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BRINK associates and citizens of Orlando! From Left to right: Top: Jessica Mariko of DRIP, Middle: Steve Ozer Executive Consultant at BRINK, Amway Center construction worker, Amway Center construction worker, Kyle M Menard BRINK Editor, Bottom: Amway Center construction worker, Caroline St Clair BRINK’s “Caroline Knows,” Peter Murphy of Orlando Live, running citizen of Orlando, Linda Elchak of Nao Dance Very Bottom: Gibby the Dog


Welcome to the October issue of BRINK!

There is so much happening around the City Beautiful, but there is one major event taking place on the first of October. The Amway Center will open its doors at 10:01 and it will be the moment that the citizens of Orlando have been waiting for since construction broke years ago. This state of the art building has received national attention for its green elements including LEED certification. The arena is state of the art and will play home to the Orlando Magic as well as top musical artists, comedians and variety shows. This is the moment where our small city gets a little bigger. While our main feature is dedicated to the Amway Center, we decided to take a turn from featuring fashions to featuring “spaces.” We partnered with The Daily City for the “Extraordinary Interiors” section. The Daily City and Photographer Miriphoto have created a great piece to show some of the coolest spaces in town and we are lucky to feature their words and images in the pages of BRINK. Additionally, Art Director Lisa Garthwaite and Photographer Kevin Stewart set out on a beautiful Saturday morning to capture outside spaces. From lush gardens to tropical scenes, check out the “Urban Sanctuaries” section on page 28. Additionally, we have our regular contributions including “Get the Look,” “Almost Famous,” “Caroline Knows” and many more. One thing I would like to stress in this final paragraph is advertising. BRINK is a small operation. Its a few people and a slew of contributors who are trying to make something happen in Orlando utilizing a publishing platform that we felt was missing from our scene. We want to feature the local talent, shops and restaurants that some people don’t even know exist. Everyone at BRINK is unpaid and works because we have passion to make this happen. We have supported over 100 organizations and have received almost no support in return. Our circulation is small, only a couple thousand issues are printed, but with every advertiser earned we can place bigger orders and get a wider circulation. Many potential advertisers have a great deal of advice for us. The thing is that all of the “advice” is unusable because the advertisers don’t support us (no matter how “local” they claim to be *wink wink). To any potential advertiser reading this, I ask you to reconsider your current advertising methods. Challenge us, take out an ad that utilizes a tracking coupon. Name a price that you would pay for an ad. Before you know it, the top rated Orlando magazine on Yelp (and the most rated) will be gone.

Kyle M Menard


Caroline St. Clair is a marketing brand manager and spends the weekends scouring thrift stores, hanging out in the backyard with friends, and dj'ing at venues around town. A talented listener, she has earned the unofficial role of "therapist" to many of her friends by analyzing and offering frank advice on their relationship issues. Caroline St. Clair lives in downtown Orlando with her Chihuahua-mix, Gibby, four cats and two pet chickens. I’m Patrick Johnson and I live in Orlando, Florida. I enjoy the entertainment business, particularly the animation film aspect. Working on a degree in advertising from International Academy of Art & Design. Three words to describe myself - hardworking. Alphamale. Jackhammer. Shelika Baez is a vintage-loving, film obsessed fun hunter on the quest to show readers Orlando beyond the mouse trap. When she’s not working in the media industry, you can find her reading, blogging or uncovering Orlando’s best kept secrets. Orlando native, music snob, cat lady. Listen to her DJ during Poor, Illiterate Ramblings on WPRK 91.5 fm, Wednesday 5pm-7pm. 5

Voci Dance's iMove_2.0: iCandy The City Arts Factory has played host to some pretty cool exhibits lately. Not only can you check out the latest art and cultural discoveries, but the SAK Comedy Club is located on the 2nd floor. This makes the perfect destination for your out-of-town guests. 29 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 648-7060

Downtown Downtown Orlando has slowly evolved as a legitimate downtown destination. We now can enjoy a great movie theatre, plenty of restaurants, some shops and unique arts experiences.

Plaza Cinema Cafe has become a top destination for checking out the latest films. Ticket prices are okay, but its the selection of food and beverages that keeps one coming back for more. Where else can you watch “Sex and the City� and literally have a cosmo at the same time. 155 South orange avenue Orlando, FL 32801 (321) 558-2878

The restaurants are truly starting to come alive downtown! From Ceviche, The Dessert Lady and Urban Flats to Mochi and Bento Cafe, there is truly something for everyone downtown. 155 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL 32801 The Amway Center is now open and welcoming The Eagles, Chelsea Handler and Lady Gaga as the first to break in the floors of the building! As the months go on, we will be waiting with baited breathe as to who we will welcome to our city next!

(321) 558-2878 5 is the easiest way to decide where to eat. Submit a dish photo from your fav place today!


/dafoodie, DaFoodieÕs OfÞcial Orlando Magical Dining Food Guide! The 5th Annual Orlando Magical Dining Month was a culinary celebration presented by the Orlando Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau.!From September 1-30, participating restaurants featured 3-course, prix Þxe dinners at the exceptional value of $30.!If you missed your chance to savor Orlando’s best cuisine, no worries, we took pics for ya! Visit for more...









Falling in love again On Friday September 3rd, 2010 Usher took the stage at the American Music Festival in Daytona Beach to prove that he’s not “back to clubs” but rather, the hit maker has never left the scene.

