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September 2007


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COVER STORY Destination Marketing 8 Destination Marketing Professionals, Kristin Karst, Vice President of Amadeus Waterways, Dan Tavrytzky, Scottsdale CVB Vice President of Sales and Services and James R. Castle, President of Worldwide Travel and Cruise Associates speak with Brilliant Results about how they make their destination standout and provide the amenities successful events, meetings and incentive programs require.


Hallmark Insights 16

Meaningful… Memorable…Measurable Brilliant Results speaks with Mary English, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Relations, for Hallmark Insights, who shares the latest incentive news and past success stories. Winning With Travel 24 How to Make Travel and Tourism the Key to Your Economic Development... What Tourism People Need to Make Sure Their Government Leaders Know A renown travel expert discusses why when travel wins, communities win. By: Dr. Peter Tarlow How To Implement A Promotion That Is Guaranteed To Deliver Brilliant Results 28

Six Simple Questions That Will Reveal The Outcome Discover how properly evaluating past incentive programs and promotions is the key to developing and implementing successful ones for the future. By: John Stockhausen Jr.


Success Stories 34

Why can’t we all just… Talk It Over?! 44

This professional mediator provides insights into how to resolve conflicts. By: Lee Jay Berman Nonverbal Communication 47

According to some studies, communication between people is more that 50 percent nonverbal. Find out how to make sure you are not unintentionally sending out the wrong messages to your clients and co-workers. By: Barton Goldsmith, PhD.

departments Publisher’s Letter 6 Advertising Index 46

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Travel Products 48 These great travel products will make your next promotion or incentive memorable.

Brilliant Results presents real world stories about creative suppliers and successful promotions. Serene Excitement For Your Next Incentive Trip! 36

Read this first hand account of a truly exciting incentive escape that provided 100 top sales people and guests from a well-known computer manufacturer with a trip they would remember forever. By: Arnold Light, CTC It’s ALL Personal 38 Create an incentive plan that really energizes everyone to want to participate By: Dave Ribble Get Strategic: Working With a Specialized Staffing Firm 40

Learn the secrets to the easy and effective use of a professional staffing service to meet your employment objectives and maintain optimal productivity in any economic climate. By: Dave Willmer

The Adventure of Creative Problem-Solving 32

Realize that the adventure of creative problem solving is still within you as you read this enlightening article By: Michael Merrick Crooks  Brilliant Results

| September 2007

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Publisher’s Letter



“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.â€? ~Elbert Hubbard FALL IS IN THE AIR and the summer vacation season is drawing to a close and yet as I read this issue of Brilliant Results, I have to agree with Mr. Hubbard. The hardest part was deciding whether I wanted to tour the rivers of Europe, explore Scottsdale in the Valley of the Sun or cruise on a private yacht. Any of the destinations in this month’s Destination Marketing article would certainly epitomize travel at its best and will I am sure be a part of some lucky organization’s meeting, event or incentive program. Our regular columnist, Arnold Light, CTC, also provides a ďŹ rst hand account of a recent travel incentive that will be hard to top. When talking about travel, Dr. Peter Tarlow’s Winning with Travel illustrates the vital role that travel and tourism plays in a community and suggests ways that travel professionals can make their local government aware of the industry’s contribution to the area’s cultural and economic health. While getting away sounds inviting, Brilliant Results also knows that the key to successful incentives is to make them meaningful, memorable and measurable. This month we spoke with Mary English, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Relations, for Hallmark Insights about the incentive market and she shared a number of success stories and observations on the incentive sector. John Stockhausen Jr. also provided the MDC Group and GetawayIncentives.Com evaluation system for producing successful promotional and incentive programs in How To Implement A Promotion That Is Guaranteed To Deliver Brilliant Results. On the lighter side, a new writer for Brilliant Results, Michael Merrick Crooks, took an innovative look at creative problem solving‌who would have thought you could use a shotgun to remove a dead tree limb? Of course, we didn’t neglect people problem resolution with articles about stafďŹ ng, conict resolution and nonverbal communication. We rounded out the issue with several travel-oriented products that are sure to please any recipient. Whether you long for the wind in your sails or the rat-tat-tat of a computer keyboard, this issue of Brilliant Results is sure to please as you‌ Have A Brilliant Day

Maureen Williams Publisher 541-788-5022


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NTERESTING…EXCITING…MEMORABLE…INSPIRING… AVAILABLE…A once in a lifetime experience… For those in the business of marketing a destination to the business world these words and phrases are generally preceded by …Is it? But, the real question for these destination professionals is how to make their destination standout and provide the amenities successful events, meetings and incentive programs require. To find out how this is accomplished, Brilliant Results spoke to experts who cruise the rivers of Europe, play golf in the desert or create memorable adventures at sea. Kristin Karst, Vice President of Amadeus Waterways, was born on the shores of the river Elbe so you might say river cruising is in her blood. Her extensive knowledge of Europe’s culture and traditions, and her experience in European river cruising, enable her to effectively promote and close sales with travel agents, group leaders and diverse educational and business organizations. Kristin’s relentless pursuit of excellence and her enthusiasm to provide travel agents with the best possible service and their passengers with the most memorable vacation experience, make her a unique stand-out in today’s river cruise industry. Brilliant Results was delighted to have Kristin give us an inside look at how Amadeus Waterways, a premier leader in the European river-cruise sector, markets itself as a business destination.

BR: What makes Amadeus Waterways a good match for executives planning incentive programs, meetings or events that include a travel destination?

KK: Amadeus Waterways owns the newest and most deluxe fleet of ships operating on the European Rivers (Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle). Our ships offer a long list of amenities that no other European River Cruise ship can match! Our ships have a perfect size and an almost “all-

8 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

Kristin Karst, Vice President of Amadeus Waterways

inclusive character”: With a maximum capacity of 150 passengers and the addition of wonderful amenities such as our glassed-in wellness area, a beauty salon, massage, bicycles on board and internet access, we provide a beautiful environment for Incentive groups, meetings or other events. Since all meals are included and selected wines, beer and sodas are provided complimentary with every dinner, onboard expenses can be kept to the very minimum.

R KETING All 71 staterooms (170 square feet) and 4 Jr. Suites (255 square feet) offer river view and 83% of the staterooms (Upper and Middle deck) have French balconies, so every participant or delegate will have an equal accommodation! Incentive groups will enjoy a closed personal (family-style) environment where the group is kept together when needed but all guests can still enjoy lots of possibilities to do things “on their own” when the ship is docked in port (the ports are mostly in or very close to the city center): Our guests onboard can participate in our prearranged and included shore excursions or explore the sights, restaurants, wine taverns, museums, shopping and night life on their own. We also have facilities for seminars onboard in the Main Lounge for gatherings of 150 and the smaller Club Lounge with bar and library offers private space for smaller meetings or business sessions and can be darkened for Power Point presentations etc. For charters, the entire itinerary can be customized in accordance with the client’s needs, signs, menus and onboard services can be designed and customized just for the client’s event to make it a unique and unforgettable experience for the organizing company and their guests on board! (Results in a stronger bonding!)

BR: What is your favorite destination marketing campaign and what was the key(s) to its success? KK: Austria’s marketing campaign of Mozart’s 250th birthday in 2006 was highly successful. For 2006, the Austrian government organized a series of extremely high quality cultural performances throughout Austria with focus on Salzburg and Vienna, and for almost 2 years (2004 and 2005), Austria focused the country’s marketing campaign on this one event. Through this campaign, Austria achieved strong visibility at trade shows around the globe.

BR: How do you brand Amadeus Waterways as a destination or experiential part of an incentive program? KK: On an Ocean Cruise, the ship is mostly the “destination”. On our river cruises, we take you in our luxurious ships “to the destination”! Our ships are “floating hotels” cruising along the rivers – clients unpack once and can see the most scenic areas, most cultural and historic towns during their trip (always changing scenery and culture, never a dull moment)! The dining experience in our Panorama Restaurant provides a unique atmosphere with always changing views when tasting our gourmet cuisine and local specialties. September 2007 | Brilliant Results


Theme nights with regional food selections paired with local wines from the region (included) provide unique dining experiences for our clients, no matter if it is during breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & coffee, dinner or night snack! On shore, authentic programs are offered. Following are just two samples: 1. Rhine & Moselle Cruise: A special welcome by the Major and the Wine Queen of the city of Zell, the so called “Black Cat” city on the scenic Moselle River is given to all guests on board. After this special welcome, the “Black Cats”, a local children’s dance group suprises our guests with a lovely performance, followed by the city tour and a traditional German Dinner onboard. After dinner, we have organized a Wine Fest at the “Black Cat Fountain” where the local vintners present their wines (the wine tasting is included), the local orchestra performs local music and the locals of the city and the wider area come to meet our passengers and to join the celebration. After a while, our passengers and the locals are dancing the night away and everyone is talking for a long time about this special get-together! This is how we bring cultural experiences to our clients: to interact with the locals and not just to stop by at certain sights for taking pictures.

2. Another sample is our Russian Waterways Cruise where we take our passengers to the homes of Russian families in Uglich on the Volga River (part of our itinerary from Moscow to St. Petersburg). While having a traditional Russian breakfast or afternoon tea & cake, our passengers exchange ideas with their host families and have a lively conversation about each other’s lives and countries.

