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Brilliant PR & Marketing’s client roster boasts some of the most outstanding products for families.

Our clients include revolutionary “must have” items for new parents, tools to keep the home in ship-shape, educational toys, stylish accessories for kids of all ages and so much more! For high-resolution photography and videos and more go to www.BrilliantPRM.com/MediaGallery, email Info@BrilliantPRM.com or call 888.808.4465. For samples or additional product ideas email us at PressInquiries@BrilliantPRM.com

Look for the eco-friendy and STEM Learning approved symbols throughout the lookbook!

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


We help kids go from “I can’t” to “I’ll keep learning until I can.”

When kids become stuck in negative self-talk or can’t push through their fear of failure, it’s hard to know how to help them. At Big Life Journal, we create engaging resources to help kids develop a resilient growth mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.

Big Life Journal for Kids

Big Life Journal Daily Edition

Available online at https:// biglifejournal.com/. Purchase online at amazon.com.

Big Life Journal for Tweens and Teens

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Play outside and meet adventure head on!

Slackers Swingline

b4Adventure is committed to making a variety of products that encourage kids of all ages to get outdoors, stay active and have fun while doing it! Our family of brands includes Slackers, American Ninja Warrior, Playzone-Fit and 4Fun; and hassomething to offer every level of adventurer, from toddler stage all the way through to adulthood.

4Fun ChangeUp

Available online at www. b4adventure.com Purchase online at amazon.com.

Playzone-Fit Wack-a-tag

Playzone-fit Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway System 2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


A True Cinema Experience, Anytime, Anyplace.


We believe in the magic of everyday moments, we believe that in today’s everchanging world that divides generations into digital natives and immigrants, there’s still a place where they all can get together and create beautiful memories. Time that we spend together with our family is priceless. We also believe that technology can make family time a bit more fun, memorable and magical.

CINEMOOD TV offers LTE wireless connectivity, a 5x brighter projection that can be viewed in daylight, faster speed, improved sound and up to 264GB of memory.


CINEMOOD 360 is the first 360-degree interactive projector designed for families. The new projector introduces 360-degree video and motion technology capabilities to turn the walls, floor and ceiling of any dark room into an immersive entertainment, educational and active play experience for kids.

Available online at cinemood.com. Purchase online at Amazon. com.

Kit’n’Kate Cover


Om Nom Cover

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Baby bottles that mimic breastfeeding

Natural Feel Baby Bottle 5oz

Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles feature an innovative and sensible design to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding. The naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding.

A baby startup revolutionizing baby bottles and teethers. Available online at comotomo.com. Purchase online at Amazon. com/comotomo.

Natural Feel Baby Bottle 8oz

Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles feature an innovative and sensible design to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding. The naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding.

Silicone Baby Teether

Soft hygienic silicone, easy to clean, baby finger sized, non-choking design, multiple points for grabbing and holding

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


A colorful creation studio transforming MagnaTiles® into innovative new applications

A colorful creation studio where new, cool, fun products and experiences are made.

Counting With Cookie Monster

Colors With Elmo


The Monster At The End of This Story

Available online at CreateOn.com. Select products available at Amazon and Target.

Galaxy Rocket Ship

Magna-Tiles Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Beatles Collection

Magna-Tiles The Very Hungry Caterpillar

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


The best relief comes from mother nature.

Dr. Talbot’s Chamomile Soothing Tablets

Dr. Talbot’s is a homeopathic medicine brand that focuses on safe, natural, and effective solutions for the whole family. Inspired by Dr. Ralph Jefferson Talbot, Dr. Talbot’s brand has believed in harnessing natural ingredients over synthetic drugs since 1933.

Dr. Talbot’s Nighttime Soothing Tablets

Dr. Talbot’s Pain + Fever Relief

Dr. Talbot’s Pain + Inflammation Relief

Dr. Talbot’s Infrared Thermometer - Hand Grip Style

Dr. Talbot’s Infrared Thermometer - Ergo Style

Dr. Talbot’s Baby Tooth Gel

Dr. Talbot’s Infrared Thermometer - Candy Bar Style

Purchase online at amazon.com.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Better for parents, better for baby, better for the planet and better for your wallet.

