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Where an

“Experience” is Not a “Thing” Steve Heyer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harry & David

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The Death of the Refrigerator Magnet

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4 Brilliant Results

| September 2010


publisher’s letter


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PUBLISHER / ADVERTISING Even though this is our travel issue, we couldn’t resist breaking the news on some brilliant brands that are joining our industry. This issue will give you some new ideas to make all your holiday giving, promotions and thank you gifts really deliver. Harry & David ® and Leatherman ®. I mean does it get any better. Talk about brands you can certainly count on to deliver when looking for the “Wow factor”. Who wouldn’t want a gift basket of delectable food(s) to make an impression or a multi purpose product that won’t break when you need it most!! Yes, I am excited to announce that you can now order these products from your promotional consultant or incentive partners and use them in your marketing, motivational, and holiday gift campaigns. I know you will not be disappointed. After all, I would love receiving anything from Harry & David ® - I mean we all love to eat delectable, fine quality food... right? And a Leatherman ® tool could really find a permanent place in everyone’s toolbox or pocket... including mine! In this issue you will also find out exactly what a Hot Melt Product is and why you need to know about this intriguing item, if you ever used a refrigerator magnet to stay top of mind with your clients. Not to forget the importance of travel, this issue provides valuable information about promoting an incentive escape as well as how to create tourism memories. For those who may still be traveling to exhibit at trade expos, be sure to read the article on the importance of keeping your display simple and exactly how much information you can display in your booth to achieve your goals.

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Last but not least we have some tips that you can use to keep your workplace positive.

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| September 2010


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Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D. For more than two decades Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government organizations have relied on Dr. Barton Goldsmith to help them develop creative and balanced leadership. He is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, business consultant and author.  His columns appear in over 500 publications, including the Chicago Sun-Times, the Detroit News, and the Los Angeles Business Journal. He may be contacted through his web site


Arnold Light, CTC, CEO & President of Fire and Light has 35 years of marketing experience specializing in incentive and loyalty marketing helping multinational corporations develop and implement B2B and B2C results oriented performance improvement programs. For additional information visit


Dave Ribble, MAS, is President of The Company Image/TCI Consulting, an award-winning promotional marketing company specializing in great ways to extend your brand and image while adhering to your budget. Ribble is available for speaking engagements, workshops and consulting. Please email him at


Barry Siskind is an internationally recognized trade and consumer show expert. He is the author of six bestselling business books including Powerful Exhibit Marketing. Read his newest book, Selling from the Inside Out for an in depth guide to a successful sales career. Visit Barry at


Dr. Peter Tarlow is the founder and president of Tourism & More Inc. Dr. Tarlow has appeared on National televised programs such as Dateline: NBC and on CNBC. Dr. Tarlow organizes conferences around the world dealing with visitor safety and security issues and with the economic importance of tourism and tourism marketing. He also works with numerous cities, states, and foreign governments to improve their tourism products and to train their tourism security professionals. For additional information visit

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Where an “Experience” is Not a “Thing”

Harry & David,

Steve Heyer Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

8 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

the premier gourmet food gift company, is introducing the awareness and esteem of its lifestyle brands to the promotional products industry. When he decided to join as the new Chairman and Chief Executive Office of the organization, Steve Heyer’s words gave a hint of things to come, “Very few lifestyle brands have the awareness and esteem that Harry & David enjoys, and I believe we can further build this strong brand, as well as the Company’s

heritage and reputation for authenticity, reliability and quality, to reinvigorate and grow the business in profitable new directions.” Heyer speaks from experience given his extensive leadership with prominent consumer brands, including CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide and President and COO of The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting System, Young & Rubicam Advertising Worldwide and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Harry & David gourmet fruit and food gifts has been trusted by generations, not only for superior products, but for unparalleled customer service and impeccable guarantees. With a corporate philosophy to benefit customers, employees, shareholders and the community by being the best in all they do, and earn loyalty and respect through honest relationships and responsible actions, Harry & David will be a welcome addition to any promotional product distributor’s offerings. For those whose clients are looking to work with ‘green’ organizations, Harry & David is an excellent match. Harry & David believe that minimizing their impact on the environment is simply the right thing to do. And they demonstrate this commitment in all aspects of their business – from sustainable farming, to recycling, to responsible purchasing… and they’ve been doing it for nearly three decades. Brilliant Results recently enjoyed the opportunity to interview Steve Heyer about the company and its entry into this new market segment. BR: What prompted your move to Harry & David? SJH: Every great brand has a compelling narrative, the back story that gives people permission to believe in the Company, the Brand and its promise. Hollywood couldn’t have written a better story than the true story of Harry and David, and it is an honor and a privilege to be a steward of such an American brand icon. The Harry and David story of two brothers, farmers in southern Oregon and their vision to move from commodity fruit production to a branded lifestyle company (nobody said, or even understood lifestyle company 75 years ago) is a tribute to their courage and innovation. Their first client was the Waldorf Astoria that intuitively understood the value of special fruit baskets, (Harry and David was the first gift basket company), recognizing that a highest quality food gift basket would cement relationships with their best guests, and a platform was created for continuous innovation in food gifting and self consumption that is unrivaled in America today. The brand’s Pacific Northwest heritage, farm-to-table authenticity, service and industry’s best quality and delivery guarantee coupled with the memories and smiles Harry and David gifts have been a part of for 75 years was an irresistible revitalization opportunity for me to drive profitable growth while doing