BR: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of destination marketing? KK: To provide a superior product so that all our passengers will return most satisfied and talk to all their friends. The word of mouth will generate the highest amount of new and repeating business. To select the most exciting points of interest of any particular destination and then to provide passengers with a wellorganized overview of the destination followed by ample time to explore on their own. Today, travelers want to explore according to their own individual interests, which can range from simple shopping sprees to visiting art galleries or museums or to enjoy local cultural performances. Cities like Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Passau, Nuremberg or Prague have plenty to offer and we want our passengers to experience these destinations from their best sides and to their greatest satisfaction. We are constantly looking for new innovative tours or excursions and every year we are giving our passengers more choices to explore each destination, as well as offer new rivers and itineraries as part of our program.

BR: What promotional merchandise has been the best received as a part of your campaigns? KK: Our collectible travel bags (tote bags and wallets) that are customized each year with a different image and color for each destination that we feature in our program. Our repeating passengers love it and some already have a nice collection at home – a great memory of all their trips with Amadeus Waterways. In 2006, when Austria promoted the Mozart Year (250th birthday of J.W. Mozart), our passengers were given Mozart tote bags and wallets as part of their travel documents. Many travel agents that had received the tote bags for their clients, called us afterwards to see if we could send them such a bag too. Whenever we have a few of our tote bags at a tradeshow, our travel agents almost stay in line to receive such a bag. The more passengers carry our bags (because they love them so much and they are also quite functional), the more clients get interested in our cruises and this is the way to go! 10 Brilliant Results

| September 2007



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rom the waterways of Europe, Brilliant Results went to the desert to speak with Dan Tavrytzky, Vice President of Sales and Services of the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau. When Dan joined the bureau he brought 16 years of convention sales experience and a passion for the industry. This passion is apparent in the hospitality marketing courses he has taught at Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College since 2001. We believe Dan is the perfect person to discuss the successful marketing of a single destination in the Valley of the Sun.

BR: What makes Scottsdale a good match for executives planning incentive programs, meetings or events that include a travel destination?


DT: In addition to idyllic weather and luxurious resorts and spas, Scottsdale truly has something for everyone, including championship golf courses, superb dining, world-class shopping, Native American and cowboy cultures, and a vibrant arts and cultural community. Scottsdale also offers easy access to a full range of outdoor adventures, unique attractions and exciting special events. All of these amenities make Scottsdale the perfect destination for incentive programs and events. In addition, convenient access via Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport means groups of all sizes can reach Scottsdale with ease. The Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau also serves as a one-stop shop for incentive planning.

12 Brilliant Results

Dan Tavrytzky, Vice President of Sales

Our destination experts can assist with site selection, planning, promotional items and more to ensure a great program.

BR: What is your favorite destination marketing campaign and what was the key(s) to its success? DT: Our current Juxtaposition marketing campaign has been especially successful in reaching our key clients. One of Scottsdale’s premier selling points is the Sonoran Desert lifestyle, which offers plenty of sunshine and a vast variety of experiences. Scottsdale is a place you can relax and rejuvenate as readily as you can find adrenaline-pumping adventure and an incredible nightlife scene. The Juxtaposition campaign focuses on exactly that – juxtaposing the varied experiences you can have on a vacation or incentive trip to Scottsdale. The campaign showcases leisure travelers engaging in Jeep tour rides juxtaposed with lounging at one of our resort pools, or the experience of hiking our boulders versus being pampered at one of our luxurious spas. These ads really appeal to our incentive planners because they know they can satisfy their clients with a fulfilling experience in Scottsdale, no matter how they choose to spend their time here. The meetings ad features the ability to do business and play in the same setting. Set in the Sonoran Desert, the ad features three colleagues dressed ready for business and for play – all in the same location. It’s the diversity and the spirit of exploration in these ads that intrigues and excites our customers to choose Scottsdale for their incentive groups.

BR: How do you brand Scottsdale as a destination or experiential part of an incentive program? DT: The Scottsdale brand is about luxury and indulgence – living the good life. Being able to showcase the amenities of the destination – golf, spa, dining, nightlife, desert adventure, luxurious resorts – helps us paint the experiential picture of an incentive trip to Scottsdale. Ultimately, Scottsdale’s amenities motivate employees and therefore make for a great reward as part of any incentive program. | September 2007

BR: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of destination marketing?

BR: What promotional merchandise has been the best received as a part of your campaigns?

DT: The most important aspect of destination marketing is to convey a strong, consistent brand and find new and innovative ways to allow our customers to interact with the brand and most importantly with the destination. We also understand our customers and how our destination’s amenities will motivate their employees.

DT: The Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau offers complimentary materials to incentive planners to help them promote their incentive program to Scottsdale. These materials keep motivation high among employees all year long. And, since these materials are free, planners have unlimited ways to reach their employees – from posters and postcards to videos and destination guides.


s Brilliant Results said goodbye to the warm desert sunshine we decided sailing the high seas on a yacht would be the perfect conclusion to our exploration of destination marketing. For this final segment of our travels we spoke with James R. Castle, President of Worldwide Travel and Cruise Associates. Jim has spent most of his working life in and around yachts and shipping in various capacities. In 1998 he decided to stop going to sea as the captain of one of the largest private motor yachts and established a yacht sales brokerage with a charter division specializing in the charter and management of private mega yachts. This has grown into Fort Lauderdale based WWTCA, which continues to increase its client base and expand its overseas charter and group interest.

James R. Castle, President of Worldwide Travel and Cruise Associates

BR: What makes Worldwide Travel & Cruise Associates’ yachts a good match for executives planning incentive programs, corporate meetings or events?


JC: There are a number of factors, which our corporate clients are looking for when they consider chartering a yacht. • Usually price is not a serious consideration as the real – mega yacht charters are so expensive that only the truly super wealthy can afford to charter them. Apart from corporate clients they are generally chartered by Royal Families, Presidents of Countries, and personalities of extreme wealth. • Corporate clients are usually looking for: Privacy for meetings of their board or to discuss very sensitive issues as well as Incentives and client entertaining. • Security: it is much easier to secure a vessel at anchor or out at sea. Plus staff cannot “drift off” and perhaps talk about the issue under discussion. • The quality of these yachts can only be described a palatial. They are guaranteed to impress even the most jaded of people. • On a charter the end user (who is not necessarily the charterer as frequently these are corporate programs arranged, organized and purchased by a professional event management company or incentive house or similar) can customize the yacht/ship to express the company’s personality or to enhance a product image – anything from – perfume to tractors.

14 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

BR: What is your favorite marketing campaign for the use of yachts as a destination and what was the key(s) to its success? JC: Worldwide pretty much owns the yacht and small ship charters which take place over the Monaco Grand Prix each year. Our company originally started out in the South of France and we have numerous well-connected companies and individuals which “make things happen” for our clients. Plus we have the experience of these big yachts from my own background as for many years I was a captain on what was at that time the second largest ‘private’ yacht afloat. All

this background gives Worldwide the experience and knowledge to select the best vessel for our clients needs, negotiate the most favorable terms, get the ships berthed in the best places and generally ensure that the whole program operates smoothly.

BR: How do you brand Worldwide Travel & Cruise Associates’ yachts as a destination or experiential part of an incentive or corporate meeting program? JC: Branding as previously mentioned depends on the customer’s needs as you can imagine, different corporations have different products to push hence the way it is handled varies accordingly. • We have an ongoing charter with a major tobacco company each year – they are the sponsor of one of the leading Formula 1 teams. The vessel is primarily used as a floating entertainment base and accommodation for the team drivers and executives of both the Company and Ferrari as well as their top people worldwide. To ensure the party continued even in inclement weather, the end user has had a specially constructed aluminum and Plexiglas enclosure made to cover the outside deck which on this vessel is VERY large. • We have also chartered the m/y Turama to BMW for the Monaco Grand Prix – This is one of the most prestigious of the mega-yachts available for charter. Their branding started with flags on the mast as well as a very large horizontal BMW Logoed poster on both sides of the yacht. Inside, the BMW theme was carried throughout, napkins, coasters, personalized writing paper and cards, etc. BMW also had a fleet of their new models delivered from the factory for guests to use as well as an exhibition car on the dock. The invitees where BMW’s top producers worldwide. • Some years ago we chartered a vessel to one of the biggest manufacturers of earthmoving and agricultural equipment. They had one of their smaller models hoisted onto a specially made platform on the stern of the vessel. • Needless to say when we charter a yacht or a ship for a special event the destination is a very large part of the reason for the charter in itself, but to be a successful charter, and at these prices success is mandatory, the vessel and staff must also perform to the HIGHEST standards.

