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2019 Lookbook

Brilliant PR & Marketing’s client roster boasts some of the most outstanding products for families.

Our clients include revolutionary “must have” items for new parents, tools to keep the home in ship-shape, educational toys, stylish accessories for kids of all ages and so much more! For high-resolution photography and videos and more go to, email or call 888.808.4465. For samples or additional product ideas email us at

Look for the eco-friendy and STEM Learning approved symbols throughout the lookbook!

2019 Lookbook |


Bright ideas for curious minds

Suuuper Size Puzzle Animal Match

Match the Buddies Puzzle Banana Panda Inc. is a US-based company created by the founders of Bright Junior Media with the goal of adapting its successful European brand for the American market. We specialize in puzzles, educational toys and games dedicated to all little explorers who are curious about the world. We are a family-run company focused on the relationship between parents and their children. Our mission is to enrich their special bond, as well as inspire and excite through educational games and play.

Available online at Purchase online at

Match the Baby Puzzle

Suuuper Size Memory Game

2019 Lookbook |


A True Cinema Experience, Anytime, Anyplace

We believe in the magic of everyday moments, we believe that in today’s ever-changing world that divides generations into digital natives and immigrants, there’s still a place where they all can get together and create beautiful memories. Time that we spend together with our family is priceless. We also believe that technology can make family time a bit more fun, memorable and magical.

Kit’n’Kate Cover

KikOriki Cover


Om Nom Cover

Available online at Purchase online at

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Artie 3000™

Igniting the spark in every child

Say hello to Artie! This coding/drawing robot puts kids in control. The easy-to-use drag and drop programming can be used on a Mac, PC or tablet. As kids tell Artie what to draw next, they learn left-brain skills like basic programming, geometry, and math, while engaging the right side of their brains to create cool, colorful designs!

Design & Drill® Space Circuits

Based in sunny Southern California, Educational Insights is the creator of award-winning toys and games backed by a playful promise to provide new experiences that ignite passion and fuel kid creativity and imagination. For more than 50 years, our award-winning toys and games have helped kids around the world embrace their originality, celebrate their differences, and pursue their very best selves. Learn more about how we ignite the spark in every child at

Blast off with the all new Design & Drill® Space Circuits kit, where imaginative play meets construction fun. Take on the role of an astronaut as they build and repair their mission control panel. With 20 different spacethemed missions, kids create circuits that really work!

Kanoodle® Head-to-Head

Knot your noodle! Construct caboodles of 2-D and 3-D puzzles with this brain-twisting solitaire game. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. Hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle!

Kanoodle® Gravity™

Take your puzzle powers to the next level and go vertical with Kanoodle® Gravity™! Perfect for solo play or an epic battle for two, Kanoodle® Gravity™’s brain bending puzzles really stack up. 2019 Lookbook |


Igniting the spark in every child Playfoam® Pals™ Fantasy Friends (Series 4)

Fantastic creatures are hiding inside Playfoam® Pals™ Fantasy Friends! Each pod of magically-mixed, three-tone sparkle Playfoam hides an adorable Fantasy Friend to collect.

Playfoam® Pals™ Monster Party (Series 5)

Frightening creatures are hiding inside Playfoam® Pals™ Monster Party! Each pod of Glow-in-the-Dark Playfoam hides an adorable Monster Pal to collect.

Playfoam® Pals™ 6-Pack (Series 1)

Playfoam® Pals™ Pet Party (Series 2)

Playfoam® Combo 8-Pack

Playfoam® Pals™ Snowy Friends (Series 3)

Playfoam® Glow-in-the-Dark 8-Pack 2019 Lookbook |


Igniting the spark in every child

Bright Basics™ Dumpty Truck

Design & Drill® Train

x Design & Drill® My First Workbench

Design & Drill® See-Through Creative Workshop

Design & Drill® Convertible

GeoSafari® Jr. Kidnoculars® Extreme™

GeoSafari® Jr. Mighty Magnifiers™

GeoSafari® Jr. Ladybug Garden™

GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Globe™

2019 Lookbook |


Igniting the spark in every child


The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game®

Bright Basics™ Slide & Splash Seals

Nancy B’s Science Club® Microscope

Shelby’s Snack Shack Game®

Bright Basics™ Snuggly

Nancy B’s Science Club® Moonscope™

2019 Lookbook |


Shaping a wonderful childhood

Floating Blocks

Since 1983 Edushape has been providing birth to kindergarten children carefully crafted toys for imaginative, creative play.