something noble and almost patriotic- burnishing the image and performance of a truly great American story and brand. Their legacy of innovation will be reenergized as we build on a strong foundation of leadership in brand awareness, quality and relevance. This is a very exciting moment to lead an industry undergoing structural change and a brand with the heritage, power and authority that Harry and David enjoys. Harry and David, with our agenda of contemporization, innovation and creativity will separate itself from the thousands of “basket companies” that followed Harry and David’s lead. Our vision is to be the leading business to business experience delivery and memory creation company in the gift business. BR: As a brand building guru, what strategies are you planning to implement to grow the Harry & David brand in the promotional and incentive sectors? SJH: It is apparent to us that we have a remarkable opportunity to leverage the equity and strengths of our consumer brand and transfer those strengths to your clients’ work lives. We are after all, consumers too. And importantly, we are all people, and we have learned that the humanity and caring communicated through food and wine gifts are unique in the strength of the bonds created between gifter and recipient. We also know that every ritual and celebration you can think of has had food as its centerpiece, so why not use the emotional and connecting power of food and wine to literally fuel relationships that drive business success? And, interestingly, food and wine connects us more powerfully than other gifts can because it is shareable, making teams, not just individuals feel appreciated and the primary recipient look and feel like a hero. In addition, our products, our processes and our price points have been designed for either traditional onetime gifting or for increased frequency and recency since we know staying top of mind with customers, staff and potential clients is essential and that multiple touch points throughout the year galvanizes relationships and assures you are there when new opportunity arises. Advertising campaigns are never developed for one day a year, or as a one shot communication so why shouldn’t promotions, incentives or gifts have ongoing legs and build momentum for your clients? Our proprietary “Of The Month” brand and auto-ship capabilities coupled with our gift list management services makes this uniquely possible.

September 2010 | Brilliant Results 9

Today’s values are more centered around “what I know” and “what I have experienced” than “what I can show off”. Helping clients be their best selves is one wildly powerful promotion or gift.

Building on the strengths of our quality and product variety we have created a gift concierge capability to help our clients design different, better and special gifts that connect with their constituents with a demonstrable caring just not available anywhere else. In addition, our customization capabilities and ability to scale will help us help you as a solutions provider for your clients. For the same reasons our food gifts resonate so well with individual consumers, corporate buyers understand that food expresses gratitude – in PERSONAL terms – it nurtures us, it sustains us, making an emotional connection that creates powerful feelings, the whole purpose behind a great promotion or incentive program. Sometimes clients forget that their corporate relationships are, at the end of the day, with people, and fostering relationships on a human and personal level can best be accomplished by touching the heart and spirit of a business relationship which is less about the logo and more about the care and thoughtfulness that goes into the gift and its presentation. We have also learned that there are eight tools that if used properly make all the difference. 1. High quality, not necessarily high cost. 2. Strong brand. 3. Idea-driven. 4. Personalized. 5. Customized. 6. Reliable and Guaranteed. 7. Repetitive messaging. 8. An “experience” not a “thing”. Taken together, food products and services that allow the gifter to create a personal and brand-tailored expression of care generates the most effective and meaningful experience and relationships follow.

10 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

BR: How can Fortune 500 companies incorporate the Harry & David brand into their marketing, branding and motivational campaigns? SJH: We believe in partnerships and alliances with our customers where if you can dream it we will do it. Said another way, if you can imagine a creative execution we will invest in it to bring it to life and if any client needs a little help in the imagination department our Marketing Solutions Group will work with the sales rep or the client’s marketing team to integrate a company’s campaigns, products or promotions with our products and packaging to create an idea driven promotion. There are, in my opinion, a few key requirements for a great program. First, as I said, it should be idea-driven and really underscore what the gifting company is and stands for. Second, it has to feel authentic. If another company can execute your program by ripping off your logo and replacing theirs, that gift or promotion isn’t working hard enough to communicate how your company is different and doesn’t capture the corporate style, values or tone of voice that should be front and center. Also, because of our scale, technology and systems we can insert other promotional items and messages in our packages like CDs, t-shirts, mugs into our packages alongside our food products or create proprietary hard goods to accompany our food gifts. For an even more custom connection we can curate a unique gift and “kit” our food products into custom packaging and designer vessels as keepsakes.

BR: What makes Harry & David special and different from other food purveyors in the promotional and incentive sectors? SJH: 1. Brand: Our history, heritage, legacy; our farm-to-table authority, our curatorial capability, our authenticity and reputation for trust, quality and innovative leadership and the smiles we have put on the faces of America for 75 years. 2. Quality of product: We make, bake or grow 85% or our products, ensuring first-hand quality control. The authority we have established in fruits, confections, baked goods, and other gourmet items over the last 75 years is unprecedented. Other food gifting companies assemble different products from outside vendors. 3. Order handling: We have a state-of-the-art order and service system, complete with a team of gift concierge and account services specialists. 4. Curation: We don’t just sell great specialty foods, we search for the best components and blend them to deliver an experience, matching flavors, textures, spices, notes which provides for an optimal bundle of foods, wines, snacks, treats that taken together make a moment and educate the recipient giving them the opportunity to repeat the experience

ome Custo Awes

e! c vi r e mer S

and enrich their lives. Our curation gives people the opportunity to sample and enjoy life enabling a new and affordable definition of “wealth”. Today’s values are more centered around “what I know” and “what I have experienced” than “what I can show off”. Helping clients be their best selves is one wildly powerful promotion or gift. 5. Shipping: We have a core competency in shipping that has been refined overtime. Our world-class direct to consumer business ships over 8 million packages a year. We are capable of drop shipping one at a time or thousands at a time. 6. Depth of product: A promotional product distributor would have to outsource to a number of specialty vendors to replicate our exclusive offering, while giving up precious margin. 7. Business to business commitment: We are intentionally shifting our focus from B2C to B2B leveraging our strong consumer base and brand for more reach, concentrated customization, new customer acquisition and scale. 8. Our Emerging Culture: We are a proud lot. There is great passion and commitment to quality and to the creation of scintillating experiences. We love

it Qual

ts c du o r yP

On Tim eD eli ve ry

Promote your brand with quality identification products from KB Innovative Products. Expect the best, don’t put your company name on anything less. Phone: 800-685-2403 Fax: 800-565-6202 ASI: 64635 PPAI: 143269 SAGE: 50656

September 2010 | Brilliant Results 11

new and our favorite word is “next”. We believe in work that matters and what makes a difference, our products deliver WOW! or we will re-invent them. 9. Our Promise: Happiness Delivered- we live it. 10. Our B2B Promise: Hand-picked, hand packed, handshake. BR: Can you give our readers examples of how your products can be, or have been, successfully co-branded to increase business ROI? SJH: We recently completed a project with a promotional product distributor in Portland to produce and deliver as needed, with a two day turnaround, custom cheesecakes. Our cheesecakes were logoed and kited with logoed plates and cutlery for a large insurance company. Regional representatives take this “Party in a Box” to high performing sales offices and celebrate. These cheesecake get-togethers have become an exciting ritual in this company and a key part of their culture of appreciation and connection. We’re also building a similar turn-key “Meeting in the Box” offering with our Wolferman’s breakfast products, so that a sales representative can use this product to “make a memorable moment” to demonstrate an extra effort and level of thoughtfulness and attention for his or her client. BR: Of the marketing campaigns Harry & David has developed which one(s) do you feel is the most notable/ recognizable and what was the key(s) to its success? SJH: I like marketing campaigns that allow us to do well by doing good.