BY: Shelika Baez Photo: lora rodgers

Ascending from the top of a staircase on the stage like the antennae of an old boom box, the sultry singer pressed play on the mix tape of our memories and took us on a journey through past breakups, summers at the beach and High School dances one song at a time. “Hope you don’t mind I go old school on y’all” Usher told the audience, as they swayed along to legendary hits “Confessions Part 2”, “You Remind Me” and “ You Make Me Wanna”

Accompanied by a live band and back up dancers, the master of choreography swept across the stage glistening under the spotlight like a spinning disco ball with adoring fans eagerly awaiting his signature flashing of the six-pack abs. However, it is clear that Usher’s new role of father has matured him from his previous tours such as 8701.“ I feel like a daddy,” said the singer as he took a quick minute to thank the audience for being so loyal over the years “you guys are my babies” Surprisingly, no fans were taken on stage and erotically danced with as in the past, nor did his shirt come off exposing his chiseled chest to the audience beyond a quick peek. Instead, Usher moved through the medley of ballads and dance hits using his God-given charm, to woo nearly every female in 13

the audience while leaving the guys in the crowd questioning their manhood In true Usher manner, every seat in the Ocean Center arena seemed to have his full attention during the concert as the fans sang along to the words of “Nice and Slow” screaming out his name letter by letter like a group of proud spelling bee champions, danced to his hit song “ Love in this club” with him and held their honey tight as they swayed to the love song, “ U Got it Bad”. After a brief stint in married life and a lackluster previous album, fans were left wondering if the king of the club anthems had traded in his sex symbol status for a more family oriented role. However, two kids and a divorce later,

the bachelor of all bachelors is ready to serve up another dose of number one hits. With the explosion in popularity of his protégée Justin Bieber and the release of his 6th album, Raymond vs. Raymond, the musical maestro has no intentions to give up his position in the pop charts just yet. Culminating the 80minute concert with a mash up of the summer anthem “Yeah” and his new hit “OMG.” Usher ignited the crowd as they showed off their amateur dance moves and spilled out onto the streets of Daytona Beach, energetically reminding us why he continues to dominate our summer soundtracks one decade later. []

poor illiterate ramblings Russell Harrison and Birdie Bird will have you smitten in seconds

Permanent nap

UPCOMING notable RELEASES October 5 David Archuleta, ‘The Other Side of Down’ Ciara, ‘Basic Instinct’ Faith Evans, ‘Something About Faith’ The Gay Blades, ‘Savages’ Fran Healy (lead singer of Travis) ‘Wreckorder’ Guster, ‘Easy Wonderful’ Tim Kasher, ‘The Game of Monogamy’ Toby Keith, ‘Bullets in the Gun’ Bruno Mars, ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ Middle Class Rut, ‘No Name No Color’ KT Tunstall, ‘Tiger Suit’ Various Artists, ‘A Season to Remember: Christmas Favorites’ Various Artists, ‘Happy Christmas Redux: Volumes 1-3’ Various Artists, ‘NBA 2K11 Soundtrack’ October 12 All That Remains, ‘...For We Are Many’ Antony and the Johnsons, ‘Swanlights’ Belle and Sebastian, ‘Write About Love’ Indigo Girls, ‘Holly Happy Days’ Shelby Lynne, ‘Merry Christmas’ Darius Rucker, ‘Charleston, SC 1966’ Sister Hazel, ‘Heartland Highway’ Stufjan Stevens, ‘The Age of Adz’ Various Artists, ‘Happy Holidays: 21 Festive Songs’ Various Artists, ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas 4’

with Lindsay Smith Permanent Nap is the musical lovechild of Russell Harrison and Birdie Bird, of Slaves and Great Indian Wake respectively. They are a duo who took their mutual affinity for songwriting, performing, and each other and decided work together in a band. And it is, well, for lack of a better word: adorable. Now listen, I’m not usually into bands that have the whole “we’re a cute couple, look at how precious and in love we are” vibe. I intentionally avoid such projects and mumble things under my breath like, “You are not John and Yoko, get over it already.” But Permanent Nap is different. They keep the schlocky cute couple nonsense to a minimum and instead focus more on the production of the sweet, soothing compositions they produce. The music is simple and interesting. It’s usually Birdie behind her keyboard or with a guitar slung across her chest, while Harrison creates notes to match his partner on clarinet or violin. Birdie does the vocals, which are slightly delayed as she croons with that sugary, sweet voice of hers. Harrison never looks more content than when he’s playing violin and Birdie exudes a kind of brave nervousness when performing that will have you smitten in seconds.

October 19 Bob Dylan, ‘Bootleg Series #9 - The Witmark Demos’ Elton John and Leon Russel, ‘Union’ Kings of Leon, ‘Come Around Sundown’ Hannah Montana, ‘Hannah Montana Forever’ N.E.R.D, ‘Nothing’ Plain White T’s, ‘The Wonders of the Younger’ Shakira, ‘Sale el Sol’ (bilingual album) Rod Stewart, ‘Fly Me to the Moon: The Great American Songbook, Vol. 5’ Sugarland, ‘The Incredible Machine’ October 25 Michael Buble, ‘Love Hollywood Edition’ Taylor Swift, ‘Speak Now’ October 26 J. Cole, ‘Cole World’


almost famous with amanda sixx

Photo: Chad Coombs

There are too many artists out there that are amazing and slip below the radar. Here at BRINK magazine we know our readers love to be in the know and appreciate discovering new or underrate talent. Each month, Almost Famous with Amanda Sixx, will bring you artists that should be household names, but are still rising stars. This month Almost Famous features Val Halla. If you attended Florida Music Festival you may have had the pleasure of watching this talented young lady perform. I met Val while running around downtown Orlando in the company of some of the best acts that performed at Florida Music Festival. After dancing the night away at Backbooth we got acquainted at a rooftop pool with a twelve pack of PBR and an assortment of other beer. Since our initial encounter I’ve had the pleasure of watching her open up for Ted Nugent and search for the spirit of the buffalo all over Orlando. More recently I caught up with her to find out how her tour went and see what she’s up to and also give you guys a chance to meet her. Amanda Sixx: What do you love about music? Val Halla: Its people’s souls, displacing air, moving molecules, and creating a noise that someone else can understand. Music is a language where you don’t need to speak it, in order to understand it. That’s badass. AS: When did you know you wanted to become a musician? VH: I think I’ve always been a musician, but i don’t think I actually let myself believe I could do it as a job until I lost my 11th grade election to be class president for the following Senior year. 11

