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Collaborative and Public Writing Techniques With the growth of internet and new emerging technologies, people from all around the world are now linked with each other. Almost everyone is connected to the vast network of social media users. People can share their thoughts with each other and work on different projects as a team. Similarly, writers from different origins, separated by vast oceans can now collaborate with each other in new, exciting, and efficient ways. Even though it is difficult for a single person to write an assignment, it is much easier for a group of people to do it. While collaborating with each other, writers can now overcome complicated challenges, and may even write masterpieces that they had never thought of. Teamwork always leads to success. While a single person may procrastinate, a team of writers never dawdles around. If one writer gets bored or tired, another can take his place. If one is out of ideas, then another person can help him. You can talk to your team members in the time of need and clarify any problems you face. So, in teamwork you never get bored or get left behind. There is always someone to lend you a hand and thus the success ratio increases dramatically. Another benefit of teamwork is instant proofreading. You can always share your work with your teammates and ask about their reviews. They can also point out any mistakes that were left behind and tell you any new ideas that may improve your essay quality. Similarly, the amount of your work decreases which is directly proportional to the number of teammates you have, and if your team members are prolific then you have even less to worry about. You gain a lot of experience while working as a team because there are many people to show you your mistakes and point you in the right direction. Here the question may arise that how can you collaborate with your team members. Well, the answer is simple. Set up an online meeting place at a specified time. You can work in Google Doc, it is an easy online collaboration system used by numerous writers worldwide. You can also leave your document open to the whole team or may authorize only few of them for alteration. Despite various benefits of teamwork, it also has some serious issues. For example, disagreements within team can cause some serious problems. Try to avoid them at any cost and be more patient. Similarly, do not get nervous our jealous if your team members perform better than you do. Always keep your chin up and look at the best scenario possible. University Assignment Help:

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