A few examples: • In the last 6 months we have been putting real energy in the brand with things like Moose Munch For Our Troops leading up to July 4th and sent to the Middle East—we send our Moose Munch bars packaged with spoons and a bowl because we learned that the troops loved our product but that it melted in the heat and they liked eating them like cereal with a spoon. • We have created a “pink pear” campaign supporting a breast cancer cure. • We also market our environmental commitment, our organic and gluten free and sugar free products. •

Overall, we are about “Happiness Delivered” and our company is dedicated to that promise for your clients.

12 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

Our cheesecakes were logoed and kited with logoed plates and cutlery for a large insurance company. Regional representatives take this “Party in a Box” to high performing sales offices and celebrate.

The message can be tailored to the gift, to a particular event or used as an invitation or redemption offer.

BR: What, in your opinion, makes a promotional or incentive product successful? SJH: It needs to be thoughtful, relevant, and WOW!. “Thoughtful” means it is in the brand’s voice and connects through a meaningful idea to the company’s relationship objectives. Relevant means appropriate for the occasion and the celebratory moment. And Wow!, means WOW!—an indelible memory. A great program also needs to work the 3S’s—simplicity, surprise and a smile? Smiles are a currency more powerful than battery acid. Our clients report that recipients love opening a Harry & David gift--- the exciting and grand reveal of the hidden contents, the discovery in our curation of the perfect component “moment makers” and the party-in-a-box upon consumption and sharing. Couple that experience with creative customization options and you achieve the WOW! Of course, we also continue to offer the tried and true traditional customization options that include imprinted ribbon and variable printed hang tags, but we offer corner sleeve decorating for our banquet boxes. The message can be tailored to the gift, to a particular event or used as an invitation or redemption offer. BR: Use of social media is currently a hot topic, how does Harry & David utilize (plan to use) this technology and how can organizations incorporate the Harry & David brand into their social media outlets? SJH: Social media is very pervasive and we have a long history of embracing innovation in this sector. We already have a tremendous fan following 14 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

on the major social outlets. For example, the average Facebook user has 130 friends and when a customer chooses to be a “fan of our brand” they are also choosing to show their friends their affinity and affiliation with our brand. There is nothing more powerful than the opinion of the “21st century’s definition of an expert”—friends. What I say about Harry and David may be interesting to some, but what friends say to friends about Harry and David is a power that can’t be overstated. Our goal is to turn customers into zealots and use the viral power of social media for accelerating brand strength for the benefit of our shareholders and distributors. We intend to provide more tailored programming like recipes, holiday tips, celebrity blogs, webisodes, favorites, create your own, contests and promotions etc. that people can interact with and roll around in because it builds lasting relationships as long as we never break the consumer’s trust. We have an extremely loyal and passionate “fan base” that will grow dramatically as we invest in more things to do, win, learn, make and share that make everyday more memorable and memorable moments exceptional. BR: What do you see as the future of promotional and incentive merchandise and how is it changing? SJH: The distributors we’ve talked to are looking for innovation. This includes new products and new levels of customization. Today’s corporate buyers are quite savvy in that they research products and ideas using various search engines prior to contacting their preferred distributor. They often know what they want and certainly study the programs that


“I can gather a lot of different ideas in person and check on the quality of products. Coming here spurs creativity…you can learn how they have been used effectively.”

THE MOTIVATION SHOW Face-to-face connections build trust and relationships... and that’s especially important when it comes to designing an incentive or recognition program for a company’s top performers and customers. To connect with suppliers who possess the expertise to make your next program a success, attend The Motivation Show. With over 1,000 exhibits and 50 seminars, you’ll discover the latest trends, the best education, and the newest products and services... all under one roof. Register today!

Three days of contacts, content, and creativity.

er Regist ay Tod

* Photo is a representative of the actual person interviewed.

- Richard R., Director, Business Services, Illinois, 2009 Attendee

they and their competitors have activated in the past. Increasingly that includes ROI analysis, and, in my opinion, it should. So we partner with promotional product firms to fully understand the goals of each program and leave no stone unturned to bring the creativity to bear assuring that our products maximize client ROI. As I said earlier, frequency is also a trend we think we are well suited to exploit. Leading companies are no longer comfortable only gifting at the Holiday time. We are building frequently replenished break room/pantry programs that will ensure continuous connection and emotional reminders. There are any number of appropriate ways to nurture relationships throughout the year with our products, whether it is a holiday gift that keeps on giving like our fruit, wine, moose munch of the month club expertise or other moments we can uniquely support like saying thanks, observing service anniversaries and birthdays, safety and wellness program successes or as a simple thank you for a job well done, and of course, everyday team-building. Gifting throughout the year, particularly with branded, quality food and wine renews existing relationships and strengthens loyalties. BR: Do you have any final thoughts or advice for our readers? SJH: A few final thoughts: 1. Promotions and gift programs need to capture the soul of the brand and demonstrate heart with a purpose that ties to a very clear business objective 2. Recipients know when you have an “institutional” program and when you “care about me”each has a role but if the roles are confused or homogenized save your money 3. Great companies and brands do business with like companies 4. If a competitor can adopt another company’s program and it feels as authentic from each – create a harder working program 5. Standing out for something is key- innovation in promotion suggests creativity and innovation in everything you do, everything communicates 6. People remember how your promotion or gift made them feel, the ROI on a smile is very high 7. Great shareable food rituals create community, a team and an unduplicatable bond 8. Frequency matters 9. It doesn’t need to cost more to be a WOW, it needs to mean more 10. The companies that show they care more win