Canadian.), and about human nature Suddenly my thoughts of going into in general I think. I won’t get too deep law and politics were crushed when I about surviving the summer of Nuge, realized that politics is really just a gibut let’s just say this tour BLEW MY ant popularity contest, and I probably MIND haha. had a better chance of doing more for McCandele people as a musician than as a politi-by Gretha AS: What has been your favorite mocian. Plus musicians can just become ment so far in your career? politicians when they get older anyVH: The show we played in Boise, Idaway :-) Or become politician from their ho this past summer. It was a magical concert stage every night! Point is... night. music is really the only thing that feels right for me to do. Everything else I AS: What is your best tour story? tried gave me that sinking feeling in VH: I did a tour in Canada where the my stomach... bass player of the other band we were AS: Who/what are your influences? on tour with, booked two nights in a row playing the Winnipeg Deaf Center. VH: 70’s and 90’s. 80’s and 00’s were They had a giant 500 seat auditorium, bummers. Except for some stuff... and 4 people came the first night, 2 AS: If you could describe your music people came the second night. He lost in 3 words, what would they be and all their money on the room rental, and why? their band had to go back home cause they couldn’t afford to finish the tour VH: One word. Gruntry. with us. Unfortunately that meant they AS: Why? Cause that’s what it is. were taking the bus we were touring on, and my band got stranded in WinVH: If you could put together an all star nipeg. My Dad then had to come pick dream band who would be in it? us up from 6 hours away in my grandAS: John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, father’s station wagon. That show was Robert Plant, and John Bonham. the TITANIC of shows. It took everyone down with it. That show.... at the... VH: I would call them “Led Zeppelin” Deaf... Center. AS: What has been your biggest chalAS: What are your plans now since lenge in the music industry? your tour is over? VH: People with lots of money, who VH: Do more touring. want more money, and they want it from YOU. AS: Any parting words? AS: How did the Ted Nugent tour turn VH: Spread the Rock out for you? Tonight lives again! VH: It kicked my ass, but I survived. To learn more about Val Halla visit I learned a lot about myself, Ted, the country of America from all four corners (much of it was new to me as a []

Peace of My Mind with LORI PARKS

Practicing Loving the Now We are all into self improvement and becoming the best possible versions of ourselves. We learn, grow, change and evolve daily. We have goals we are working towards and standards we have set for ourselves. We enjoy successes and we also experience set backs. We make resolutions and we break them. We establish laws to govern our lives and we break them too. We all want to be wealthy, good looking, thin, loved, good, healthy, happy, successful, and accepted. It is human nature to want these things, because we live in a very physical world with tons of feedback each day from our friends, family, spouses, partners, television, movies, magazines, books, etc. It is only natural for us to be continually striving for something and to desire to make ourselves and the things around us better. Sometimes during this process we can get so caught up with the the end result, we begin to miss what is happening right now. If we are not careful, the perfectness in the now moments can gently pass us right by.

When we look around at our lives and notice things that are wrong or missing we decide the changes we want to make or what we want to invite into our experience. But when doing this, it is just as important to look around and see all that is good and well. Perhaps your love life is non existent, but you have many amazing friends, maybe your job doesn’t pay as much as you would like, but it provides you with flexibility so you can have hobbies, maybe you don’t live in your dream home, but your place is cozy and you sleep well each night, maybe you can’t go on the European vacation this year, but you can take a lovely weekend trip to the beach, maybe you want to loose 20 pounds, but you lost 5 and have improved your eating habits, or maybe you made a mistake and you are really beating yourself up about it, but what about all the wonderful things you do and all the joy you bring into the world. Start by determining what you are feeling now. Access the areas that you tell yourself are not

good enough or that you so deeply want to change. Right now affirm to yourself “Even though I feel a longing for_____I love, honor and cherish where I am and who I am right now.” Next, recognize where you are at and all the great things you are already doing. You will begin to generate positive feelings instantly. The more you praise and bless the present aspects of your life, the happier you will feel and the more content you will be. You can have, be or do anything you desire, this doesn’t mean you are surrendering your dreams and goals, you are just freeing yourself from the negative feeling of not being there yet. This process will bring more light into your life which in turn will inspire and invigorate you. Acknowledge where you want to be. Bless and praise where you are at now. Love the now, celebrate your life and watch the miracles unfold. Peace be with you. You may enjoy reading: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

uniquely yours

words & photo by: Maria Cristina Nieves

There is a thriving shopping district in Celebration Downtown and Unique Boutique is at its core. Unique Boutique is home to some of the most unique, fashionably forward items available only to specific clientele: frugal, chic shoppers like you and me! “Every day new items come in” explains, Lisa Tariq, owner of this charming little shop. From wristwatches made out of carefully arranged safety pins to stunning one-of-a-kind dresses screaming with personality, shoppers are likely to find something tasteful, trendy and undeniably unique without breaking the bank. “I normally only have 6 pieces per item and I have so much to choose from!” Tariq says. Unique Boutique aims high when trying to reach customers who aren’t afraid to express their sense of style without spending too much on any one item. Tariq is empathetic with shoppers, “The retail market is definitely glutted with excess fashion lines. There is so much overpriced designer merchandise out there that is just so cost prohibitive to the average woman shopping today."For those of us struggling in this never-ending recession, it’s music

to our ears. “My goal is to provide my clientele with a place to find items that will allow them to dress stylish with “unique” clothing that will get noticed” And Tariq’s definition of unique isn’t just a cute ploy to reel people in, among some of Unique Boutiques most notable labels are Bandals, Life is Good, Poetic License Shoes, Mika Designs and Belldini. “I look for style, comfort, quality, and “uniqueness” from European, American, and Asian designers.” Tariq explains. Visiting Unique Boutique is an adventure, tucked away in the enclaves of Celebration, it may feel like a trek but

holds so many trinkets and treasures – not just for the elite, but for everyone. Want the inside scoop on new inventory, trends and exlusive discounts just for you? You can find Unique Boutique – Celebration, FL on Facebook. Simply “like” it to get regular updates on your wall feed! Or visit for more information. Unique Boutique 605 Market StreetSuite 140 Celebration FL 34747 Phone: 321-939-2311

sticky fingers

by nicole girata with julie bream Photo couRtesy of peanut butter fingers

Peanut, peanut butter and...nope not jelly, pumpkin. Yes, pumpkin! I came across this amazing combo of a snack by a health savvy blogger, Julie. She turned around a wholesome all American snack into a new and tastified snack. She replaced the jelly with pumpkin and added nutmeg and coconut shavings. This is seriously a fabulous quick treat for anyone that will make many mouths happy! Make sure to check out her blog, Peanut Butter Fingers, and learn more about her and the healthy treats she creates. Not only does Julie take her love of nutrition and eating right to the pages of her blog, but she goes a step further by giving you, the reader, the recipes to make the successful dish for yourself. She follows that up with healthy exercises and what she does in her day to day routine. Here’s what author Julie Bream had to say about startingPeanut Butter Fingers.