BR: In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of destination marketing? JC: To be successful at Destination Marketing you must ensure that it – the destination – meets the client’s criteria. We have had inquires for vessels to cruise in some of the most outlandish

places – some of which are totally impractical given that the on-board standards are so high and the desired destination so poorly equipped to handle the program. We try to work with our clients to guide them to the best destination for the program they have in mind. Programs such as fund raisers or special programs for very select groups of people with a similar interest... some time back we put together a program in the Mediterranean based around the groups interest in Opera, the itinerary took them to the major opera houses, another program we did for a big name foundation took them to visit private art collections. • Destinations are not necessarily one spot on the map when you charter one of these incredible vessels, the world becomes your oyster and you can move it to any place your heart desires – for any reason you can dream up. • We have heard from some of clients that in fact – the yacht is the destination – they are so overwhelmed by the total experience that all they want to do is be on board and enjoy the myriad of diversions open to them, be it a world class spa, every type of water sport imaginable, world class cuisine and exceptional personal service, the list goes on and on. • Almost all these yachts have the ability to handle a helicopter landing on board and in most cases traveling with the yacht. We had a client who brought his own helicopter with him and used it as the ship tender to explore out of the way places down the Caribbean coast of Central America something he had always wanted to do for years, but as most places were so inaccessible by normal means this was his way of taking advantage of the yacht to discover his “destinations”. • There are almost as many ways to go “Destination” cruising as one can think of... it just takes a bundle of money to do so. Fortunately, Brilliant Results discovered that with all this information about how destinations are successfully marketed, the hardest thing you may have to do when planning your organization’s next meeting, event or incentive campaign may be deciding whether a European river cruise, a desert adventure or a luxury yacht should be your destination! • For additional information about Amadeus Waterways, please visit www.amadeuswaterways. com and by telephone at 800.626.0126 or 818.428.6198. The Scottsdale CVB can be reached at 800.782.1117 or 480.421.1004 and on the Internet at Information about Worldwide Travel and Cruise Associates, Inc. is available on their website at or contact them by telephone at 954.452.8800. September 2007 | Brilliant Results



AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER, everyone has experienced what has come to be known as a ‘Hallmark Moment’. Hallmark Insights brings this recognized leadership in the greeting card and personal expression business to incentive solutions with their distinctive Hallmark touch. Whether your company’s needs include employee recognition, customer acquisition and retention, sales and dealer incentives or health and wellness programs, Hallmark Insights offers personalized reward programs with the power of choice that only gift cards and certificates can provide. And no one else combines gift card, gift certificate and online gift certificate incentive solutions with the marketing expertise of Hallmark.

16 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

Hallmark Insights serves over 8,200 corporate clients, including more than half of the Fortune 100, with solutions that are: Meaningful. Make a powerful connection between you and your employees or customers. Memorable. Reinforce desired employee behaviors, or create a lasting, positive impression for your business. Measurable. Get tangible results: increased sales, higher productivity and improved ROI. Hallmark Insights specializes in business incentive solutions designed to create engaged employees and loyal consumers, delivering integrated products and services designed to exceed their clients’ expectations. In addition,

September 2007 | Brilliant Results


PRE-NATAL PROGRAM •Client: Large health plan provider with over 2 million members •Situation: Client had experienced success with a pre-natal care program for pregnant women since 2000, offering an infant car seat for those who completed the program. Client came to us looking to reinvigorate the program and address the growing population of Spanish-speaking members. •Solution: We implemented a new incentive – a $50 PCA – which covered the cost of an infant car seat, but also allowed the family to purchase other essential items if they already owned a car seat. Client has also used our on-demand telephone translation service to assist with customer service calls for the non-English speaking members. •Results: Enrollment increased 23% in the first year and another 13% in the next year. •In 2005, the provider increased the award to $75 (to accommodate the increased price of infant car seats) and added a post-natal care incentive to encourage families to bring their newborn in for a 3-month wellness check.

RESPIRATORY DISEASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM • Client: Respiratory Disease Management Company •Situation: Client had success identifying individuals at risk for or suffering from a chronic respiratory disease. Their biggest challenge was making first contact. Consultants could call members at their homes and could only leave a name and a number for a call back message. They also tried mailing those whom they couldn’t contact a postcard asking them to call, but saw a limited response. •Solution: Hallmark Insights suggested including an incentive on the postcard, a $10 Award for simply calling in. •Results: The client saw a 100% increase in response from the mailing with the $10 Award. The postcard with the incentive also proved to motivate the right individuals – the consultants signed up 98% of the responders for a respiratory disease management program

18 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� �� � 220% increase from year with no incentive

88% increase from previous year, 500% increase from year with no incentive

33% increase from previous year, 700% increase from year with no incentive

their exclusive print-on-demand capability means that fulfillment and turnaround is unparalleled in the industry. Consumer incentive solutions include Reward Choice™ Certificates, which help achieve an organization’s business goals by motivating customers and prospects. For employee recognition, sales incentives and health and wellness programs, Hallmark Insights offers attractive, personalized Premiere Choice® Awards. Both types of awards can be redeemed for gift cards, gift certificates or online gift certificates from hundreds of national retailers, including restaurants, electronics, travel and entertainment providers. With Program Development Services and Marketing Services available to take clients from program design to implementation and beyond, Brilliant Results felt our readers would be interested in learning a bit more about Hallmark Insights and perhaps create their own ‘Hallmark Moment’ for their clients and employees. We were delighted to speak with Mary English, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Relations, for Hallmark Insights, who answered our questions and shared some Hallmark Insights’ success stories.

HRA Participation •Client: Manufacturing company with 100,000+ employees •Situation: Client came to us after achieving a disappointing 2-5% HRA completion rate in the first few years of implementing a health management program without an incentive. •Solution: We suggested testing a $10 Premiere Choice Award incentive to increase employee participation. •Results: Year 1 HRA completion rate – 16% (220% increase compared to rates achieved without incentives) •Client was so pleased with the improved participation in Year 1 that they decided to increase the incentive to $25 in Year 2 and Year 3.

Smoking Cessation Program •Client: Health Plan •Situation: Client wanted to increase participation in smoking cessation activities, using a pilot program. •Solution: Hallmark Insights suggested a $25 Premiere Choice Award for: 1. Members going to the pharmacy to get their prescription filled for Zyban or Wellbutrin, or 2. Members going to the pharmacy and purchasing Nicorette gum or a patch. •Results: The client saw a 6% lift in participation from using the incentive. 25% - 35% of participants stayed quit after 6 months. The client received a warm response from people who earned an incentive and received referrals from them. The client said that it was an effective, lowcost way to fill the funnel with participants.

September 2007 | Brilliant Results


•Client: Large regional bank •Situation: Client implementing a comprehensive health management program for the first time. They were concerned that they would not get the results they wanted in order to gather appropriate baseline data and knew they needed an incentive, but not sure what would work best. •Solution: Test to find out what yielded higher participation results – cash direct to payroll, or the Premiere Choice Award. •Results: When an employee population was offered $50 cash to complete a health risk assessment, they got 11.6% participation. When a different group of the same company at the same time was offered a $50 PCA for the same action, they got over 40% participation. This is a 344% improvement between cash and the PCA. The client said that it was so much easier to create communications that generated a word-of-mouth awareness in the workforce with the PCA rather than cash.

HRA and Fitness Program Participation •Client: Major University •Situation: The University had 7% of its employees registered in the Wellness Program that offers an HRA and Exercise program •Solution: Hallmark Insights helped them launch an incentive for the HRA and Fitness Program in 2005. Participants had to take an HRA to earn a $25 PCA and exercise at least 90 minutes per week for 10 weeks in order to earn a $40 PCA. •Results: Participation in the HRA and Fitness Program increased 28%. A follow up survey of 60 participants conducted by the client revealed the following: • 42 Participants said they increased exercising – 70% • 46 Participants said they would definitely continue to exercise – 76% • 55 Participants said they liked receiving a gift card as the incentive – 92% • 59 Participants said they found the incentive motivating – 98% • 60 Participants said they would participate in the program again – 100% • Client will continue the program in 2007

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| September 2007

BR: What makes Hallmark Insights different from other incentive providers? ME: Most obviously, our organization is a Hallmark company! Hallmark Insights has several things that set us apart from the other incentive providers. As part of the Hallmark family, we provide meaningful and memorable awards that motivate employees and consumers to continue good behaviors or to take an action. Because we understand working with corporations to achieve their objectives, we also deliver results that are measurable and have a positive affect on businesses bottom lines.

BR: What is on the horizon for Hallmark Insights? ME: We are launching a new product, Valued Expressions™ Cards, on the 1st of October. This very exciting product offers the quality and creativity of Hallmark cards, plus an attached monetary value. The value that the tracking number in the greeting card holds is redeemable at more than 350 merchants. We are launching with four holiday-themed cards in October and plan to roll out a wider array of “Everyday” cards after the New Year. Valued Expressions™ Cards are a great way to give employees or customers a holiday card with a little something extra inside!

BR: What trends do you see developing in the gift card segment of the incentive/promotional market sector? ME: A trend that we find particularly interesting is the increasing diversity in the workforce. From the widely divergent age groups…to the multiple languages spoken…to the increase in virtual office workers, our incentives need to be appealing to a broad variety of employees. Our awards offer an array of merchant choices that are motivating to most groups. We have also developed Spanishlanguage functionality that allows our awards to have messaging that is meaningful to Spanish speakers.

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“We’ve had great success motivating employees to participate in workplace health and wellness programs, such as our program for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts.”


Challenge: Management of health care expenditures is increasingly a concern for companies seeking to provide a quality of health care program for their employees. According to a 2004 National Coalition on Health Care report, health care expenses were $1.9 trillion with expectation that this number will reach $4 trillion by 2015.1 For health care organizations, controlling costs means finding a way to persuade customers and their members to maintain a more health-oriented lifestyle. BCBSMA worked with a multi-discipline team to develop and find a suitable audience for a comprehensive prevention-oriented health and wellness program. The company settled on an initiative targeting midsized companies with 51 to 499 employees. The goal: to create a program demonstrating that lifestyle changes will help high-risk individuals take control of their health, as well as keep healthy people healthy – and ultimately, result in cost savings over time.

BR: In your opinion, what is the single most important benefit that the use of gift cards offers an organization? ME: The most important benefit our awards offer is choice for the recipient. This allows them to be able to select what is most memorable for themselves and their families when they receive one of our awards.


