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me when we first met. That is the first thing you are told at Srishti and then encourage you to experiment and engage in your personal goals. Well, I joined the college to become an educator, but strangely, everything I did at the beginning did not seem to be connected to education at all. Surprised, excited and a little confused, I went to my mentor again and asked, "What am I doing here? I came here to learn how to teach!" and she replied, "You are learning how to learn".

experimental ways of integrating storytelling, craft, wellness, play, and interactive technologies to create participatory learning practices. Tell us about your favourite project. It's hard to choose, but the 'Sensors and Vulnerabilities' project I did in 2010 remains my favourite. Through this project I explored the benefits of design-based pedagogy in education of poor urban communities to detect the well-being of their community in Bengaluru, India. Students between the ages of 12-15 were able to better comprehend the content of the high school physics curriculum, such as the wave spectrum, while simultaneously making connections to their environment in the context of

Since then, my focus has been on consciously exploring the art of learning to better understand: Who is the learner? What and why are they interested in learning? How do they learn? And most importantly, how can I s educators, we need to design tools and experiences to further secure curiosity and wonder their learning? I initially in students and empower started working with children from urban them to change their worlds. slum communities in Bengaluru, India. I would - Alisha Colins, Creative Catalyst | Brilliant Labs like to say that I taught those kids, but I think, in reality, they electromagnetic radiation. Using taught me. The experience broadened affordable materials, I introduced and my vision by providing insights into equipped the students with new learning and vulnerability including: technologies such as: physical what it means to be exploratory, what computing, spatial-augmented it means to be creative, what it means reality, and cartography. By making to be giving. Most of my learning has invisible aspects of electromagnetic come from engaging with children. By radiation visible through a 3D Map co-designing and co-creating with Installation youth experiences were them, I have explored kindling my own amplified and further inspired action curiosity in others. and community engagement. This project indeed allowed students to What is your passion? I am connect classroom learning to a passionate about empowering broader context. children to actively engage in experimenting, designing, making What goals do you have as you work and inventing things. I strive to with Brilliant Labs? Brilliant Labs is nurture children's creative confidence an outstanding organization that with new technologies and encourage focuses on young people's interests their involvement in creative acts and passions, supporting them to within their communities. In my gain creative confidence with new practice, I explore experiential and


technologies. As a Creativity Catalyst, I aspire to further BL's vision by designing maker environments, tools and experiences to support novel modes of inquiry, passion, and expression with new technologies. I am working towards developing and implementing strategic initiatives that actively engage students, teachers, and families in creative learning experiences. In this fastpaced world, in which even current technologies are becoming obsolete in limited time, one can only thrive by adapting to new situations with innate curiosity and learning how to learn. I hope to continue cultivating engagement, design thinking, wonder, and serendipity within our organization's culture and spark meaningful collaboration. What challenge would you give youth and what advice would you give teachers who are interested in bringing making to the classroom or how would they inspire online learning? As a strong advocate of transformative project-based STEAM pedagogy, I believe learning is extremely personal. Any creative environment, physical or virtual, that values diversity, inclusion, and equity, can foster motivation, collaboration, a sense of identity and belonging; thereby transforming the creative self. With these insights, I navigate my own innovative learning experiences with compassion and curiosity. As educators, we need to secure curiosity and wonder in students and empower them to change their worlds. Students should have the creative freedom to pursue their interests and make projects driven by their own curiosities and passions. To support this, we also need to nurture our own passions and interests and share our creative process. When we voice our passions out loud, other people can Brilliant Labs Magazine Revue Labos CrĂŠatifs