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milk teeths The lifetsyle blog is on the rise with quirky posts and eye-cathcing imagery. insta Photo journal Cityscapes as seen through one Instagram users iPhone lens with a serious eye for detail. passenger The opening act for Ed Sheeran is making aname for himself solo in the States. market colors This puposeful company is mking waves by using resources that enrich and cultivate the lives of everyone inolved. ed sheeran The Brit who has his name on the tip of everyone's tounge has arrived Stateside and is catching the eyes of fearless singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. native secrets A photo spread on Native American culture. the colours of fall Fall colours that pop with the page.


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Ed sheeran: Cover photo by betsy hansen

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BRINK Magazine 14900 Golfway Blvd Orlando, FL 32828 PUBLISHER/editor-in-chieF Kyle M Menard EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT Steven Ozer Copy Editor Jacqueline Carr the definitions of Creative Director and think that you might know exactly what a Creative Director is in for with that role, however, it's only when you're really submerged in the process that it occurs to you just how much power the Creative Director obtains. Betsy has overhauled departments and given the magazine a clean, easy-to-read feel. Please let me know what you think of the new layout, look and feel of the magazine. The thing about working in a team is that sometimes things are not 'yes' or 'no' and that you can bounce ideas from one another until it feels right; which leads me to the next point: being 'in the middle.' Working with new members of a team can be an interesting change. In life and in the workplace, my philosophy is why does it have to be 'this or that?' Why does it have to be 'one way or the other' or 'black or white' -- can it just be grey? Can we be in the middle? Recently, I had a couple people involved with BRINK email me wanting definitive answers in an effort to give them validation of where they stood within the context of the magazine. And my response to them was that we are in the middle. What's so wrong with the middle? That's what BRINK is ultimately about: being in the middle. We're bridging the gap between 'how do I do that?' and 'I can do that too.'

Editor’s note

Welcome to the october/november 2012 issue of BRINK! It's that time of year to hunker down with a pumpkin spice latte, watch the leaves change, and curl up with the latest edition of BRINK Magazine! Although no leaves are changing where I sit and write this Ed Letter, there is some change in the new issue of BRINK. The very talented photographer Betsy Hansen has joined BRINK as Creative Director. It actually took me some time to fully understand what having a Creative Director really meant and how influential Betsy and her team would be within this issue. You can flip through all the magazines you want, and you can research all 4 October/November 2012

This issue is packed with people who are doing things, and one of them just happens to be our cover star Ed Sheeran. Ed has been everywhere. We first noticed Ed at the top of the iTunes chart with his debut US album +. I thought, 'who is this guy, and why do I not know more about him?' Then, watching the closing ceremonies, I spot Ed take the stage singing Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. Coincidence? Soon after, Taylor Swift enters her Google+ Hangout and conversation soon turns to Ed and how he's working with Taylor in an upcoming duet. Now, Ed's track, The A-Team is climbing the charts and is one of the most added songs at radio. Ed Sheeren is the epitome of BRINK -- a talent that is mapping out the blueprint for your success from the path he has paved. In a world of dance music and auto tune, Ed stands out as a singer-songwriter who is a true original and has worked hard for this life. Beyond Ed, pages are mixed up with fresh features of people making things happens -- from blogs to e-commerce that gives back -- be sure to check it all out. Until next time readers. Thanks and Enjoy!

