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are feeling confident or overwhelmed. Teaching remotely, I don’t get this quick feedback from students that I need. I am in a habit now of asking students and teachers for feedback throughout.”

physically present for students, they are still able to feel rewarded when students start making those curriculum connections. Jeff describes being online with students when those ‘a ha’ moments start to happen:“For this particular project, the moment when the wires were connected then the

Virtual instruction definitely has its rewards, including being in more than one place at a time. Students are finding a new think this project has the norm in reaching out potential to change the for help virtually. Something that they way students think are taking advantage about their own learning." - Mme of more frequently. Lefort, a grade 3 & 4 French immersion Jeff Hennigar agrees, teacher at Rockingham Elementary. “Not all of my sessions are led by me, sometimes I’m on a Google motors started turning, I could Meet to work with a small group hear the elevated excitement in of students, or for students to the room. They had been coding “drop in” to a Meet to ask for about a half hour, and after specific questions. Whatever attaching three wires to a support helps teachers need to Microbit, all their hard work has reach their teaching goals, it paid off. Anything that was feels good to be able to frustrating or difficult didn’t offer that.” Even though virtual matter anymore, because that instructors may not be tiny motor was spinning.” Denise Lefort believes the time was well spent. The connection that she made with Jeff Hennigar has sparked interest in the students and ideas to take what they have learned further. “This was a rewarding project both from the teacher and the students’ point of view” says Denise. “I would definitely do it again. Students are inspired to make more connections between curriculum and technology and have tons of ideas for the future. I think this project has the potential to change the way students think about their own learning. One very reluctant Photo Credit: Courtney williams, Grade 6 teacher, student said his feeling about Lunch & learn with jeff hennigar. Help with 3d print/ design. Twitter dec.10 2020 the project in the end was pride


MAKE YOUR NEXT VIRTUAL VISIT A “STREAMING SUCESS” Take some class time beforehand to learn about code and practice some basic concepts. That way the class can have more virtual support time with their projects. Talking about basic electrical circuits can be helpful in advance. This helps with troubleshooting disconnected or crossed wires when students are connecting their coded pieces together. Lay out expectations for the project that have ‘low floors, high ceilings and wide walls.’ For some students a success may be to code a light to change colour, for another it may be to make their characters move. Allow space for each student to have their own ‘a ha!’ moment. Have students set up with their tools at the ready before the virtual session starts. Budget some class time to set up the finished projects for display. This can be done on a different day. Take pictures! Projects big and small should be documented. Documentation will tell the story of your project and inspire others. It will also show students how far they have come in their design process. Be sure to share them with Brilliant Labs so that they can cheer you on!

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