BR: Can you give our readers an example(s) of the successful use of gift cards in a marketing/motivation/branding campaign? ME: We’ve had great success motivating employees to participate in workplace health and wellness programs, such as our program for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. (Ed: See text box)

BR: Do you remember the last promotional or incentive merchandise that you received and from what organization? ME: A very welcome Premiere Choice Award at the end of 2006 was a nice reward for a successful year at Hallmark Insights! It let me know that my efforts are noticed and valued. • For additional information please visit

Recognizing that education is one of the most powerful tools to encourage members towards better health practices, BCBSMA created a program titled MyBlueHealth. This innovative, personalized program was designed to give participants the tools to understand how their lifestyle behaviors affect their health, as well as the resources to modify these behaviors. As part of a comprehensive, incentive-based worksite wellness program called Personal Edge, the program encourages participants to complete several tiers of lifestyle management activities with an incentive component developed and managed by Hallmark Insights that includes the choice of gift cards available from more than 350 national merchants. BCBSMA conducted a series of focus groups over a two-year period prior to the initial launch for mid-sized companies in April 2004. These led the company to realize that their program must be comprehensive, include best practices and incentive-based in order to encourage high participation levels. The company implemented a web-based suite of wellness tools accessed on the secure Member Self Service area of their web site. The Personal Edge program encourages participation at multiple levels. Hallmark Insights developed a menu of gift cards that would be meaningful to all participants – a benefit identified as valuable by focus groups – redeemable at more than 350 national and local merchants. All Personal Edge rewards are sent through the mail and members can either redeem the reward by going to the Hallmark Insights web site through a provided URL or by mailing in a form that Hallmark Insights processes quickly. Both the provided award web site and all mailed materials are branded with the BCBSMA Personal Edge logos.

BR: Do you have any final thoughts or advice for our readers about the successful use of gift cards in their various campaigns? ME: Every good incentive program needs to start with a great program plan. Taking the time to develop the strategy, determine the award structure, and setting the measurement for success will make the entire process more efficient. In addition, be sure to consider program communications - to motivate behavior, an incentive program needs to be used. Spend the time to make sure your employees or customers know the benefit of program participation!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts


BCBSMA Senior Program Manager Gigi Fiorvanti Lyons indicates that Personal Edge has resulted in significant improvement in rates of participation among members, doubling since the program’s inception in 2004. Based on the current popularity of the program, the company expects average participation rates to reach 50 percent by year four. Other benchmarks indicate that the program is meeting expectations that will contribute to long-term gains for the company. “We are confident that these trends will result in improving the health of our members over time,” says Fiorvanti Lyons. “Our partnership with Hallmark Insights has allowed us to create a strong, meaningful program for our members – we are already seeing evidence of its success through incredible growth in participants.” Providing more than simple award fulfillment, Hallmark Insights developed an incentive management strategy. Hallmark Insights was instrumental in facilitating the technical integration required for Personal Edge.

1 National Coalition on Health Care: Facts on Health Care Costs

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| September 2007

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| September 2007

“How to Make Travel and Tourism the Key to Your Economic Development... What Tourism People Need to Make Sure Their Government Leaders Know” Despite the fact that Travel and Tourism (T&T) is not only the world’s largest industry but also perhaps the major incentive for economic growth, many government leaders still do not understand the importance of tourism as an economic development tool. Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest peacetime industry. The Travel and Tourism industry is a major source of jobs, tax revenue and often, urban revitalization. In fact those communities that embrace travel and tourism are not only often ahead of their competing communities, but their own residents enjoy a higher quality of life. Travel and tourism are more than merely a part of economic development; to a great extent the T&T industry is economic development. Indeed the question that community leaders need to ask is why they have not embraced travel and tourism as a winning strategy. For example: • Travel and tourism are not only relatively clean and green industries, but they promote good ecology and seek to enhance a community’s clean resources. Because good tourism is green tourism, working with the T&T industry on beautification projects and issues of ecology makes good economic sense. When the environment is protected both the tourism industry and the local community benefit. • Tourism is the world’s largest peacetime industry. For those people who like facts and figures, according to the World Tourism Council, last year tourism produced over US $6 trillion. It provided around the world 221 million jobs, with an expectation that by 2015 it will be providing some 269 million jobs. Between 2006 and 2015, tourism’s growth rate is expected to average 4.6% per year. • Tourism is a major source of revenue around the world. For example, according to the Travel Association of America, in the United States the tourism industry produces over $600 billion dollars in revenue and over $100 billion in taxes paid to local, state and federal governments. • Tourism, on an international scale, not only generates employment but also often is a major renewable export source. Tourism attractions do not disappear; thousands/millions of people can see the same attraction. These people may also become a major source of foreign exchange, adding needed hard currencies to local economies. It must be noted however that for tourism to be a renewable resource it must be developed in a sustainable/responsible

September 2007 | Brilliant Results


“Because tourism is based on the appreciation of the other, tourism industries have been especially open to giving disadvantaged groups around the world opportunities that have often been denied to them by other economic sectors.” manner. That means that where ecologies are fragile, numbers and activities must be tightly controlled, pollution must be prevented, and local cultures protected. •T  ourism adds to the local economy in a variety of ways. Included are hotel and restaurant expenditures and taxes, conventions and meetings, taxes paid on transportation, attractions of foreign capital, especially in hotel construction, creation of additional jobs in such areas as public services and infrastructure renewal. • Tourism and economic development go hand-in-hand. Think about what makes a place a good tourism center. What are the essential ingredients for tourism? How different are these from what a community requires for economic development?

Here are a few of the essentials that tourism needs: • Good environment. No one wants to visit a place that is unclean or unhealthy. Tourism cannot survive without a clean and safe environment. In a like manner communities that do not provide pleasant surroundings and a clean environment have a very hard time attracting business. • Tourism requires friendly people and good service. No matter what the attraction may be a tourism center that lacks good customer service and friendly people will fail. In the same way, communities that offer poor service not only do not attract new comers to their community, but in the end have a difficult time holding on to their local population, young people and businesses. • Tourism requires a secure community. Often government officials and even police departments fail to recognize their economic impact. Police departments and other essential government agencies such as fire and first aid are major players in adding to the desirability of a community. First responders (police, fire, health) that take proactive roles are also essential ingredients in a community’s economic development. • Tourism requires good restaurants, hotels and things to do. Those are the same factors that are essential to any community seeking economic development. People who consider moving a business or industry to a community visit the community first as tourists/visitors. If they are not treated well when visiting the community there is very little chance that they will move their business and family to your location. Government and community leaders may also want to take into account that tourism adds prestige to a community. People like living in a place which others consider worthy of visiting. This increased national or community pride also can become an important economic generating tool. People sell their community best when there is a great deal to see and do in it, when it is safe and secure and when customer service is not merely

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| September 2007

a motto but a way of life. Community festivals, traditions, handicrafts, parks and natural settings all add to the desirability of a locale and its ability to sell itself to potential outside investors. Quality of life is also reflected in a community’s museums, concert halls, theatres, and uniqueness. Tourism is an important economic development tool for emerging and minority communities around the world. Because tourism is based on the appreciation of the other, tourism industries have been especially open to giving disadvantaged groups around the world opportunities that have often been denied to them by other economic sectors. In this respect tourism should not be viewed only at the surface level. Tourism requires a great deal of construction, provides large numbers of entry level jobs, and often means the difference between a smaller community’s business success and failure. For example, tourists may add additional money to the local economy by shopping yet place no additional demands on the local schools. In nations where there is a decline in manufacturing, the tourism industry can be an essential method to reinvigorate local economies. The bottom line is that tourism should not be seen as merely an economic development tool, but rather the basis upon which economic development can be built.

Perhaps no one wins as much with travel and tourism as future generations. This is an industry that hates xenophobia, seeks peace and understanding between peoples and teaches us that life works best when peoples of different colors, creeds, and nationalities work together. In this way, when tourism wins, everyone wins! Dr. Peter Tarlow is a founder and president of Tourism & More Inc. Dr. Tarlow has appeared on National televised programs such as Dateline: NBC and on CNBC. Dr. Tarlow organizes conferences around the world dealing with visitor safety and security issues and with the economic importance of tourism and tourism marketing. He also works with numerous cities, states, and foreign governments to improve their tourism products and to train their tourism security professionals. For additional information visit www.tourismandmore. Dr. Tarlow can be reached via email at or by telephone at 979-764-8402. The above article has been modified by the author from the original shorter version, which first appeared in his newsletter Tourism Tidbits, in June of 2007.

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Six Simple Questions That Will Reveal The Outcome BY: JOHN STOCKHAUSEN JR.

WHEN IT COMES TO your business’ incentives and promotions do you have a process or a checklist in place that allows you to ensure that the promotion you have decided to run will be successful? What if there were six simple questions you could ask yourself about your last promotion that would give you all the insight you needed to tell you exactly why you achieved the results you did?

HOW THE PAST REVEALS THE FUTURE In this article I am going to show you how properly evaluating the incentive programs and promotions you have done in the past is the key to developing and implementing successful ones for the future. Believe it or not, implementing a successful promotion is about more than simply what you are offering. It is also very much about the steps you take when implementing it. So how do you implement a successful promotion or incentive program?

THE KEYS TO ACHIEVING BRILLIANT RESULTS MDC Group and GetawayIncentives.Com has spent the last twelve years not only working directly with businesses to implement successful promotions but also training thousands of 28 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

individuals regarding how to use this very same strategy when working with incentives. During this last decade we have been able to perfect an evaluation system that is 97% accurate. It allows a business, from any industry, to effectively focus on the six main questions that directly affect the results of a promotion.