Kyle M Menard Editor in Chief

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milk teeths attacks words taissa rebroff

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What is MILK TEETHS all about? MILK TEETHS is my personal life and style blog where I chronicle everything from my outfits to my travels around town and abroad. I also like to post photos of various treasures I find thrifting and antiquing, since I can’t buy everything that catches my eye (as much as I want to) I can at least take a photo! Oh and there’s the occasional fashion DIY thrown in there as well. How has your blog challenged your personal style? Part of the reason why I started my blog in the first place was to force myself to dress better. At the time I was in a huge outfit rut (jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, wash, rinse, and repeat) yet I was still taking home amazing vintage pieces that I would find thrifting. Problem was I was too lazy to get myself to wear what I was buying! Having a style blog forces me to better utilize my wardrobe and think up clothing combinations that I would otherwise probably be too lazy to put together. What about vintage fashion inspires you? What has been your favorite vintage find? I love how unique vintage fashion is. When I was in high school pretty much everybody shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and American Eagle. I wanted to dress differently from the rest so I started hitting the thrift stores and looking for older pieces that appealed to me. It’s been six years later and I still shop the same way! It’s hard to narrow down an ultimate favorite find but one of them is certainly a beautiful seafoam green 1950s beaded blouse. I hardly wear it, I just like to take it out to look at it. Any tips for novice thrifters & vintage-seekers? Find a store in a town with a large senior citizen population. Seniors donate the best stuff! Also go often, like at least twice a week and don’t be discouraged if you come up short, it takes patience but you’ll be rewarded for it. Why did you open a MILK TEETHS Etsy shop? Would you ever consider opening a physical shop location? At the time I was in college and was looking to make extra money. Thrifting was already something I enjoyed doing and there had been so many times where I was forced to leave a great piece behind just because it wasn’t exactly my style. Having an online vintage shop enables me to buy up every amazing piece that I find; I love sharing my finds with vintage lovers all over the world. As for opening a physical location, I would never say never. You must pack a suitcase to a mysterious weekend trip! What do you take? My camera, a pair of black keds, an easy to wear day-dress, light weight cardigan, and a tube of red lipstick.


What is your favorite outfit (We know, we know! This one's tough...)? While it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite, I do tend to gravitate towards outfits that are easy to move in. An outfit that stands out in my mind involves a pair of vintage high waist trouser pants and an altered vintage sweetheart bust blouse from the ‘50s worn with brown leather flats, of course. What's your advice for inspired fashion bloggers? Always strive for authenticity and don’t be fake. Update regularly and have fun with it!

What are YOUR favorite fashion blogs? Liebemarlene I’ve been reading Rhiannon’s blog for years and not only is her style en pointe, she just seems like someone I would get along with in real life. This is more of a life style blog but is one of my favorite reads. Lots of beautiful photos of England and I adore Artemis’ aesthetic and her commentary on life.

Having an online vintage shop enables me to buy up every amazing piece that I find; I love sharing my finds with vintage lovers all over the world.

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passenger words heather jones

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market colors steps out the box

Market Colors is a non-profit organization working to improve the lives of the impoverished in Africa by selling 100% handcrafted products made by African craftsmen and craftswomen. Market Colors' first items are available for sale online and include: laptop cases, iPad cases, satchels, purses, tote bags, rugs and accessories - a stylish way to help others! BRINK had the pleasure of catching up with the founder of Market Colors, Lizzie Wirgau on her inspirations, hopes and yes, even social media. Words Taissa Rebroff

Who is Market Colors? Market Colors is a nonprofit organization that works with Christian organizations throughout Africa that are investing in the lives of those living in poverty and teaching them to become skilled craftsmen. We are passionate about giving these craftsmen access to the worldwide market through our e-commerce website in order to increase the sustainability of their businesses. We work directly with Christian organizations that are managing these craftsmen. We currently are partnering with four groups: three in Kenya and one in Malawi. This video explains a little more about what we do, www.vimeo. com/47171879. What inspired you to create Market Colors? On my trips to Africa, I came across groups of craftsmen who were making incredible products. But, because they were located in remote villages in the heart of poor African countries, they had nearly no one to sell their products to. Our mission teams from America would visit and we all loved the items! We would purchase from the craftsmen, take the products home, show our friends, and share the stories of the widows 16 October/November 2012

