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Call for Papers: 2nd International Conference on Psychology and Allied Professions, Sri Lanka (ICPAPSL 2017) The 2nd International Conference on Psychology and Allied Professions, Sri Lanka (ICPAPSL 2017) will be hosted by The Institute of Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy & Allied Professions of Sri Lanka on 11th, 12th & 13th July 2017 in Colombo under the theme of “Psychology of Diversity Towards Higher Potentials for Betterment of Humanity”. We invite respected Academics, Researchers, Scientists, Professionals, Delegates and wellwishers to experience a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, experience and establish academic and professional relationships with global scientists. The Psychology Conference 2017 invites you to send your abstracts and participate in this great event under the following tracks.                 

Psychology of thought processes, human cognition, comparative, cross-cultural Psychology of affective processes and emotional wellness Psychology of conative processes and complex behaviors of present day’s social context Psychopathology and abnormalities of modern man and psycho-medical interventions Human developmental processes and upcoming challenges Medical and clinical perspectives toward psychology of well-being Suicides risk, homicide risks, field studies, psychological intervention and prevention Student rights and safety, causalities for student unrest, campus environmental safety Social Conflicts, causative factors, resolutions, a concept of a happy society Stress, stress inoculation, stress related problems, healthy management Psychology of evolution toward human developmental process Neuropsychological interventions and discoveries for higher potentials Psychological impacts on man-made and nature-made disasters and healing the trauma Crime, criminality and forensic intervention of psychology, law vs. self-regulation Pleasant and meaningful life, strengths and virtues, today’s positive psychology techniques Child, adolescent, youth, school curriculum, crises and educational success Psychology of feminism, physical / mental / social challenges of motherhood

Please submit your abstract to : on or before 9th May 2017 in order to take part in this valuable momentum.

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