16 Brilliant Results

| September 2010


Creating Tourism Memories Many tourism professionals, be they at Convention and Visitor Bureaus or at a hotel, falsely believe that they are selling a tourism product. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Tourism is about the selling of memories and the creation of positive experiences.   In fact, it is the tourism experience that is the one unique thing that a tourism destination or travel product has that can differentiate it from its competition. In reality what visitors and hotel guests are seeking is the "memory of the experience."  In a world where modern technology allows the reproduction of products and many travelers know the layout of hotels even before arriving, the one thing that differentiates one place from another is the human experience.  In such a world of rapid replication, service becomes not only a means to deliver the product but an essential ingredient in creating the product itself.  To help you get brilliant results and find new ways to deliver the best tourism and travel experience to your guests, here are a number of ideas to consider.

18 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

Broaden your scope regarding who is your competition. Most tourism products only tend to see their competition as other tourism products. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  Tourism is a leisure time industry, thus anything that competes for the leisure time dollar is your competition.  Even in the world of business travel, travelers and hotel guests seek unique experiences and memories.

Never forget that tourism is a customer driven experience. In the last few years too many tourism and visitor centers have worked hard at driving their customers from human-based experiences to web page experiences.  Web based centers and telephone-answering trees may be efficient but they do not provide positive memories.  Many visitors see these technological advances as informative but never memorable, at least not from a positive perspective.   Depending on too much technology may save large corporations such as airlines a great deal of money on wages.  The risk, however, is that tourists develop relationships with people rather than with web sites. As tourist and traveler corporations drive people to web sites, they should be ready to accept the fact that customer loyalty will decrease and that their front line personnel's actions become even more important.

Our most loyal and valuable customers are often those who have had the best experience. All too often, and despite customer loyalty programs such as those used by the airlines, tourism entities forget to work at keeping their most loyal customers. These are the people who may provide up to 80% of your business.   Do your employees realize that these people's business assures their jobs?  Think through what specific services and products your most loyal customers desire and what you need to offer to keep their business.  Never forget that these are the people who are most likely to be targeted by your competition.

Understand the value of the " time - experience continuum". Once upon a time a tourism destination and hotels could succeed by offering product value for price.  In the current world of travel, it is the call of the present tense that is important. Today's tourists and hotel guests want to know answers to such questions as: How does the tourism product touch my emotions, how will the experience change my life, and how much time will this experience cost me? Recognize that when a destination chooses to reinvent itself it is altering the experience.  Before embarking on a major new marketing campaign, take the time to consider the impact of this marketing campaign on the tourism experience. Will the experiential service meet the new goals of the marketing campaign?  Where will this

Our most loyal and valuable customers are often those who have had the best experience. new marketing campaign fit into the time-experience continuum?

Expand your knowledge base. Often tourism professionals and hoteliers spend so much time in dealing with marketing that they forget that you cannot market what you do not know. The greater your knowledge base is, and the more education you have, the greater the chances that you will develop innovative approaches to old problems.

Do not be too quick to slash prices. Tourism today is about personal experiences more than it is about prices. Where you price your destination says a tremendous amount about it. Often tourism is about prestige and once one enters into a downward price spiral, it is very hard to reverse the trend. Instead of slashing prices, think how you can give more value for the tourist dollar.

September 2010 | Brilliant Results 19


On Generic Branding and

The Death of The Refrigerator Magnet Do you remember when there were no cup holders in cars? Now car companies make a point to let you know how many cup holders they offer. I was contemplating the meaning of that observation the other day when I realized how changes in technology and lifestyles affect the promotional marketing industry. Take cup holders for instance. Back when vehicles had a flat area above the dash, convenience stores and gas stations made a mint selling coffee cups and mugs that came with a removable base that would mount with double-sided tape. Also available was an add-on cup holder with a vertical arm that slid down your window. As lifestyles and car manufacturing changed, promotional marketers have shifted their coffee-drinker focus to nicer imprinted travel mugs and coasters for the cup holders. In the last 30 years, how we impact music lovers has also evolved dramatically. Long ago, an imprinted album brush to clean the dust off your albums was a great way to keep your name in front of a music lover. Then it was imprinted CD cases. Today, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all about imprinted music download cards, device skins and text message advertising. Along this line, I see another change happening within society that I believe may dramatically and negatively affect one of promotional marketingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s venerable favorites: the refrigerator magnet.

20 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

Refrigerator Magnets’ Fading Glory

StickNetics: A product ahead of its time.

For years, business card-sized refrigerator magnets have been a staple of promotional marketing. They’ve been used by everyone from the local mechanic and pizza shop as a magnetic business card to schools so parents have the school number handy. But times are changing. Many refrigerator doors are no longer made of steel. Today, they’re made of everything from aluminum to hard plastic and other nonmetallic composite materials. As refrigerators across the United States are replaced, refrigerator magnets must find a new home. Sadly, many will find their way to a drawer or, worse, the garbage can. But the demise of the refrigerator magnet isn’t only due to changes in refrigerator manufacturing materials. The home computer, I believe has a lot to do with it also.

The answer lies in a product that has been around for a number of years but has gone largely un-noticed: StickNetics ( This product has been manufactured by many US companies over the years and has gone by many brand names including VagaBond, Trekkers, ReStickers and MagStick. But what has prevented the product from really hitting the promotional product mainstream is that the product was never GENERICALLY branded. That is to say, the industry never developed a word that stood for the product or the product category.

A Shift In the U.S. Lifestyle Time was, most of a family’s time was spent in the living room/family room and the kitchen. It made sense to put magnet-backed information on the refrigerator because in many homes the kitchen doubled as the “home office”. Today, more and more homes have a home office or computer room in the basement or in a converted spare bedroom. More and more people are spending more and more time in front of or around the computer. That means, at least some of the information that used to be posted in the kitchen on the refrigerator, would now be more useful on, or near the computer. The problem is, except for, perhaps, a metal file cabinet, there’s not a lot of metal in most home computer rooms. What’s a marketer to do?

