus on results and Return On

both B2B and B2C.

Marketing Investment. Our approach is, ď€ rst and foremost, anchored around your pain points and objectives. Secondly – tools and channels – always with a clear objective and ROMI focus in mind. To that end, our Strategic Marketing Consulting Unit and our Client Performance Units are instrumental in meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. Since its inception in 1999, Strategic

Experience Strategic Marketing Services is a one-stop shop for the entire range of marketing services and solutions. We create marketing concepts, develop strategies, execute and help companies' market services and solutions on a global scale.

Marketing Services is committed to providing resultoriented digital marketing. Strategic has grown to be an

Awards We have consistently bagged inuential marketing awards such as: DMAi Synergy Award 2013, Digiratti Award, DMAi Synergy Award, Global Service Leader, Best Exhibitor Award at, and several others.

Right Time Revenue Optimization Strategic Marketing Services is the market leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises. We offer suite of demand generation services that combines customer intelligence with multi-channel marketing campaigns at the right time in the customer life cycle.

Our Story So Far With over 10 years of experience in 360 degree marketing consulting and implementation. We have serviced over 1500 SMBs, large-scale businesses and more than 30 percent of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide to transform their brand presence and boost ROI.



Ownership: Privately held since 1999 Number of employees: Marketing Services 690 | Group: 1,800 Annual capitalized billings: USD 25 Million Locations: USA, UK, Australia, India Specialty: End-to-end marketing services and marketing outsourcing




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We are not just a company. We are a group of specialists with experience.




WITH OUR EMAIL MARKETING SOLUTION Full service, compliant & 12 years of email marketing

OUR DEFINITION OF PERFORMANCE-BASED MARKETING Attract Right Prospects and Avoid the risk of Spending Your Budget on Ineffective Marketing Plans." In this model you only pay only for achieving desired results. This is akin to IT outsourcing. This solution works better for you, as we take the responsibility of achieving your goals. Moreover, this model provides you with the

experience gets you results guaranteed. Partner with us to get the best! LEVERAGE MOBILITY TO DRIVE MORE TRANSACTIONS Our exible and tailor made mobility strategy will enhance collaboration and enable business transformation. Now, condently implement mobility solution with zero infrastructure cost.

unique opportunity to maximize your marketing investments. Strategic Marketing Services offers two types

Adopt with the changing world!

of performance-based relationships, namely Marketing Campaign Services and Marketing Services Outsourcing.



Build relationships, and keep in touch with prospects and customers through tele-sales. Make big changes in your business by leveraging our high-quality telemarketing team. Listen to our reps and decide!

Tap our creative brilliance to develop audience centriccreatives. Make the right impression with your audience and cut down 'banner blindness'. Create a mark for your


brand! Tap our effective and reliable market research capability to USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO CONVERSE WITH FANS AND RESPOND IN REAL-TIME

probe deep into your markets and uncover new trends. Get full length reports and expert advice through primary and secondary research. Partner with us to get the best!

Massive experience focused on results that matter. Social media at Strategic is a sure re way to ROI. Go viral like never before! LEVERAGE THE FULL POTENTIAL OF DEMAND GENERATION Your results are all that matter for demand generation across all channels. Let us together generate demand!

Our Marketing Service lines Content Marketing Web Solutions Creative Solutions Data-Driven Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Marketing Automation Market Research Application Development

Services Paying For Results Isn't New. But Performance Based Marketing Services Outsourcing Agreements Are. And It Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense.

Strategic Marketing Services is the leader in right time revenue optimization services for B2B and B2C enterprises, offering the only suite of demand generation services that combines customer intelligence with multichannel marketing campaigns at the right time in the customer life cycle. Delivered through our Performance Based Marketing Investment Model, Strategic Marketing Services continually meets the evolving marketing needs of our customers by driving tens of millions of customer interactions resulting in hundreds of thousands of buying opportunities across industries each year.

