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Remember your ‘memorable’ teaching moments. Consider the student who was fearful of public speaking. Did they overcome their fear with coaching and your support? New methods for teaching, like using technology and remote learning tools, can be intemidating, but like your student, overtime it will get easier and the befits will be worth it. Embrace the unknown.

What is the most memorable moment as a teacher? I have had many memorable moments as a teacher. I’ll never forget trips I’ve taken with students, trips that allow me to see them outside of the classroom setting and make connections with them get to know them as people. However, one of the most memorable moments happened a few years ago when a student was terrified of presenting. Through coaching and supporting them, they were able to present with whispers and tears. By the end of the year, this student stood up and delivered a comfortable, confident presentation with smiles. Any teacher will tell you that watching a student who struggles and then overcomes is the single greatest feeling there is and I have had many of these, but this student stands out. Tell us about a project or challenge that helped students improve their learning? How did that make you feel? I teach the Discovering Opportunities program and every year, we take on a project around the school. The first year I did this, I led the activity and had students help design an outdoor learning space. The students had a lukewarm reception to an idea I thought they would really love. The next year, I allowed the class complete control over the entire project. From the idea phase through to construction and completion, I was merely a guide for their collaboration and innovation. By shifting the focus of the project from me to them, students learned so much about project creation, about collaboration and about themselves. I was so proud of them for the work they did. It was a much more rewarding experience. Since March we've seen incredible changes in our world and its effects on education What is your perspective on virtual learning and how can we prepare for a possible return to "learning at home"


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Learning virtually has its benefits. Under a global pandemic, things cannot run the way they are used to. There are so many adjustments that both teachers and students have to make. I am deeply proud of my colleagues as they navigated such a monumental shift in their practice and did so on the fly. I am also impressed by how well students adapted to all of this. That said, nothing can replace the personal interactions of a classroom. While there were opportunities to examine teaching practice and learn new tools, it created a lot of stress for students and teachers alike. My advice would be to embrace the unknown, but understand that it is a learning experience. To try and completely recreate the classroom experience is impossible. Prepare as best you can for the scenario and execute to the best of your abilities. Be proud of the steps you’ve taken. Trying to rebuild an aircraft mid flight is not an easy task.