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LALEH (1982 –) MUSICIAN Laleh Pourkarim came to Sweden as a nine-year-old, fleeing from the revolution in Iran with her family. Today she’s widely recognized as one of the most interesting musicians and songwriters that has come out of Sweden in several decades. Her song “Some Die Young” acquired great importance in Norway after the terrorist attack in Oslo and Utøya, and her music is often described as the soundtrack of life’s most grand and elevated moments. Pop colossus Max Martin have persuaded Laleh to relocate to Los Angeles where she now continues to develop her artistic endeavors, writing and producing songs for the likes of Ellie Goulding and Adam Lambert.

STIEG LARSSON (1954 –2004) AUTHOR With his Millenium trilogy featuring the exceptional character Lisbet Salander writer Stieg Larsson made an extraordinary mark in literature. Salander is like a modern version of the strong and outspoken Pippi Longstocking – punky, tech savvy and with staggering vitality. But the three crime novels are just part of Larsson’s legacy. He was also the founder and editor in chief of antiracist periodical Expo, one of Sweden’s most important investigative publications. Sadly Larsson was not around for most of his global success. He passed away from cancer before the first Millenium book was released. He was working on the fourth volume when he died, a book that has now been finished by author David Lagerkrantz who has also written the notable autobiography of Zlatan Ibrahimović.

SOPHIA LINDHOLM ART DIRECTOR Business magazine Fast Company has named art director Sophia Lindholm “one of the world’s most creative people.” Sophia herself says it’s mostly hard work rather than sudden brilliant light bulb ideas. Lindholm works at acclaimed Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors and is part of a team behind a string of ambitious advertising spots, most noteably for Volvo's truck division that relaunched in 2012. In the ad ”The Epic Split” actor JeanClaude Van Damme does a perfect horizontal split between two moving trucks and the 1,17 minute long video became a viral hit with over 85 million online viewers.

JOHAN HOLMSÄTER (1947– ) FITNESS GURU JH has a proud place in history as the Swede that has saved the most Swedish lives by keeping them healthy and fit. In the 1970s Holmsäter founded the gymnastics activity Friskis och Svettis that has some 500,000 members at the moment. With its utterly unique pedagogic Holmsäter introduced “jympa”, a form of group exercise that engages thousands of men and women every day. The exercise is based on something as simple as inclination and that everyone can participate based on their own ability.

2017 edition of Symposium magazine  
2017 edition of Symposium magazine