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Is It Time For Notebook Computers To Take Over Student’s Textbooks? With the advent of technology, people have become so much dependent on their computers and laptops that you hardly see a student without one of those things. Students have become heavily dependent on such gadgets for everything that they have to do. Whether you have to write an essay, do an assignment, make a project or even spell check your completed tasks, you always turn to the modern technology for assistance. This is undeniably true that computers assist us in speeding up our work to a great deal and help us in solving many of our problems. Therefore, it is compulsory for students to acquaint themselves with such a useful invention of modern technology. Do you know how many trees are cut down to prepare a notebook that we write on? There are a number of forests that are being cut down in Indonesia and many other countries have been experiencing deforestation quite fast. This results in the lives of many human beings as well as animals being affected that depend on those trees for food and other necessities. Using a notebook computer is, however, much more convenient and much more portable to carry and does not inhibit any living being in any way. When the first computers were launched, they were much more expensive and not used for commercial purposes. But nowadays there are a variety of options to choose from if you want to get your hands on the advanced gadgets. Those laptops and notebooks are much more affordable than one could imagine and cannot be regarded being not within the budget of many out there. So, it is not a luxury anymore and with the latest technology being introduced, the prices are being lowered down for the masses to take benefit of this invention. Apart from all this, instead of carrying a truckload of textbooks, wouldn’t it be much better to carry all the information on a notebook computer which is much easier to carry? All your information and documents are stored on a single memory chip which is not possible when you only make use of the textbooks. Therefore, one should not live in the dark ages and should instead become tech savvy in order to compete with the outer world. The competition is much tougher out there and if you want to succeed in the modern era, you also have to get your hands on this technology or else you will be left far behind. For reference visit:

Is It Time For Notebook Computers To Take Over Student’s Textbooks?  

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