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In this issue.. At Home services successful relocation to Currambine Brightwater staff survey summary Scholarship launch for groundbreaking research The importance of social work at Brightwater

CARE Brightwater Care Group wins Better Practice Award

Message from the CEO Welcome to all readers of this issue of ‘On Tap’, it’s a special First Edition of producing our newswletter in house! On Tap has been regularly published for a long time, to keep all staff members (more than 2100 of you) in touch with what is happening around the many locations and activities of Brightwater. There have been stories to amaze everyone, and information to reach everyone. We have celebrated achievements, we have been dazzled by the ingenuity of wonderful staff, for the residents and clients, young and old, with whom we work daily. This edition, however, ventures further. We want to share what we do with anyone who is interested. On Tap is now officially a quarterly publication, for you to share freely with your friends and family. It will appear on our new website, and can be downloaded. It comes with a new look, freshly designed by our very own Jessica Barr and written by, Sarah Collier. I hope you enjoy it, our very own, very special, Brightwater, On Tap! Penny

Margaret Van Zyl, Manager at The Cove, receiving the award from Mr Rex Shaw, Chief Financial Officer the National Office of the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency 2013 Better Practice Award for Innovation for the program “Using Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy to ease agitation amongst people with dementia”. “The people behind these Award-winning programs are industry leaders who are driving quality, driving improvement. Their efforts are deserving of recognition,” Dr Refshauge, the Accreditation Agency’s Chair, said. “Whether the program is about palliative care, art as therapy or staff development, the ultimate goal is improved quality of care for residents.” A distinguished panel of aged care experts reviewed the applications and made 38 awards across Australia. Brightwater The Cove commenced the Tibetan Singing Bowl sound therapy trial in March 2012 using a certified sound therapist. The therapist provides regular weekly therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowls for small groups of residents. During the treatments many of the residents appear calmer, happier, quieter and more relaxed. “Being able to relax is most critical to our wellbeing. The effects of sound therapy in promoting relaxation are amazing to observe, especially with our residents who have dementia,” Margaret Van Zyl, Manager at The Cove, says. This innovative type of program is part of Brightwater’s commitment to enabling wellbeing in residents. “It is sometimes not easy for people living together, especially when troubled by dementia. The calming effect of the Tibetan Singing Bowls is remarkable and helps each person to find happiness and pleasure,” says Dr. Penny Flett, CEO of Brightwater Care Group. The trial has been carefully monitored by The Brightwater Centre, and the results of the pilot study of 25 residents indicated that the level of aggression, both physical and verbal, has decreased by about 20% during this time.

INNOVATION The importance of Social Work at Brightwater Innovation has always played a big role at Brightwater. One of the many new developments that has been very successful is the employment of a social worker at Brightwater At Home services.

Social workers are like the back-stage staff of a theatre production, completing work that cannot be readily seen such as psychosocial assessments, interagency liaison, advocacy, counselling and negotiation. They make sure that the clients’ needs and relationships with the broader service are upheld at all times and ensure a high standard of holistic care. As the last service area of Brightwater to employ a social worker, At Home Services couldn’t imagine life without this support now. The first social worker at At Home Services was Sylvia Heavens who has 33 years experience in the field. She proved to be vital in establishing social work within At Home Services (AHS). The value added by a social worker has been significant and Brightwater has recently made the role into a permanent part-time position. Sylvia has provided invaluable education, support and guidance in the areas of administration and guardianship, including State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) assessments, applications and hearings, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship and Advance Health Directives. Sylvia has also provided advice in relation to community resources, establishing

a community resource directory for collegial reference, as well as working directly with staff, clients, families and external agencies to enhance client welfare. At Home Services appreciates the input Sylvia has had over the past two and a half years. “Sylvia’s expertise was very valuable to us as coordinators and to our clients. After Sylvia commenced with AHS, I had cause to call upon her help with a client with dementia whose primary carer displayed risky practices and behaviours. The case ended up at a SAT hearing and without Sylvia’s diligent, detailed and compassionate work we would not have had a successful outcome and may have had to make a referral to Advocare or another organisation.” Sylvia has provided fantastic support for the team at At Home Services and has now passed on the baton to new Brightwater social worker, Amanda Wallace.

Back row – Colleen Moyle, Lorna Watson, Robin Hamilton, Lauren Milordis Front row – Amanda Wallace, Sylvia Heavens

Kind donation used to improve Brightwater facility Recently Brightwater Care Group received the generous donation of $7,000 from the Richardson Foundation. The privately owned charitable Foundation is based in Perth and supports causes like Volunteering WA. The money was used to buy fantastic outdoor furniture for one of Brightwater’s sites, The Oaks, in Waikiki.

From left to right: resident Michele, support worker Sherril Richards and resident Brian enjoying a bbq at the new outdoor setting

The site was in need of new outdoor furniture for sometime and has welcomed the donation. “The feedback about the new Garden Set in Newport gazebo has been excellent. The Residents and their families are spending much more time out there when the weather permits, as it has made the gazebo more inviting,” says Debbie De Freitas, Manager at Brightwater The Oaks. Thank you very much for your kind donation!

Scholarship launch for groundbreaking research

Brightwater Centre wins AJPH prize Brightwater Care Group’s research team The Brightwater Centre, recently won the Australian Journal of Primary Health (AJPH) best paper prize at the annual Primary Health Care Research Conference held in Sydney from 10 – 12 July 2013.