DYPER™ is a leading subscription-based diaper service that delivers an optimized shipment of the highest quality viscose from bamboo diapers directly to a customer’s doorstep each month. All products are made from responsibly sourced materials that are free of harmful chemicals, prints, and scents. DYPER™ aims to be better for parents, babies and the environment.

DYPER Diaper Subscription

Available online at dyper.com .

DYPER vegan diaper balm

DYPER Baby wipes

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Plant-Based Complete Nutrition for Toddlers.

Led by industry veterans, scientists, nutritionists, and parents, Else has created a real alternative to dairy-based formula that uses 92% wholefood ingredients and the cleanest, most natural production process to date. Available online at elsenutrition.com/ products/else-plantbased-completenutrition-for-toddlers?varia nt=35000865554582.

Introducing the First Clean Label, Plantbased Nutrition drink for Complete Nutrition beyond the first year. Else offers a real, plantbased milk alternative that gives parents real choice besides dairy. It is made with real, whole foods including almonds, tapioca and buckwheat, is certified organic, features a clean label, and is delicious!

Purchase online at amazon.com.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Smarter Fun

Kabammm! Elevate your reflexes and visual perception to superhero level when playing! Get rid of your cards quickly by matching icons and take advantage of powerful combo moves.

Play the original popping game FoxMind manufactures with distributes a Go PoP! Roundo. and toys andThe one piece fidget games that offer made mind of high quality silicone! stimulating fun and help develop reasoning skills, spatial logic and other skills associated with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as well as verbal expression, dexterity, and healthy social interaction. Available online at graymattersgames.com

Available online at https:// foxmind.com/.

GoPop! Enjoy the tactile sense of infinite bubbles popping in a light and fun logic game.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


A bike should be a part of every childhood, but injuries shouldn’t.

Guardian Bikes specializes in safety and building confident bike riders. With kid-specific geometry, lightweight frames, and a low center of gravity, our bikes give kids more control and confidence from that very first pedal. All our bikes come equipped with our patented SureStop Braking technology, which eliminates head over handlebar accidents from ever happening and gives kids a quicker more controlled stop. We are setting an example for how the bike industry can make kids bikes safer. Available online at guardianbikes.com.

Guardian Original Bike The Guardian Original is our premium ultra-lightweight aluminum bike. Featuring our single-lever Surestop braking system and kid-specific geometry the Guardian Original is ready for any adventure! Available in 16”, 20” Small, 20” Large, and 24” sizes.

Guardian Ethos Bike The Guardian Ethos has a lightweight steel frame, making it easy to control and balance. Featuring our single-lever Surestop braking system and kid-specific geometry the Guardian Ethos is ready for any adventure! Available in 14”, 20” Small, 20” Large, and 24” sizes.

Purchase online at amazon.com.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Strengthen developmental skills, inspire play and spark creativity

Little Friends Villa

Since 1938, HABA has been a leader in designing and manufacturing heirloomquality, eco-conscious, thoughtfully engineered toys for kids.

Dress Me Threading Game

Hedgehog Haberdash

My Very First Games - Nibble Munch Crunch

The Key - Murder at the Oakdale Club

Available online at habausa.com.

Roly Poly Bear with Stacking Rings

Dangling Figure Parrot

Cooktop Set Culina

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


The first smart Band that eliminates manual logging.

HEALBE has designed efficient smart bands to help you change habits, develop a conscious attitude about nutrition, get in shape, improve your quality of life, and feel healthy, awake, and productive!]

The new GoBe3 from Healbe is the world’s first smart band to track calorie intake, body hydration, and stress levels AUTOMATICALLY..

Available online at https:// healbe.com/gobe3/. Purchase online at amazon.com.

This eliminates the hassle of manual logging and making it easier to reach your wellness goals.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Learning while playing! Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle Learn about the Solar System while practicing fine motor skills and handeye coordination with this enlarged puzzle.

Hopping Shark The hopping shark is the perfect bouncer, promoting creative and active play! The plush cover is removable and machine washable.

iPlay, iLearn is a company producing toys that inspire kids to imagine, explore, and create!

Available online at iplayilearntoys.com. Purchase online at Amazon.com/iplayilearn.

