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Bahams Celebration Cruise Ship Vacation We went on a cruise to Grand Bahama Island for our anniversary Feb 3-7 2012. This video is just of the ship called The Bahamas Celebration on our departure day Feb 3rd, 2012. It departed from Port of Palm Beach West Palm Beach FL. The dance area was at the back of the ship and called The View. I loved the little model of the ship they had inside. I’ve been on a bigger ship. This one was fine for a one night trip. I didn’t like our room because we didn’t get a window. We did on the way back and that was much better as you’ll see on another video. the trip there was rough. You can see the waves were really pounding the rocks on the way out. The trip back was smoother and better over all. I did not like the constant announcements on the loud speaker about activities especially when we were trying to sleep. That sucked. The food wasn’t good. I got an upset stomach after eating at the restaurant. Other than that it was nice. It was Chris’s first cruise so I’m happy he got to experience something like this. I had loads of fun. You can see the many pics I took on my flickr set

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Bahams Celebration Cruise Ship Vacation