Why Generic Branding Matters Within the promotional products industry we have generic categories such as mugs, pens, folders, coasters, lanyards, flash drives, tattoos (regular and waterless), letter openers, puzzles and magnets to name a few. But what generic category do we have to describe the product that adheres to any clean, relatively flat surface, is removable without leaving any residue, is re-positionable and has all the attributes of a refrigerator magnet but isn’t magnetic? About the only term in use, is one within the manufacturing industry and that is Hot-Melt. Not a term on the tip of the tongue for marketers, end users or distributors. And even though manufacturers have, through the years, individually branded the product, the fact that a generic name doesn’t exist for the product category means that people generally don’t know what to call it. End users can’t ask for it and distributors can’t easily promote it.

Imagine if we didn’t have the words “gasoline” or “gas”. And the stuff we put into our vehicles to make them go was referred to only by the brand names of those selling it. I live in Michigan. Most people here wouldn’t know what to say if someone asked, “Where can I buy some Hess?” Likewise, if I went to the deep south and asked where to buy some Speedway or Admiral, I’d get funny looks. But because “gas” is a generic brand category, when we ask someone where we can buy “gas” they know exactly what we mean.

The Opportunity for the Hot Melt Product I believe the Hot Melt product is a nice promotional play for today because of placement. They adhere to glass, metal, wood, fabric, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum and other smooth surfaces to which magnets aren’t attracted. By and large, people can put the product where THEY want it —where it’s convenient for them. Maybe it’s on the window by the computer, maybe it’s on the computer or the wall next to the computer… maybe it IS on the refrigerator. Point is, if people put information where it’s handy for them, then it will be seen much more often. As lifestyles change, so must the promotional products we use to impact our targets. When you’re looking for a good solid promotional idea, take a serious look around you. Take the time to observe and think about what is changing. The insights you gain could very well lead to Brilliant Results.

September 2010 | Brilliant Results 21

incentives BY: ARNOLD LIGHT, CTC

Incentive Escapesâ&#x20AC;Ś

More or Less Exciting? During the last

two years the incentive travel escape as we know it has had some drastic changes due to a number of variables including and foremost the deep recession, (that we are still in) the AIG effect and a shift in corporate managements thinking. The first change was for those companies who actually ran an incentive travel program during the last 24-months was to add a social responsibility element. Or to put it another way the trip was not just fun and sun but a serious contribution to the well being of the community in which the incentive trip took place.

22 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

This not only helps those who earned the trip feel good about reaching their goals and objectives but also creates a sense of social awareness for the sponsoring corporation. Building a charitable element into an incentive program brings a whole new dimension into the actual incentive event. These commitments run the gambit from helping restore a rundown school, working with the local Habitat For Humanity, building beehives to help the economy of a small Jamaican community, to building furniture, planting flowers, cleaning, painting, donating and setting up a computer lab for a small

village in San Jose Costa Rica. Another noticeable change and an obvious one has to do with budget. Gone are the good old days when the amount spent on an incentive trip to make it as exciting as possible was never a problem. And because the purchasing decision for many trips is now handled by a procurement department there is much more scrutiny of all of the elements of what should be included in an incentive travel program. So just how does a purchasing manager make an incentive escape an exciting one? Enter the allinclusiveâ&#x20AC;Śa great way to control a

budget while maintaining a degree of the deluxe qualities incentive travel programs have become known for. An all-inclusive can be either a land based program or a cruise. One destination that has perhaps risen to the occasion and is the beneficiary of the above changes in the design and financial structure of corporate America’s incentive travel programs is Mexico and in particular Cancun and The Mayan Riviera. We all know what a wonderful experience Cancun can be and what it has to offer. However just south lies the recently reborn Mayan Riviera. Stretching from Punta Brava just south of Cancun International Airport to Punta Allen just south of Tulum, exists one of the most fascinating destination spots in the world. Tropical beaches, ancient ruins, excellent golf courses, abundant marine and wildlife abound. The Great Mayan Reef is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. But more important in this newly created destination are the hotels, many of which are deluxe in every sense of the word including a number of all inclusive properties that are the epitome of luxury and suit the incentive travel market. One hotel organization in particular Zoëtry Wellness & Resorts has adopted both social and fiscal responsibility throughout its resorts in Mexico and Punta Cana. Zoëtry …”The Art of Life” adopted from the Greek word “Zoë” meaning life and “poetry” meaning artful creation was inspirational in the naming of the new resorts. Zoëtry respects the beauty of their spectacular settings by recycling, carefully controlling energy usage, minimizing air pollution and protecting marine life. They reach beyond their own properties and into

24 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

nearby towns and villages through community projects and volunteer guest programs. For example at Zoëtry Casa del Mar, in Los Cabos the socially responsible and environmentally friendly practices range from an extensive paper and water recycling and reuse process to weekly beach cleaning campaigns. But perhaps the hotel that catches the attention of the purchasing manager is Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita, perfectly situated along Cancun's famed Riviera Maya just 20

One destination that has perhaps risen to the occasion and is the beneficiary of the above changes in the design and financial structure of corporate America’s incentive travel programs is Mexico and in particular Cancun and The Mayan Riviera. minutes from Cancun's International Airport and consistently named one of Mexico's most exceptional boutique resorts. It is set on 14 acres, including a private beach. Its room product is limited to just 90 luxury suites, with ocean views. Most important to the purchasing manager is the value. Here’s why: because at Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita, guests automatically receive an Endless Privileges® experience which gives

them limitless access to almost all of the pleasures this intimate resort has to offer. These amenities include— all without having to think about charges or gratuities: Private chauffeured airport transfers, bottle of champagne and fresh fruit basket daily, 1 hour Catamaran sunset sail, Bvlgari® bath amenities, aromatherapy pillows and linen scents, Frette® linens and bathrobes, multi-functional rechargeable outlets, electronic security safe, welcome bottle of tequila, handmade beach bag and more, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, gourmet dining options with an assortment of organic food and beverage selections, unlimited cocktails and specialty beverages from a variety of domestic and international premium brands, complimentary unlimited worldwide calls, relaxing 20-minute massage per guest, daily afternoon tea time featuring live plant tea infusions, maid-service three times each day and complimentary 24-hour laundry service. Exciting? Yes, and just what the doctor ordered for the hard working incentive recipient. Have A Rewarding Day!