Play & Sound Mat

Water Magic Cube

Dream Buddy

Available online at Purchase online at

Look & Feel Baby Book

Magic Creation - Splash of Fun

2019 Lookbook |


60% of Products not made from wood and under $20


Since 1938, HABA has been a leader in designing and manufacturing heirloomquality, eco-conscious, thoughtfully engineered toys for kids

Bendy Dolls

Award Winning Games

Pacifier Chains

Available online at

Infant/Toddler Wooden Toys

Infant/Toddler Soft Toys

Dolls & Accessories

Wooden Rattles & Clutching Toys

Puppet Theatres & Puppets

2019 Lookbook |


60% of Products not made from wood and under $20

Building Blocks & Marble Runs

Kitchen & Play Food


Little Friends

Bath Toys


Costumes & Role Play

Sand & Water Toys

Play Tents & Room Decor

2019 Lookbook |


We support teachers, inspire students, engage parents, and champion learning by doing

Bob Books

With more than 50 years of experience creating handson learning solutions for the home and classroom, ETA hand2mind knows that children learn by doing. We create interactive products that spark children’s natural curiosity and inspire the natural learning process. A household name in the educational space, our tried-and-true line-up of manipulatives, lessons, support materials, and athome extensions address math, science, STEM, and literacy to create wellrounded children who love to learn. Available online at Purchase online at

Bob Books readers introduces letter sounds in this set. Children add on more and more letter sounds until they have learned the alphabet (except Q). The first book in the set is called “Mat.” In this book children are taught four, letter sounds. This set includes 12 books in the popular Bob Books Collection.

STEM at Play MAGNETS! Super Experiment Kit

Explore the science behind magnetism. Use real lab tools and materials to perform amazing experiments and experience what it’s like to think like a scientist or an engineer. Become an expert in all things magnetic. The fact-filled guide is chockfull of pictures and information needed for hours of experimentation in your own home laboratory!

STEM at Play® BONES! Dissect Owl Pellets Kit

Explore the world of biology and perform your own experiments! Discover what it’s like to be a wildlife biologist or veterinarian. Use the included lab tools to dissect real owl pellets and turn your home into your very own science.

2019 Lookbook |


Parents have trusted Highlights to deliver Fun with a PurposeÂŽ for more than 70 years



Word Practice

Highlights Learning takes the brand’s kid-approved approach and organizes it into a progressive framework, aligned with school standards. These workbooks and learning products, developed in collaboration with education experts, integrate puzzles and humor to engage kids more deeply, paving the way for school success.


Tracing Practice

Letter Practice


Cursive Practice

Available online at Purchase online at

Summer Big Fun Workbook Bridging Grades K&1

Summer Big Fun Workbook Bridging Grades P&K

Summer Big Fun Workbook Bridging Grades 1&2

2019 Lookbook |


Highlights Press is the branded publishing imprint of Highlights for Children. Highlights Press publishes activity books and innovative novelty formats, with a variety of types of puzzle books that include Hidden Pictures®, Puzzlemania®, and Amazing Mazes, as well as craft books, joke books, and seasonal titles.

Jumbo Pad of Picture Puzzles

Jumbo Pad of Puzzling Fun

Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures

101 Toothbrushes

Who’s There? Funny Food KnockKnock Jokes

101 Bananas

ABC Town

Knock Knock!

Ultimate Puzzle Challenge!

