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Brigidine School Windsor Headmistress: Mrs Elizabeth Robinson, MA, BSc, PGCE, FRGS School Tel: 01753 863779 Bursar Tel: 01753 832291 Facsimile: 01753 850278

To members of Parent Working Group

Queensmead, King’s Road Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2AX

1st December 2010

Dear Parent The objective of this letter is to update you on the proposed time line to formulate the way forward for the school. Events have moved quickly. Despite the letter sent by the parent’s working party on Friday last, some parents are already investigating moves for their children to neighbouring schools, as they are concerned about the current uncertainty. Also, during the past week we have received enquiries from over 220 pupils seeking to join the school in September 2011 on the basis that the school moves to becoming a Free School, with many prepared to start as fee paying students in January 2011. In line with our normal business the school is already offering places to new full fee paying parents to enter the school in January regardless of the Free School proposal. However, in the light of possible shortfall in revenue due to decrease in pupil numbers, the school will need to offer places to other new pupils on the understanding that there is no guarantee that the Free School option will be selected. In order to give new parents time to give notice to their current school, these offers will be made by the end of term on 14 December. On the Free School option, we are hoping for a positive response from the Secretary of State in the next couple of weeks; therefore, we need to accelerate the process of determining the viability of ALL options. It will only compound the uncertainty if we pass the end of this term without a solution being clearly identified. If there is a more robust, lower-risk solution than the Free School option, we need to define it quickly and clearly, as the latter is on the table, and if we want to progress with it we must act as a matter of urgency. We need to decide the right way forward and then make it work. This means we quickly need to understand the viability of all possible options. We have a long-standing Governors meeting booked for next Wednesday, 8 December which, due to other commitments cannot be moved. At that meeting we need to have before the Governors as much information on the various proposals as is available. /2....

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The Governors will therefore: Get an update on the risks associated with the school’s current financial position. Look at a concise analysis of any options presented by the parents working parties, including the associated risks, with the same being done with the Free School option. Agree which we believe is the most positive and lowest-risk solution to guarantee our ethos, the continuity of education for current pupils, and the protection of our long-term financial viability. Following this meeting, the Governors need to make a decision, at the earliest opportunity, on which of the available options are seen to be viable and could possibly be recommended as the way forward. We are therefore asking you to let us have a report on any option(s) you are considering by close of business on Tuesday 7 December. Each option analysis must be self-contained to ensure that the Governors are comparing like with like, including the Free School proposal, therefore we enclose a format for presenting each option. We regret having to accelerate this timescale, but, given the uncertainty of our current position, we believe that the highest risks to the viability of the school are those associated with delay. We will need all your support in getting people behind whatever route is selected. The worst scenario would mean closure, staff job loss, and terminating the current education of pupils, including those in GCSE or 6th Form studies. This scenario can be avoided by making a quick decision. We will be writing to all parents to explain the acceleration, and the need for decisions. Once the Governors have agreed an option we will obviously form a working partnership with governors, staff and parent representatives to ensure that we get the best outcomes for our pupils and the future of the school. Yours sincerely


Mrs Elizabeth Robinson HEADMISTRESS

Letter to parents regarding proposed time line  
Letter to parents regarding proposed time line  

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