Pretend Play Cooking Set Take pretend play to the next level with this 20 piece cooking set. Promotes creative and imaginative play with pots, pans, pretend food and more.

Flynoculars This 3-in-1 toy has multiple uses -pretend to fly it as an airplane, explore with binoculars (4x magnification) and cool down with a fan function!

Mega Robot Truck 3-in-1 transforming truck! This set contains 65 pieces that can be converted into a robot, a workbench and a truck!

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Sharing our blessings… one gold jar at a time!

The Jar From Afar is a bookplus children’s product that is based on the true story of a brother and sister on a mission to share their blessings with others in their community. It tells the heartfelt story of how the gold collection jar was born and the good it can do if we all join forces to “Do small things with really big love.”

Available online at TheJarFromAfar.com.

Jar From Afar The Jar From Afar comes with a gold jar and a book detailing the true story and origin of The Jar. It is designed to bring children and their families together on a mission to help another family in their community.

Coming soon to amazon.com.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Quality and creative products in the pretend toy space.

Litti Lady Purse

Pretend Makeup Sef

Premier Doctor Set

Premier Pink Chef Set

Teacher Set

Diaper Bag

LittiCity is a high-quality toy line specializing in pretend play and dress up. Available online at jaxojoy.myshopify.com/ and https://www.litticity. com/.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Disney Ariel Lights and Sounds Bubble Wand

Little Kids develops innovative and awardwinning bubble, sports, novelty and activity toys that promote thoughtful and creative play. Little Kids brands include Fubbles®, and Fubbles® No-Spill®, a category the company created with its patented No-Spill® Bubble Tumbler® toy. Little Kids’ licensed toy portfolio includes Nickelodeon™ with brands such as PAW Patrol™, Blue’s Clue’s and You™, Bubble Guppies™ and Pinkfong’s Baby Shark™ bubble and water toys, as well as Disney™, Marvel™, PJ MASKS, Peppa Pig and Sesame Street®. Available online at littlekidsinc.com/.

Spiderman Bubble Slinger

Blues Clues & You Action Bubble Blower

Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler

No Spill Bubblin Buckets

Purchase online at amazon.com. 2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Learn independence through exploration, interaction, and play. Little Partners™ Learning Tower™ and Limited Edition Learning Tower™

The Original Learning Tower™ the Limited Edition Learning Tower™ provide a secure environment while nurturing their desire to be independent and to participate. The Limited Edition Learning Tower™ features removable side panels and an activity center.

Little Partners strives to help parents and caregivers create environments that nurture young children and provide ample opportunities for kids to learn independence through exploration, interaction, and play.

Tri-Side Learn & Play Art Center Includes three different surfaces for ultimate creative expression, giving young artists the space and versatility to color, paint, play, and experiment in whatever medium they choose. The three sides include a chalkboard, a felt board, and a magnetic dry erase board with a refillable roll for parchment paper.

Purchase online at littlepartners.com/.

Little Partners™ Mod Booster Seat with Cushion

Allows child to sit at table-top height safely and securely for meal times, arts and crafts, and other hands-on activities with the family.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Kids’ Guitars Reimagined

Loog is a line of guitars designed to make it fun and easy to play music. They come with an app that gets kids playing songs on day one! Their 3-string real guitars make the transition to 6-strings seamless, easy and fun. Available online at loogguitars.com.

Loog Mini Ages 3+

Loog Pro Ages 8+

Loog Pro VI Ages 12+, Loog’s first 6-string guitar!

Loog App The free Loog Guitar app has everything you need to play songs: video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook so you can learn by playing real songs (Beatles, Stones, Taylor Swift and more). It even has an AUGMENTED REALITY feature that allows you to learn guitar using the selfie camera!

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


The life changing app for moms

A wellness app for mothers worldwide. MamaZen uses the powerful techniques of meditation, hypnotherapy and mindfulness to reduce the stress, burnout, and anxiety among millennial moms. Transforming the hardship of motherhood into an empowering and enjoyable experience. Available online at mamazen.com/.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


A cleaner, more natural choice in baby wipes

The 100% natural baby wipes were designed for the most sensitive skin but provide a premium, chemical-free experience for all babies Available online at amazon.com.