Who’s There? Silly Animal KnockKnock Jokes 2019 Lookbook |


Award-winning, classic toys that engage and inspire

All of us in Kahootz are on a mission to create innovative products that deliver creative and classic play in a whole new way to kids of all ages. With classic brands that include SPIROGRAPH®, COLORFORMS®, FASHION PLATES®, LATCHKITS®, ROMPER ROOM®, PLASTICINE®, PLAY-DOH®, WATERFULS®, Y’ART® and many more, we are using our skills and passions to make fun stuff with people we trust and respect while having a blast doing it. That’s why we got into Kahootz in the first place!

A whole new way to create AMAZING textile art with the ease of coloring!

Available online at https://www.kahootztoys. com/yart.html. Purchase online at

2019 Lookbook |


Innovative, Hands-On Educational Toys

From toy cash registers that help kids learn to count and alphabet puzzle blocks that inspire a love of reading to a coding mouse that schools use to prepare students for tomorrow - we are Learning Resources®. For over 30 years Learning Resources has been the leader in educational toys, with more than 1,000 items sold in over 80 countries. Each toy is designed to help children build educational skills… and get ready to take on the world.

Coding Creatures™

Meet the Coding Critters—your first coding friends! These interactive pets introduce preschoolers to critical thinking, problem-solving, and other STEM skills with the help of fun playsets, storybook coding adventures, and two interactive modes! Full-color 20-page storybook includes multiple fun coding challenges! Code along with puppies Ranger & Zip, kitties Scamper & Sneaker, or dinos Rumble & Bumble. Available Summer 2019.

Botley™ the Coding Robot Activity Set

Available online at Purchase online at

Botley is here to introduce coding in a fun, friendly way and was named “Best of CES” by Reuters and “Best of Toy Fair” by Parents Magazine. Children as young as 5 can learn to code with Botley, but with his advanced features he’ll grow with them for many fun years to come. Botley is ready to use right out of the box, 100% screen free and is the only robot that includes a 77-piece activity set! 2019 Lookbook |


Innovative, Hands-On Educational Toys

STEM Explorers

MathLink® Builders

Build fun animals, objects, and more during play that pairs early math and fine motor skills with creativity and critical thinking. Includes 100 MathLink Cubes in 10 colors and Activity Guide with 10 challenges.

STEM Explorers™ Geomakers

With the help of the 10 included challenges, kids craft their own 2-D and 3-D shapes during STEMfilled play sessions that boost early geometry, critical thinking, and fine motor skills. Includes Activity Guide.

STEM Explorers™

Magnet Movers

Kids experiment with the motion of magnetic attraction and other early physics concepts with this magnetic wand and set of magnetic accessories. Includes Activity Guide with 10 challenges!

2019 Lookbook |


Innovative, Hands-On Educational Toys

Beaker Creatures™

After traveling through space from their tiny distant planets, Beaker Creatures have landed on Earth in search of science adventures! Beaker Creatures is a new line of science-themed collectibles from Learning Resources that combines the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments that build skills and spark curiosity. Now with 65 creatures to collect!

Beaker Creatures® Series 2 Reactor Pods

Meet 30 new collectible creatures, including the slimy Swampoids, mechanical Bytebots, and limited edition Color-Change Frostonians!

Beaker Creatures® Lab Gear

Become a true creature scientist with this official Beaker Creatures lab coat and pair of lab glasses that add dramatic role-play fun to each science experiment.

Beaker Creatures® Whirling Wave Reactor

It’s a whirling wave reaction! Drop the Reactor Pod into the chamber, fill it with water, and spin the lever to reveal the creatures! Doubles as a working lab station.

2019 Lookbook |


Innovative, Hands-On Educational Toys

Serve it Up! Play Restaurant

Build & Spin: Barnyard Friends

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Machines in Motion

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog™

Trace Ace Scissor Skills

Mental Blox® – On the Go!