Founded in 1976,

Sweda Company, LLC is a top-40 integrated supplier of promotional products that provides innovative marketing solutions for the advertising specialties industry. The privately-owned company, which is accredited by the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) and is a ASI 5-Star Supplier, stocks hundreds of products in over 18 categories and it will now supply world-famous tools from Leatherman®—the original manufacturer of the multi-tool combining strength, portability, and functionality. “This partnership is joining two world class companies, each offering a unique strength that together, will set the standard for most other promotional product suppliers,” said Matt Kentner, National Sales Manager, Corporate Markets for Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. “Sweda understands this industry and provides a level of service and confidence necessary to compete in this marketplace,” he added. “We’re just thrilled to partner with Leatherman Tool Group,” said Kellie Claudio, Sweda Director of Business Development. “With unmatched products for trades, the outdoors, and general purpose, the Leatherman® Brand tradition of innovation, workmanship, and premium materials are perfectly suited for imprinted specialty gifting,” she added. Sweda is introducing seven multi-tools from the keychain-sized five-tool-in-one STYLETM (item# TS0101) to the WAVE®, Leatherman’s 17-tool-in-one full-sized #1 seller. In addition, the MICRA® ALUMINUM (item# TS0102) sports five color options, the SQUIRT® PS4 (item# TS0103) is a new lower-cost version of their top key chain tool, and the great-looking SKELETOOL® (item# TS0105) the full-sized seven-tool-in-one multi-tool which promises five ounces of fury. Backed with a 25-year warranty. Decoration method is laser-engraving. To find out more about this new offering Brilliant Results recently had the opportunity to pose several questions to Kellie Claudio, Director of Business Development at Sweda. BR: As a prominent supplier in the promotional products industry, why has Sweda decided to introduce the Leatherman® brand to the industry? KC: Sweda’s mission is to be the preferred choice for innovative marketing solutions in the promotional market. As an innovation leader, giving our customers the choice of premiere brands is the next step in providing a complete solutions package for our customers. Sweda has mastered the ‘good’ category of new and exciting products for over three decades. 26 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

As we celebrate our 35th anniversary next year, we feel the natural progression for us is to master the ‘better’ and ‘best’ categories as well. As a USA corporation with a strong and proud heritage of craftsmanship and design, Leatherman® seemed a natural choice. Partnering with Leatherman® is the first of many steps of our goal to affirm our mission. BR: What in your opinion is the single most important point to remember for co-branding success and what part will the Leatherman® brand play in this co-branding process? KC: Premiere corporations around the world partner with premiere brands for image. Brand equity is precious and must be nurtured with a protected distribution, selective and intelligent marketing, and most importantly, a great product. Leatherman® has done a superior job in all these areas which is why the Fortune 500 companies around the world prefer to co-brand with a brand like Leatherman®. Leatherman® has successfully captured the highest market share around the world for multi-tools. It is aspirational for those who “got it” and for those who want to look like they “got it”! It is a status symbol of success. Brand statement: Helping active people be prepared for anything. Tagline: Now You’re Ready!® Leatherman “Jack”: 9 0% male, median age: 42, 64% married Income: $50,000-$75,000 USD Occupation: Professional or laborer Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, DIY projects, gardening/maintenance BR: What makes Leatherman® products unique and differentiates them from other similar items currently available? KC: Leatherman® is produced right here in the US with the factory located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We were lucky enough to have toured the facility and the attention to detail is incredible. With a no-questions-asked 25 year warranty, the tools are almost lifers. Although the demographic is predominantly male, Leatherman® keychain styles appeal to women as well. You feel the difference between Leatherman® and other brands by just holding the pieces in your hand. Superior quality and engineering precision are built into every tool. Leatherman® is an executive gift with a perceived value of the brand. Products range from practical to practically unbelievable!

BR: Why is Leatherman® a good match for various promotional uses? KC: Leatherman® is an upscale gift that corporations can give with pride knowing they gave the very best. Receiving a Leatherman® product means you have been most appreciated, honored, and thanked for your service. Leatherman® definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. BR: What Leatherman® products will be available? KC: Sweda will carry in house the STYLE™, MICRA® STAINLESS, MICRA® ALUMINUM and SQUIRT® keychains as well as the FREESTYLE®, SKELETOOL®, and the WAVE® large multi-tools. In addition to these seven styles, Sweda can sell additional Leatherman® designs from their retail catalog with a 7 – 10 day turn around. BR: Can you provide some ideas/examples of how these products can be successfully utilized by end users in their marketing, branding, loyalty and motivational programs? KC: Solution: Luxury Car Manufacturer Lexus test drive promotion - Receive a Leatherman® Multi –Tool for every test drive of their 2010 S10 Series Lexus (Luxury Brand) partners with Leatherman® (Luxury Brand)! Solution- British Petroleum gives to the numerous volunteers cleaning up the coastal beaches and wild life sanctuaries as a token of good will and PR. The tool is immediately put into use cutting down the brush that is now covered in oil, repairing broken pulls and cinchers gathering oil and debris. MSRP $74.99 BP’s spend is valued and appreciated. BR: What trends do you foresee in the promotional products industry and how are Leatherman® products compatible with those trends? KC: Trends in the promotional products market are driven by what is happening at retail. We react at least a season behind the retail market. New fabrications are marrying with electronics and time pieces. Hard goods are unique with color and innovative nuances that we see for 2011. Leatherman® is a stable and solid brand with a strong cache for the multi-tool category. The Leatherman® Difference is not just their unique attention to detail with the individual parts. It is the sum of ALL these parts - their specs and their details - that make up the finest multi-purpose tools and knives you can find in the marketplace today. Editor’s Note: Look for Leatherman® Brand products in Sweda’s new SimplyGIFTS catalog or visit them at www.

