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Range of Complexities Associated With Advertising in International Marketing Advertising serves a useful purpose as consumers all around the world, regardless of their countries’ social, cultural or political systems, requires useful information about products, Russians in particular, have a favorable attitude towards advertising, but the people dwelling in the Unites States considers advertising as a media that creates negative social impacts. Thus, the marketing of products internationally emphasizes on the significance of advertising and other communications. To advertise in an international market, a company cannot just utilize same wordings and repeat the same message without any discrimination. Some advertising messages that bring about favorable response of consumers towards the company in one country can actually fail to communicate with the audience of some other country. For example, a company advertised its new sunglasses in Thailand featuring a variety of cute animals wearing those eyeglasses; this was an epic fail because people in Thailand consider animals to below form of life and that any Thai citizen will not wear anything which is worn by animals. The reason why the company failed in Thailand was that it does not identify the Thai market and totally misjudged the cultural aspects of Thailand in this advertisement. Advertising is affected by the local laws and regulations of any country in a number of ways. To make additional difficulties for a firm, there could be certain restrictions on the use of a particular advertising media in some countries, or chances are that o limited amounted of time would be given to the organizations which hinders the effectiveness of the advertisement. An example of this can be taken from Belgium, where the local law enforcement agencies have prohibited the use of electricity for advertising purposes from midnight till 8 a.m. Another example is of Germany, where the local laws regulate the advertising contents and have limited the on air time of advertisement to 20 minutes per day on national channels. This in turn, has forced the companies to switch from state run to private channels. Moreover, encroachment of nationalism can also serve as a form of ban, restricting the firms from using any other language than the national one of the country. Many countries are still not in the favor of the legitimacy of comparative advertising. Some products are still banned, from advertising in certain countries or from certain media on the whole. For instance, the advertising of cigarettes is completely banned in some countries, to overcome such types of restrictions the manufacturers of cigarettes have started to make products such as Malboro cigarette lighters and Pall Mall Matches which are purposely designed in a way that they resemble exactly to cigarette packages since there is no restriction on the advertising of such products. A study of the ethical perspectives will provide another view point on the complexities that might be associated with advertising; the hiring of personnel through advertising agencies is considered more negative in Korea as compared to the United States, in addition to this, the expectations of clients for favors and the gifts received from them may be viewed from some other perspective in Korea. Apart from all these aspects, cultural dynamics also play a critical role in advertising. Cultural aspects are of great importance, and therefore, a company must need to address the cultural trends of

country if it wants to operate there. One example of the cultural perspective in advertising is that travel agencies who advertise their firms in culturally divided countries such as Canada, uses a single wife standing alone, this seems to be okay for the English people but in countries such as France where people are fundamentally more bounded to their families, a complete couple must be used in order to have the customers attracted. Another cultural aspect is the education of the society in which the company is going to enter, this must also be considered an important factor because when companies plan to advertise their products, which medium of advertising to choose and which type of communication should be utilized is highly dependent upon the level of education of that society. Thus, the companies while choosing the medium of advertisement as well as the communication type must consider the national differences if they want their advertising campaign to be successful, otherwise, the results turn out to be a massive failure for the firm. All you have to do is to pay someone to do assignment at our company and then you can surely prevent yourself from feeling degraded in front of your peers and class fellows.

Advertising in international marketing  

Advertising serves a useful purpose as consumers all around the world, regardless of their countries’ social, cultural or political systems,...

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