Tock the Learning Clock

Gears! Gears! Gears!® WreckerGears

Pip the Letter Pup

2019 Lookbook |


Innovative, Hands-On Educational Toys

Smart Scoops™ Math Activity Set

New Sprouts ® Chef Set


Veggie Farm Sorting Set

New Sprouts® Tool Belt

Pretend & Play® Animal Hospital 2019 Lookbook |


We love to Brighten Your Play!


The Game of Wolf

Gray Matters Games designs and publishes lively and cognitively challenging experiences for people with active minds. Through its games, Gray Matters promotes community, encourages fun and gives back to Alzheimer’s research.

You Bet-Cha!

Available online at Purchase online at

Ridiculous Expositions

2019 Lookbook |


Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Take Charge of Your Health

Wireless GlucoMonitoring System

iHealth is dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health. We do this by designing and manufacturing innovative, consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products that connect to the cloud. Our products are easy-to-use, making it simple for consumers to accurately measure, track and share a full range of health vitals. By automatically connecting the data through the cloud, consumers are able to see a more comprehensive view of their vitals and easily share information with healthcare professionals or loved ones.

Infrared No-Touch Thermometer


Ease Blood Pressure Results

Available online at Purchase online at

2019 Lookbook |


The best guitars for children and beginners.

Loog started as an academic project in 2010 when Rafael Atijas developed the concept as his Master’s thesis at New York University. The fact that The Loog Guitar was conceived in a university actually explains a lot about the company’s culture: our main goal is not to make the most profit, but to offer a product that is unique and well-designed. Loog Guitars is driven by a passion for music and sustainable design. We source our wood only from responsibly managed forests and are committed to quality and safety standards that meet or exceed government regulations. Available online at Purchase online at

2019 Lookbook |


Family is where our story begins

We’re a global brand with roots in Amsterdam. The practical side of family life is a constant source of inspiration to us. Raising little ones is immensely rewarding and demanding, often at the same time. And it isn’t all about the children either. Our own adventures in parenthood have shown us that practical and beautiful is the perfect balance when it comes to gear. There’s nothing we appreciate more than clever design—thoughtful solutions—that bring us a sense of joy.



diaper bag

leaf™ grow

pipa™ lite



demi™ grow

Available online at Purchase online at

2019 Lookbook |


Family is where our story begins


sena™ aire

pepp™ next


aace™ 2019 Lookbook |


One shape, endless possibilities!

Learn to Build - Basic

Plus-Plus is a unique construction toy with one shape and endless possibility! Made in Denmark, Plus-Plus will engage kids and ‘kidults’ alike as they build 2D mosaics and incredible 3D creations.

Available online at Purchase online at

BIG Picture Puzzle

Food Tubes

Mystery Maker

Apollo 11

2019 Lookbook |


One shape, endless possibilities!

BIG 15pc Basic Mix Tube

Mini Maker Tube

Super Tube 2019 Lookbook |


Unique Solutions That Reduce Our Footprint On The Planet

Snack in the Box

With its signature product, Drink In the Box, Precidio enables parents to provide kids the fun of juice boxes, but with vast nutritional and environmental benefits. Other products provide innovative, stylish twists on food and beverage carrying and storage.

Multi Flask

KafĂŠ in the Box

Drink in the Box Unique

Drink in the Box

Available online at

2019 Lookbook |


One giant sleep for babykind

One Giant Sleep for Babykind Does your little one wake up as soon as the buggy stops moving? The Rockit will keep rocking so you don’t have to! Created to help parents on the go, this handy must-have accessory keeps babies moving and snoozing. Simply attach to your pram or pushchair with our universal bracket, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock your baby, just like you would. In fact scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the subtle yet soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones.

The Rockit will keep rocking so you don’t have to!

Available online at Purchase online at

2019 Lookbook |


The world in YOUR hands.