September 2010 | Brilliant Results 27


A dilemma many exhibitors face is how much information to include in their trade show display. For small exhibitors with one or two product offerings the answer can be difficult. For larger exhibitors with a multitude of products and services which might also include several departments, the answer can become a nightmare. There is often so much to tell and the exhibitor wants to make sure the visitors get the right message. The solution starts by taking a step back and looking at the display from the visitor’s perspective. Show visitors begin with the best of intentions. They have walked the show and seen dozens of exhibitors displaying a myriad of products. If there is a technical program at the conference or event, they will have also sat through a number of seminars and workshops. These visitors are only human. There is only so much information the human mind can absorb. So, the lesson to be learned is that creating a display that tells too much is self-defeating. The last thing these attendees want is more information. Another consideration is that in many cases, visitors already know the details about your product or service. They learned about it on the Internet. They visited your website, read reviews in trade magazines and heard from their

28 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

community through social media. Once again a display that attempts to tell people what they already know is futile. The solution is to ensure that the attraction efficiency is maximized when you are creating your display. This means that a good display will grab your visitor’s interest quickly without adding to the confusion they may already be experiencing. This simple lesson may be easier stated than implemented. The trick is to look at the world of marketing. We are inundated with marketing messages everywhere: billboards, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, the back of ticket stubs, across the outside (and sometimes inside) of subways and buses, elevator doors, the computer you are using at this very moment, sidewalks, movie theaters, you name it. It seems that there isn’t a blank space that hasn’t been touched by a marketer. Your visitors have experienced the same. Marketing clutter is unavoidable. So, the most productive method of creating an attractive display is through simplicity. It’s not a matter of what more you can say, but how you can say it with less. This starts with a clear focus for your display and two crucial criteria – what is the message and who is it designed for? What is the message? If I were to ask you to identify your brand message in one or two sentences and you hesitated, that should be a clear clue that homework is needed. Trade show industry guru Bob Dallmeyer says, “If you can’t write your idea on the back of a business card, it’s not an idea.” How true this statement is. What about those exhibitors with multiple products or those who share the costs of the display with their departments. How do you handle the conflicts in messaging? The answer highlights the need to create one overall message rather than trying to broadcast many. Then once you have the attendee’s attention, you can direct them to specific areas in your display where their needs will be met. Who is the message designed for? Assuming that everyone who is attending the event is interested in your message or will buy your product is a fallacy. Albeit there may be some situations in well targeted regional shows where you are looking to reach a very specific market. But in most cases trying to reach the entire audience may not be productive. The solution is to ask, which candidate will respond most favorably to my message (or product offering)? Create a profile ahead of time of who this person is then when you are designing your display keep the profile in mind. Next time you are developing a display let simplicity guide your decisions. You will find your results significantly better.

it’s all personal BY: DAVE RIBBLE, MAS

As you arose

this morning, no doubt the birdies were singing, fresh brewed coffee was being brought to your bedside by your two perfectly groomed children as your spouse called everyone to hot blueberry pancakes ready and waiting. Life was perfect, right? Well, just in case there are a couple of you out there who were a tad more grumpy, let me enlighten you with a whole different perspective on things. Let’s bring in some attitudeadjustment therapy. Why? Because nobody can resist a good giggle now and again. Meet my colleague and friend, Michael Kogutt, VP of Sales for Supplier partner Points of Light. I don’t normally spend an entire column on one company, but I will make an exception here because I think you need to see why this is so important. It takes a third-fewer face muscles to form a smile than a frown, so with that in mind, read on. Points of Light is a crazy business that provides smiles and giggles in an otherwise tension-filled environment, the workplace. They take ordinary, normal kinds of items like Pens,

30 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

Notepads, Stress Relievers, Chip Clips, Memo Clips, Paper Clip Dispensers and more and turn them all into fun, goofy, nutty promotional products that will crack you up. Ever seen their “Happy Highlighter” or their “Dusty Pens” that double as a brush to clear off computer keyboards? Ever been thrown a ‘talking’ stress reliever that has a character popping out of a computer screen? If so, you’ve seen what these guys come up with. You may wonder what universal benefit and purpose lies in a product that simply makes you stop and smile and slow down? The answer is in the question, but I’ll let Michael tell you his story: “I was tired, it was late and I was trying to negotiate a room at a hotel I was pretty sure was overbooked. I handed her one of my pens that just has a simple, smiley face on the top and told her I hoped she was having a good day. She stopped what she was doing, looked at the goofy smile on the character’s face and started to laugh, saying that she could really use the giggle just then. The next thing I know, she’s booking me into their only 1700 square foot penthouse suite.

Did the pen do that? All I know is that she smiled and so did I and it was a welcomed event we both needed. I credit our smiley-faced Swanky pen for that.” Think the world could use a ton more smiles these days? Me too. Not sure you are guaranteed an upgrade the next time you book your hotel room, but what if giving away a giggle shone a new and different light on the personality of your company? We have enough frustrations in life. Shake things up a bit, change some attitudes amongst your customers and shine a new and more relaxed image on those who go out every day and represent and watch what could happen. This is an economic environment that still has a lot of ups and downs to weather. Our industry has many, many products that will help you stand out from the crowd and bring a new message and, if you can also bring a smile or two in the process, all the better. Bring in your Promotional Products Specialist, put some ideas together and make your message personal, because It’s All Personal.

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staying sharp


These ten tips will help you create and maintain the positive workplace habits we all want to see and be around. 1. Recognize your co-workers for their commitment and caring. The number one motivator of people is recognition. Saying to a teammate that you recognize their efforts to make your working relationship great is the best motivator you could give to her or him. Letting someone you love know that they have added to the team by being their best is one of the highest compliments you can give. Make sure you get some for yourself as well. 2. Share in creating a positive and emotionally comfortable working environment. Satisfaction cannot thrive in a negative environment. If you have developed a “downer” work-style, where no one tries to lift their co-workers out of the doldrums, it prevents everyone from finding emotional and even physical comfort – and that will lower productivity. Keeping it positive helps everyone in the workplace enjoy their jobs more.

