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learning to be artists, engineers, inventors and scientists but also help them learn about how to make the world a better, more equitable and sustainable place to live. Online activities were supported through live sessions for those with internet access and kits containing the required materials which were sent out to participants free of charge. For those without internet access, prerecorded material is available daily through Community TV episodes on EastLink and Rogers. There was also a completely offline version of the camps made available through the direct delivery of camp kits to participants.

These camps were made possible thanks to the generous support of the United Way Centraide and our partners. Brilliant Labs was able to offer our virtual, summer STEAM camps free to kids throughout the region. We offered weekly themed camps as well as special interest courses like a Founders’ Club if kids had inventions or entrepreneurial ideas they wanted to develop. They could also choose to learn how to create websites and make their own video games using Unity or Unreal Engine which is used to make games like Fortnite. We are also offered courses on Artificial Intelligence, how to make your own YouTube Channel, Cyber Security, Bio-Making, and

Engineering your own circuit boards. Our outdoor camps offered hands-on project opportunities that included Natural Makerspace concepts allowing participants to consider ways to solve problems using natural materials found all around them.” These virtual and physical summer camps were made possible thanks to our community partners across the region and the generous supporters of our funders, such as the Ted Rogers Community Fund, Dr. Oetker Community Fund, Canaport LNG, Government of Canada, Government of New Brunswick, Government of Nova Scotia, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Government of Prince Edward Island, BrilliantLabs LabsMagazine Magazine Revue RevueLabos LabosCréatifs Créatifs Brilliant