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STINA BERGFORS “Brilliant Minds was simply amazing! It is a great platform, arena and forum to challenge each other to be more innovative in the areas of tech, music, art, fashion and film. It’s inspiring and energizing! Among all great sessions and superstars that were on stage, the Symposium CEO and host Natalia Brzezinski was the biggest star of them all to me. She kept up the high energy and tied it all together for the audience throughout a very comprehensive agenda, with content extending across such a variety of complex cutting-edge areas. I was very impressed by her. Sweden and Stockholm has great momentum and a ‘can do’ attitude within entrepreneurship, thanks to people like Daniel Ek, Niklas Zennström and Ash Pournouri. A few years back most young people wanted to start working at an established, big company – today more and more aim for building their own businesses or working for a startup. I believe this is just the beginning.”

“Brilliant Minds 2016 was awesome, bringing folks together from so many different verticals. I’m the CTO of a worldwide music corporation so it was also a great way to meet people for me, as it just so happens that 20 percent of the music top charts are written in Sweden! In the future I believe that Brilliant Minds will be able to do a lot more around virtual reality storytelling and more on social issues. And once Spotify gets an IPO I believe there will be 20 spinoffs created in Stockholm alone… We need to continue to build up friendships and partnerships and truly make the city a scene and place where you want to be.”

2017 edition of Symposium magazine  
2017 edition of Symposium magazine