Farm World Puppy Pen

At Schleich we believe that promoting creativity and a rich imagination is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. The best part of it is: a child’s creativity as well as their imagination develop almost by themselves with the right playing concepts. Our figures can be experienced using one’s eyes and hands due to their high-quality craftsmanship and great surface design. Thanks to constantly new, wonderful playing experiences, the child’s development is stimulated – be it with the lovingly designed individual figures or our diverse playing worlds.

Farm World

Farm World Adventure Tree House

Donkey Foal

Wild Life Quokka

Wild Life Croco Jungle

Wild Life Giraffe

Wild Life Lion

Available online at en/US/. Purchase online at

2019 Lookbook |


Invention kits for young innovators.

Toys with step-by-step instructions aren’t always the most kid-friendly. Tinkering Labs kits give them a way to build stuff without having to worry about getting it “right.” The Tinkering Labs kits provide STEM-based challenges to get kids out of a rigid, model-building mindset, and into open-ended play. For example, they can “make a machine that can scramble an egg,” or “build a creature with spinning arms.” Great for girls and boys ages 8 and up. Available online at Purchase online at

The Electric Motors Catalyst

Toys with step-by-step instructions aren’t always the most kid-friendly. Tinkering Labs kits give them a way to build stuff without having to worry about getting it “right.” The Tinkering Labs kits provide STEM-based challenges to get kids out of a rigid, model-building mindset, and into open-ended play. For example, they can “make a machine that can scramble an egg,” or “build a creature with spinning arms.” Great for girls and boys ages 8 and up. 2019 Lookbook |


Piggy Bank

For over 130 years, we have been called ‘First in Fun’ for bringing people together in the name of good games and great company. We’re all about the cards, the games, and the experiences they create. Bicycle® Playing Cards are the most widely used playing cards in the world. You will find our decks everywhere from the most exclusive tables in Vegas, to the shabbiest tables in your home.

Monkey, May I?

Mixed Emojis

Catch’n Fish

Super Me!

Gather your friends and family. There’s never been a better time to unplug, shuffle, and play a game of cards.

Available online at Purchase online at

Seal Squad

Sharks are Wild

2019 Lookbook |


Healthy Soil, Healthy Food Pear, Banana, Kiwi

Carrot, Sweet Potato, Pea

My husband Keith and I founded White Leaf Provisions in February of 2016, following the birth of our son, Keegan. Both as concerned parents and conscious consumers looking for the purest options for our family, we quickly became aware of a lack of truly pure and organic foods that were simple in their design and taste and farmed in an ecominded way. White Leaf is certified by Demeter USA, the International seal of approval for Biodynamic farming practices and products. We proudly use proceeds from these products to sponsor the next generation of sustainable farmers and farm-to-school gardening and educational programs in North America. Available online at https://www.

Apple, Sweet Potato, Beet

Mango, Carrot, Banana, Pear

Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Apple and Pear Sauce

2019 Lookbook |


Nurture the magic.

Our product, Wishing Pixies, consists of dolls, a magical story, and an interactive App for children 3 years old and upward. In our story, the Pixies were forced to leave their world and have come to Earth because Earthlings are loving and caring, thus it is the perfect safe haven for them. On Earth, families adopt the physical Pixie dolls and the children take care of them; nurturing the magic. Available online at https://www.wishingpixies. com/Store/products.php.

2019 Lookbook |


Write down the now so it can be remembered for all the tomorrows.

An Art Director and Account Manager coming together to create a handmade journal business with a vision to one day be able to produce a range of linen covered journals in beautiful colours and classic embossed titles. The inspiration to create our products came from two places. We both left home within four weeks of each other, and our mother gifted us with our baby journals and family recipe books that she had put together for us. A box of hand written letters are some of the most precious items my husband has of his mother after losing both parents when he has 12 years old. This made us very sentimental and really bought home the importance of hand writing and documenting our lives.

Available online at

No moment is ordinary. 2019 Lookbook |


Profile for Brilliant PR & Marketing

2019 Brilliant PR & Marketing Client Look Book  

2019 Brilliant PR & Marketing Client Look Book