BETTER RESULTS IN ONLY 10 MINUTES If you could take the next ten minutes to change the effectiveness of your company’s incentives and promotions, would you? MDC Group has never shared this promotional evaluation openly with the public before. Here is your chance to conduct this evaluation on your last promotion and change the outcome of every promotion your company runs in the future.

INSTRUCTIONS: Under each of the six questions below, determine which answer 0 – 5 best fits or describes your past promotion. Put a check in the box next to your answer. Once you have answered all six questions add up your total score and divide it by the number 6 (the number of questions asked). That number is your final promotional rating and can be compared to the GetawayIncentives.Com Rating Chart at the end of the article.

Promotional Evaluation: 1. Was the promotion addressed in your marketing? ® (0) Never run promotions. ® (1) Run promotions that are not advertised. ® (2) P  romotion was advertised at the “Point of Sale” only ® (3) P  romotion was advertised at the “Point of Sale” and another medium. ® (4) G  ood complete advertising but no real excitement brought out. ® (5) P  owerhouse promotion! Marketing was in all major media causing major excitement and attention.

2. Did the promotion generate ample floor traffic or leads? ® (0) I f marketing scored a 0, 1, or 2 then an automatic zero (0) here. ® (1) N  o low risk offer to get people in the door. ® (2) Contain an offer but it is poorly communicated. ® (3) C  lear offer but not compelling enough to get prospects to act. ® (4) Good low-risk offer that is communicated well. ® (5) I ncredible Low-Risk offer that draws in all prospects that are considering your product/ service.

3. Did the promotion use closing tools effectively? ® (0) No closing tools were used. ® (1) Closing tools were used only as a last resort. ® (2) Closing tools were used as “chance” instead of with every purchase. ® (3) Closing tools with every purchase but were marketed at “Point of Sale” ONLY. ® (4) Closing tools were used with every purchase and mentioned in all advertising. ® (5) Irresistible closing tool that gave every prospect an additional reason to purchase.

4. Did the promotion utilize or include a referral program? ® (0) No referral program was used. ® (1) Referral program in place but customers did not know about it. ® (2) Referral program in place but not worth participating in. ® (3) Good referral program but not fully utilized. ® (4) Good referral program but only offered to people after they purchase. ® (5) Great referral program and allows for everyone to participate in even if they don’t purchase.

September 2007 | Brilliant Results


5. DID THE PROMOTION INCLUDE A “BE BACK PROGRAM” OR A GIVE A PRICE SHOPPER A REAL REASON TO COME BACK ONE LAST TIME? ® (0) Nothing was offered for prospect to come back. ® (1) Be back program in place but way under utilized. ® (2) Be back program is used but offers little motivation for prospect. ® (3) Program could be more effective but creates some business. ® (4) Be back program is effective but has no “Point of Difference”. ® (5) Excellent offer that brings every prospect back to your business in a certain time frame before making a decision.

6. DID THE PROMOTION INCLUDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES TO PARTICIPATE AND BE AWARDED AS WELL? ® (0) No employee awards offered in conjunction with the promotion. ® (1) All employees receive it with no level of performance required. ® (2) Employees have come to expect the award as part of the job. ® (3) Employee awards offered as completely separate promotion. ® (4) Employee feels appreciated from the award. ® (5) Exciting employee awards tied together with customer promotion. Motivates employees to perform above normal expectancies and gives them a better sense of accomplishment.

3 – Promotion had the ability to show great positive results; lacked the power of marketing. Achieved good results. 4 – Good all around promotion. Marketing was good and helped you stand out from your competitors. Great results were achieved. 5 – Promotion covered everything. All aspects of the business were included. “Point of Difference” separated you from everyone else. Marketing and “Point of Sale” atmosphere generated curiosity and excitement. Excellent results.

WHAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE? Let me sum up why these six categories are so imperative to putting together a successful incentive and promotion program. The most effective way to communicate a message or a reason for people in your target audience to come into or call your place of business is with your marketing and with referrals. It doesn’t matter how many people call or come into your business if you aren’t able to close the deal. You have to be able to give them a reason to spend their money with you. And if they are price shopping, all your competition has to do is beat your price and they will buy from them, unless you create a point of difference that sets you apart from everyone else and gives your customer a real reason to drive back across town and give you another chance to close the deal. Finally, your customers will get a lot more excited about your promotion if they see your employees are really excited about it as well. When people are truly excited about something they usually can’t stop talking about it. Enthusiastic employees equal enthusiastic customers. •

Total Score: _______ divided by 6 = ________


John Stockhausen is the General Manager of the MDC Group Inc. and GetAwayIncentives.Com. They are one of the few organizations to guarantee that the next promotion or incentive program you put together will be successful. That’s because they offer a “Money Back Guarantee”. Upon completion of a pre-approved promotion, if you are not completely satisfied with the result generated from the promotion GetawayIncentives.Com will buy back each of the unused travel certificates at the full individual certificate price.

0 – No promotions or none worth mentioning. 1 – Totally wrong concepts, try again. This was a waste of your money. 2 – Promotion began to have some signs of effect on business; probably achieved good situational results.

If you would like to speak with someone about the results of your evaluation, need assistance in completing it, or would like to see if you qualify for any of our incentive programs call us at 1-888-851-0466 or visit us online at

This Is Your Overall Promotional Rating!

THE PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS So, now that you have answered the six questions it’s time to figure out what all of this means. Take your overall promotional rating and use the GetawayIncentives.Com Rating Scale to determine the effectiveness of your last promotion.

30 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

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For only $1.99T extra (plus $69V set-up), you can get a specially made non-breakable white vase with your 4 color label imprint. This is the perfect gift for any home or office. Shipping weight: 13 pounds/150. Free 4 color label with your copy. Order Vase-10.

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For about the price of one ball point pen, you can now give a valuable gift that everyone will really appreciate. Ideal for trade shows, gala events, gift with a purchase, direct mail, special sales, wellness, safety and loyalty programs. Free 4 Color Label Imprint. Bamboo can grow for 20+ years.


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FREE 4 Color Imprint



Feng Shui Bamboo has been used by people worldwide to achieve the proper balance, good luck & harmony for their home or office. Bamboo can grow for 20+ years. Plant only in water.








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The Adventure of Creative


I RACKED A FRESH SHELL of 00 Buck into the chamber of my 12-gauge shotgun and drew the weapon to my shoulder. As I took careful aim at the dead tree branch about 30 feet above and 10 feet down range of me, my friend asked, “ What are you doing?” “Creative problem-solving,” I answered. The smooth squeeze of the trigger was followed by a bellowing thunder, followed by the thud of the branch hitting the ground. “Problem solved,” I said. The problem I just solved wasn’t a saw problem. No, I had chainsaws and regular saws. What I didn’t have was a ladder tall enough to reach the branch. If I couldn’t get up there, what could I send up there instead? I thought of creating a bolo where I’d duct tape a couple of rocks to either end of a short rope, tie a longer line in the middle and throw it up there in hopes the line would wrap itself around the branch and I could pull like crazy and break the branch off. I remembered reading that back in the pirate days they’d shoot bolos out of a cannon to tear down the enemy’s sails and rigging and disable the ship. That’s when it hit me … using buckshot and my shotgun as a cutting tool. Sometimes, creative problem solving involves looking at an item differently than you normally look at it. The best example of this type of thinking was the old TV show MacGyver, who with little more than a ball point pen, a disposable butane lighter and a paper clip could create a rocket capable of taking down a small airplane. In the real world of promotional marketing, employing 32 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

creative problem solving may not be quite that exciting but, nevertheless, is just as effective. For instance, using plastic flying disks (upside down) as paper plate holders or snack trays. Why spend the money on expensive traffic cones for your bike rally when less expensive, imprinted 7” orange megaphones will do the trick? How about using coffee mugs as handled flowerpots? A few of our clients keep a supply of their imprinted coffee mugs at the local florist. When they need to send a get-well, sympathy or celebratory flower arrangement, they have the florist create and deliver the arrangement in my client’s mug. The mug remains long after the flowers wither, reminding the recipient of my client’s thoughtfulness. And because there is sentiment involved, the mug is more highly regarded. You’ve employed creative problem-solving if you’ve ever cut three holes in a 33 gallon trash bag to use as an emergency poncho, or used a piece of cardboard as a dustpan or rolled a piece of paper into a makeshift funnel. I’ve used my pocket comb as an ice scraper, a kazoo (wrap a piece of tissue paper around it), a letter opener and to hold a small nail to keep from whacking my fingers. Another approach to creative problem solving is to question why something is done the way it is. I once met with a new client about her annual membership directory. The book had always been saddle stitched, meaning two staples in the middle held the thing together. But this new lady-in-charge didn’t like the fact that the book wouldn’t lay flat when you opened it. She wanted to bind it using comb binding. But that would cost more and they didn’t have the budget. I asked one simple question that made all the difference. “Does the directory have to be the size that it is?” She thought for a moment and said no.

Children are some of the best creative problem-solvers in the world, because they don’t know “how things are supposed to be.”