I started my blog as an outlet for my passion for writing, and as a way to share my interest in health with my family and friends. I used to believe that I was eating healthy when I was consuming Lean Cuisines, low-carb and low calorie foods, and “light” food products. Health and nutrition is a huge interest of mine and after reading countless articles and studies hailing the importance of incorporating more fresh produce, whole grains, natural foods and lean meats into my diet, I took the initiative to prepare my own meals and step away from the frozen foods section.

When I stopped relying on something “lean” from the frozen foods section and I found myself feeling more energetic, and much, much more satisfied. I cannot tell you how filling a bowl of whole grain pasta, topped with a bunch of steamed broccoli, marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese is when compared to a rinky-dink tray of frozen food! In addition to sharing my love of wholesome, real foods, I wanted utilize my blog to help spread the word that living a healthy life is not black and white. Striving to be “mostly healthy” is a great goal. By balance our indulgences with healthy food and fitness, we can live a healthy life free of deprivation and full of delicious and nutritious foods. To get your hands on some of Julies recipes and tips of the trade, go to []

twitter around Orlando @score4kore Is Telling everyone that just by going to dinner at Twist in Orlando and mentioning” kore” 15percent of your bill will b donated to KORE @orlandopretty Estee Lauder Gift With Purchase at Bloomies starting 9/28/10

@brandleadership Ok....So I am a late adopter to an iPad...Now I see the Blackberry Playbook....Not sure which to choose

@Shonilee Working on my new blog!!! UUUGGGHHH....So much to do!

@CountryCaffefl Want a free sample of our coffe,email your adress to countrycaffe01@gmail. com(write the word Sample as subject).1 free sample per house hold @PureAveda 2nd Friday Movie In Donnelly Park, @MountDora Oct 8th: Hocus Pocus. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the show, Movie begins at sundown. @BusyGirlOrlando Wow! Who knew the Crane’s Roost area & Uptown Altamonte was so nice?? Runners, dog walkers everywhere with the sun setting over the lake :) @Orlando_LIVE Missed Peter Murphy and Shea Stewart last night with their guests : Tanner Keegan, Elan Lance Elias , Wagner Dos...

30 SECOND shorts with Kris Gilpin

Micmacs is the latest film from French man Jean-Pierre Jeunet and similar to his Delicatessen, City of Lost Children and Amelie, his fun camera work and editing are again on display, along with his gang of lovable oddballs. The only problem here is the humor simply isn’t as funny in this one, a tale of revenge against the arms manufacturers responsible for the bullet which is lodged in one character’s brain. It all feels like Jeunet lite, but if you like his other ones (& many have) it’s worth a look, at least on DVD. Get Low is a period indie comedy-drama starring the great Robert Duvall as a hated-in-his-small-town, old curmudgeon who decides to throw a big funeral party for himself while he’s still alive. Bill Murray is quietly excellent, as he has been since Lost in Translation (aided very well by ex-child actor Lucas (Sling Blade) Black), as the funeral director and Sissy Spacek once again shows up in a backwoods film of this type and is typically fine. Duvall gives a moving speech toward the end about why he has been wracked with massive guilt much of his life (causing him to become a hermit) that should earn him another Oscar nom--if you miss it in the theater, this one will play very well as a rental... For more on Kris , check out his FREE, online movie crosswords (NO personal info required!), please Google: “BestCrosswords Gilpin Movie Puzzle” for dozens of fun film puzzles!

Machete is the B-movie you expect it to be, tho they might have actually taken it a bit too seriously. I wanted more funny lines & outrageous gore & a bit less talk (the first 10 minutes are great), but still it’s a worthy grind house goody & it’s always fun to see Danny Trejo, Cheech and DeNiro sleaze out.

Based on a true story, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done is the type of weirdness you’d expect from Werner Herzog (director/ co-writer) & David Lynch (Exec. Prod.). Michael Shannon, a great, intense actor (see Bug, a very mis-publicized film!) plays an actor making a cheesy old Greek play in which he kills his mother, then later goes insane (the why is not explained) & actually commits matricide. Also not explained is why sweet, cute Chloe Sevigny, as his fiancé, stays with this unlikable guy. The music cues are off-beat & very nice & some typically Herzogian moments include the actors freezing in a scene (like a slightly-moving freeze frame) & shots where actors stare into the camera for LONG beats. I love both D.L. & W.H., tho this film hit me as kind of minor Herzog, but if you like non-Hollywood curios it’s definitely worth checking out.

The new Halloween MUST that didn’t make it to theatres

Trick ‘r Treat is a film written and directed by Michael Dougherty and was originally scheduled for a theatrical release in 2007. Distribution snafus and snags prevented the film from being released anywhere but a select number of horror film-fests, where it received rave reviews. The film was finally released two years later (straight to DVD) and was quickly snatched up by me on October 6, 2009. The movie was loaded into my player and a new love was born. The film tales the tale of Halloween night through four separate stories of mayhem that are cleverly interwoven to create a running account of the night. The one thing each of the stories share is an appearance by mysterious little creature named Sam. Upon repeated viewings, it is revealed that Sam is the spirit of Halloween and his job is to make

trick ‘r treat by patrick T Johnson

Halloween evokes some strong memories from my childhood. Growing up in Florida, it was never a pile of crunchy leaves or cooler weather that got me excited for the season. I could just feel it within me. I often started planning my Halloween game plan in early September. My costume idea was usually secured one month in advance and purchased well ahead of 31st. My brother and I had houses marked and routes mapped in order to achieve ultimate trick or treat candy satisfaction which was, of course, based off proven statistical data from the year prior. As the day came and night had fallen, my brother and I would leave the house, usually meet up with a group of neighborhood kids, and scour for candy anywhere within a one mile radius of our home. Spooky stories were told by the kid who “swore he saw a ghost” in that one house and others who told tales of monsters and spooks that roamed our neighborhood after nightfall. The night usually ended with us returning home, tired, hot, covered and caked-up face makeup and allowing our mom to check our candy for the usual things (razor blades, poison beakers, knives etc.) that so easily fit inside Tootsie Rolls. It’s been a decade since I last enjoyed a real trick or treat Halloween night. While the focus of Halloween celebrations has changed from sweets to other things (namely alcohol), there are a few things that have become a rite of passage every year. One of those is my annual Halloween movie marathon. It was last year during my search for the latest and greatest that I happened upon a topic in a message board. It was for a movie named “Trick ‘r Treat” that I hadn’t heard of before. Curiosity got the best of me and before I knew it, I was purchasing the DVD on release day.

sure all the Halloween traditions are upheld. The people in this town make some big faux paws that Sam must … correct. This isn’t a horror movie that will make you lose sleep, but a sophistically campy, fun time that will have you remembering your childhood trick or treat memories. Enjoy your Halloween night and remember, check your candy and never (ever ever) blow your jack o lantern our before midnight! Trick ‘r Treat is available through Netflix,, and Best Buy. []

I Was Working in the Lab…..