Content Marketing Your content is your Online Voice. Say it right, you'll get it right. Utter a sloppy word and you'll pay for it. You never want that to happen to your business? Content holds a crucial position in this internet era. It's not just high quality content but a perfect mix of quality, relevance and SEO which makes you stand out of the clutter. At Strategic Marketing Services, we have in-house experts who craft strategies to enrich content and make websites drive trafď€ c.

Copywriting Content marketing strategy Content Syndication Content Distribution Collaterals (Case Studies, Whitepapers, Press Releases, Newsletter, E-mailers, Brochure) Blog Writing

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Web Solutions Capitalize on your web presence. Strategic Marketing Services offers professional Web Solutions for web marketers, big and small. Through modern and innovative cutting-edge techniques we provide demanding marketers with fast, rich and user-friendly web management services.

Web design & development Newsletter Design Email Template Design Web Analytics CMS

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Creative Solutions Struggling to build a stand-out brand Identity? Our unique approach helps to give you the edge over competition. Our instructional designers and creative experts will provide you with interactive resources as per your business requirements. After a detailed research and analysis of your business, target audience and competitors, we provide you with collaterals and interactive creatives, speciď€ cally based on your industry.

Interactive Creative digital banners Video (2D, 3D Walkthrough, Viral Videos ) Print Support UI / GUI Concepts Branding

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Data Driven Marketing Take advantage of the data revolution. It's not easy job to accumulate, incorporate, and analyze data from various sources and use it efď€ ciently for your business. We are here to help. Our team of professionals would assist you in explore the opportunities in how to market focusing on data. We would help you address the challenges and assist you to invest optimally in new technologies and skills.

Database Management Email Marketing Telemarketing

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Search Engine Optimization 85% of internet users use Google to search for products they want to purchase. It infers that even your potential buyers are searching online. But, are you there to be found? Be it among the fortune 500 companies or an SMB, your company needs to be optimized for the search engines to increase your product/service presence on the web. SEO is not just about inserting meta tags, titles in your website, or submitting links in major sites, but it is to have a strategic plan to progressively pull up the website in the search engines. Strategic Marketing Services has a tactful SEO plan which is customized to meet client requirements.

Search Engine Optimization Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Search Management Online Reputation Management Landing Page Optimization Brand Positioning

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Social Media Are you unable to gure out the social media opportunities for your brand? Are you nding difculty in planning strategies apt for various social media channels? Strategic Marketing Services has tailor-made social media strategies and plans for you. For instance, don't confuse with so many options, rather we would give you one best solution for your visibility in social networking avenues. Explore the potential of social media with us, and reap its benet for your brand.

Social Media Strategy Social media implementation Social Monitoring Social Analytics

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Marketing Automation It is easy to lose track of a lead when it moves from marketing team to your sales team. With that you also lose a lot of revenue and growth opportunities. With our lead management tool you can streamline your lead handling process and achieve maximum conversions. Besides, our support teams can help you with customized email messages, templates, brochures and collaterals to brand your business.

Data management Lead acquisition Lead management Lead nurturing Campaign management Analytics App integration

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Market Research How well do you know your customers? What are their needs or preferences? How do they ď€ nd you? Does your product have the "buying stimuli"? The growth of every business is driven by only one factor 'CUSTOMERS'. Market Research is a sure ď€ re way to eliminate uncertainty and help organizations choose the best course of action.

Global Data Collection Business Intelligence Information Management Data Processing/Tabulation & Analysis

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Application Development Current Era is the era of apps. The need for applications development on all platforms, be it Web apps, Mobile apps or Social, has increased in last decade. We specialize in developing custom applications that suit your business requirements. With expertise in managing development projects using next-gen technologies like .Net, Java, PHP, XML, EJBs, and web services, we enhance our client's position in the market space.

Application Engineering Cloud Computing (SAAS) Social Apps Mobile Apps Custom Application Development Content management Services Testing Services

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