32 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

tive Workplace 3. Make your working relationships meaningful – strive to create something worthwhile. Everyone wants to be part of something greater than they are. Whether it’s contributing to your company, community, or the world, doing it as a team will add depth and a sense of higher purpose to your life. This has the effect of making you feel that being with your company has helped others. 4. Be responsible for your actions. If you make a mistake own up to it sooner rather than later and always do it completely. This gets it out of the way of your business relationships and creates greater success because no one has given the problem time to fester and grow. Problems left unattended have puppies. In other words when you are not responsible for your actions, it creates more problems. 5. Be accountable for your commitments. When you make a promise keep it. Not remaining faithful to your word erodes the trust necessary for a working relationship to not just stay alive, but to thrive. Once you break your word, your teammates or customers may have difficulty believing you will be there for them the next time. 6. Balance the work and the rewards. Trade off duties with co-workers every now and then, it will help your teammates feel you respect their contribution. If you get recognized make sure you also recognize the other members of your team even if they didn’t do as much as you. Giving them this respect will help all of you be a tighter, more respectful and efficient team. 7. Help each other grow and learn. Encourage co-workers to take care of themselves by getting educated and working on new projects. People who are not growing do not feel good about themselves and this will cause them to feel they are bringing less into the company. When someone feels less than, they are not able to contribute in a positive manner. 8. Give your co-workers the opportunity to be their best. When you know your teammate takes pride in certain tasks or parts of themselves support her or him in succeeding at those activities. The last thing you want to do is to make those you work with on a daily basis feel that you

don’t respect their efforts. Remember that greatness in any one area leads to greatness in all areas. 9. Understand your team members motivation and stresses. If you know that your teammates have difficulty talking with the accountant, dealing with the phone company, or other tasks of the business, take on that responsibility. If they respond to certain forms of communication, be sure you know how they like to be communicated with and use those techniques. Trying to motivate someone in the same way you like to be motivated may not work for him or her. Do nice things for no reason (for example I keep a few little gifts stashed so I can give them to team members when they reach a milestone or have a success.) Greet your team members with enthusiasm when you see them at the end of the day and add some spontaneity to the workday with little celebrations. 10. Keep it interesting. Perhaps the most difficult part of having a deep conversation with someone you work with daily is getting the process started. Most people open these conversations with little preparation because they can no longer contain their emotions. When this happens sometimes things are said that the speaker may regret afterward. It is wise to think before you talk, especially about issues that may have an emotional charge, so a little internal processing beforehand may be your most valuable tool. Processing your feelings before you lay them on your teammate will help you deliver them in the most appropriate manner, and will help your issue resolution discussion go much easier. Once you experience having a positive conversation about a difficult subject, the next ones will not seem as daunting. The techniques above are specifically designed to help facilitate the necessary thinking required to produce and maintain healthy workplace habits. You don't need to use them all, try the ones that are easiest for you and see how they work. Understanding the need for feeling satisfied and contributing to that necessity in your work life will make everyone in the company happier people. These tips will help you maintain a fulfilling business relationship, and will prevent your team members from feeling that they “can’t get no… satisfaction.” September 2010 | Brilliant Results 33

off the cuff

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.

~Henry Boye

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. 

~St. Augustine

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.

~James Michener

~Susan Heller

There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror. 

~Orson Welles

USA Travel Trivia ~ 1. If you are in California, you wouldn't... a. Check out the stars on the Walk of Fame b. Gawk at the world's biggest tree c. Drive down the crookedest street in the world d. Swim in the Great Salt Lake 2. While visiting New York state, you can't a. Swim off Shelter Island b. Bet on the horses at Saratoga c. Learn a little history at Fort Ticonderoga d. Learn about the Shaker religion in Hancock 3. If you visit Texas, you won't... a. Tour the Alamo b. Check out ships in the nation's eighth largest port c. Visit the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame d. Attend mass at Mission Dolores 4. When you go to Ohio, you would never... a. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame b. Swim in Lake Ontario c. Tour the Amish country d. See Indian burial mounds

7. Go to Missouri and you won't... a. Laugh with Yakov Smirnoff at this own theater b. Visit the site of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition c. Visit the world's largest shopping mall d. See artifacts of his administration at the Harry S Truman Library 8. If you visit Florida, you can't... a. Shop at the Mall of America b. Dance the night away at South Beach c. Ride an airboat through the Everglades d. Visit the oldest town in North America 9. While visiting Massachusetts, you would not... a. Go whale watching out of Provincetown b. Check out one of the Five Colleges before enrolling c. Listen to a concert under the stars in Lenox d. Take a day trip to Block Island 10. Visit Alabama and you won't... a. Root for the Crimson Tide b. Train like an astronaut at Space Camp c. Dip in the Gulf of Mexico at Fort Walton Beach d. Follow the Civil Rights route from Selma to Montgomery

5. Visit Virginia and you couldn't... a. Peruse Appalachian crafts shops in Berea b. Tour the Chancellorsville Battlefield c. Visit Monticello d. Buy a wild pony at auction 6. If you travel to Minnesota, you won't be able to... a. Drive through the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant b. See a Shakespearean play at the Guthrie Theater c. Attend a home game of the Green Bay Packers d. Canoe the Boundary Waters

Editor’s NOTE: Quotes courtesy of:; Trivia Questions courtesy of:

Answers: 1. d; 2. d; 3. d.; 4. b; 5. a; 6. c; 7. c; 8. a; 9. d; 10. c.

34 Brilliant Results

| September 2010

There’s no hiding

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Make a good decision.

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BR_0910_ForWeb page 26 page 8 Steve Heyer September | 2010 $10. 00 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harry &amp; David TM...

BR_0910_ForWeb page 26 page 8 Steve Heyer September | 2010 $10. 00 Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Harry &amp; David TM...