By Jonathan Woodard

The woods were always the clincher for me. No doubt about it. The way they would roll on endlessly in to a strangely amassed point of compromised similarity. It’s never fully grey out (not like the stagnant barren awful of winter), it’s alive in color, but a different color that is more of a last chance flash of brilliance before some inevitable curtain call of that raging youth of the hot hot hot months. I love October, not just for this reason, but for it also contains my most favorite of ALL Holidays, the crown jewel of all things worthy of celebration: Hallowe’en. Hallowe’en, to me, is that sure fire return to youthful bliss and wonder- the moment where all people can run amuck and judge no one upon any basis other than who has the best costume and most ghastly demeanor. Free candy and goodies are the staple and (in the most karmic protest of any tradition) failure to indulge such requests results in a prompt and brash trick of vast horrors that will require far more work to clean than the time you saved by not going to the store and getting at least… something. Maybe it’s my adoring love of all those old Universal Horror movies that adds to this appreciation. The silver images of regal Hollywood cinema showing a ready made escape from the very real horrors of the Depression and War; with their fedoras and tailored suits screaming for the hills as the shadowy trails of Lugosi, Karloff and Chaney chase their haunted hearts into a make believe that can be far more enticing than their own lives. I think more than that romantic ideology of people taking refuge in the fantastic is the revival that really gets me going. The rise of the home television movement in the late 50s/early 60s spurned a revitalization of these classics in the form of late night Monster Marathons and the ever credible Creature Double Feature. Every market had a “Creature” host, some fledgling dinner theater actor made up with ghastly grease paints to resemble some unimaginably horrible ghoulish creature, scaring baby boomers away from their suburban twin beds and into terrorizing fits of something HAS to be in the closet. Now one of my favorite Hallowe’en 15

experiences comes from many a moon ago, my friends Caitlin (“friends” plural for there are two of them- for this occasion a Robber Raccoon and a Dickens-esque beggar) and one of their boyfriends at the time named Mike (a matching beggar of a monogamous nature) and myself (a Darko homage Skeleton suit before most people even knew what that meant) decided to just gallivant about Boston in search of that Hallowe’en spirit. We started in the Back Bay and headed North towards Cambridge, tracing the Charles with gaining anticipation of what was ahead of us. We reached Beacon Hill and navigated the winding gaslight clad cobblestone streets in a mock fear that around any corner from some old money townhouse we may just become another victim. After a careful exploration of the Boston Commons we found ourselves on the other end of the rainbow: it was 2 am and all the clubs were flushing their cliental out on to Boylston Street like an amoral exorcism of surly, drunken, horny spawns of Satan. It was here that the magic happened. Bumbling confused on the corner was a man dressed in his best Gonzo homage, fidgeting nervously with his cigarette, mumbling and generally looking confused. “Hey- you’re supposed to be Hunter S. Thompson!” I exclaimed, glad to see one of my favorite literary minds done up in such a proper fashion. His tweaky gesture of acknowledgement was drowned out by a blast from a few feet away: “OH MY GOD, DUDE!! YOU’RE THE SECOND PERSON TO GUESS THAT!” To our right was the source of said explosion, a muscular lad covered in green paint, shaggy wig and ripped jean shorts. “The Incredible Hulk, right?” “Oh my god,” his voice had softened and his tone almost grew thankful, ”that’s four, man. AWE-

SOME!!” As his self satisfaction took over I noticed another individual in their crew up the street slowly pulling on the end of a half smoked cigarette, billows of haze slipping from his smirk in a half laugh. “You must be Kid Rock,” I said. He then raised his fedora and stringy blond wig clad head, wiped his free hand on his wifebeater and cast a finger of direction down the street. “And that down there,” I could sense the half drunken drawl that came from mouth was mirrored behind his wrap around shades as he pointed to a voluptuous blonde in an all black skin tight cat suit with strategically absent sections, hurriedly trying to flag down a cab in some level of growing annoyance, “That there’s Pam Anderson.” There you go kids, that’s about it in a nutshell. We left that scene and found ourselves on the fourth floor of (the beggar) Caitlin’s apartment, looking out her picture window (which was bowed in a manner which made it feel like looking out of a strange terrarium) looking at the cavalcade of ill-inspired costumes and slutty tramps wandering about in marginal failure for ending up all alone, or with a group of similarly cast characters plotting their next drunken charade. It was a great night, and the lesson I walked away with is this: If you’re going to do something, do it right. Jump in feet first and take NO prisoners. Make your own memories on Halloween and sell them to the point where yes, YOU are what you’ve dreamt yourself to be. Don’t use this day as a means to just overload your sexual expression; become what you desire- hide in masks. Also- bring out more gore, there’s a huge gap in the thigh highsto-gore ratio. Regardless, go out and have fun, but when you go outjust remember: It ain’t you that we’re looking for; it’s the monster inside.


left of center

Forget what you think you know about the new Amway center. You may have it in your mind that the new center will be just bigger place to hold concerts or a city’s reach at more recognition, but there is so much more about it that will make you want to step inside and get a better look.