who made our bags, scarves, or jewelry. Everyone loved our items but they could only be purchased by taking a trip to Africa where the craftsmen worked. I knew these products would sell if we could just reach more people. We are giving the craftsmen access to the worldwide market through our website. How can we reach & inform the public about these issues? One way we inform the public about poverty in Africa is through our product cards. When a buyer receives a product, they also receive a product card with information about the craftsmen who made their item. This allows the buyer to put a name and a face to their satchel or laptop case. They are given information about the life of the craftsmen and how their new vocation has positively impacted their life. For these craftsmen, becoming skilled in sewing or jewelry making has given them a way to provide for their family. And more than just giving them the capability to earn a steady income, they are able to work in an honest way that honors the Lord. These craftsmen are now able to provide for their children and give them a legacy.

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How can we help? You can help support the craftsmen by spreading the word about Market Colors and the work we are doing! The more products we sell, the more we can reinvest in Africa and reach out to new groups of craftsmen. You can also consider becoming a monthly supporter of Market Colors. Our monthly donors allow us to keep doing what we’re doing and expand our reach in Africa.

different than ours in the US, many of them have access to the Internet. This allows the groups to send us potential product images for us to approve before they begin production. If we have changes we’d like them to make or if we ask them about a potential idea, they can get back to us within a few hours. While these villages in Africa are truly remote, it’s amazing that they can have Internet in some form. The world is so much smaller now.

How has the web & social media inspired or facilitated your journey with Market Colors? Without the Internet, it would be impossible for Market Colors to exist or look the way it does. Having access to the web, chiefly email, has allowed us to correspond with our craftsmen in Africa. While their offices and computers may look quite a bit

Utilizing social media outlets has been such a great way for us to expand our reach in the United States and beyond! Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’re able to share pictures, videos, and updates with our followers across the globe. We’re blown away by the positive response the public has had to Market Colors. People believe in our vision and they are

18 October/November 2012


Utilizing social media outlets has been such a great way for us to expand our reach in the United States and beyond! Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we’re able to share pictures, videos, and updates with our followers across the globe.

passionate about partnering with us to create sustainability for these African craftsmen. Through an IndieGoGo campaign we did during the month of May this year, we were able to raise almost $8,000 through financial donations from 134 partners. This campaign was purely promoted through social media. What are your hopes and goals with Market Colors? My main goal for Market Colors is for it to be an organization that reflects the ministry of Jesus Christ: loving, effective, honest, and compassionate. Our two other goals are to create more jobs in Africa and to connect and expose buyers to Africa. Right now, we work with four groups in Africa: three in Kenya and one in Malawi. Within the next few years, we hope to

extend our reach and begin working with many more groups of craftsmen. As our products sell throughout the world, we will be able to reinvest in Africa and partner with these new groups. We want to give our buyers quality products that are made in Africa that come with a story about real craftsmen who actually handcrafted their item. Market Colors is more than just a store… it’s a movement designed to give you a personal connection with the widow, teenager, or father who made your item. Join our cause. Support the craftsmen. Our first product line is live now. For more information visit: October/November 2012 19


