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Six Sigma –Strategic Operational Process at Vodafone The strategic operational process that is being practiced at Vodafone is Six Sigma through which organizations achieves quality in production. It is an approach to avoid defects and to have more standardized processes for a manufacturing firm or the one providing services. There are two techniques in Six Sigma which can be DMAIC process (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) and takes in to account operations that does not meet required criteria. The other is DMAV process (define, measure, analyze, design, verify) and is accountable to introduce new systems in order to improve company’s operations. Six Sigma DMAIC process is performed by Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma DMAC process is executed by Six Sigma Black Belts. Its implementation has given benefits to many companies particularly Motorola and Allied Signal followed by General Electric which has benefited the most from Six Sigma in term of its operations. Six Sigma is used at Vodafone since two and a half years in UK and they have implemented this in order to improve its operational activities. For them Six Sigma is better than all the past technology being used as it has improved their processes leading to an increasing profitability. Six Sigma has been introduced at Vodafone since the company is in a phase of evolving new technologies and products very frequently. With the introduction of Six Sigma business processes became more systematic and the company was able to accomplish spectacular results. Their revenues has risen because of increased usage of Black belt projects which uses Six Sigma DMAC process and Six Sigma Green Belts process. For example, Vodafone Turkey has introduced Six Sigma in Nov 2006 and it was adopted in order to improve customer experience, reduction in cost and to increase profitability. Vodafone Turkey selected Six Sigma as it is a structured organization with customer driven approach. The need to introduce Six Sigma also arose in Turkey because of their acquisition of Telsims in May 2006.Aafter acquiring this organization, Vodafone Turkey took advantage of the market opportunity by introducing Six Sigma and changed management style in order to improve their business operations which automatically enhanced customer satisfaction. Also, Vodafone was able to reduce its cost and performed well specially in Europe because of Six Sigma where it has achieved an accelerated growth as

compared with their competitors in terms of its profitability and EBITDA particularly because of low cost. Vodafone worked with Capgemini and followed six sigma approach by working on the current issues being faced by the governing body in order to improve the quality of the product rather than introducing new symptoms. They did surveys and provided new process trials in order to improve the quality of the product. This also helped them in evaluating their current processes and the need to further standardized their products. Some of the key areas identified during their survey were communication billing, delivery and query resolution. They were then more focused more towards these aspects. In this situation company ensured that they were following ISO 9000 by following six sigma approach. Thus it can be analyzed that Six Sigma and ISO 9000 at Vodafone were closely related. Conclusion: Vodafone is concerned about better quality which provides customer satisfaction leading to customer retention and profitability for the company .After analyzing the company it was observed that it had operational efficiencies as it was concerned about its quality and for that it implemented process like Six Sigma. However the company was following ISO 9000 for a long time and in order to have a better quality management it introduced Six Sigma process two and a half years ago in UK. Vodafone has always been very innovative and very adaptive to technological trends in order to meet the needs of its customers; in this way, it has been able to increase its market share and its brand equity. The






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Operational process at vodafone  
Operational process at vodafone  

The strategic operational process that is being practiced at Vodafone is Six Sigma through which organizations achieves quality in productio...