by: camille thomas photo: Fernando Medina The City of Orlando and the Orlando Magic have not only come together to make a kind of monument with its 180 ft tower that you can see in the skyline, but a place that might just become the heart of the city. It will not only have been designed by local

architects, built by local construction companies, and occupied by local restaurants and bars- it’s going to cater to locals, too. Populous, formerly HOK Sports is a local company that designed the center with Central Florida itself as a fac-

na, will feature over 1,000 LED screens, including the giant scoreboard. There will be different levels, such as the Terrace, which overlooks the event floor, Promenade, which will house retail stores, and SkyBar, which will be a roof-top bar on top of the center. Kids will have their own place to play in STUFF’s Magic Castle. Magic fans will be able to buy gear to their heart’s content at the Orlando Magic Team Shop. There are twenty-six skyboxes suspended from the ceiling. There is truly something for everyone and a 26 ft. tall Orlando Monument, which changes color based on what event is going on, to make sure you know exactly where that something is. Not only will the center, originally built in 1989, be getting design and technological update, but the arena also boasts being the

tor. Their goal was to make it a place that would be a community gathering place, improve the surrounding neighborhoods, and be a leader in sustainability and technology. In doing this, they worked with other local companies, many of which were owned and operated by women and minorities. Some of those companies were also from the historic Parramore neighborhood, which the center is located in. The new center, about triple the size of the previous Amway Are-

first LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) designed and originally-constructed professional basketball arena in the nation. A recycling program was implemented during construction so that almost 90 percent of construction waste was diverted from

landfills. Also, sustainable building practices were used. The building itself will be “going green” by minimizing daytime heat gain and nighttime release, using high efficiency water closets and restrooms with low-flow plumbing, and by collecting rainwater and air conditioning condensation for irrigation. OUC also plans to implement a new chilled water facility on Anderson Street that provides air conditioning to the Amway Center. This will reduce energy use by 24 percent and save over 800,000 gallons of water per year. As a cherry on top, the Amway Center will be use green-friendly cleaning products. Transportation will include multiple bus lines, building a light rail system in the future, and bicycle parking racks to give alternatives to driving. Also, there will be parking spots in garages for low-emitting vehicles and carpools. Roads around the are-

na will be improved for better access and walkways near pedestrian-heavy streets will be enhanced. Church Street, for example, will become a large plaza at the entrance of the center. The plaza on Church Street will be made to emphasize Orlando’s casual outdoor lifestyle and will be the

“The bright and vivacious Marina Diamandis has an album filled with smart and spectacular, self-penned, should-be hits.” THE FADER Photo: lindsey byrnes “…she’s redefining songs about coming of age, and the aftermath, with bluntness and crafty intelligence.” THE NEW YORK TIMES

The Family Jewels Featuring HOLLYWOOD & I AM NOT A ROBOT Available Now


“front porch” to the arena. Many of the other design and cultural elements will relate the Central Florida as well. For example, a rain sculpture, which was inspired by the rain and hanging Spanish moss so common to the area, and the Orlando On Demand Information Garden, which will be an interactive feature displaying Central Florida’s history.

comes from 21 artists, 14 of which are local to Central Florida. There will also be a lifesized human sculptures made of aluminum by Bill Stark called “Our Journey”.

Over 140 pieces of art and over 200 photographs will be featured throughout the arena as well as the parking garages and outside the center. In the parking garage elevators, there will be art by Marcos Cruz and children from the Parramore Kidz Zone. The art, which ranges from abstract to mixed media and from the selftaught to the nationally acclaimed,

The new center will be bringing a more enjoyable place to hold sports games, of course, for local teams like the Magic and Orlando’s arena football league, the Predators. College-level sports will also be taking advantage of the upgrade. Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman University’s annual Battle of the Bands, previously performed at the Citrus Bowl, will be held there in November. It will also be catching the attention of larger entertainment such as the Eagles, Tyler Perry’s play, Big Happy Family, and even Lady Gaga, who has announced her Monster’s Ball Tour, will be stopping by in the spring. Whether it’s art, events, or atmosphere, the Amway Center has a new attitude that looks to capture the spirit of Central Florida’s culture, unifying both local and national.


Exclusive look into the food of the Amway Center by: colleen burns photo: A host of swanky bars, 45 portable concession stands and Jernigan’s full-service restaurant make up the 1:150 ratio of grub options-to-spectators in the brand new Amway Center. From “quasi-dillas” and pretzel bun burgers to Japanese pan noodles and seafood salads, executive chef John Nicely has put together some phenomenal offerings for the much-anticipated new home of the Orlando Magic. With this many choices, saving room for the Dessert Lady’s magical brownie pops will be as tough as our fans are going to be on the Miami Heat, but... bring it on! For more, visit, DaFoodie’s Amway Center food guide

extraordinary Interiors WITH Mark Baratelli, Editor, Photo: MIRIphoto

Some time ago BRINK had the idea to execute a “Living” edition of this magazine. Soon after, we spotted a tweet from our friends at The Daily City mentioning how they were doing an “Extraordinary Interiors” section for their site. We thought, BRINK + The Daily City = Amazing. The Daily City, along with BRINK featured photographer Miriphoto (see January issue 3), provided all the text and photography and we had the pleasure of laying it out for even more eyes to view. Check out the following pages and read why these spaces are extraordinary.

From Atlanta With Love Names: Yana Keyzerman and Pete Fuller Interior Design: Done by owner Pete and Yana found it hard to shop for living room furniture when several indie furniture stores shuttered during the housing bust. The tangerine couch and patterened chair & loveseat came from Macys and the rug from CB2. It had been discontinued, but the pair found it randomly on a trip to Chicago at a CB2 outlet and had it shipped back home. The paintings above the sofa L to R: IKEA; Wassily Kandisnkey piece purchaed at a Las Vegas MOMA exhibit. The tiny wooden table was originally found at West Elm, and again at Target... on clearance! The dining room has fantastic frosted glass Home Depot doors ($370 each) the couple painted to match the sunroom. “I have had a life long obsession with Scandinavian and Danish modern and so-called mid-century furniture in general,” says Pete. “I like the clean lines and simplicity of most of the Scandinavian/Danish school of design.” Pete searched locally for a Danish modern dining room set for over a year. After coming up empty, he asked his sister to help him by scouting the Atlanta Craigslist site. Nothing. And then one day on a hunting trip for a kitchen faucet at Habitat For Humanity's Restore on OBT and Princeton, he spied a 1960s teak table and six Benny Linden chairs from Scan Design (each about $295 new), checked the country of origin (Denmark) beneath the table, sent photos to hi wife and took the whole package home for $400, around the cost of just one of those Benny Linden chairs new. An Atlanta friend found this 1950s bar, with built-in olive spears and automatic light, at an Atlanta antique shop. Pete immediately took to it, as it reminded him of the one Darrin had on Bewitched. After helping his friend move several times he was rewarded for his efforts: his friend gave him her bar! Its the only piece of furniture that made it to Orlando when he moved from Atlanta twelve years ago.