Introducing Niki’s Natural Wipes - the world’s first 100% natural baby wipe with revolutionary, antibacterial and antiviral manuka honey, native to only Australia and New Zealand, and enriched with skin nourishing coconut oil, has been created to help parents battle endless skin irritation. The first of their kind baby wipes which have earned one of the highest certifications from the Environmental Working Group (EWG™), Niki’s Natural Wipes are an imperative solution for anyone committed to eliminating toxins from babies’ lives.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Making the lives of parents and children easier, simpler and more fun.

Nibbler Mesh Feeder

Nuby offers a variety of quality baby products including teethers, bottles, feeders and cups. Available online at nuby. com/usa/en. Purchase online at amazon.com. Silicone Avocado Teether

Nuby 2 Stage Tritan 360 Edge Drinking Rim Cup

Non-Drip Wide Neck Bottles

Fruitsicles Ice Pop Mold

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Baby gear and children toys for the modern home

Oribel items are designed specifically to blend into your modern home. From innovative high chair designs to wall toys that keep the floor clean, Oribel offers baby and children toys that are equally functional and beautiful. Available online at loveoribel.com/. Purchase online at amazon.com.

PortaPlay Stage-Based Activity Center -Monsterland Adventures

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


The premier brand of Christmas ornaments since 1979

Old World Christmas glass ornaments are handcrafted using techniques from the 1800s. Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds, before a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. The ornaments are then handpainted and glittered to achieve the beautiful creations.

Passport Ornament

Black Labrador Ornament

Pickle Ornament

Avocado Ornament

Sloth Ornament

Floating Sea Otter Ornament

Bowl of Mac & Cheese Ornament

Ginger Cottage Drive-In Theater Ornament

Available online at oldworldchristmas.com.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


One shape, endless possibilities!

Learn to Build - Basic

Plus-Plus is a unique construction toy with one shape and endless possibility! Made in Denmark, Plus-Plus will engage kids and ‘kidults’ alike as they build 2D mosaics and incredible 3D creations. As of 2021 all Plus-Plus items are made with 100% wind energy.

Learn to Build - Jewelry

Available online at plus-plus.us. Purchase online at Amazon. com.

BIG Picture Puzzle

Food Tubes

GO! Hot Rod

Apollo 11 2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Unique Solutions That Reduce Our Footprint On The Planet

With its signature product, Drink In the Box, Precidio enables parents to provide kids the fun of juice boxes, but with vast nutritional and environmental benefits. Other products provide innovative, stylish twists on food and beverage carrying and storage.

Multi Flask

Kafé in the Box

Available online at DrinkintheBox.com.

Snack in the Box

Drink in the Box 2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Leading provider of realistic animal figures

Polar Playground The big ice floe in the Schleich® WILD LIFE Polar Playground is really wobbly. The two polar bears need to be careful they don’t fall in the water as they play!

At Schleich we believe that promoting creativity and a rich imagination is one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. The best part of it is: a child’s creativity as well as their imagination develop almost by themselves with the right playing concepts. Our figures can be experienced using one’s eyes and hands due to their high-quality craftsmanship and great surface design. Thanks to constantly new, wonderful playing experiences, the child’s development is stimulated – be it with the lovingly designed individual figures or our diverse playing worlds. Available online at schleich-s.com/en/US. Purchase online at Amazon. com.

Llama Llamas are hump-less camels that originate in the South American Andes, and eat plants and grasses.

Rock Beast The Rock Beast from Schleich® Eldrador® Creatures lives in the inaccessible, rugged mountains of the Stone World.

Ceratosaurus The Ceratosaurus from Schleich® DINOSAURS was a carnivorous dinosaur that lived around 150 million years ago in the Late Jurassic period.

Hatching Owl Chicks The two hatching baby owls have barely crawled out of the egg and are already playing in the warm nest on their beautifully decorated tree.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Safe Smart Phone for Kids!

Troomi features include:

A safe phone to help children learn, do, and become anything. Troomi is a cellular network designed to make cell phones safer for kids with features including KidSmart™ Apps that allow kids to reap the benefits of carefully curated Android apps along with robust parental controls.