From left to right: Professor Lyn Beazley, Dr. Penny Flett, Michael Ellison, Jennifer Lawrence, Dr. Hannah Seymour On Thursday 5th September Brightwater Care Group launched the Brightwater Lyn Beazley Scholarship for research into acquired brain injury rehabilitation.The scholarship has been established thanks to a generous initial donation of $50,000 from WA Chief Scientist, Lyn Beazley, which she received as part of the Governor’s Award for Giving. Brightwater was then further overwhelmed by the wonderful contribution of the Rotary Club of Southern Districts, which has matched Professor Beazley’s donation. Downer EDI have also been very generous in their support with further funding over the next two years. Dr Penny Flett, CEO of Brightwater described Brightwater Oats Street as an extraordinary program which has enabled countless young people to take their lives back after devastation.“The support of Professor Lyn Beazley, an eminent scientist, and the generosity of the Rotary Club of Southern Districts, is a very precious interaction of the whole Western Australian community, helping individuals and their families hope again, and journey back to real life,” said Dr Flett. Brightwater has partnered with The University of Western Australia to establish the inaugural PhD Scholarship which adds a very welcome dimension to Brightwater’s world class Oats Street rehabilitation program for people recovering from serious Brain Injury. “This scholarship is possible thanks to partnership. It is through these partnerships that we are able to make a difference in the lives of people directly and indirectly impacted by Acquired Brain Injury. It is our hope that through ongoing and future partnerships that Brightwater Oats Street will be able to positively impact the whole community,” said Dr Flett

Karla Seaman, Research Officer at Brightwater, presented the topic Interprofessional learning in residential aged care: providing optimal care for residents, and was awarded the prize out of 218 presenters. In 2010, Brightwater Care Group and leading universities in Western Australia joined together and commenced an Interprofessional Learning Program called Interprofessional Education (IPE) within a residential aged care setting. Here, university student placements from seven disciplines including medicine are integrated into a dynamic multidisciplinary team approach where two or more professions learn together to provide optimal care. In 2012 The Brightwater Centre conducted an extensive research evaluation to demonstrate, amongst other outcomes, the benefits to the residents and staff involved. Caroline Bulsara, The Brightwater Centre manager commended the team and residents at Madeley along with students from The University of Western Australia and Curtin University. “Working alongside the Brightwater Centre as enthusiastic collaborators, the IPE program has achieved positive outcomes which have been clearly demonstrated through the evaluative research,” she says. Karla presented the project and findings which concluded that participating residents, families and staff are all exceptionally satisfied with the IPE program. “Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support and collaboration with The Brightwater Centre, we are very excited to be recognised on a national level,” says Karla.

Caroline Bulsara and Karla Seaman from The Brightwater Centre

Brightwater staff survey summary In March 2013 Brightwater asked staff members, via a survey, what they thought about their workplace. This confidential survey was conducted by The Brightwater Centre who received 632 replies from staff across the entire organisation demonstrating how committed and involved Brightwater staff are. The results will be used to make Brightwater an even better place to work. We would like to share some of the key points from the survey. The overall results of this survey • 86% of employees stated that they were satisfied most of the time in their current job at Brightwater • 85% said that they would recommend Brightwater as a place to work • Two thirds of the employees felt valued in their role at Brightwater • 69% said that they would feel confident in raising any issues at work • 80% of employees felt that they are provided with the equipment/resources needed to perform their job effectively and safely Enjoyable aspects of working at Brightwater There were an overwhelming number of responses regarding what employees enjoy about working at Brightwater. Employees were most satisfied with: • Caring for residents/clients (64%) • Staff benefits (58%) • Work colleagues (56%) • Being close to home (55%) Employees were least satisfied with: • Salary (26%) • Opportunity for promotion (12%) Reasons for leaving Brightwater Two out of three employees have no plans to leave Brightwater (64%). The two main reasons cited were: • Retirement (32%) • Career path change (30%) Staff recognition and morale Some employees provided suggestions as to ways in which staff morale could be strengthened including: • Improving salary • The pathway to promotion was not clear for some employees • Greater recognition and support for older staff was suggested as vital for the future

Suggested changes to improve working conditions Many employees suggested ways to improve the working conditions. The key areas included: • Improved communication • Extra resourcing • Better rostering • Enhancements to technology • Emphasis on team building • Greater involvement of staff in decision making Overall positive comments A large number of employees noted that they were very happy working for Brightwater and provided positive comments such as, ‘I love my job!’ and that it (Brightwater) is a ‘great place to work’. Another area of strength noted by employees was around the ‘personhood’ philosophy that was perceived to be practised throughout the organisation. Social media The survey provided a great opportunity to find out more about the manner and frequency by which employees use social media. • 89% of employees have personal access to the internet. • 60% use Facebook. • 72% said that they would not like Brightwater to utilise social media as a way of communicating with staff. Thank you to all staff who took the time to complete the survey and for your honest feedback about your workplace at Brightwater Care Group. The survey results have been very valuable to the Leadership Team in regard to future planning for Brightwater as an organisation. Caroline Bulsara The Brightwater Centre Manager Telephone number: 9202 3534

At At Home Services successful relocation to Currambine Brightwater At Home services has now moved into its new facilities! The move was completed at the end of August and all staff and equipment, from Joondalup and Subiaco, has now found a permanent new home in Currambine. The facility boasts two training rooms, one e-learning room and several meeting rooms. It is designed using Brightwater’s open plan office concept and allows for a bright and welcoming work environment.

Currambine’s Reception Area

“The new Brightwater Currambine office has been four years or so in the making. Thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of the project management team it has come to a successful completion. The proof is in the pudding as they say, and all staff are now absolutely delighted with their new spacious and modern office,” says Toni Jackson, Acting Manager at Brightwater At Home services. This project has had generous support from Lotterywest.

Training Room

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