invasion ed sheeran has arrived words S. Puente-Lay photos Betsy Hansen

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A few months ago, Ed Sheeran was merely a name on the lips of music aficionados and industry folk. Fast-forward, and the English singer/ songwriter is no longer the UK’s bestkept secret but is busy making waves on our side of the pond. Recently headlining VH1’s You Oughta Know Tour, Sheeran also boasts a number one selling US digital album (+), a duet with Taylor Swift on her upcoming album, and a stunning performance of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here on the international stage at this year’s Summer Olympic Games’ Closing Ceremony in London. Sheeran’s music is moving him forward like a force of nature, and we at BRINK were lucky to chat with him about the inspirations and motivations behind his accelerating career. It wasn’t always stars and spotlights – take a look at any one of Sheeran’s bios, and you’ll see the deep-set roots of his blossoming fame. His rhythmic, folk melodies and soulwrought lyrics have been honed by countless solo gigs; sometimes performed before no more than five people. He also released multiple EPs – each showcasing a diverse range of musical styles and each outselling its predecessor. These humble beginnings built Sheeran his dedicated and enduring UK fanbase – many of whom have been following him since the days when he sold CDs out of his backpack. When Sheeran walked away from the 2011 BRIT Awards with “Best Solo Male Artist” and “Best Breakthrough Artist,” as well as nods toward his single and album, he promptly replied, “first and foremost I have to thank the fans ‘cause they voted for this.” It was his stripped down performance of Lego House at the BRIT awards that caught the eye of American network giant VH1. Drawn to the simplicity of his t-shirt and jeans combo coupled with raw acoustic artistry, they dubbed him an originator of the “realwave” style and introduced him to the US as May’s You Oughta Know artist . Sheeran’s first stateside tour kicked off Sept. 19 at Boston’s House of Blues and will finish up Oct. 6 in Seattle. Each show on the cross-country circuit has sold out with some venues needing an upgrade to accommodate a steadily growing fanbase. As his tour bus shuttles from one stage to another, Sheeran continues to captivate US audiences with the same candid performances that earned him VH1’s distinction.

"First and foremost, I have to thank the fans"

This tour life is nothing new to Sheeran, and, indeed, live performances are what he does best. Above all, he’s an artist dedicated to his craft – both on the road and in the studio. He’s not one to shy away from challenges, and this hard-earned fame has only better prepared him for the balancing act between performing and October/November 2012 23

songwriting. Studio time becomes much more precious when on tour, but he relishes every minute to craft songs with all the poignant poetics that catapulted + to number five on America’s Billboard charts. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Damien Rice and Jay-Z, Sheeran’s songcraft wows critics and fans alike. This positive atmosphere makes him “very happy” to be working in the States and on tour. Speaking of songwriting, Sheeran gave us a little inside look on his collaboration with performer Taylor Swift. The American singer posted on Twitter that + was “her favorite album right now,” and wore the lyrics for Lego House on her arms during her Speak Now tour. According to Sheeran, it was Swift who reached out with the idea of a duet. Also Sheeran Interview known for her honest lyrics and penchant for storytelling, Swift met with Sheeran for a musical tête-à-tête over cheeseburgers. “She’s a great person,” Sheeran reminisced.

"Whatever you can, wherever you may be, just do anything you can. Write songs from your advantage and get more experience."

On the flipside of intimate collaborations there’s Sheeran’s acclaimed performance at the Closing Ceremonies. While many performers sported elaborate get-ups and flashy special effects, Sheeran maintained his low-key, casual ensemble that, in some ways, reflects his modest attitude about the experience. “It was humbling,” he tells us. “Very artistic for my country.” To Sheeran, the most overwhelming part of the performance was not the crowds but being chosen to represent his nation at “such a big event” and being able to show his parents “[he’s] doing something right.” Something right, indeed. Sheeran’s Cinderellastory success is spun from singular dedication to a dream and a talent – a dedication to work to the top regardless of how many gigs, tours, and nights on friends’ couches it takes. When asked if he had any advice for new artists, he laid out the bare bones: “I think it’s just doing as much as possible. Whatever you can, wherever you may be, just do anything you can. Write songs from your advantage, and get more experience. Tour as well.” Touring is definitely what Sheeran will be up to in the coming months: “I’m touring in the States next year and touring a lot.” The anticipated 2013 tour starts Jan. 17 at Houston’s House of Blues and will hit grand venues, such as New York’s Radio City Music Hall before finishing in midFebruary. For detailed information about upcoming events and tickets, check out Sheeran’s official website at

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The new issue of BRINK has arrived and features an exclusive conversation with buzz-worthy singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran! Fresh features on s...

October/November 2012  

The new issue of BRINK has arrived and features an exclusive conversation with buzz-worthy singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran! Fresh features on s...