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learning space and the holograms can detect and interact with that space. Brilliant Labs supported an incredible initiative which saw high school students at our school design houses and, using the Hololens, walk through those homes at full size within the classroom inspecting their builds from within. These students would later enter the school’s skilled trades program and build New Brunswick’s first ever K-12 tiny house for a real client. Mixed reality is what Microsoft calls the experience of holograms interacting with real-world while both are visible at the same time. This technology will be the future of education and we were lucky to have Brilliant Labs support us in this cutting-edge work.


Since March, we’ve seen incredible Teaching is exhilarating, fast-paced, changes in our rewarding and an essential role in society. It can also be world and its stressful, daunting and even scary at times. Consider effect on diving deep into Microsoft Teams, Minecraft and Flipgrid education. What is as those tools represent the future of learning and the your perspective solutions for many of today’s challenges. on virtual learning and how can we prepare for a possible return to “learning at learning can begin to thrive as a home”? Incredible solutions are real solution. It will never be the coming to boost internet speeds for ideal solution but sometimes life rural homes but they aren’t from throws curve-balls and we just have the traditional companies we know. to bat and take the single instead of Elon Musk’s SpaceX is launching the home-run. satellite internet in Canada very soon which promises to solve that problem for those who can afford it. Once rural internet connectivity is solved for New Brunswick, remote Brilliant Labs Magazine Revue Labos Créatifs