I resized the book to use fewer pages, which meant less paper, less signatures, less plates, less plate changes, less gathering and collating. The savings went into the more expensive comb binding and we were able to deliver a membership directory that laid flat when you opened it … for the same price as the year before. My final example of creative problem solving was used by the criminal element when they went on a wheel-stealing rampage in the parking lot of my father’s auto repair facility. They had a wrench but no jack. So they loosened the lug nuts, took rocks from around the building and blocked up the undercarriage of the cars. Then they simply let the air out of the tires. Children are some of the best creative problemsolvers in the world, because they don’t know “how things are supposed to be.” They question … they ask why and they ponder. For most people, that ability is taught out of them by the end of grade school through such statements as, “Do as you’re told,” “Follow the rules” and “Color inside the lines”. The adventure of creative problem solving is still within you. You just need to let your mind think like a kid again. If you have trouble … go find a little kid to play with. • Michael Merrick Crooks is a veteran advertising copywriter, creative problem-solver and promotional marketer in the US. Learn more and sign up for his CrooksView Creative Digest newsletter at www.

September 2007 | Brilliant Results






EVERY FRAME‌ EVERY PRICE‌ EVERY TIME‌ SOMETIMES AN IDEA comes along that is so useful that Brilliant Results believes the idea itself is a success story that merits our attention. The CUSTOM FRAMING WIZARD™ developed by Andy Arruda’s company; PictureFrames.Net is just such an idea. This on-line wizard allows a client and his promotional products consultant to “designâ€? a frame from its inception and have a custom quote within a day. The client chooses their own molding, mats and glass with the Custom Framing Wizard’s virtual design capabilities. If they don’t like what they can be changed, over and over again! Best of all, PictureFrames.Net is not a one trick pony; they can also frame the prints or certiďŹ cates that their clients provide‌or, the client can choose from an extensive library of over 200,000 art images from the leading 115 publishers including limited editions, giclees, handcoloreds and art on canvas, as well as from the entire Norman Rockwell Collection of prints. If your ofďŹ ce walls need a bit of sprucing up or your organization is seeking a unique presentation or incentive product, you may be able to create that perfect item at PictureFrames.Net, because after all everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words! For more information please visit and click on the Custom Framing Wizard or use the link in your browser.

!"0`WZZWO\b@SacZbajAS^bS[PS` %




Chocolate Inn Where promotion meets good taste…As these success stories suggest, something sweet is often the perfect touch…particularly if it is high quality chocolate!

Wrapper Bars: The Chocolate Inn received a Wrapper Bar order for a furniture distributor. They produced 50,000 chocolate bars and sent 250 to each of his outlets. The inside of 247 wrappers contained coupons for 5% off a purchase, two wrapper bars had a coupon for 10% off, and one wrapper bar had a coupon for 20% off. The furniture distributor advertised that any customers that came in on that given day would not only receive a chocolate bar but, inside was a valuable coupon for a discount on any furniture purchase. All of the stores indicated that they were much busier than usual and reported higher sales on this day than the same day on previous weeks. The client was extremely happy. A computer company advertised that they were going to be giving away chocolate bars at their trade show booth. If that in itself was not enough to get people to the booth, the advertisement also indicated that inside one of the wrapper bars was a winning ticket for a free computer. The customer reported much higher traffic at his booth than previous years and he had 30% more qualified leads than the previous year.

2 LB 3D Product Duplication: A faucet manufacturer had previously sent out boxes from a specialty gift purveyor for the holidays and had never felt that it made a lasting impact with his clients. This past holiday season he had the Chocolate Inn create his exact faucet in a three dimensional likeness in chocolate. This time not only did he receive many more calls thanking him for the gift but, six months later, his clients were still talking about it. This gift definitely made an impact.

Chocolate Thank You In A Business Card Box: A company had many different salespeople and did not want to spend a lot of money imprinting each

salesperson’s name on the box but the company felt it was very important that the salespeople’s names be included with the product. The Chocolate Inn had the perfect answer in their Chocolate Thank You in a Business Card Box. This piece has die cut slits on the inside of the lid to accommodate a business card. The company reported that the salespeople were finding it easier to get in to see the decision makers and get appointments once they gave one of these pieces to the “gatekeeper” for the decision maker.

Chocolate Coins: A pet appliance company was finding it difficult to attract attendee’s to their booth. That is when they decided to give away chocolate coins with their logo imprinted on them at their booth. Attendees tend to get tired and hungry from walking around a large exhibit hall. They gladly stopped at the pet appliance company’s booth to get a piece of chocolate. The result was that not only did the company have a busier booth…they also had more qualified leads.

TR16: A Mortgage Company felt that its gifts were not making the impact they wanted for the Holidays and that the gift was not getting to everyone they intended. That is when they decided to switch to the Chocolate Inn TR16 and use chocolate houses and dollar signs as the chocolates surrounding their logo. This gift made an impact because of the fact that the pieces in it pertained to their industry and there were enough pieces in the box for the entire office to share. Also the gift was not something someone had already received, so everyone in the company enjoyed it. For more information about the Chocolate Inn visit them at September 2007 | Brilliant Results


SERENE EXCITEMENT For Your NEXT INCENTIVE TRIP! IF YOU’VE GOT A VETERAN GROUP of incentive winners who have experienced almost every Caribbean island where can you take them? Consider Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, BVI. This is truly an exciting incentive escape! This past July we had the challenge of providing 100 top sales people and guests from a well-known computer manufacturer with a trip they would remember forever. Well, we took them to Little Dix Bay‌ As you approach Little Dix Bay from the 20-minute ferry ride from Tortola’s Beef Island airport there amid lush gardens and shaded footpaths that curve through verdant lawns are the resort’s intimate accommodations. Each retreat, situated just a stone’s throw from the breathtaking beach, opens to an expansive private balcony or patio offering glorious views. Upon arrival guests were greeted with a refreshing drink and a cool towel. They were also given a welcome bag with tee shirts, caps and a variety of lotions to protect their skin from the sun. After being escorted to their cottages and as they entered their well-appointed suite the calming music from the Bose system playing a relaxation CD and the scent of a lemongrass candle set the tone for the entire trip that encompassed six days and ďŹ ve nights. As they unpack and change into island garb they start to feel the unhurried pace of the Caribbean. They can’t wait to hit the white sandy beach with its clear sapphire waters. !$0`WZZWO\b@SacZbajAS^bS[PS` %


Later that night the festivities begin with cocktails and succulent hors d’oeuvres by the pool with soft Caribbean music playing in the background. After a while of coming together with friends and colleagues, the Grand Buffet opens and the setting is truly spectacular. The Chefs at Little Dix Bay are amazing, not only is the food consistently delicious, but the presentation is something to feast your eyes on. From the incredible sushi bar to the piles of fresh shrimp and lobster, to the tantalizing rounds of beef, not to mention the delicious salads so beautifully prepared and displayed. Then of course there’s desert. Two tables chock full of the most luscious cakes, pies, fruits, and cookies one could imagine. As the evening progresses our weary travelers have renewed acquaintances and the crowd thins in preparation for the next several days in Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda boasts world-class, breathtaking beaches, which practically encircle the island. No matter where you are, you’ll ďŹ nd a beautiful beach only a few steps away. The at portion of the island west of Spanish Town contains the world-famous Baths, an incredible geologic formation of granite boulders as big as houses. The Baths are located right on the beach. There are several beaches with names like Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay along the coast. All are strewn with boulders and little nooks and crannies where you can escape into your own world of privacy.

The next few days were filled with sun and fun activities such as a Catamaran sail where the snorkeling was breathtaking, a trip to the Baths for independent exploration, spa treatments and individual picnics on a secluded beach. Evening activities included a trip by boat to Leverick Bay where we took over the entire restaurant overlooking the bay and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner followed by live entertainment by the famous island Mocko Jumbies (incredible dancers on stilts), and music from one of the islands best reggae bands. Upon return to their cottage each night a gift was left on the pillow with a note of appreciation from the President. A nice ending to a fabulous day… And finally the farewell banquet… A night of white elegance... A feast to behold that was held in the hotel’s original Sugar Mill. But first a group

photo where everyone is decked out in their dapper whites with tanned and smiling faces. The Chef’s special menu, a champagne toast and soft, lovely music, what better way to celebrate a year of great sales success! The question is how do we top this next year? Arnold Light, CTC, Founder of The Light Group, Inc. has 35 years of marketing experience specializing in incentive and loyalty marketing helping multi-national corporations develop and implement B2B and B2C results oriented performance improvement programs. For additional information visit or call 914-397-0800. September 2007 | Brilliant Results


It’s ALL Personal

At 16, I wanted a car more than anything. More than breathing or eating and certainly more than sleeping because once I thought it possible, I thought about little else. I hounded my parents, of course. They, in turn, stayed seemingly neutral to the idea while they secretly discussed how they could afford another vehicle in the midst of many economic challenges on the farm back then. So, with my youthful exuberance leading the way, they came up with a plan that proved to be my cognizant introduction to Incentive Programs. You raise half the money and we’ll match it. Distributors and Suppliers in the Promotional Merchandise and Marketing industry get involved in Incentive Programs of all types because we know how to come up with great products and programs that motivate and continually remind your people to stay on point. We understand human nature and how people respond to things. The Travel Industry Association verifies that folks respond well to Incentive Programs because the trips are earned (bragging rights), paid for by the company (no out-of-pocket) and because it forces them to take time off, (well, ok if I must). And, if you still think Cash is king out there, think again, because pictures of being in an exotic locale with a significant other last much longer. A 2003 study sponsored by the Incentive Federation provided the following findings:


• About 4 out of 5 respondents believe that travel awards and merchandise awards are remembered longer than cash awards. • Almost two-thirds feel that cash awards are remembered for the shortest time. • About three-fourths agree they can build a more exciting, memorable program around travel than cash.