• Protection from pornography, predators, and bullies • No social media or addictive games to cause stress, anxiety and depression • Monthly phone plans starting at just $14.95 for unlimited talk and text • High-quality devices at kidfriendly prices

• An operating system that seamlessly allows parents to add device functionality based on kids’ needs and maturity • Schedule phone time and app access for younger kids based on time of day • Troomi keeps kids safe while preparing them for future responsibility!

Available online at troomi. com/, Purchase online at amazon.com.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


The perfect solution for baby’s sleeping needs.

TruBliss combines comfort and a little bit of smart technology to make life easier for babies and parents alike. Available online at BuyBuyBaby.com.

Evi Smart Bassinet More than just a bassinet, the Evi is able to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, to wirelessly control the rocking motion, music and nightlight. The large sleeping area features a deep design with higher sides than traditional bassinets for enhanced security and peace of mind.

Sweetli Deluxe Bassinet A convenient close-to-the-bed sleeper that boasts modern technology with Play2Sleep featuring a room temperature and humidity indicator, adjustable feeding reminder, night-time check light and vibration. Helps soothe your baby to sleep with lullabies and lights, while hanging toys stimulate baby’s visual senses when awake.

Sova Bassinet This product features a deep sleeping area with sides 35% higher than that of traditional bassinets, giving your baby a secure place to sleep and giving you peace of mind.The lightweight design allows you to move the bassinet easily throughout your home where its contemporary look blends beautifully with any décor.

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com



Tipping Point

Wicked Big Sports focuses on making games that are challenging, exciting, funny, and all ages and skill levels friendly. They take traditional game play and dial it up a notch with an extra twist of fun.


Available online at wickedbigsports.com/. Purchase online at amazon.com. Football

Soccer ball Volleyball

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


The real world is far more amazing than anything you can make up!

Britannica All-New Childrens’ Encyclopedia An amazing compendium of knowledge to satisfy all curious minds. Packed full of facts you can trust in an unreliable world, with experts behind every page.

What on Earth Publishing publishes children’s nonfiction books that engage their natural curiosity and passion for learning. We offer our readers diverse perspectives on the world and help them connect the dots to build a lifetime love of learning. Available online at https:// www.whatonearthbooks. com/us/

Marvelous Machines In this eye-catching book, readers can explore the hidden inner workings of machines and inventions, from the mundane to the cutting edge.

Amazing Treasures Discover 100 of the world’s most remarkable artefacts, most stunning artworks and most intriguing ruins in this beautifully illustrated book about Earth’s treasures.

Promotes the joys of playful learning through Carle’s timeless stories & vibrant artwork.

Baby Mori - VHC Short Sleeve Bodysuit The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bean Bag Plush

The World of Eric Carle inspires children to be creative, expressive and imaginative, encouraging them to explore and enjoy the world around them, while fostering lifetime personal values. Available at amazon.com.

Bamboo Swaddle Blankie by Nest Designs The Very Hungry Caterpillar 2-Sided Floor Puzzle

Soft in & out book World of Eric Carle x Pottery Barn Kids

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Stroller Wagons Redefined!

X4 Pull & Push Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater)

WonderFold Wagon is more than just a stroller wagon. It grows with the family. Our products combine the ultimate design along with important safety features that will allow parents to rest easier knowing that their children are safe and having fun. Our products can be used as a mobile playground, utility wagon, and more!

W1 Multifunctional Double Stroller Wagon (2 Seater)

Purchase online www. wonderfoldwagon.com. W4 Multifunctional Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater)

W2 Multifunctional Double Stroller Wagon (2 Seater)

2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


“One-Click Open” reusable straw.

WonderSip Standard

The world’s first easy to clean “One-Click Open” reusable straw. Crafted with a one piece design that’s eco-friendly, hygienic and more! Available in various sizes and colors! Available online at www. wondersip.com. WonderSip Long

WonderSip Jumbo

WonderSip Cocktail

WonderSip Variety 2021 Lookbook | BrilliantPRandMarketing.com


Profile for Brilliant PR & Marketing

2021 Brilliant PR & Marketing Client Look Book  

2021 Brilliant PR & Marketing Client Look Book