"Corpuscles," by artist Brigan Gresh, was purchased at The Red Tag sale at Stardust, a yearly artists clearance sale/show. In the sunroom, this thick IKEA coffee table got caught under the fall of a 200 pound man (Pete) when he fell face first (a la Chris Farley) onto it. The table survived damage-free. The art above the white bookcases are Sanford Salvation Army store finds featuring wood frame, burlap and glazed metal pieces. The bed is from the now-shuttered Living Quarters store. The dresser is from West Elm. These IKEA doors were originally made for a wardrobe. “I learned a lesson about ‘measuring twice and cutting once’ with this project,” he says. “I took the measurements of the cabinet at IKEA, instead of the actual door. When I hung the doors they were about 4 inches short. I had to add a strip of aluminum at the bottom from the left over hardware.” Pete designed this CD cabinet himself, and a cabinetmaker friend built it for him over the course of year. The friend dropped it off the night before she moved to California. This thrift store find intrigued Pete. He couldn't believe someone would make it and then frame it. This "carpet painting" is disliked by Yana for the record.

The Doctor is In Name: Dr Lisa Africk The Kitchen Lisa had the kitchen layout sketch and wooden cabinetry ordering done by Eric Hare of The Craftsmen. “It could not have been easier to work with Eric,” Lisa says. The white wall of cabinets and the bright orange panels covering the fridge and dishwasher were installed by Photographer Brian Becker (Facebook). Says Lisa, “He’s actually a professional photographer, but used to do carpentry on the side for fun.” “Thanks to Lisa for having the guts, knowledge, and above all style to create that (kitchen)” Brian added in an email. The kitchen floor, an Italian porcelain tile coated in steel, Lisa found in New York. The white backsplash tile is by Angela Adams for Ann Sacks, also found in New York. The kitchen stools are Spoon by Kartell. The pendant lamp is by Tom Dixon. All of the appliances were purchased at Southeast Steel. Lisa cannot get enough of this local source. “I shopped appliances for well over a year. Hands down, Southeast Steel stood out - WAY above all of their competitors in every possible way. Save yourself some time, and just go there.” Fridge & induction cooktop by Thermador, Hood by Wolf, Oven by Dacor, Dishwasher shelves by Fisher & Paykel. The Franke stainless apron sink & farmhouse professional style faucet were Ebay finds. The original artwork on the wall of the Panda was done by local Orlando artist Johannah O’Donnell.

Living Room The white Le Corbusier chair goes well with the large sofa, a second hand find reupholstered in Ultrasuede. The back snaps downs into a bed, and the pillow that sits atop was made several years ago by a woman in a San Francisco boutique who works with 70’s vintage upholstery. The custom made walnut staircase, based on a design by Lisa, includes frosted glass cut locally by Christian from Acme Glass and hockey puck style lights from Home Depot and Ikea. The walls appear to be covered in small stones, but that’s actually wallpaper Lisa discovered five years ago. She carried the five year old shred of paper to several local interior designers who “gave (her) the run around.” She finally found Orlando Interior Designer Michael Duval, who “was easy to work with. I know it was just ordering a roll of wallpaper, but three others really made it difficult to do so, and Michael had it done quickly & efficiently, not to mention he was so nice.” The paper is striking in that it truly does make the walls appear to be covered in stone. “It really is something to be seen in person,” Lisa says.

The Bathroom “It all started with that awesome Duravit Starck 2 toilet! All the rest of the bathroom came together around that toilet.” Acme Glass did the shower door, Angela Adams did the rug and Rex did the wood textured porcelain floor tiles. Those Rex tiles as well as the vintage ceramic Netherlands airport shower tiles were all purchased in Winter Park at MasterTile. Once again, Lisa found a partner she could work with after going through several she could not. “(Mastertile) was pretty much the only one that was helpful with me. I got snubbed, ignored and passed over at every local tile place. My experience in both New York and California was entirely different.” Andrew White from Lot 1433 made the floating cabinetry. The limestone countertop was made and installed by Stone Age Design, which goes by another name now. “The limestone was too porous so it must be treated every couple months with furniture wax. I wanted the matching Duravit vessel sink, but the La Cava one I purchased looks exactly the same and I was able to get a much better price because it was a floor model,” says Lisa.

Urban Sanctuaries Living in Orlando, I often find myself sitting in one of my friend’s gardens and I am always amazed about how such beauty exists secretly inside our urban landscape. Three of the four gardens (Windermere, Winter Park, & Bear Lake Gardens) shown here were designed by naturalist and garden designer, Randall Quirk, who travels to the far corners of the globe to design special sanctuaries for his clients. Juxtaposed to these gardens, is the Downtown Garden of my friend Caroline St Clair.

...A Good Bye to Summer

A garden is not only something fixed but constantly changing and evolving. It is a place to celebrate an occasion, to give some news, to share a story, or a secret, to find comfort, sanctuary and peace. Early on the morning of Saturday, September 11, 2010 Kevin Stewart and myself set out to photograph four of the extraordinary gardens set in and around urban Orlando. It was our good bye to summer...

- Lisa M. Garthwaite





Randall Quirk’s Winter Park Garden reflected his global design aesthetic with warm, casual and elegant elements combined with the exotic.

Entering the Bear Lake Garden we instantly felt a sense of calm and serenity. We found the unexpected at every turn.

When we reached the end of the dock we found we had walked into a Monet Painting.

Southern shabby chic gardener Caroline with one of her two French Hens.

