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Interesting Ways You can Promote Your YouTube Channel Video marketing is now of the best avenue marketers have identified in order to reach to masses for brand establishment. When we think of video online, the unshaken name for more than a decade now in this niche is of YouTube. However, what if you get zero views to the promotional or informative videos posted on YouTube? This is one big question that video marketers face now. It is estimated that about 300 hours of video is uploaded each minute to YouTube from across the globe, which makes it really tough for any business to reach to masses through this media. For those who are planning to start YourTube promotion, developing and promoting a YouTube channel is a fine art to be mastered.

This post is aimed to help the marketers to promote their YouTube channel through some innovative ways to ensure maximum reach and acceptance by the crowd. Methods to promote YouTube channel Give the videos some attractive titles Check out what you consider yourself while picking a YouTube video to watch. The first thing which describes you something about the video is the title. So, this is the primary thing marketers also need to focus on. Make the titles as:

Short and catchy as possible.

It should be descriptive of what the video is all about.

Try to include the keywords also that people can search and find.

Like the headline of a good story, an attractive title is the first thing to be set right to attract your audience. Create thumbnails Most of the people tend to miss it out. Along with a good title, thumbnail also is a great component to help promote your YouTube channel. The image you use for it should be easily recognisable to the target audience and most relevant to your theme and topic of video. What YouTube specifies about the thumbnails to be used is: 

Make it the largest possible as it will not be used as the preview image in any embedded player.

Keep the resolution about 1280×720 pixels.

Use image formats as .GIF, .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP etc.

Keep it below the 2 MB limit.

Best to use 16:9 aspect ratio, and it will mostly used in various YouTube players and previews.

Optimising your channel Try to maintain a well-wrote and tempting profile about your channel, which should also be given an in-depth description about the content or your channel and your objectives. Make sure that you keep all your branding elements in line with your website and social channels in terms of:

Colour combinations

Backgrounds and images


Icons used for social media and other online channels.

Layout and banners etc.

Optimise for search engines This is the most important aspect of promoting video channels. Your videos needed to be discoverable in the online space as now YouTube is counted as the second largest search engine online. Effective SEO efforts like title






appropriate video length, comments, likes and dislikes etc. will help enhance the visibility of your channel. There are also other effective ways to practice like engaging audience through various contests, asking the video viewers to leave a comment in exchange for an entry, and ask more people to subscribe to your channel through social media promotions.

Interesting ways you can promote your youtube channel  

Video marketing is now of the best avenue marketers have identified in order to reach to masses for brand establishment. When we think of vi...

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