“Create a plan that really energizes everyone to want to participate. Then, keep everyone that is participating in your program… participating! ”

38 Brilliant Results

In fact, the type of Travel Incentive that will work best is one that involves delivery of a payoff that is memory-driven. People remember what they won far longer than what they did with the cash you gave them. Create a plan that really energizes everyone to want to participate. Then, keep everyone that is participating in your program…participating! You have to fire them up and keep them fired up so that they keep producing the results you need. Promotional products in various forms work wonders as reminders, as rewards along the way, as vehicles to carry your message home to the Spouse, too! (One of the things we love about Incentive Programs is that you can get great help on the home front this way.) Announce it, launch it, track it and reward those who went for the Gold. Your Distributor will come up with great ways to help you succeed. Is this a personal approach to your successful Travel Incentive Program? Is it possible that by rewarding your people this way you can reward your company with precisely what you need to have happen? Put your plan together using the most cost-effective advertising vehicle on the planet for best results. Because It’s ALL Personal. Dave Ribble is President of The Company Image/Geiger. 818.906.9894

| September 2007


FOR MANY MARKETING LEADERS, managing personnel resources remains a tricky balancing act. After all, there are risks and problems associated with both over-hiring and being short-staffed. But responding to workload peaks and valleys doesn’t need to be such a headache-inducing task. Hiring temporary marketing or creative professionals through a staffing service is an easy and effective way for your department to meet its objectives and maintain optimal productivity in any economic climate. By proactively using contract professionals who possess specialized design or copywriting skills, for example, you can control costs, increase output, handle unexpected spikes in activity and even identify new full-time recruits. In a survey by our company, senior executives were asked about the value of using temporary professionals. More than one-third of respondents (35 percent) said the most important benefit of employing interim workers is that it “helps avoid overstaffing followed by layoffs.” Twenty-three percent said utilizing temporary workers “allows a firm to evaluate a prospective employee.” Following are tips for establishing a partnership with a specialized staffing firm:

BE SELECTIVE. Utilize research services that focus on the placement of marketing or creative professionals. Solicit recommendations from members of your 40 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

professional network or check with industry associations for suggestions. Select two or three staffing services to evaluate more closely and schedule face-to-face meetings with representatives from each. To select the best firm for you needs, keep the following considerations in mind: Is the staffing firm well established in the creative or marketing field, with a history of success and financial stability? How are job candidates selected, screened and evaluated? How are references checked? Are testimonials available from clients who have recently used the staffing company for a candidate search? Does the staffing service offer a satisfaction guarantee? Does the company provide replacement workers if necessary?

COMPARE ACTUAL VALUE. When arranging for interim employees, the natural inclination is to look for the lowest rate. But when it comes to measuring value and evaluating total costs, rates are only the start. Look for a service that offers competitive rates and careful screening and evaluation of all its candidates — this will help ensure that work is done right the first time. The lowest possible rate may cost you more in the long run because a less skilled person may take far longer to learn and complete a task than one who is more experienced and talented.

EXTEND AN INVITATION. Consider inviting the stafďŹ ng specialist to visit your workplace so he or she can meet key personnel and learn more about your organization’s preferred work style and unique culture. This will further enable your contact to choose project professionals who are well suited to thrive at your business.

OFFER FREQUENT FEEDBACK. Once you’ve established a relationship with a specialized stafďŹ ng ďŹ rm, let the company know your opinion of the job candidates they’ve recommended. Remember that the more forthcoming you are about your experiences, the better able the stafďŹ ng service will be to help you in the future.

GET A SNEAK PREVIEW. Many savvy employers view interim assignments as an extended, on-the-job interview. If you are interested in evaluating a project professional for an open position, let your stafďŹ ng service know. They can provide temporary marketing or creative personnel who are open to long-term arrangements, thus giving you a chance to observe a workerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance prior DETERMINE YOUR NEEDS. For each position you need to ďŹ ll, assess to extending an offer. The temporary-to-fullthe skill level, experience and background the time process minimizes costly hiring mistakes candidate should possess. Are there speciďŹ c and affords you the opportunity to ďŹ ne-tune the software applications, such as Flash or InDesign, skills requirements and determine whether the with which he or she should be familiar? Must the workload truly justiďŹ es making a full-time hire. StafďŹ ng strategically gives marketing and person be able to work well both alone and with cross-functional teams? Will the person need creative managers increased ďŹ&#x201A;exibility by to handle tight deadlines or meet with clients? transforming ďŹ xed human resources costs into Develop a clear picture of the ideal individual you variable expenses. By working with a specialized seek and share this with the stafďŹ ng ďŹ rm you stafďŹ ng ďŹ rm to augment your team with highly skilled contract professionals, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll maximize have chosen. your resources and keep your core staff satisďŹ ed, stable and 3F31CB7D3AE3@3/A932ÂľE6/B7AB63;=AB7;>=@B/<B productive. â&#x20AC;˘ 03<347B=4CA7<5B3;>=@/@GE=@93@A-ÂśB637@@3A>=<A3A( 6SZ^aOd]WR]dS`abOTÂż\UT]ZZ]eSRPgZOg]TTa /ZZ]eaOÂż`[b]SdOZcObSO^`]a^SQbWdSS[^Z]gSS BOYSaPc`RS\]TTSfWabW\US[^Z]gSSa  6SZ^aOd]WR^`]RcQbWdWbgZ]aaSa   =bVS`R]\¸bY\]e    B]bOZ     

!# ! % $ ' 

A]c`QS(@]PS`b6OZT7\bS`\ObW]\OZac`dSg]T#aS\W]`SfSQcbWdSa T`][bVS\ObW]\¸aZO`USabQ][^O\WSa

Dave Willmer is executive director of The Creative Group, a specialized stafďŹ ng service placing creative, advertising, marketing and web professionals with a variety of ďŹ rms on a project basis. For more information, please visit www. AS^bS[PS` %j0`WZZWO\b@SacZba"

Diane Dimond is a respected journalist, author and program host who has won acclaim for her groundbreaking work on NBC’s Today Show, Court TV, Fox News, MSNBC, CNBC, the syndicated programs Hard Copy and EXTRA and on CNN where she has been a frequent guest or guest host on programs like: Larry King, Paula Zahn and Nancy Grace. Lee Jay Berman is Founder and President of The Mediation Alliance, Inc. and The Institute for Mediation Studies and has successfully mediated over 1200 litigated matters utilizing a highly specialized, intuitive style and years of experience in teaching the arts of Mediation, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking all over the world. Louise Palanker is an accomplished writer/producer/performer in the arenas of radio, television, and stand-up comedy and a co-founder of the nation’s largest radio syndication company, Premiere Radio Networks.

Together, they are ready to Talk It Over. Diane, Lee Jay and Weezy are talking about people, relationships, conflict, disputes, the law, resolution, problem solving, and everything that makes us love, makes us hate, makes us angry, makes us understand and makes us human.


Let’s “Talk It Over”

“This guy I work for…” “So, how do I tell him…?”

“It’s kind of awkward…” “My daughter and I just…”

“OK, so I haven’t told anyone, but…”

“He just doesn’t listen…” “I just don’t know how to tell them…”

What’s on your mind?

Talk It Over with us at 888-531-7171 or

Live Saturdays at 7:30p.m. Eastern / 4:30p.m. Pacific

Why can’t we all just…


RODNEY KING FAMOUSLY ASKED, “Why can’t we all just get along?” There is a very simple answer to that question: Because we are all different. It is these differences that makes it difficult for us to just get along. Differences cause conflict. As a professional mediator, I often think of conflict simply as unmet expectations. Most people think that another person or the world at large should treat us in a certain way. As soon as that doesn’t happen, we are in conflict. Conflict comes in many shapes, sizes and depths. Some conflicts are silly and easy to dismiss. Most have triggered an emotion in us. Once that happens, we can’t “just get along” until we actually do something about it. Societally, Americans resist talking about difficult issues. We try to bury them, but like the Garth Brooks song, we bury the hatchet, but leave the handle sticking out. We try to ignore them, but then people just walk around acting strange and teams under-perform. We try to discuss it, but our ego protects us from being vulnerable, so we end up telling the other person all of the things we think they did wrong. Given that all three of these approaches end up making things worse, it’s no wonder we are awkward when it comes to conflict. The other thing that makes us uncomfortable with conflict is that most of us have never been taught how to navigate it. In school, we learned algebra, history and social studies, but never were we taught how to resolve conflict or have difficult conversations. With this much social angst around conflict and the perception of risk, danger or difficulty in having such a discussion, it is no wonder that we shy away from it. 44 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

What would be better? Learn to discuss it. Step into it bravely. Tell the other person how you are feeling, without telling them why you think it’s their fault. Allow yourself to be a little vulnerable. Ask what you can do to make it better. Tell the other person what you would like for them to do so that you don’t have the same reaction should it happen again. Don’t rush to a quick solution until you have explored all of the possible options for resolution. Confirm any agreement you reach to ensure that you are both clear on what’s going to happen. And congratulate yourselves for tackling the issue, rather than letting it go. Most friendships, personal relationships and working relationships are measurably better after such a discussion than they ever were before. And while there is a risk to getting that reward, it’s not unlike getting into a swimming pool – it might feel cold when you dip a toe into it, but once you are in, you are happy you got in. • Lee Jay Berman is a mediator and trainer based in Los Angeles and is available at www.LeeJayBerman. com. He also co-hosts a talk show called “Talk It Over” at



Lapel Pins Keytags Dogtags Charms Badges/ Trophies

Uncommon Threads Line Exclusively by Aprons, Etc. Aprons, Etc. has formed a partnership with V-Tex Corporation to exclusively market its Uncommon Threads Line to the Advertising Specialty Industry. This line offers a 72-page catalog of in-stock Chef, Cook, and Servers apparel to fulďŹ ll every restaurant uniform option â&#x20AC;&#x201C; from the kitchen to the table.