Windermere Garden

Downtown Garden

Garden Design

Garden Design

Randall Quirk’s Winter Park Garden

Garden Design

Randall Quirk




Kevin Stewart

Kevin Stewart

Art Direction

Art Direction

Lisa M. Garthwaite

Lisa M. Garthwaite

Additional Photography

Additional Photography

Lisa M. Garthwaite

Lisa M. Garthwaite



Lisa M. Garthwaite

Lisa M. Garthwaite

Garden & Green House Design Randall Quirk

Photography Kevin Stewart

Art Direction Lisa M. Garthwaite

Additional Photography Lisa M. Garthwaite

Writer Lisa M. Garthwaite

Bear Lake Garden Randall Quirk

Photography Kevin Stewart

Art Direction Lisa M. Garthwaite

Additional Photography Lisa M. Garthwaite

Writer Lisa M. Garthwaite

Caroline’s French Hens Marchesa McNuggets and Lady McNuggets.

tales in the city

with Ashton morris

This great Orlando tale comes from way back in the day when I was in middle school, and its a story that very few people know about.. For some reason after we moved to Orlando they switched the zoning for my street, and I was sent miles and miles away to Memorial Middle School. Memorial wasn’t a very good school, and it wasn’t in a very good area either. We once had an escaped convict roaming through the halls, there was a dead body found behind our dumpster, there were fights everyday etc. And me being one among a hand full of white kids, much less a 55 pound rail thin near albino with a headgear and braces, must have stuck out as the most awkward mother f***er that has ever stepped foot onto that property. Needless to say I almost got my ass kicked every single day. But thankfully I learned to be funny, to tell jokes, and to act like a clown in order to avoid it. The three years I was in middle school were also probably the same years that Shaquille O’Neil was at the height of his popularity in Orlando. His name was in everyone’s mouth and he was spinning heads. The image of of him slam dunking and shattering backboards (much less bringing the entire thing down) was stained in everyone’s mind. To me it was the sports equivalent of Kurt Cobain smashing a guitar- it was very much rock and roll, it was arrogant and beastly, and we loved it. At some point Shaq came to our middle school to give a speech, which was probably about not doing drugs and staying in school. On this great day we were all packed into the bleachers of the school gym, and were smiling and anxiously awaiting his arrival. When he finally came in- the place blew up like crazy. Everyone was cheering and was visibly shocked by his monstrous size. In a short time they quieted everyone down and he began his speech which I can barely recollect. But I do remember at some point he asked a question to the crowd, and me being in the front row received a mic in my face. To which I probably replied (with my six year old girl sounding voice) “Because drugs are bad”. A few short minutes into this speech I saw a kid across the gym run from the bleachers towards Shaq, like a stray bullet. Then all of a sudden within half a second, the gym flooded with kids running from the bleachers, myself being one of them. It was insane, it was like watching a video of Moses (allegedly) parting the Red Sea in reverse. There were about six cops trying to stop all of the kids, but they were no match for the Braveheartesque battle sprint of these youths, and they weaved right around the local law enforcement. I personally never got to Shaq, and I don’t know what I would have done if I’d had, I was just caught in the riot spirit. But I did see very clearly, him surrounded by a mass of a few hundred children, all of them barely taller than his knees. And then... I see him as he falls into the abyss of children in super slow motion, taken down by hundreds of little hands - much like in the ending of Big Trouble in little China when Lopan gets a knife through the head from Jack Burton. He fell and disappeared for at least ten seconds, and he was immediately ushered out of the gym as soon as the police could help him up. Then all of the students were also ushered out of the gym, straight back to class. I don’t remember us getting any lecture or any brow beating from the teachers or administration that day. I don’t think they ever said a peep. But I did hear rumors from all of the students that when Shaq stood back up he was missing his beeper, sunglasses, and probably a few other things. Then the next day at the beginning of first period the principal got on the P.A. system and thanked all of the students for behaving so well during Shaq’s visit the previous day, and that was it, nothing was said of it again. This un-televised bad P.R. for the school was clearly swept under the rug, seeing as the school’s image was negative enough as it was. vdfsShaq’s publicist probably also thought that was best to bury it as well. That’s my tale for this month Orlando. Please by all means, have one on me.


caroline knows


Dear Caroline, What are your thoughts on women dressing super slutty for Halloween? I typically dress really in jeans and t-shirts, but I am thinking about wearing something really sexy this year. Is that cheesy?

--Not Sure Naughty Nurse

Dear Not Sure Naughty Nurse: Halloween doesn’t only exist to give children wearing cheap masks a free pass to annoy the neighborhood and be rewarded for it with candy, it’s also the one day of the year that many otherwise modest-dressing women feel brave enough to release their inner…uh… ho? On this spooky night from downtown bars to suburban parties you will find no shortage of sexy lady pirates, mini-skirted witches, and boob-busting French maids. Then there’s the buxom firefighter, the sultry gypsy, and of course the classic playmate bunny. Guys, naturally, love this… but I have heard other women say bitchy things about their fellow females who use Halloween as an ‘excuse’ to dress provocatively. I say more power to those booby-busting St. Pauli Girl wenches and oh-so-saucy Raggedy Anns! Sometimes it just feels good to pretend to be someone completely different from your everyday persona. If Halloween is the one night you feel comfortable indulging in your inner slut fantasy then go for it. Sexing it up on Halloween has never been for me personally (a gorilla costume is my ultimate costume fantasy) and frankly, if I feel like wearing a bustier and thigh highs I will just do it no matter what day of the year it is. But if you feel confident enough to show off what Mother Nature gave you, then pull on the Pussycat costume that barely covers your butt cheeks and go out and flaunt it! And it doesn’t matter if you are a size 6 or 16--the key to looking great at the big party is feeling really comfortable about your costume or you will be miserable all night—and it will show. So wiggle into those latex hot pants, throw back shoulders back (posture is crucial when dressing like a ho, trust me), hold your head high and get out there like the dirty little policewoman you’ve always wanted be—Halloween is your night! Got a question only Caroline would know how to answer? Write her at

the barometer Think you know whats hot or not? Submit your picks to!

Amway Center! The state of the art building will play host to the Magic, Chelsea Handler and Lady Gaga!

“Dexter” is back for a season to die for! - Beth A.

Cake on stick. Genius.

Fall. Not much of a climate change, but lots of fall festivals and happenings are going on downtown!

“Jackass 3D” - the way it was meant to be seen! - Deirdre E. Mark Zuckerberg comic. We’re on the fence with this one. Rihannooooo thank you to this look.

You’re either in or you’re out. This angel is out.

Love bugs.



The October issue of BRINK features the groundbreaking Amway Center. Plus, articles on Val Halla, Permanent Nap, Trick R' Treat, Urban Sanc...

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