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AVICII (1989 – ) MUSICIAN, DJ Sweden may have produced numerous super DJs but the brave and genre-bending Tim “Avicii” Bergling is the greatest of them all. Or as legendary Nile Rodgers put it: ”Tim does stuff that I’ve honestly never even thought of and he makes it sound so funky.” With its record breaking 200 million plays, Avicii’s tune “Wake Me Up” is the most played song on Spotify ever. Earlier this year Avicii made a decision to stop touring, but there’s plenty more music to come.

ESTRID ERICSSON (1894–1981) ENTREPRENEUR, ARTIST Tin artist Estrid Ericsson and Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank have played a paramount role in Swedish design history. The duo added patterns and color to the otherwise naked and minimalistic functionalism. The effect is demonstrated through Svenskt Tenn, the shop and brand that Estrid founded and managed with great success up until her passing.

PER GESSLE (1959 – ) MUSICIAN Per Gessle has been a staple of the Swedish music scene since the 1980s when his band Gyllene Tider made it big. The international break came with his band Roxette in the 1990s, and for years, Gessle and band member Marie Fredriksson played sold-out arenas all across the globe. Gessle is acknowledged as a pop prodigy, having written many hits such as “När vi två blir en”, “The Look”, “Listen to Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love”.

FREDRIKA BREMER (1801–1865) WRITER, FEMINST REFORMER Fredrika Bremer is considered the Swedish Jane Austen, bringing the realist novel to prominence in Swedish literature. When Bremer was in her 50s, her novel “Hertha” prompted a social movement that granted all Swedish women legal majority at the age of 25 and established Högre Lärarinneseminariet, Sweden's first female tertiary school. It also inspired women’s rights activist Sophie Adlersparre to begin publishing the Home Review, Sweden's first women's magazine. In 1884, Bremer became the namesake of the Fredrika Bremer Association, the first women's rights organization in Sweden.


I B R A H I M O V I C` (1981– ) FOOTBALL PLAYER Zlatan is Sweden’s most famous and celebrated sports personality. Since the late 1990s he’s played football for Malmö FF, Ajax, Barcelona, Inter, Milan and Paris and is now part of Manchester United. Zlatan is known for his unexpected and radical football technique as well as his quick tongue and firm opinions. He’s currently building a business outside of the football field, selling cars, sports clothing, perfume and other designer toiletries.

2017 edition of Symposium magazine  
2017 edition of Symposium magazine