P 1.888.256.2544 P 610.642.5921 F 610.642.5928 821 Aubrey Avenue â&#x20AC;˘ Ardmore, PA 19003 Customer Service Product Specialist INFO@APRONSETC.COM

To advertise your products / service call or email Maureen Today! Maureen Ph: 541-788-5022


1/6 Page Vertical, 4-Color Rates




2.25â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;H X 4.875â&#x20AC;&#x2122;â&#x20AC;&#x2122;V




AS^bS[PS` %j0`WZZWO\b@SacZba"#




Free Product Information. September 2007 Issue. For free product information from these suppliers, complete and mail this page to: Brilliant Results Magazine 9034 Joyce Lane Hummelstown, PA 17036.Or fax to (717) 566-5431 Please Circle Items of Interest.


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Uncommon Threads Line by Aprons, Etc.


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| September 2007

Passionate Leadership

Nonverbal Communication ACCORDING TO SOME STUDIES, communication between people is more that 50 percent nonverbal. That being the case, we all should take a moment to make sure we are not unintentionally sending out the wrong messages to our clients and co-workers.

dead-ďŹ sh handshake; it will make the other person question the connection.


1. The eyes are the windows to the soul. They display what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thinking and feeling. Look the other person in the eye when you are having a conversation, whether the topic is simple or serious. 2. Pay attention to your body position and posture. Leaning forward and facing someone unconsciously communicates receptiveness and interest. Turning away or staring off into space says youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not really there. 3. Multitasking while someone is trying to talk with you is both disrespectful and unproductive. Chances are youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to have to have the conversation again because you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t remember everything when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re trying to do two things at once. 4. Your face speaks volumes. A frown, a disapproving look, or rolling your eyes will communicate judgment. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let your face speak before you are ready with the appropriate words. Notice how just a nod of your head can send a message of encouragement or, if done in a negative manner, disapproval. 5. Avoid distractions. If you are not fully focused on whomever you are trying to connect with, he or she will notice that you are not completely engaged in the conversation. This sends the message that you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care. 6. Shaking hands can send a powerful message. For example, the two-handed shake expresses deep sincerity, a high ďŹ ve shows mutual approval, and a sincere grip inspires trust. Avoid a limp or

7. Be aware of personal space. Physical proximity is important. Some people need as much as three feet between themselves and the person they are talking to. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comfortable for the other person, just ask.

8. Gestures can mean different things to different people. In some cultures, waving your hand can say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Good to see you,â&#x20AC;? and in others, the same movement can express something derogatory. Learn to be sensitive to how people who you work with interpret your movements. 9. Smells, clothing, and color choices all send messages. Your perfume could be alluring, overpowering, or offensive. It could also make those with more sensitive noses sneeze. Our clothing says weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re cool, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re conservative, or weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re unemployed. Pay attention to how others react to your personal style and make sure youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not sending unintentional messages. 10. If you really want to get a good read on how you come across to other people, videotape yourself. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like something you see, you have the power to change it. Becoming aware of your ability to communicate nonverbally can stop molehills from becoming mountains and can help you navigate the most challenging conversations. â&#x20AC;˘ For more than two decades Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and government organizations worldwide have relied on Dr. Barton Goldsmith to help them develop creative and balanced leadership. His columns appear in over 500 publications and he has spoken worldwide to groups of 10 to 5,000. Visit www. for more information. AS^bS[PS` %j0`WZZWO\b@SacZba"%

TRAVEL PRODUCTS DO YOUR PART TO SAVE THE PLANET Many travelers read to pass the time and something as simple as a bookmark made of recycled paper can make a positive impression. Add to that the fact that these bookmarks are really two gifts in one…a bookmark and seeds to start a mini-forest of hardy evergreen trees that could grow and thrive for 25 years. Plant the seeds indoors in any season and replant outdoors in warm weather. Because each tree can convert 600 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly into oxygen…about what a family of four breathes in a year… this gift lets your company contribute to carbon neutral travel and leave a positive impression at the same time…


TAKE NEXT ALONG FOR THE RIDE New for 2007, the GS13-N Sudoku Gift Set is an ideal traveling companion for long road trips, airline travel or your next cruise. This exciting gift set includes a portable electronic J5-N Pocket Sudoku—the addictive numbers game that has been skyrocketing in popularity, plus the J4-N Executive Booklight which folds out for use with just the push of a button. The Executive Booklight features a bright LED light that is easy on the eyes and uses minimal battery power for hours of reading use. Both gift items are packaged in a drawstring pouch with a hang tag/key ring…


UNCOMMON THREADS MAKE YOUR STAFF STANDOUT Believe it or not guests notice your staff’s attire and it often contributes to the way they rate their experience. When the staff is wearing items from the Uncommon Threads Line, the impression is sure to be positive. This line offers a 72-page catalog of in-stock Chef, Cook, and Servers apparel to fulfill every restaurant uniform option – from the kitchen to the table. The product mix features: Chef Coats, Pants, Hats, Wait Staff and Server Aprons, both bib and waist styles in assorted colors and options. Additionally, there are Vests and Shirts to complete all restaurant uniform ensembles. Culinary accessories are also included in the line...


48 Brilliant Results

| September 2007

TRAVEL PRODUCTS RECORD THOSE SPECIAL TRAVEL MOMENTS The undated Tuscany Journal with 4-year calendar and lined sheets features a luxurious, buttery feel and makes a wonderful place for any traveler to record their experiences. This corporate gift with free laser set-up and personalization will be remembered. Combine your journal gift with a PALLAS by Waterford® for a truly elegant gift package. The body of this fine writing instrument is crafted from select hardwood veneers combining rich, natural colors into a strong, lasting surface. All metal accents are platinum plated and the traditional cuts and lines evoke this writing instrument’s Waterford® heritage. Furnished complete with ball pen refill and capless rollerball refill.

INTERNATIONAL MERCHANDISE CONCEPTS/IMC LADIES LIKE TO TRAVEL IN STYLE When putting together your next travel incentive package consider including “Mix & Match Ensemble Knit Separates.” These beautiful, soft delicate knits are ready for your company’s logo. Made of a superfine 6 ounce, 95% combed ring spun cotton / 5% spandex blend and available in 10 colors and 3 coordinated styles, these sets are sure to please.

BLUE GENERATION NO MORE LOST KEYS More than a smart gadget, this product solves an age-old problem… lost keys. This device has four areas to customize with your message and leave an indelible impression the first time it finds those lost keys. The transmitter is the size of a credit card and has an increased range. The key holder also has a built-in flashlight to help open locks at night. Whether traveling around the world or around the block the key finder system makes a memorable gift.


ELEGANT AWARDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE When awarding employees for excellence in the workplace, there’s nothing better than a Gemstone Plaque. The elegant Gemstone Collection® plaques feature brass plates with decorative crystalline borders and an American walnut plaque. The plates engrave through to gold to add that extra oomph to the recognition. Or choose that special recognition item from the complete line of hotel and travel awards.


September 2007 | Brilliant Results


TRAVEL PRODUCTS SOLVE THE LAPTOP PROTECTION PROBLEM From the winners of a 2007 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, the laptop sleeve is iconic, funky, and of course functional. Because they will last longer than the latest laptop technology they are made them to be soft and flexible to accommodate both a range of sizes and the changes of your personal electronic devices. Composed of extra-thick durable neoprene, the sleeve cushions and protects your laptop for maximum protection and safely slides in and out of your briefcase or luggage with ease. Perfect for business travelers and urban nomads alike. Best of all, slide it in and as it conforms to the size of your computer, its unique bone shape creates an instant builtin bumper system for extra protection. Its Shark Gill Grips on the sides makes gripping and handling slip-free and it lays flat when not in use.

BUILT NY MORE THAN A FRUIT BASKET Your guest welcome gift can make a difference when it comes from giftbackTM. This company’s mission is to help individuals make a positive impact by connecting them with exceptional non-profits and causes when they express their sentiment with unique gifts that help make a difference. Offering a wide selection of the freshest flowers, plants, gourmet gift baskets, spa baskets, steaks and gourmet meals, unique gifts and delicious treats, has the perfect gift to help celebrate any occasion. At 10% of every purchase goes back to a charity of the giver’s choice. Finally there is a place where you can “Have your cake and donate too™... and your recipient will be notified via the card message that a portion of their gift was donated to support the great cause you selected.

IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE For anyone who travels whether near or far, the Data Tag could be the difference between life saving medical attention and lost time waiting for critical information. This ultra thin, super light, high capacity 128MB USB flash memory module made of durable ABS plastic provides a Windows-based software solution to your personal medical records storage needs. Added memory capacity allows for upload of medical imaging files such as X-rays and MRIs. The Data Tag pendant comes in silver, red or blue…this is one gift that might make a life changing difference.


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| September 2007

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